“How am I supposed to function in this world?” Atchison wrote online in November. “Wherever I go, I see fun...


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I don't know about the US, but I don't think you necessarily stumble upon those things unless you specifically look out for it. It's rather an obsession that white nationalists have. How do you even know if somebody is "LGBT filth"? I think I've never seen a gay person being this parody you see on "SJW cringe" channels on YouTube. Alright, I've seen like one. But definitely not when I go to the store or something.


Finns btfo

You cannot argue or reason with a person who has gone down the rabbit hole this deep. They either figure shit out for themselves or they get their hollow skulls cracked open.

How long till it dawns upon Holla Forums that most of them just have serious anxiety issues? At least libs think they're pursuing some greater good; the Holla Forumsack's worldview seems to be based entirely around fear.

This is entirely about the US. America is the most hysterical country on the planet. People shout at each other, insult each other, fight in the street, scream random shit with a megaphone because that's "freedum". American altrighters and conservatives are constantly assravaged about what's they're too dumb to see is their own culture.

incel confirmed
How could anyone buy groceries in conditions like these??

How long till it dawns on Holla Forums that jihadist teens are basically the same frustrated dudes eternally triggered by watching people "having fun" while being unable to join in their consumerist hedonism? I mean, they praise them for being "anti-degeneracy" but I think they still see them as brainwashed cartoon characters instead of their mirror image, they just dress up as islamists instead of neo-nazis.

I've been rewatching old South Park episodes recently and this instantly reminded me of fucking Cartman's rants.

We should just call this shit "Holla Forums induced mental illness" at this point

I don't get it, what's wrong with Finns?

If he wanted to become famous off this, he shouldn't have entered into the most fucking saturated market in the world, US school shootings. I've already forgotten his first name by the time I get to this part.

I know that he rest of this is horrible but seriously why is a Finn fucking mentioned? How do they know it's a Finn?

get this garbage out of here

What's all this then?

> Online, Atchison laughed off the visit. “I was part of the trolling and lulz…” he wrote on his YouTube channel. “The feds investigated me cus some fag reported my profile to troll me… they said they didn’t think I was a serious threat and understood the satire…”

This is the sort of person lying behind every alt-right, anime avatar accounts on Twitter.

And i know these types or people irl. They always pull the whole "it's just a meme dude chill" when i try ton confront them.

Because of him I bet a shit ton of dark humor places are going to get a hard time. Along with "gas the juice" comments by generic Hitler profile number 9534

It's going to be weird to see what happens if Trump is talked in to saying something about this.

Great Dylan roof clone wants attention and will now get it inside his rectum.

Memes lead to extremism.
When will Holla Forums take the /censorship/ pill and ascend to godhood?


Right wing extremism is.
Extremism in itself is god tier.

So how long until the feds crack down on Holla Forums hard and put every motherfucker on that cesspit under surveillance as it's pretty much proven at this point that every single one of them is a potential terrorist?

It's not just a Holla Forums thing, it's a right-wing/conservative thing in general, has been in an unspoken rule kind of way since the late 18th century.

Pretty much. They live in a fantasy world, there are barely any black people in New Mexico, I don't live there but I live in a high black and hispanic population zone and have never seen anyone with 10 kids. In fact the only ones I've seen with outrageous number of kids are white mormons and octomoms on TV. I could see some Holla Forumsacks getting triggered if they grew up in SanFran or NYC where the populations are so huge you're bound to see some weird characters on occasion, but not a town of less than 7000 people in a desert state. The dude probably spent all his spare time watching Black Pigeon and Sargon and just projected it onto his shitty life because heard someone at the gas station speaking spanish once. I wouldn't be surprised if he's never traveled outside of his state's borders.

PERKELE, it's like another Greater Wrath!

Delete 4chan

Oh god, the horror!

All baboon people to the zoos

Bye bye monkey men

I didn't know this was a thing in burgerstan.

And that's why I don't have a tely.

hoo-lee-shit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People's_Republic_of_Benin

What a fag.

It’s a word filter for d.egeneracy bro

What's with alt-righters always calling everything degenerate while they're main hang-out sites are all littered with anime, loli, porn, gore etc.?

Further proof that far-right people have mental illness. Jail to every far-righter and everyone who can't stop talking about muh deweneracy.

They're smart enough to know that the caste system in the western world that in previous centuries would have propped them up (at the expense of lower castes) is slowly coming undone. A lot of them genuinely believe they are participating in a last-ditch fight to restore it

Nice brown eyes on this Aryan

The West is doomed.

what greater d.egeneracy is there than killing random people for no real reason

The real question is why the fuck is a Finn out in New Mexico?

He's there for the sweed dazte of freedum. Spurdo is real.

Under anarchofeminism, mentally ill fascist beta males like him would be forcibly feminized and dosed with hormones until he became a well behaved and demure traditional girl.

i wonder how much of Holla Forums honestly actually want this. i mean they've sort of moved on from cuck and are now moreso adamant about this soyboy thing so it wouldn't surprise me if they were just once again projecting about their fetish


seriously as a Finn this is even more confusing

great sentence

surveying the lands for their next invasion.

Seconding this.

And this

spineless incels won't admit to shit, just kill themselves before anyone has a chance to laugh at how retarded they are


Do you think the butthurt from the meme finally made him snap?

that comic actually came out before spurdo started talking like he does now.


at this point i think they might be cryptocuckolds and just want to be put in their place by a strong male and decisive female in bedroom, vestiges of their nostalgia for oveprotective oppresive family upbringing that rendered them socially impotent

I resent this fucking stereotyping of Finns
its 3 o'clock and I'm drinking but I still resent it
what have we done to deserve this oppression

Tbh I know one finnish guy and he does the drinking at midday: mostly Raki because he is a turkophile (no he isn't some meme turanist).


This tbh, i'm british and I have some irish cream with me rn.

I don't think you know the meaning of "crypto"

it is obvious, like cryptocurrency cryptocuckoldry disavows normal cuckolds and presents it's virtual replacement that proceeds to rape everything to the ground including itself

Yeah I remember that being posted on yilauta, it's haunting that I've achieved nothing since then.

Sorry meme-lord

It's still driving them insane.

Wanna Spam Holla Forums while the mods are away?

I do that daily lol.

Needs more Spanish.

Mongrels are the greatest thing to come out of 4chan in a long time.

I read about this story on a different site, but they included another quote from him after the main one in OP which I thought brought an interesting perspective into play.


When I talk to people about the future I make reference to people like Atchison. People who were born into late capitalism who really don't have opportunities. They are told they must work, yet there are no jobs for them to do. They know that they are perpetually trapped in poverty, which is the greatest sin in capitalism. No one had to sit them down and explain this, it is something that anyone who has grown up in the spectacle knows intrinsically. People like him have no hope for the future, and so they lash out at anything that they perceive to be the reason for their predicament. The problems of our society are mounting. They will not diminish, and there will only be more people who feel like Atchison.

Unfortunately it is, and apparently has always been, rather easy to get people to hate and fear others who are slightly different from them in one way or another. Black, gay, Jewish, these are more or less easily perceived and interpreted differences which the hatred can cling to. At the same time, the spectacle that capitalism has wrapped us in makes us blind to those who are truly different from us - the elites, the rich, the .1%, who live lives so far removed from our own that they are perceived as an almost separate species. We are told to love these people, to idolize them, if only we could be more like them. This shields them from the same mechanisms of hate-association that are easily applied to people who just have a different skin color or religion.

From that same article-

This economic and educational discrepancy is obviously not the result of 'THE BLACKS' or 'DA JOOS', but Atchinson, being born poor, subjected to already sick parents, being denied proper education, lacks the tools and vocabulary to adequately define the true root of his situation, and so he does the only thing he can do - misattributes his rage to something more easily perceived and explained, and explodes in violent rage. The only method of control he still feels over his own life is to end it on his own stupid and angry terms.

This is the state of the American condition, and it is why communities like this are an important foil to places like Holla Forums which can only stoke and misdirect the fire of the rage that the underclass experiences.

Pic related - this is not a new phenomenon, but it is accelerating.

gr8 post

This 10,000 times.

I have said over and over again that the best part about this board is that it exists in Holla Forums, the Holla Forumsyp kingdom, and as a result we convert loads of Holla Forums users and teach them that the things that they perceive as the problem are only the surface level symptoms of what are really structural problems that run all the way down to the very economic foundations of our society.

Every Holla Forums user we convert is potentially one fewer Atchison who does something like this.

reminds me of this for some reason