Molyneux does Marxism 101

how long can you last?

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First thing Molyneux says:

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hmm, maybe i'll try
guess not, i already feel my brain wasting away and i haven't even clicked the link

followed by:

Imagine smugly trotting out an "argument" that was BTFO over a hundred years ago.

Is this a typo or some saying I'm not familiar with?

I'm fairly certain its referring to Anti-Duhring, must be a typo/mistranslation i guess.

it would make since if it was "were he to take," but I don't see how someone makes that typo.


Pure Autism.

Even by molyneux comment section standards this is really incomprehensible


OCR can

heh… looks like you've got a little contradiction there, bud… btfo'd… so btfo'd…

This guy is a schizo

How many of you have watched the entire video and believe you can present a steelman version of his argument in order to criticize its preconceptions?

communist gangster computer god

Interesting representation of the opponent's argument, I've never seen a "I AM SILLY" political comic turn into a string of sentences.

0 seconds.



I don't get why Adorno gets dragged up whenever someone criticizes the Frankfurt school like it was all about how bad jazz music is and not a bunch of jewish mystics.

It's because it's memeable. What else is memeable from the Frankfurt school? Habermas' cleft lip?

Cocaine fueled gay orgies.

Are you implying this guy isn't a paranoid schizo?

He may be pants-on-head retarded, but the image was addressing Adorno's work, not Marcuse's. It is also a misrepresentation of what the Frankfurt schools' contributions to sociology and psycho-analysis actually meant. They developed critical theory, which has extended to non-class based differences, like race or gender or sex. That's it.


Also Ancoms:

i've never heard of an ancom claim the Marxism makes everyone equal. And even if so the ending of hierarchies doesn't make everyone equal in the sense that your implying it, also you make it seem like being anti-boss anti-manger is somehow bad. But thanks for the mildly irritating sectarian shit posting, you've contributed to the board discussion and i'm sure your witty post has made many anarchist here reconsider their position

But communism does imply equality i.e. liberation from the chains of political domination and economic exploitation. People are equals in a communist society. What we object to is the definition of such equality as implying people somehow are all identical or that socialism is just about them all earning the same wage.

Even Lenin understood as much, you should read him a bit more. :^)

The opposition to hierarchy and inequality on the left is hinged only on a specific definition and interpretation of those words, not their widest or even popular use.

The problem is that it is proven by history that wage differentials in socialist states led to building up contradictions which did result in economic crisis - so, to avoid this, we would have to take the labor theory of value more seriously, which is a huge problem in itself in today's times of qualitative labor. I don't think labor vouchers are a solution (which basically is the same as paying everybody the same wage).

What the actual fuck did I just read.

Holla Forumsacks are so fucking retarded they can't even see the unbelievably massive difference between liberalism and Marxism. None of these cunts knows anything about Marxist theory, let alone critical theory.


this is way we should focus on propaganda
to overcome their ideology