Anti Zionism General # 2

Lets consolidate our thoughts about the racist apartheid sate of israel without all the bickering nonsense. Clearly like many predominate issues of today, its is an ongoing current event. For this reason we should never let it go under the radar, real time criminal actions take precedence over stupid petty bullshit.

Peace in the Middle east all revolves around settlement expansion.

Remember the martyrs is a zionist)

No YOU fuck off. Read the FAQ.


In the case of apartheid South Africa, white SAs were never more than 15-17% of the population. In the case of Rhodesia, whites were never more than 7% of the population. In the case of Algeria, pieds-noirs were never more than 10-15% of the population. In each case, kicking out the white colonials made sense given that they constituted a pretty obvious aristocracy and could easily leave. However, what happens when roughly half the people between the river and the sea are Zionist settlers, assuming the Palestinians get all of their pre-48 lands back into a single state? You can kick out 700,000 pieds-noirs easily, how the fuck do you kick out 7 million Israeli Jews? Or, how do you feasibly enact a land reform which would succeed in giving the Palestinians back everything that was stolen from them when pretty much all of those 7 million Israeli Jews are living on land that was once owned by a Palestinian family somewhere?

Everyone talks about why Zionism is bad, no one ever talks about what could be better and how the better thing could be reasonably implemented. It's almost like a bunch of keyboard intellectuals sitting in their American suburban homes can't fucking solve an issue going on thousands of miles away.


Clearly these rioters haven't been given enough cake to eat. They still resist their ethnic cleansing.

One is an ongoing current event while the other is past history.

Who even asks this. Most of everyone just wants israel to just stop expanding its settlements every single year like it always does against the wishes of the entire world through the UN.
Israel does not want peace for the war victims. It wants land.

What about the settlements that are already there though, including all the settlers in East Jerusalem? There's close to half a million settlers in the West Bank and many of these settlements are miniature cities. How do you go about deporting/relocating all of them?

Kick them out if they complain about the abolition of apartheid. Also, don't just kick them out. If they step out of line and start seriously agitating for apartheid again, kill them.
Jews live just fine alongside all the other ethnicities in Syria and Lebanon, it can work in Palestine too.

Yeah, not feasible.

FFS you guys can be just as bloodthirsty as Zionists.

No, actually, Palestinians want the destruction of Israel and are 100% justified in doing so.

If they can't accomplish this, then they won't be able to abolish the apartheid state. You are simply saying that abolishing Israeli apartheid isn't feasible.

Oh boo hoo, won't someone cry for the Kulaks and colonial settlers!

Just stop expanding its settlements every single year like it always does against the wishes of the entire world through the UN.

Why is this so hard to ask?

Israel bulldozes Palestinian homes en mass to make way for these exclusive jewish only settlements and then wonder why rockets fall on their heads. In turn, the IDF bombs and murders thousands of indigenous Palestinians out of proportionally.

Shut the fuck up liberal. I repeat:
Palestinians want the destruction of Israel and are 100% justified in doing so.

HOW do you abolish these sentiments? You're talking about a pretty big gap here between conditions and expected results.

"Yeahhh boiiii, let's just line up and kill a shitload of people without remorse just because they won't follow our political line!!!"

If a future Palestine is going to set a moral example for the rest of the civilized world, why the fuck would this be the policy? Perhaps you need to recognize the limits of what you're able to do as a radikewl keyboard warrior.

Who is justifying the settlements? I'm saying you have half a million people living illegally in the West Bank who aren't going to move anytime soon. Not to mention most of those settlements are strategically placed on the best land in the area. So, how the fuck are they removed so the Palestinians can get back what was stolen from them? You'd need pretty hefty measures albeit reasonable shit, not just "kill them if they disagree" like: thinks.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Most real working peoples just want to live their lives and to not be evicted or have their homes be bulldozed to then be murdered.

Holla Forums pls. The answer is to bring an agreement between the two factions. This starts by israel halting settlement expansion and allowing equal rights for Palestinians. End of warfare is the most important first step in the process of healing.

I never asked this. They should stop expanding. Why is this so hard for you to answer?

HOW do you abolish capitalism? HOW do you seize the means? HOW do you end apartheid? HOW do you accomplish a REVOLUTION? Shockingly, REVOLUTION usually looks hopeless and far-off! Your pathetic naysaying is motivated by opportunism and liberalism.

I SPECIFICALLY SAID that people should be killed if they SERIOUSLY AGITATE for apartheid. That isn't a trivial criteria.

They want their lives BACK! All of the people whose homes have been STOLEN FROM THEM deserve to get it back. This requires nothing less than the destruction of Israel.

YOU are the one attempting to negotiate with fascists. Kill yourself.

Stop expanding them. Did you read this? The entire world through the United Nations thinks israel should stop expanding their racist settlements.
Who in modern times is asking for them to remove an relocate them?

STOP EXPANDING THEM so healing can start

Why anchor?

This OP has repeatedly created "anti-Zionist threads" and ruined them with disinfo, Zionist appeasement nonsense, and worship of Jimmy Carter and the UN. This topic already attracts large amounts of Holla Forums posters and hasbara trolls, we don't need OP making it worse.
If anyone actually knowledgeable on the topic is willing to write an OP, they're welcome to put in the effort and do so as usual.