Ben Garrison

So I know we have a tradition of posting Ben Garrison cartoons and making fun of them, and we haven't had one in a while, so here we go.
Anyway, what is bennyboy trying to say here? Normally with his overly-labelled cartoons, you can understand the message behind it, but with this one I can't.

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I guess the USA is ruled from West Germany and they've built a wall to keep the Canadians out?

One of these is not like the others



amazing, he labelel it so much that it went full circle and became esoteric

My guess is that he's drawing a parallel between the GDR and modern USA.

Never change, Ben.

Wonder how Ben is going to react to Trump going to war with Iran next year

This one made me think

Ben "Premature Ejaculation" Garrison

I mean I guess but the way he goes about doing so is very confusing

It is, but we're talking about Ben Garrison here.

I like how he drew Biden.
He has a little story about how illiterate his son is but doesn't really explain what the fuck West Germany is doing on the west coast.

I really want to live in the world right wingers think we live in, where the USA is communist. I really don't understand it, america is maybe one of the biggest bastions of right wing thought in the whole world, there is absolutely no fucking left in america whatsoever. How do they even get this delusion?

By calling anything to the left of Murray Rothbard socialist. The local socdems constantly agreeing that government = socialist but that it's a good thing doesn't help.

Most of the places they get their information from are either anti-socialist or anti-communist, in which those sites smear anything and anybody they dont like as marxist.

America's politics are completely skewed to the right and have been since the end of WW2. Somehow the US had McCarthyism, sabotaged left-wing govts all over the world, watched the fall of the USSR, and has only had a slavish devotion to money and imperialism in the last 40 years, but is somehow secret shadow communism. If there were, they'd be the first to know.

What do you guys want this year?

This calls for an edit but it's Stalin and everyone else is labeled shit like "Holodomor," "Gulags," "Kulaks," etc.

Isn't Ben like, 30 or 40 or something? That 'virtual reality glasses for progressives' thing seems like the sort of 'gag' a geriatric grandpa would make. Trying desperately to shove a technological sounding word he doesn't understand against something he doesn't like in the desperate hope that it'll make sense to anybody besides himself.

"Yeah? You like your i-mans and gamestations and doodads, young man? How about I buy you the i-man PUNKstation? Huh? What do you think about that?"

he graduate college in 1979
so he's about 60.

It's hilarious how the Warsaw Pact keeps this reputation for being some kind of horribly oppressive spy network even though our present day secret services have set up surveillance states that the Stasi couldn't even have dreamed of.

"okay, so what is Ben gonna do next?"

I second this

Are you going for the meta-irony where the joke is that Stalin is just as tarnished by all those events as Moore is by the sex scandal despite the cartoon's attempts to deny it?

wouldn't this cartoon imply that California is west Germany, and therefore "free"
And fucking lol at Ben Garrison pretending to get mad at the surveillance state when Trump has done nothing to even imply he wants less NSA spying.


You had one job Ben

Trump actually wants to renew expired Patriot Act provisions. He never even pretended to be non-Draconian.

It's also kind of strange how the bluray has a fake ACB rating when Garrison is American.


God this is great. It's retarded in all of the right ways.



Good job user

It's adorable, but US flag lapel pin is a bit awkward.


We need a follow-up comic to this, preferably with Moore being crucified as the alt-right Jesus.

Any port in a storm I guess.

Something that occurred to me is…wasn't the titanic considered unsinkable. Wouldn't it make sense not to use the word that went with the most tragic navel sinkings of all time?

I wouldn't bet 50/50 odds, but you and I both know they're dumb enough to try it yet again.

I hate Trumptards

Nah. It's over for her. Her political capital is shot. She lost twice, left the party in shambles, and her popularity is lower than Trump's. She's now confined to the political losers club of Huckabee and Palin, doing the talk show circuit like a circus freak: the woman who lost to Trump.

Thanks to that loss, her influence in the Democratic party has shifted to her political rival, Obama. Despite endorsing her, Obama hates her guts, so her fate is sealed.

Is this an attack on the net neutrality repeal?

Burger geography at work here ladies and gents

look at that fucking germany


i guess they're instantly backpedaling from legislation they just supported. sad!

Both of them were(and still are) repressive shit holes.

No it's just boomer obtuseness


PragerU was right, socialists are entitled.

Good one mate

the official seal of benny boy

Not enough labels

Communists want you to have good dental hygiene.

I want to fuck aqua in her ass

oh fuck trump is making a mistake!

Fluoride goes in toothpaste for healthy teeth, in water it can fuck up bones and teeth in excess.

If we weren't, we would've been content to silently work ourselves to death for the Greater Good Capitalists.