Decided to go on Holla Forums to derail a few threads...

Decided to go on Holla Forums to derail a few threads, but found the alien thread and saw that those dumbasses actually believe that aliens are a Jew psy ops or some fucking utterly retarded trash.

So I wanna know what you all think about aliens. Are they communists?

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I am materialist. There is no point in idle pondering about something that exists purely as imagination and idea.

Aliens may very well exist, but until I see some evidence there is no point in wasting my time thinking about them.


Galactic alliance with ayylmao comrades when?

Can someone please tell me where the "nazis built flying saucers and antarctic/moon bases" meme comes from?

aliens are porky psyops, get over it

From a Polish journalist named Igor Witkowski.


If the nazi's built a space ship there would be no proof saying aliens helped in doing so.

aliens are real considering the massive amount of potentially habitable planets (we've already discovered a few hundred) that exist, although they would not be like the aliens depicted in pop culture.

That's a worse theory than just saying they don't exist.

I would guess that some sort of life outside our earth exists, or has existed, or will exist, who the fuck knows whether we're the first or the last or among many

doesn't matter for our politics

The Nazis are the aliens.

Unless you mean nazi's are aliens and nazi germany was controlled by aliens then no, multiple ufo sightings occurred pre ww1 and during the 1800's.

i honestly believe any intelligent species would look at least a little humanoid. Upright, 2 arms, 2 legs, hands with digits, opposable thumbs. That shit makes tools a lot easier to handle.

What about tentacles? Octopi are already quite intelligent, and some sort of alien on a swamp-world could appear like an octopus and achieve civilisation.

Also, Pic is creature i made in spore as an example of a realistic alien


Do we think aliens are communists? What a stupid ass question. It's so simplistic and there are way too many variables.

I could see upright octopus people.

I cant see your alien being much smarter than a monkey.

His alien is dumb as fuck tbh.

I was trying to be nice

I know, and you did a good job.

Yeah. I thought about the same, but then saw a thread where they are literally discussing spreading of kudzu to combat Left. I have no idea how to derail that.

I'm not aware of any. Great Filter theory suggests that most die out. So, I'm guessing, it's literally Communism or Death.

i would like to see you make a better one

It has a huge brain around the size of a humans, the rest of the organs are compacted to make way for it.

How does it hunt? It doesn't look like a runner.

What the flying fuck why

it doesn't hunt, it scavenges and eats plants. it lives in groups and run and hide when attacked.

Good luck evolving necessary intelligence for technology.

Holla Forums thinks aliens exist
Holla Forums thinks communism could somehow work

You are both equally delusional.

i laughed at first but thinking about it, an advanced civilization ould obviously have a comi like function to sustain itself


it survives in groups, Which means it needs intelligence to properly communicate and organise.

aliens exist and communism works ancap/liberal/Centrist Scum

What kinds of aliens? Again, there is no tangible material observation to make any sort of reliable and useful statement about any sort of extraterrestrial life or civilization.

Considering that what life needs to form is a liquid, And a series of Biological chemicals (all of which have been found outside of earth in our solar system alone) the sheer probability of aliens existing is enough to say that they do exist, as the chance of aliens existing is infinity to one. their forms will most likely be simple bacteria, although some would be more advanced multicelluar organisms

Why is it always with this "it dont work" bullshit? To me it implies that whatever mother fucker says this knows everything there is to know about communism and has the authority to say whether the system is sound or whatever. You don't know shit.


Probably real, but almost certainly(we're talking 99.99999+% sure) haven't had any contact with Earth or humans.
A part of me wants to say yes, but another part of me says if you get to space before Capitalism crashes, you could potentially just keep on expanding. Imagine if they were on a really big planet and had a really diverse set of necessary labour and perhaps short lives, they would probably be huge capitalists.

So there's two camps when it comes to Aliens, one that believes it's all a hoax perpetrated by the government(s) of the world to hide the truth of experimental aircraft behind a smokescreen of UFOs and tinfoil crackpots. The documentary Mirage Men is a good watch about this. And the second camp, literally believes they are little green ayy lmaos from Mars or literal demons from hell. Recently, however, there's a third camp forming that says these two camps are both right and wrong, that's the extra-dimensional camp.

A big proponent of this theory is Jacques Vallée, you might be familiar with him if you've seen Close Encounters, the French guy in the movie was supposed to be him, as he was a consultant to Spielberg for the movie. Basically Vallée postulates that aliens are very real but from somewhere elusive to humans, most likely another dimension and somehow these things have traveled or willed themselves here..or we brought them here. It's a fascinating theory seeing how aliens pretty much ignore the laws of our universe in multiple coincidental encounters. Another interesting point in his hypothesis is that aliens are controlling the show from behind the scenes, not exactly colluding with world superpowers but rather leaking information or staging their own stunts to change public perception.

As for their politics, whatever THEY are, the jury is still out, imo. Seeing as encounters differ wildly from case to case as to what exactly they do to abductees. In some cases the aliens are benevolent, often healing or helping the sick or imparting sage wisdom to abductees about climate change or achieving world peace. In other cases, however, the opposite is true. Medical experimentation, rape, forced sex with one of their species, abuse, etc.

Whatever you believe, it's all interesting as fuck and as you can see I love to read about it and always have since I was a kid. Probably due to having a phobia of being abducted when I was young.

Good post, worth noting however that the extra dimensional camp isn’t that new though. You can read about them in old releases FBI documents. You can see them mentioned here:
Although I’m sorry that I can’t post the specific page because I’m mobile posting and the page isn’t loading great. They mention talos and extra dimensions

When I said 'equally delusional', that could mean 'both not delusional at all'.
Everyone here was interpreting what I said based on their own prejudice except you.

The US government at least cultivated, if not outright invented, Alien conspiracy theories to explain secret military aircraft and weapons testing.

First contact hasn't happened, and we have no idea what it might look like in the unlikely event it ever does.


If more alien/UFO news comes out we can make 2018 year of Posadas.

The alt-right has the cult of kek, why can't we start a ufo cult?

Look at Heaven's Gate and Scientology. We need that kind of devotion and cashflow to start the revolution, and alien worship can be much more secular than worshiping the divine.

how about extra dimensional gulags

That is an absolutely fucking terrible idea.

Tying into the extradimensional camp is the psychic/occult phenomenon camp. Some think UFOs and abductions maybe extraplanar phenomena or even psychic projections from humanities collective consciousness.

Did anyone else the videos released by the Navy showing a 2004 encounter by pilots off of San Diego?

If you assume the abduction phenomenon is a literal event, the description of alien behavior doesn’t really elucidate on extraterrestrial politico-economics. Just because they’re sometimes nasty doesn’t mean they aren’t leftist, or that banevolence means they aren’t capitalist.

they drop us out of helicopters

we purge/gulag them to dimension Z


Fuck nu-Holla Forums tbh

top kek

They're gonna save us fam

Just describing the events, not even going to begin to postulate about their politics, if they even have one. Again, we don't even know wtf they are, let alone what they believe in.

they're fucken real

+ belief in UFOs is way more common among military people than you might think. doesn't mean much but i've met credible pilots who swear something fishy is going on. heard other stories from military-adjacent people with friends in fighter-pilot world.

+ it's more plausible than belief in god.

+ there is less taboo surrounding this in russia and china. the russian govt actually works with civilians investigating this stuff.

+ to get to the bottom of this requires overthrowing capitalism which commodifies the UFO phenomenon, prevents intl. cooperation, encourages hoaxes (alien autopsy) and prevents real understanding.

+ they're fucken real and they're my friends

What does Holla Forums think about multiverse theories?


that's cause military attracts righwingers and rightwingers have a tradition of believing in UFO nonsense. A whole lot of military people believe in all kinds of stupid shit, most evidently their support of trump

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the US knew more than it was telling.

I mean with Project Grudge and this new declassified stuff, it's basically confirmed that they at the very least are just as perplexed as us as to what some shit in the sky might be. Both classified them as "risks" and Project Grudge was from the late 40's and early 50's, this new program was from 2007 to 2012. And it was about the analysis of "Unknown Aerial Phenomenon" that are unexplained and could be risky.

Maybe the fact the Air Force and the DoD, respectively, saw that they were a risk, and wanted to keep it hush hush during the Cold War for obvious reasons.

Honestly starting to think this is the answer. I don't buy into the Germans/Americans having advanced alien tech conspiracy garbo. Any documents from the government researching parapsychology around this time? I think that's a good lead.

All I know about is Project Grudge (Air Force), the first investigation into UFOs, not shortly after Roswell; which came to the conclusion there is an anamalous phenomenon in US air space that should be considered a "risk", whatever risk may mean. This doesn't mean they had up close and personal contact with a UFO, it was an investigation into reports that seemed impossible or implausible to be a hoax. Now granted, this was 40's and early 50's, but I'll get back to that.

This was followed by Project Blue Book (Air Force), which investigated ALL, both fake and convincing, reports of UFO sightings. This expanded range outside of what is known was unsolved, came to the obvious conclusion that Aliens aren't entering US airspace. But many people believe that the expansion of this project's range was purposeful. It's known that many Air Force personal, for one reason or another, contested the results of Project Grudge and wanted all this UFO business to fucking stop. Some people see conspiracy in this, I don't. I think people in the Air Force might have thought it was an embarrassment to their branch of the armed forces and created Project Blue Book as a way to just be over and done with.

But then comes the study that's been unclassified recently, that took place in the Pentagon, by the Department of Defense. It followed the footsteps of Project Grudge, only studying that which remained unexplained. Mostly it actually consisted of recorded Air Force personal who actually had visible evidence of UFOs, or how this study phrased it "Unknown Aerial Phenomenon".

The one piece of evidence that was declassified with all this was, I believe two fighter jets dispatched off the coast of San Diego, California off the Aircraft Carrier Nimitz in 2004, which is unusual in the fact jets near a major port city were scrambled to chase what seemed to be an aircraft violating US Airspace. Dangerously close to a major metropolitan city. The F-18s followed the craft, which the pilots described as "Shaped like a cigar, or a Tic Tac", and could jump to impossible, lethal speeds in seconds. The first pilot wasn't sure if he was hallucinating, or not seeing whatever aircraft this might of been hazy.

But the other pilot saw it as well. And all their sensors, IR data, had a confirmation that this was indeed what they were seeing. It even started slowly spinning vertically in air while moving at least the speed of an F-18. It wasn't weather phenomenon, sensors showed it was a solid aircraft. There's video of all this. This was declassified a few days ago.

Now, if this project the DoD was cooking in the Pentagon, really had more unexplainable events like this one they released, as seems to be the case of this study. Then that strongly implies what you're saying is true. That the US is aware, in whatever capacity there is a bit of a mystery to all of this. However, isn't doing much of a cover up, as it is a study of something they, or we, just don't have answers for.

Pic related is from the two videos released of the incident.

Most UFO videos are fake and the scene is filled with paranormal tinfoil hatters but there is always the odd video that sticks out. I've had a UFO encounter once, it was like a low flying triangle or stealth blimp and it disappeared over the tree line. I feel that the bourgeoisie definitely have some sort of secret technology

I honestly think it may be 3 things. Like the legitimate shit, not the ball lightning, reflected headlights, misunderstood landing lights, and your hoaxes. Like the real unsolved shit.

1) Military technology, the rest of the military does not know exists, thus, seems alien. The rest of the military under that, investigates it as Anomalous Aircraft. With the bureaucracy in the US Military, this doesn't seem likely.

However one hole in this theory is testing it over populated locations. They have places like Groom Lake and Edwards Air Force Base and Vandenburg for a reason. I see little to no reason why they would test highly classified aircraft in front of populated areas and other military personnel.

2) Other countries showing off their own advanced tech to the United States in front of them, to boast. This suffers from the similar, it it's secret, why even show it? Problem

3) It's extraterrestrial. This, though seemingly implausible, is one of the only cards left on the table after it maneuvers past the point of lethal velocity in any high speed aircraft known.

I have a very hard time believing any of these options. I don't know what the thing they chased back in 2004 might be. It rotated around in a circle midair. Not like an aircraft that takes a while to spin, while it was moving straight.

Whatever it is, both the Pentagon and the public have only one answer, it's a mystery.

Black Triangles are a classified Air Force aircraft, probably an LAV, though given the three lights at the edges it probably uses more exotic propulsion to move around, my guess is plasma propulsion or electrohydrodynamics.

It's not called the TR-3B and it's not powered by anitgravity. They guy who's the source for those claims admitted years later to bullshitting.

Solid (as in not just lights in the sky) UFOs that demonstrate anomalous aerodynamic behavior are certainly not human, but the black triangles display some of the most banal movement of UFOs.

How do you expect an aquatic being to smelt metal?

Does anyone have the nytimes article about the pentagons ayylmao program that came out

It's behind a paywall for me

One thing to keep in mind is that the recent one wasn't the first since bluebook. There have a several secret UFO research programs during and after the project grudge/bluebook era, and UFOs, despite the military's attempt to suppress interest in them and deflect from their own interest, has been a consistent issue for them since the 40s.

heh, yeah. Stupid pol.

Aliens are actually interdimensional creatures that have appeared in different forms to people through out history.

is there any explanation of this shit?
I've heard so many stories about this, including from my own uncle who swore he saw one up close, and he is not the type to bullshit around

but if this is not bullshit and mass hallucination, then I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with lighting, or electricity for that matter
from the accounts it seems more like a ball of heated gas

I typed in "soviet union views on on aliens" into google and got this

The story reported by the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS) claimed that a group of children had spotted a small ball in the park whilst playing (now Yuzhny Park), which quickly morphed into a disc, which landed near them. Witnesses then reported a "three-eyed alien" and a robot exiting the craft. The alien stared at a horrified onlooker, freezing them in their tracks, before departing and returning five minutes later to abduct a 16-year-old boy, using what was described as a 50 cm-long "pistol tube".[4]

Though the children were the only ones claiming to have witnessed the aliens, Lieutenant Sergei A. Matveyev of the Voronezh district police station claimed to have seen the craft.[5] The Interior Ministry said they would dispatch troops to the area should the craft reappear.[5]

On 17 September 1989, TASS reported that a correspondent had spoken to "10 or 12 youths" who claimed to have seen a flying saucer. The original article quoted Dr. Silanov, of the Voronezh Geophysical Laboratory, as confirming the location of the landing using biolocation.[6] Silanov denied that he had ever made such a remark, or carried out such an experiment.[4] The report was the most publicized of a series of UFO claims made by official government media, and were promoted as part of the government's new "openness".[7][8] It was noted that, unlike in America, the reported beings were completely apolitical and did not even speak during their 'visit'.[9] In the immediate aftermath of the alleged incident, hundreds of UFO reports began appearing, with a reporter from Komsomolskaya Pravda even claiming to have an exclusive interview with alien beings from Red Star.[10]

To this end, the Soviet Scientific Commission ordered an official inquiry into the alleged incident. Though the area was found to have an above-average presence of the radioactive isotope cesium, the vice-rector of the University of Voronezh quickly dispensed with the idea that this was significant.[11]

In the immediate aftermath of the supposed event, only Sovietskaya Kultura and TASS attempted to pass the story off as non-fiction, with the official Communist newspaper defending its decision, saying: "[I]ts coverage was motivated by 'the golden rule of journalism: the reader must know everything."[4] The newspaper was repeatedly asked whether the report was in jest and were repeatedly assured it was not.[5][12]

The description of the incident was very similar to stories that appeared in the American magazine Saga, but TASS reporters stated that the witnesses "probably haven't read it."[12] Outside of print media, the U.S. show A Current Affair also sent a crew to report on the alleged event.[13]

In a work published by Socialist Industry slightly after the alleged incident, a self-proclaimed UFO specialist asserted the marks left by the supposed landing were simply scorch marks from a burnt hay-bale.[7]

it was 90s russia tier
lenin was a mushroom and all that

yeah, I went there to do the same, then i realised that most of what they are talking about makes sense and actually fits in with communist doctorine in its original forms.
if u've read the sources i'm talking about, u'll know what i mean.

It's because of the Nazi base on 2016HO3. It isn't a real moon.


UFOs are pretty spooky (see also: Tehran UFO incident)

also, here's a slightly unrelated video:

what did he mean by this?

It's a reference to science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke's "third law:"'s_three_laws

because it's colloquially known as the wandering jew. It's just a prank bro. We would never do that :^)

you better hope that realistic ayyyys don't exist.

the trilogy is a seriously good read.

I hope they do exist, they will bring communism.

the ayys will kills us. why would they give us communism? Can ayys be even said to have similar historical process to us. it's kind of anachronistic no matter how much you like posadism memes(USER WAS NUKED FOR THIS POST)

Decided to go on Holla Forums to derail a few threads, but found the alien thread and saw that those dumbasses actually believe that aliens are a Spook psy ops or some fucking utterly retarded trash.

So I wanna know what you all think about aliens. Are they fascists?

why would you do this to yourself?