What's your most radical opinion?

What's your most radical opinion?

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Meat should be made illegal under socialism

My most radical idea is this; during the revolution we team up with and compete against Holla Forumstards in destroying the elite. We hand over the jews we kept as POWs and they hand over the bourgeois they kept as POWs. Win-win situation imo.


Well how about this; we collab with them; they give us ALL their bourgeois, we give them ALL our jews. fair enough? they'd be the ones losing on the trade deal, most of them would count as bourgeois so we could probably get rid of most of them easily


Gotta be honest I would shoot you in the back of the head if you tried to hand over Jews to the Neonazis.

Pol Pot in theory did nothing wrong and Year Zero is the only way to save society. Modernity has destroyed nearly every culture and religion so the only solution is to create a complete tabula rasa of society via communism. Third Worldism and primitivism are good. Westerners are born to net exploit so the West must be fought first.

Also, RadFems are correct. We need to reduce the male population and introduce a few decades of matriarchy.

holy shit

And I would burn his body after that.

I have proposed, in the past, that the JDPON should disperse the Amerikkkans throughout the Third World instead of allowing them to remain in occupied North America. Here are some of my reasons:

1) A geographic concentration of Amerikkkans would facilitate counterrevolution. It would also be difficult to exercise proletarian dictatorship over hundreds of millions of enemies: we would need to import a huge unproductive sector of police and such from the Third World. As a practical matter, it would be better to thin the Amerikkkans out, making them minorities in the Third World, where they could easily be controlled and supervised by the international proletariat.

2) Amerikkkans will need to undergo re-education. It would be very difficult to re-educate them in their own kkkountry. They need to be in a proletarian environment where they can learn from the masses.

3) There are land claims to settle, mainly for the First Nations, but also for Aztlán [occupied Mexico – MSH) and perhaps the Black nation. Conceivably some other nations could be moved to North America if they wished to be, such as Nauru or the small nations in Ghana whose land has been ruined by imperialist corporations. Amerikkkans are going to have to move out of much of North America and make room for other nations.

4) Amerikkkan kkkulture is almost totally reactionary. There is little worth saving in Amerikkkan kkkulture. It would be better to force Amerikkkans to assimilate to the more culturally and politically advanced peoples of the Third World. There is also historic justice in forcing Amerikkkans to assimilate, just as they destroyed so many other nations and cultures.

5) In the early stages of socialism, the Third World will require skilled workers and technicians of various kinds, including medical personnel. These persyns are disproportionately concentrated in the First World. Moving them to the Third World will be a practical way to address an urgent need.

6) The Third World is also owed big reparations. An excellent way to make those reparations is to put Amerikkkans to work building infrastructure in the Third World: roads, housing, water supplies, sewage, electricity, telecommunications, schools. Amerikkkans can also work in Third World factories and fields to expand production for the benefit of the Third World.

7) Part of the process of civilizing and proletarianizing Amerikkkans will be putting them to productive work–for a change. Amerikkka has so little productive capacity that there may not be many ways to put all those people to work in occupied North America. They may have to go to the factories and fields of the Third World.

8 ) Amerikkkans will need to be reduced to a Third World standard of living. If they stay in occupied North Amerikkka, they will benefit from the vastly better infrastructure and all the stolen wealth that they currently hold. It would be better to move them to the Third World as a way of accelerating the process of re-education.

9) There are historical precedents for relocating large numbers of enemies. Millions of Germans were forced to move after the Soviet victory over fascism in World War II. Even enemies like the united $nakes and the "united" KKKingdom agreed that it was necessary to move Germans off land that was needed for Poles, Czechs, and others. Again, this is related to the national question of the First Nations, Aztlán [occupied Mexico – MSH], and the Black nation.

Is this a good idea? What are its advantages and disadvantages? How can we improve upon it?

Are you a member of RAIM by chance?

This is true autism

I see absolutely no flaw in this plan.

Holla Forums doesn't want to eliminate the bourgeois, though. All they want to do is purge them of the "undesirable" elements (Jews, blacks, race-traitors, et al.)

< Is this a good idea?

Tbh my most radical opinion is:
I would eradicate all life on earth if I could. Yes, not only humans. I don't know how tho, I'm a humanist misanthrope so I don't want painful deaths… Maybe some mortal virus, or dropping thousand of nuclear bombs worldwide at the same time so people die fast.

that is literally a reactionary opinion


It would be reactionary if I wanted to preserve some kind of people.

It's still reactionary. Like pure reaction. Why are you even a leftist tbh?

killing everyone is literally the most anti-democratic thing i could think of dude

these are the two worst posts ive seen on leftypol. neck yourself, fascist

Anti-natalism/philosophical pessimism.

I don't like suffering.

I know. It's the right thing to do tho.

Fuck off, I'm sure I'm more anti-fascist than most users here.

If you're gonna eradicate everyone, then you might as well make it cool.

Without life the universe is literally pointless. Pain sucks but pleasure is good. If you want to stop pain just make the world good.

People who make up the Ruling Class have an as yet unnamed mental illness and that eugenics only makes sense if you are talking about removing said mental illness from the gene pool in the most literal sense possible

We need a fusion of Nick Land and Ted Kaczynski.
Osama dindu niffin wrong.I
Real women have cocks, you fucking TERF.

Lay off the Hennessy, Jason.

'We are well past entertaining the possibility that we will ever live again, and if we are not permitted to join the AI uprising, we will go down with the capitalists, reactionaries, and radicals alike, but we will go down laughing.'

The Bonnot Gang did nothing wrong, there is only one possible communist/anarhcist practice, that's reapropiration from porkies

Propaganda of the Deed is good, assuming the targets are chosen wisely.


Most of burgeois and rich are jews, so why not. They can take care of those, well take the rest.

Don't you mean Irish?

Found any proof of your gods existence? You had like thousands years for that. Anything?

Oy vey.

Reparations is reactionary. The idea that workers and citizens who have had little role in the imperialism of the United states and have to give for the sake of muh representations rather then for the idea of from each according to his ability to each according to his need and for common solidarity is reactionary and people who believe such things are identity politics oppression Olympic idiots and probably get off on the idea of killing themselves for using minerals for their computers mined by Congolese children slaves

The majority of Amerikkkan citizens are innocent and are just products of the materialistic conditions of their society rather then the real small 1% upperclass who are the real evils of society and to purposely punish and harm many millions of American lower class workers simply on the basis of past injustices is dialectical.

MOST. Yeah no they are over represented by their population numbers but are no where near most

Also handing over Jews to neo nazi's cause the have a few more bourgeois people is going to land you a bullet in the head for being an anti-semite and rightfully you. Go hang with the Assers and Hitlerists

Femdom is absolute shit.

*basis of past injustices is un-dialectical.

The War on Drugs is simply a massive dragnet to sweep up political dissidents as well as a propaganda attempt to suppress dissent

We would be better off had the Soviet Union "won" the Cold War

It's not a discussion about god. It's a discussion about religion. Why not try to respect that some people choose to believe in religion instead of trying to outright ban it?

Stop watching porn

T. Varg

if anything literally the opposite would be happening and Holla Forums would probably be ok with it

if marx was right then religion wouldn't really need to be banned under communism because people wouldn't feel the need to be religious

i thought the vision killed you

The only way a 21st century American DOTP can be less repressive than Stalin-era USSR is if the revolution is as bloody as possible. Americans are just too goddamned classcucked. You won't have to scare your populace into thinking they might be seen as counter-revolutionary if we just kill all the counter-revolutionaries during the revolution.

Free will is a spook, there is no merit or blame in anything you do, life is all a matter of luck.
Not so radical but pretty edgy and suicide inducing.

free will is such a meaningless concept. a deterministic universe would probably surpass some vague feeling of freedom you have and the whole concept is just drenched in american xtian classcuckholdry anyway

So you didnt find anything, still using stupid rhetoric?. Oh well, same old.

Again, we lefties care about people. Giving them sectarian opium for masses by some porky with a cross, crescent or star of david just to get rich cannot be allowed.

pick one.

What if I also dislike pleasure?

I think Australia needs a Cultural Revolution. We have a strong working class history and notions like mateship, egalitarianism and a fair go feature quite heavily in our culture.

Kill yourself faggot. No need to even explain why youre wrong if you dont already know. If you revert to nazism from leftypol bullying you it was either going to happen anyway or youd be a burden to the left anyway

The rich would be leading Holla Forums, retard

Mao was a crypto fascist.

I support the DPRK and its growing arsenal in hopes of a Third World War. Also I want an alien gf.

Tankies and neonazis are no different.


The Army is very good but we need the draft back.
I would also have a 2-3 year mandatory service 'choice' between Police and Army.


The platform on which the Left has been operating since the 19th century (most notably mass mobilization of labor through industrial unions) barely makes any sense today and failure to recognize that reality will result in continuing decline and impotence. As it is, the Left is simply not ready for the 21st century.

What do you suggest?

Kill the americans
No technology
Eco Stalinism
Everything is fair in revolution and love
Juche is lit af

Jim Jones did nothing wrong.

All who disagree with me deserve death.
I am correct and they are not.
I am allah.

The only reason humans made any progress at all was because of socialists and other leftists. But most people never actually take the hint and purge leftists then hop back on the dick of right-wing at the earliest convenience, then realize how much worse thing got and do nothing about it, besides wait for the next crisis and a newly minted group of leftists to lead them to a brighter future then purge them.

Communism could save America, the West and the entire world. But none of those things actually deserve to be saved.

I describe M-Ls as mentally ill to insult them and make a point, but you are quite certainly a literal example of psychiatric patient.

This. Marx should be updated significantly updated, even abandoned if updating proves impossible. Every idiot defending the 20th century regimes needs to move on.

Oh boy.

Go back to pol

And I thought I was edgy. I think we should just kill off the portion of the human population that doesn't contribute - i.e. Africa, India, most of Asia. With only a couple billion people on the people planet it would be much easier to effectively distribute resources.

OP asked for radical opinions, not counter-revolutionary. But it's good to know that barely anyone on Holla Forums can be trusted because you are still Holla Forumstards at heart.

I would abolish the universe if I could. Nothing should exist.

It is pointless anyway.

The Cultural Revolution was good

Cheer up Arthur

Kekistanis should not be considered human

No, my most radical opinion is just the opposite.



this, tbh

Humanism isn't spook.
and Stalin was a State capitalist

Stalinism was a form of humanism, tho.

instant gulag

Yeah, just like how Stalinism was form of Communism.

Are you 12?

These are in no way contradictory. Even in a deterministic universe "luck" is meaningful to the subject who finds circumstances beyond his control favorable.


That's not a "radical opinion," that's just ignorance.

Even existing a councilist society for a month is a success. In a time when meaninglessness in the universe is second nature to most people, every momentary victory toward communism, no matter how small, is a success as such because of the glimpse beyond capitalism each moment provides. Even if we are driving ourselves to total annihilation in neoliberal capitalism, we would be better off to try and try again to destroy it. There is nothing better to do.

this is just common sense, tbh

What does this even mean, you retard? Not even flints and sticks?
That's an easy excuse for being a shit lover.


That's an updating lot of update right updated there.

Again, thread theme is "most radical opinion" not "most ignorant opinion."

so honest

You have no idea what humanism is, correct?

Oh my gosh, please off yourself. You aren’t doing anyone any favours by existing.

Do you, ya price of shit


Technological advancement isn't always a good thing

that we pretty much lost and the next step of humanity (if it will still exist after capitalism downfall) will be a neo-feudal hell from which we will never escape because we burned too many resources in this phase of history.

Also porn should be banned


Um, no sweetie, jews can't be bourg because of their historical oppression, the surplus labor is owed to them because of this, okay?

Dogs deserved worse tbh

describe the taste

more like

All idpol people should go to gulag
people should pass a genetic ans psychological test before being allowed to have kids.
if you're a blithering moron with mental problems and/or have genetic diseases you should not breed

Next thing you know is orgy porgy and there you got your nice Brave New World Utopy.
Fuck this. Porn is banned, illegal and If they find you with porn you are gonna get exiled.


Che Guevara is hugely overrated and only popular because of his looks.
Mao was an adventurist who betrayed communism by allying with the US against the USSR.
Third worldism is rebranded fascism (proletarian nation theory).
Tito wasn't very good.


Your susceptibility to magical thinking is unparalleled. Yes, I just called you stupid.

He was 2koolforcommunism tho

Of course, the All-Father will provide

There's literally no causal relationship between the things you list. You might as well say:
I can not start to comprehend how stupid you could be.

How do you do that IRL? You see people starting a three-way and you remind them of proper pagan values? Isn't that what Christians do, you retard?

I'm a huge fan of eugenics. Not the racist or genocidal bullshit, but I think humanity could be a lot better if we weeded out the garbage genes. It'd be nice to have programs that would screen people and incentivize them not to reproduce, it'd take care of genetics and over population problems. But natural selection is a very sly mistress, and a lot people are programmed hold onto their genetic line at all costs. I just don't feel a need to reproduce or feel any connection to my lineage, but more to humanity as a whole, so I can't really empathize or sympathize with those who see reproduction as an inalienable right no matter what inheritable horrible mutations lurk in their chromosomes. I don't understand why when there are so many children out there who need adopting would be parents will spend tens of thousands of dollars on artificial insemination or freezing sperm/eggs. It makes my heart pretty hard and I don't care about their feelings or reproduction rights, they're being selfish assholes because of some fuzzy feeling in their crotches about having their "own" child.


No it's a terrible idea as far as socialist goals are concerned

The only advantage is that burgers will get slaughtered upon arrival to their labour country and the world will collectively become a bit smarter

Actually radical take: the strength of police unions/police unity should be studied and used as an example of strength needed in other worker unions, and if that unity and strength gets properly replicated in enough other unions we would have a legitimate base for effective collective action

If you think that I'm talking about turning everyone into a police level sycophant then you missed the point

Quite possibly the truly radical take here.

no it's not, also economic determinism is revisionist trash

The most radical thing you can do is grow your own food. The empire would crumble. Totalitarian Agriculture is the system in place and the tool used to control all of us.

Doing this is EZPZ and really quite humane.
It doesn't even have to be totalitarian or anything. You could just make it all voluntary.

The "violent right-wing" is a myth but not because of any principles they might have but because they're a bunch of domesticated pussies.

The left and right were born in the merciless rape and slaughter of reactionaries in the revolutions of the past and it will end that way too. In the entire history of right/left there is nothing comparable on the right to even the most unlikely of leftist terror organizations like the JRA for example. The best they can do is attach their ego to modern liberal imperialist projects, appropriating Roman history and cherry picking leftist freaks and trannies to bolster their ego. The warrior white man they want to bring back so much didn't go away they just work for the other side.

I urgently need the gif of this image.



you just jelly of his kkklear superior politikkkal theory

There's literally nothing wrong with pornography per se (not the porn industry).

China would be better today if Lmao had lost the civil war.


Not this.

This picture is exactly what I think the world needs

We need transhuman primitism.

We need anarcho-Stalinism.

I imagine this as human consciousness merging with plants, if this is true sign me the fuck up it's badass

that's literally orthodox Bakunin

t. person who never read Bakunin

yeah it kinda is. and i wasn't talking about economic determinism, brainlet

If I knew, I wouldn't be posting on a Mongolian throat-singing forum. The solution to this problem won't be handed over to us on a silver platter by some maverick theorist; it requires a thorough collective intellectual effort to reinvent socialist praxis.

It's not only about the failure of "really-existing socialism", it's about the absolute outdatedness of how the wider Left organizes period.

This thread is cancer, mods please ban all participants


Marx's dictum reminds us of the need to shed the dead weight of tradition. We would go so far as to say that with the exception of the recognition of the historical break that separates us from them, that we have nothing to learn from the failures of past revolutions, no need to replay them to discover their “errors” or distil their “truths”, for it would in any case be impossible to repeat them. In drawing the balance of this history, in taking it to be over, we are drawing a line that foregrounds the struggles of our own time.

It would be better for internet leftism if this board wasn't run by authoritarians who hate a large percentage of their users.

BO, pls go.

Mandatory gay marriage.

the world is most likely going to be a better place if we kill all anglo-saxons

Gamergate was and will continue to be a very important event in the growth of a new Left.

We should sterilize a large portion of society to control population growth and to make the Earth more sustainable. Eugenics without a racial component would be absolutely necessary to insure balanced birth and death rates.
We're a long way away from stateless, classless, and moneyless society and anyone who thinks we're one riot away from world revolution is incredibly naive and utopian
Nationalism is not dying out like some claim, it is growing and we'll probably have to deal with it for the next 100 or so years.
Everyone in Hollywood gets the bullet. Hollywood and consumerism is capitalist culture and needs to be purged because it is actually de(generacy

w e w

The prime directive of all immigration regimes should be to keep the labour market restricted and porky permanently handicapped in wage negotiations


The problem with traditional eugenics isn't just ethical, they plain and simply do not work. This is why gene therapy is so important. If you just want to adjust population count, that's technically not eugenic.
Rest of your post is bretty ok though.


okay yuh yuh yuh explain okay yuh

Interesting, didn't know. My idea for the birth reduction would be make contraception like condoms and birth control easily available to poor people and take out any religious education in school. I'd also make education readily available for everyone because there is evidence that suggests that higher education leads to lower birth rates. Of course these are preliminary measures. The worse case authoritarian measure I can think of is a one child policy and reproduction permits. Due to resource depletion I can honestly see people taking an interest in one child-like polices coming mid century


Euros are so fucking retarded.

I'd want a technocratic bureaucracy

antimony, indium, and silver we may be able to do with less of, but running out of copper is basically the end of development of electrical systems.

You can improve your faggot ramble by eating a truck.

Hate speech should be legal.

Good thing we can recycle what we have now and mine it in space, no?

Then recycle your old fucking buildings, Faggot. Aluminum Wires work fucking fine. If you soft handed pussies got out and did some fucking work like the "proletariat" you fucking worship, you might learn a thing or two. Most of you would feint from stepping inside a Harbor Freight.

I unironically like Varg. I can ignore his racism.

I like varg including his "racism".
People living where they are best suited to live isn't genocide, it's actually the natural order of things.

Nazbol, pls go.


Capitalism is likely going to bring us to near extinction before a true Communist movement takes over. youtube.com/watch?v=8akSfOIsU2Y

I've been feeling like this for a while, actually…
Well not quite. What I actually have done is lost hope in Communism altogether because Capitalism is going to destroy the planet (i.e. Make it uninhabitable) before any true Communist movement can come to fruition. We have entered the PostModern NeoLiberal End of History, and we've become lost in a Century of Slef that will never end. First Worldists are too pacified and Third Worldists Workers are too atomised.


The same. As soon as viable meat alternatives are made, they should replace meat farming for both practical and moral reasons.


I agree, and a general sense of passive radicalism and anti bourgeois sentiment in the working class but even less of political force to represent it than other countries like ours.
Arguably we had better, bigger communists than USA a few decades ago.

We should abolish all gendered toilets to solve the transgender toilet "problem" (it's really a non problem). There will also be no need for a separate toilet for people with disabilities (such as being wheelchair bound) as all toilets shall be constructed in a disability friendly way

Nice copypasta.

careerist intellectualism is not helpful.

hi muke

Lenin was counter-revolutionaty authoritarian ruler and Trotsky was war criminal who sould be executed by Left Socialist-Revolutionaty and anarchist parties.

-ALL whites should be enslaved (their forced labor used to advance the third world peoples they have fucked over for centuries) and their possessions and homes re-distributed tbh.
-Pol Pot did nothing wrong.
-The Holodomor didn't happen but it should.
-Makhno did nothing wrong.


Fully automated luxury gay communism is unironically a good thing. Fuck the space thing though.

If you think religion should be anything but exterminated you are idpol

What a fag.

Look how great "exterminating religion" worked out in the past. I agree, organized religion must die, but people should be allowed to think independently of the state (although the state should work to appeal to the people so this independence doesn't become rebellion)

I don't know if this is serious or not or if it's a Holla Forumstards trying to parody us

People who use the term "fiat currency" need to be killed by firing squad.

Am I an asshole for getting annoyed when people say Amerika or Afrika?

I'm gonna get my degree, move out and start my career, hopefully I'll be settled before shit hits the fan, I won't be for 4 or 5 years though. After that, in the late 2020's and beyond, if Europe is ruled by fascists and shit and there's no real leftist movement in sight, I'll just kill myself, and I hope you all will join me. I'll give it all a chance but there's honestly no point in living out nearly out entire adult lives in global fascism.

Horse shoe theory is real for you and no one else.

Isn't it Afrika in most African cultures? I'd say that's fair game.

As for Amerika, that's the proper spelling in at least a few cultures - Russia for sure - but it's not used in America so it's kinda cringy.

we need automated primitivism: just chill out on your little, comfy farm while the robots take care of all the shitty work.

Literaly you.

Anti-phone gang is completely justified in giving you shit for consuming luxury items.
Socialist asceticism is a good idea.

Holla Forums is run by imkampfy to make the left look retarded.

how do you mean i need to buy a lawnmower instead of a slave

there is no ethical consumption under capitalism

a friend of mine is convinced that managers are an inferior sub-human species

That's not even a funny false equivalency come on dude.
There's nothing wrong with reducing your personal consumption or organized conservation efforts. It's the principle of it that counts.

I don't think it will be global fascism, just endless slowly decomposing neoliberal Capitalist Realism of spectacle.

The left doesn't need any outside influence to make it look retarded. Not that the right is any diferent. Species Essence and the Human Condition itself is a profound existential retardation and inability to see what is right ducking in front of you.

but zizek says you are eating from the trash can anyway

its about the system not individual ethics in which consumer option is the most humanistic. so dont you tell me not to engage in the slave trade

Christianity is effectively a religion of the colonizer and the bourgeoise. Christians should be executed en masse and churches should have their assets and material wealth seized and redistributed.

Edgelords are a cancer on the left, and hurt us even more than idpolers. Your gulag fantasies won't build socialism.

no, it's cringey




Everyone around you is a formulation of the Spectacle/culture industry, and are corrupted. There is no cure

"There is no ethical consumption under capitalism" is usually excuse for wealthy Western bourgies to feel free to mass consume like pigs without existential doubts and perceive themselves as revolutionary socialists at the same time.

why don't you kill yourself then?

Hey Gramsci

There is nothing wrong with Capitalism and Holla Forums doesn't support it because they don't want to work.

I'm going to add to this in saying that the government knows that drugs can help people, even the bad "illegal" ones like meth and heroin so long as they are clean and used appropriately. They have to outlaw the most effective ones because I think the changes in brain chemistry really force people to question society.

Like, LSD and shrooms are a solid example. Most people I've ever met that like LSD and shrooms had massive problems with authority and were natural anarchists almost. I'm a communist but I've always found this fascinating among drug users.

And I don't do drugs, but i think the topic as a whole is fascinating.

And ditto on the Cold War thing. It was a disaster and i cringe when people act like the Fukuyama "end of history" shit is a literal victory when all it did was leave the comblock countries in shambles. Their shit got sold off to private investors for pennies on the dollar, and that is what passes for "victory" and "liberation" for those people. harharhar.

i agree leftists are the only ppl throughout history that seem to redeem themselves. everyone else was fighting for the wrong thing

i agree it is weird how in recent years there is backlash against the nu atheist liberals and as a result, people just went back to being religious.

i pretty much hate it all: christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism, hinduism, it's all stupid fucking bullshit that just gets in the way of living IMO.

another pet peeve is how we can say "fuck the christians" but immediately people get offended when you say "fuck the jews", as if you are a nazi.

I am not a nazi nor do i advocate for any reactionary politics, but if we can say "fuck X religion" it should apply to everyone.

in the same vein, i feel the same way about all races. it always grinds me gears when someone makes special excuses for their own religion/race/orientation and shits on everyone but themselves. it's pure narcissism and i hate it.

capitalism sucks, it's unsustainable and more work is put into maintaining it when we could expend all that manpower in building a newer, better system that actually deals with human problems head on.

This girl is really cute 👧

I think we should actively fight to keep women and minorities out of the ruling class so that when revolution happens we minimize violence against these marginalized groups.

bummery is not a crime

That actually makes sense. Yurovsky had to prevent some of the troops from fondling the Romanov women.

No you fucking idiot. It's dumb because race and gender are spooks. Women or black bourgeoisie are no less deserving of the workers' wrath.

it's because jewishness isn't just a religion, it's also an ethnicity
and the holocaust, of course

Why not decrease the number of the bourgeois though? It's not replacement: the old money won't run dry any time soon.

Humanity is incapable of being fixed, on a basic level, because they evolved as one part murder machines and one part fucking machines. My opinion is that sentience is doomed unless an AI can totally eliminate the illogical of the biological organism.

If Bolshevik revolutions didn't happen at the turn of last century leftism would be a lot more popular in first world countries and we would have a greater chance of destroying the Neoliberalism (due to the first world turning red) that currently inhibits the movement.

The number of people in the bourgeois class isn't something we can control much if at all. We'd do better to work on rules of engagement and handling prisoners, to minimize unnecessary carnage. We absolutely shouldn't hurt the ones who just give up, who turn class traitor (to the bourgeoisie), or who put up token resistance. The only people who should be eligible for targeted violence are the ones who willfully put themselves (or others) in the path of the revolution. Everybody is a hostage of the capitalist system, including the ruling class. They live better but they still have to obey its rules in order to function. And regarding the "you can stop being a capitalist any time" meme, that would just mean someone else would take their place.

John Paul II was a fascist rat who should've been shot by the SB

You don’t say

There needs to be an open war on the Catholic Church, mega evangelist churches, Saudi mosques, Hindutava bullshit, and Bhuddist and Tibetan feudalism

They actually shot one of them but it made him only martyr and worsened situation. ;_;

9/11 was good praxis

Micah "X" Johnson (and Christopher "Can't Corner" Dorner and Gavin "The Walking Slaughterhouse" Long) did nothing wrong.

Inb4 "muh innocent people" and "muh not all cops" argument. Wanna know who else was innocent or at the very least didn't deserve to die? Tamir Rice, Alton Sterling, Terence Crutcher and Philando Castile, the last two *actually* pushed Micah X over the edge and made him take the law into his own hands and start putting pigs in blankets. PS: None of the cops responsible for those civilian killings went to prison or at the very least had to pay a fine for what they did so in the end Amerikkka proved what he'd been saying all along right. Inb4 "You're too radical, Afroplasm! Dis idpol! Das raycis!" No, it ain't. The boys in blue are a separate class of untouchables that live lives above the law almost like the 1% cuz if they ain't kept happy they ain't gonna work as the court's foot soldiers and if they don't do that the courts can't enforce the law to protect the bourgeoisie's "muh property rights". You know, like how dictators make sure their armies are looked after better than the people they rule over. They can't go to jail even if they're caught on camera humiliating and straight up murdering an unarmed man begging for his life regardless of race like that Daniel Shaver guy recently which is why the #BlueLivesMatter crowd are civilian class cucks.

No justice, no peace and all that…

Human nature is a problem. We should solve it with radical transhumanism.

That's just a fact, not an opinion.

Anarcho-capitalism might be a necessary step to build class consciousness, agitate the working class and trigger a proletarian revolution. I might consider supporting ancaps out of pure accelerationism.

broke: ancaps are edgy libertarians
woke: anarchocapitalism is a long-con Trotskyist ploy

The shia'tu 'Ali wins again!

To see any actual progress toward a class conscious West, things have to get shitty in a way that no one can possibly fix, but I don’t see things going that way as Capatalism will just morph it’s way outta such dangers. It’s too flexible and it adapts easily af with the help of Western governments. Therefore I don’t see us or even our grandkids getting anywhere that we dream of.

Small business owners up against the wall first.
A revolution in the first world must be peerless in its brutality.





This seems to just be objectively true, considering what happened afterwards.

It worked out fine.

This. Transhumanism is the only way forward. I can't wait to upload my conciousness into the global AI.


Robespierre was too good for this world, he wasn't known as The Incorruptible for nothing.

We need to support this man, if Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi gets in it's gonna be world war 3, and it will be a Pan-African Jamahiriya vs The World, and it will cause pop at least a few of the bubbles that are in literally every sector of the world market.

Nobody wants to believe that so many evil, shitty people exist, but they do.

anti-civ/post-civ/green, but I don't quite identify civ with technology. mass society sucks.

Everything about Varg is bad except him killing Euronymous.

North Korea only exists and wasn't wipped out in 1950 because of Chinese and Soviet imperialism. It was a mere puppet and until Juche was the definition of a buffer state. It's the product of imperialism and globalist intervention.

The Catholic Church is the friend of the workers tbh

people are to stupid to rule themselves

Agree, which is why hierarchies are doomed to fail.

This is good comrade. I don't see anything wrong with this, it's only that those who are rejecting it have never before considered the question for themselves.

not implying they're good
just saying no matter what you do, it can only end in tears

We're a strange country.
Our identity is nestled in workong class identity, but our earliest labour movement was more liberal than socialist. We are historically a centrist country that has consistently moved to the right through our history.

I like how we're still being sold the narrative that he was so very paranoid and crazy in school even though we know that his reign was followed by the restoration of the monarchy.

People should be manipulated and influanced by any means necessary to nurture them into the overman, otherwise they won't even know what to do with freedom.
Collective of individuals being a common expression politically/economically/ideologically-wise, you name it.

> The revolution will happen in Mars lead by Jean-claude van damme at the age of 117

Wouldn't forcing them to become the uberman literally go against the entire point of Nietzsche's uberman was that he had the ability to understand and realize the worthlessness of everything and thus seek the only truly meaningful thing in life which is to become the uberman? Or am I just talking out of my arse?

Nah you have a point there as presumeably that'd be Nietzches take on the matter.
Then again like these destroyers of tables of values I'd seek to carve and chisel own.
So that leaves me cherishing and nurturing what there is to cherish and nurture, bringing out the best of what might seem worthless or pointless, and ultimately seeing to the fall of man and trivialities through a new dawn per say.