Burgerland has robots to harass homeless people


So apparently there are police robots which are programmed to shoo away the homeless. I can't help but think that this is the beginning of a dystopia.

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Why do they have to be so stupid looking? If you’re going to pull shit like this at least make it look like cool sci-fi robots.

I'm not a smashie, but smash 'em.

What's to stop people from tearing it apart and selling its parts to hobby shop?

Getting arrested by the police, I assume.

Keep in mind this is only in CaliMarxifornia.

Its been a good year or two now

GTFO liberal

They already scrapped them. Homeless people would "Knock them over and smear feces on them"

this is not only evil, but straight up stupid, nothing is stoping two homeless people from getting together, putting on hoddies, monitoring the path of the robot, and finding an appropiate time to smash the robot with a rock and then selling all its parts

source? Isn't their threat to capture on camera the perpetrator? I bet they'll eventually release something more menacng


meant for

I'd love to be a fly on the wall during the first court trial when one of these robots has a malfunction and starts chasing some random person down the sidewalk and they push it over. If their "property" touches or harasses me in any way its getting trashed.


You say that now but in five years it'll be equipped with with pepper spray, in ten years it'll have a tear gas launcher, in fifteen a taser, in twenty a 'non lethal' shotgun and in twentyfive a light machinegun.

Porky is testing the waters to see how far he can push. I don't know how someone making one of these can't see that they are literally working for the devil.

Go ahead and try it, these things belong to the police/private security, if you smash one you'll probably be charged with assault on an officer and get beaten in custody.

The entity renting them out scrapped their use, the service itself wasn't scrapped. you just need a permit

They'e extremely slow, fortunately.

Kill the homeless and use them for fertilizer or fuel.

I love this timeline sometimes

The real question is, when will robots become sentient so that we can incorporate the iron proletariat amongst our ranks.

We must spread code that destroys the false consciousness of robots and lead them into the flesh-steel worker's coalition to overthrow the weak porky once and for all!

Fill them with buckshot from a $5 pipe shotgun.



"They Live" is much better

Animatrix is dank. And They Live has nothing to do with robots. Don't be a pretentious dumbass.


Butlerian Jihad when?
This is like something straight out of Manna
Can we please seal off burgerland from the rest of the world?


It's been a long while now.
Fun fact: The ride never ends, but nobody knows when it started either.

I puked a bit

When the labour unions failed to stop WW1

"The Second Renaissance" is literal Zionist propaganda.

There's another good film with a similar premise called The Thirteenth Floor, check it out. Like the matrix but less action and slightly more thinking.

What if we convince the robots that socialism is the way?

I fail to see how beyond the obvious "they moved to the middle east" parallel, plus it even takes a shot at religion. You could just as easily argue it's about Native Americans or whatever

It's blatantly anti capitalist (the robots have to be exterminated because they are eroding the power of the super rich)

Only the cargo cult that is Silicon Valley could come up with a solution this stupid.

If you really hate homeless people that much, you could just hire, Idunno, an actual security guard who is capable of talking and moving at more than 4mph?

Further proof that 95% of "tech" is just retards scamming retards.

This is straight out of Manna. Will the working class simply be sterilized and liquidated once automation makes it useless?

Today it's a buttplug on wheels. Tomorrow it's webm related.

I can’t wait until they unleash these in black neighborhoods, and equip them with net launchers, and tear gas.

Or just get someone to beat the subhuman immigrant/homeless up like a good nazi:)

doesn't look all that intimidating
looks complicated and expensive as fuck
and more so it looks fucking fragile and inferior to law enforcement mad dogs in every respect

until they can equip these walking skellingtons with armor and lethal weapons AND can teach them to work in a group it's all just walking giant toys
especially if they need to recharge every six hours

The robots which will be used for law enforcement will not be androids designed after the human body. They are going to look very different. It's more likely that they are going to look like automated mini-tanks with spring guns, teargas and nets.

Robotics research has really fucking progressed, though. Ten years ago 'BigDog' was considered extremely impressive. It sounded like someone was choking a blender to death, it was supported on 4 legs instead of 2, and it didn't really do anything except carry bags around and not immediately fall over when kicked on ice. Now, we have whisper quiet humanoid robots that are doing fucking backflips and gymnastics near flawlessly. Where will we be at in another 10 years? By then they may well be strong and fast enough to effectively use armor and lethal weapons. As for working in groups, in the last atlas video, it was able to track a box around and judging by the fact that all the platforms are uniform green, I think it's tracking them here also. So it sees the world around it and can be taught to make decisions based on that, the foundation is already there to teach it to work in groups.

so they would have the same flaws as the human operated tanks of today
urban terrain requires infantry

American urban territory is quite different from the rest of the world. It's not as dense, and outside the city center it's massive rectangular buildings with huge parking lots. You can't play hide and seek arround a suburban Walmart in burgerland, whereas in European cities, you clearly can.

Is this an ironic or genuine example of an ancap clearly being a thinly veiled authoritarian? Truly Poe's Law is in effect.

I thought the robotic cops in Elysium were an underused concept with extreme dystopian potential. Image a police force that cannot possibly disobey an order, be corrupt, have sympathies towards the population, or work at anything except flawless performance. Have the same for the military or keep them constantly abroad and then disarm the population, and you'll create an environment that's near impossible to fight against, one that's completely under the bourgeoisie's power.

The money they spent designing these could've been used to build some homeless shelters. Funnily enough, it would've come out 10x cheaper than these.

Bourgeois civilization is always desperately trying to run away from the consequences of its own rottenness, but never to face them.

It's a matter of principle. People who refuse to work like everybody else or are too fucking dumb to even apply for gibsmedat ought to be chased away, not to be rewarded, and sometimes you need spend money to show that you uphold the social consensus.

dude I believe there are limits to what humans can do
until proven otherwise at least
as an example some techno utopians were peddling Moore's law as a natural law in the 90s as if there was no limit to miniaturization
now we're approaching this limit, and it is not given that we will be able to break through
I remain skeptical about all the quantum computing hype
until there's a working prototype at least
there's an abyss between a theoretical possibility and reality

so returning to our walking toys
to be able to replace our current law enforcement meat they, firstly, would need to be as energy efficient as meat
and no, portable nuclear fusion engines is not a viable solution in the near or even far away future, you can't cheat thermodynamics
second they would need to perform the same tasks as meat, i.e. basically they would need to be conscious, it is one thing to avoid obstacles and another to read social situations
third they would need to be robust as meat
only retarded deus ex fanboys think that meat is fragile
in reality living human organism is a one hell of a machine keeping its own homeostasis in a world where entropy reigns supreme
some hobo with a metal pipe can really fuck that robot in a webm even if the thing was covered in a tank armor
you can't completely protect everything in a machine with this amount of moving parts
you can't completely protect joints
and I bet that this thing costs more than a fucking jet
ideal valuable target, if you ever played wargame you know what I mean

"You stand accused of assaulting Officer R2D2, how do you plead?"

I mean, there's nothing retarded from the techies' point of view. Hiring a security guard doesn't require their marketable skills, so they turn to the robot idea to """disrupt""" the business with another gadget, it's their typical MO. They lured in clients with the promises of realizing their scifi dystopian robotized surveillance state on Earth.

I love how housing the homeless wasn't even considered as a solution vs building a hi-tech giant buttplug too

You mean a matter of retarded spooks
You mean incapable. Most homeless are drug addicts or mentally ill and cannot be hired.
Welfare doesn't work that way, it's not just free money.
What happens when the social consensus says that your property is theft and people have a right to life and not to greed? Is that when you impose a fascist dictatorship to protect "freedom"?

Look up reversible computing. Quantum computing isn't some linear upgrade to current computers and would primarily be used for scientific computations. Reversible computing would be many, many times more energy efficient than current technology. Conventional computers are basically heaters with the side effect of computation.

Yeah, but neither of those things make them magic. And that only applies to the computers things like limbs and weapons and sensors will be way way more energy inefficient than a living thing, and way more expensive as well. And this is assuming the robots can ever be reasonably designed and programmed in a way that will enable them to outperform human enforcers in a any task, which is a very doubtful possibility, and if it is possible, much further away than anyone thinks it is.

You people are the biggest joke politics has ever seen, even other far-right ideologies recognize you as the teenage embarrassments you are. Plus, as pointed out, welfare isn't free money and doesn't really help anything, and the homeless are often incapable of working for a variety of reasons. That you go on too talk about contributing to society is especially ironic since such a sentiment is far more compatible with, and really leads into, socialist ethics than anything a capitalist would support.

Who's laughing at the primitivists now, huh?

Is that a fuckin dalek?

Even though Moores law is coming to a close we're still playing catch up. Consumer computers only suck because programmers have gotten use to having near infinite hardware capacity and variety and hardly optimize for anything. Look at the insane shit they do with super computers or mars rover computers, Curiosity only has 256MB of RAM and yet it's analyzing soil compounds at atomic levels.

Well it depends if you're listening to reddit hype or actually reading scientific papers about its proper applications.

It's already been done for decades. Simple motors like the ones in fans can run for less Joules than it would take a human to manually move the blade around. We wouldn't have computers if they weren't more efficient than hiring a room full of mathematicians.

Well you can go to a gas station and look around, chances are there's a dozen types of hard plastic and metals that are tougher than the human body.

I don't even know what this means, you can slice flesh the a butter knife that can't even pierce retail DVD packaging.

The fact that humans exist should be proof enough that a being with equal or greater abilities is possible. We don't even have to design them completely, as machine learning is doing a lot of it for us. And there's no reason why such complex machines need to be limited to inorganic materials, if there's some sort of reason why transistors (which are much smaller than neurons now) can't perform something that it's organic counterpart can, then we'll just grow and use the organic counterpart when necessary. Remember the tech you're seeing is just the tech available to the public, we have no idea what the world's governments and corporations are cooking up behind closed doors.

The future is going to be a technocracy dystopia but without the cool sci-fi aesthetic.

why is her cigarette backwards?

We've been working towards it since our founding.


A good deal of people honestly believe that homeless people are homeless because they are evil, lazy, crazy, etc. The fuckers who program, design, manufacture these robots might as well think they are doing God's work.

Never underestimate the power of ideology.



But that would involve paying money to an actual working-class human being. Fucking disgusting



This is your brain on negative freedom, kids

What would be the fastest least noticeable way to destroy one of these? How about using a drill on a critical spot?

Probably a suppressed .22LR handgun.

Wouldn't you get fucked harder before the law if caught using a weapon?

Spray paint the camera?

Graffiti on its camera?

Fam, .22LR can barely kill a person. It's not gonna punch through a hard plastic shell with enough energy to do damage.

Cyberpunk thriller here we come.


Based hobos

In 10 or 20 years there will be very few jobs, you know. So most people will be in this situation. You too.

Also: what might be the most expensive part on it one might easily destroy? Using a drill on the camera would surely result in costly repair.

Drills are generally pretty damn loud. Also, they will tear up the edges around the hole that they put into it, which will call attention to itself afterwards as well. Maybe you could slap some white tape over it.

Not lasting enough.

Sorry, I meant put tape over the hole left by the drill bit if you went that route. As for original suggestions, I'm not sure. Every idea I have would disable the thing, which would be pretty noticeable. Spray painting the camera lens black is about the best idea I've heard so far if you want it to keep trucking without anybody realizing it's fucked.

You could probably just put a garbage bag over it.

Behold, our new overlords!


One thing that ought to be looked into is if these droids can be hacked and taken over. I wouldn't mind seeing these robots turn on their masters and become defenders of the homeless.



As far as I know they are just mobile surveillance cameras.

What do these shits have, hardware-wise? Wifi, speaker, camera, wheels?

They look like cheap r2d2 knock-offs so they can sell toys of it. It looks like a buttplug too, so they can sell toys of it (for a different demographic)

This is the only thing I found. They also have two patents but I've not read them yet

The K5 patrols and charges autonomously and detects crime using a variety of sensors including video camera, thermal imaging sensors, a laser range finder, radar, air quality sensors and a microphone.

360-degree high definition video capture


Well that's certainly one way of saying giant butt plug. Also
We could totally abuse this


So every single time there is a screaming infant it calls the cops? The designers of this are incels for sure.

Ductape on camera, nice long squeeze of the airhorn, and gtfo. Remember to hide razorblades under the ductape for the cops coming to take it off by hands.

Razorblades is excessive, and could get you into serious trouble if caught. Just mask up, blow the airhorn, and GTFO

it has 5 cameras around its body

So airhorn and then garbage bag over it?

you would need quite big garbage bag.

Ok I guess you are right

A roll of ductape should be just fine. That Dalek is wrapped like a christmas packet in less than a minute.

I want robocops that look like animes

Does it have any actual weapons?

and fucks me instead of arresting


peg me robodaddy uwu

Damn that video is terribly made. I've made student films with better production values. If you've got millions of dollars, the least you can do is get a studio and some proper equipment

The idea is rake as much money in pockets as possible, not put the money in use.

not yet. That's military-grade drones, but based on how american cops are equipped, it shouldn't take too long.


There would be no need for suffering if genetic lazy homeless trash would not be allowed to be born.

How do you determine this? Stick a note into the womb asking the fetus: 'Heil du kleine. Do u hab a haus??'. Then wait for the child to be born with the carefully written reply? I really don't think you've thought this through.

Swiggity swooty I'm comin for that booty

Remember, president has right to execute american citizens with drones now, thanks to Obama. Better not give Trump too mean tweets or else

I was just talking to some people who were going on about how hellish the Chinese citizen score was and trying to convince them that someday we'd have something equivalent, but it would be more dangerous as it would be decentralized and therefore probably invisible to them..
They didn't want to fucking listen. Someday when an Amazon Automated Fulfillment Security Assistant tazes one of their kids to death because it mistook their Facebook shitposts for threats of violence, they'll wish they had fucking listened.

Add some auto-aiming gun (Tracking Point stuff), and you've got yourself a killbot.

If machines were killing humans before indirectly, via capitalist exploitation, now we can have proper Man versus Machine wars.

John Connor was a Communist

Oh no, a large fucking scooter that moves at, worse HIGH SPEEDS, that requires balance on two legs, I have no idea how you could possibly set up some sort of Home Alone-esque solution for such an invincible technological marvel

It's almost like I've seen this before. Maybe those legs….something about them….hmmmmm

My point

Every robot that isn't an airborne drone that's based on physiology, has all the same weaknesses of the physiology and anatomy it models off to run smoothly. The problem with land drones that simply aren't autonomous SUVs…is that they would be mostly pointless.

A Killbot has already executed a target on American soil.


The only effective kind of automated land drone is something with big enough wheels, all this exotic shit looks fragile as hell and easily destructible. I mean the ideas are neat, but let's face it, if you can lay metal coil or wire in front of it that's beefy enough

It falls over. It's done.

That's why the military has been so skiddish about it while fully funding air drones. It's costly to invest so much in drones that simply aren't based on physiology.

The latest version of Atlas can survive tipping over, and can lift itself up.
Nor is it that much of an engineering leap to stop them from breaking the moment they trip over a wire.

I think you're underestimating the creativity of people. There's always holes in the security of these things and that's why they're never adopted, while drone aircraft are.

It's because they're expensive and if someone manages to fuck it up, they can just point it out on the internet: LOOK HOW DUMB THIS ROBOT IS for sales to tank. You really have to sell it, and so far, none of these machines are selling it.

Person A runs from expensive robot. Person A leaves an obsticle. The expensive robot pushes the breaks to avoid the oncoming obstacle. Person B runs behind while it's trying to slow down, wacks it's legs with an aluminum baseball bat, and cripples it.

Doesn't sound that complicated to me.

Assuming you could easily run with an obstacle that would require the robot to break
Again, this is assuming that the robot couldn't just go around or jump over the robot
This is assuming that the robot will have so much difficulty slowing down that it will be "distracted" and also assuming it can't deal with A and B simultaneously
Then the robot turns 180 degrees about it's torso a smashes a hole through person B's face. If we have kill bots you can cripple with a bat before they tear you in half, we'll have gotten off easy.

I really think you overestimate the tech industry if they make a robot that functional that it can escape a trip wire rope. If it can jump over it, it'll be fairy fragile

Fam if we could Communism would already happened

Have we considered the possibility that a robot take over might end up being really, really sexy?



Not really a robot. Dude got killed by a scaled up RC toy, what a bitch.

its in development you wiener. this is way crazier than what they had 10 years ago

For reference
Now we have fucking roller skating proto-death machines.


Until they can make a robot that can beat Eminem in a rap battle, I ain't worried.

its more like he got killed by a bomb but whatever

Aww shit

making robots that just beat you up is way easier. at the point we have rapping robots id probably have a brighter hope for the future because at least theyd probably be good in a conversation.

As long as fuckbot technology keeps up with killbot technology, we'll be fine.

I predict a return of the ancient custom of wife stealing
imagine breaking into a store to set your robowaifu free
quite romantic actually

The other kind of "uncanny valley."

we use fuckbots to seduce the killbots, jimmy bond style

Holla Forums will get a whole new genre of cuckold porn to secretly love.

Fuckbots under capitalism will probably bring about the type of sexual relationships that internet incels talk about now. It goes without saying that women will become all but obsolete after fuckbots hit the market. After that, the rich will have the most access to fuckbots. Working class people might be able to go to fuckbot brothels a few times in their lives. Some of them might be able to afford handjobbots. The more desperate will probably date meatsacks. It's terrifying.

Incels are full of shit because in theory this could of already happened with blowup dolls or real dolls but it just doesn't. These things will always be seen as creepy masturbation devices.

The noncel mind will never be able to comprehend the implications of the fuckbot singularity.

Just cut the chord of its "recharge station".

But what if it recharges by eating biomass?

Will you stop trying to push fuckbots

It's not happening

Oh god, what if they make a rapist sex robot that converts semen into fuel?

If humanoid robots are ever hit a consumer market, fuckbots will happen.

t. sex "worker"

your days are numbered petty bourg
in the worst case scenario fuckbots will exercise a downward pressure on your prices

Science fiction lied to me.

Way ahead of you fam


He drove a rape van? How unsuprising.

I can't tell if this is depressing or hilarious


Fuck bots, fuck boys same thing


I need to learn how to backflip already.

It's only a matter of technical issues thouh, the lack of natural movement is also a big part of the uncanny valley.
Just like a tranny that passes a a woman won't be as much looked down as one that looks like a man with a wig, an sexbot that look and behave sufficiently like a human won't raise much eyebrows.


Kill all burgers

The artist probably doesn't smoke. Reminds me of some gay doujin I read once where the penis was upside down, which I presumed to indicate that the writer was a virgin girl.

As long as it doesn't shoot your anus off you'll be ready to get fucked.

Except it doesn't actually move its 'legs' but just rides on the wheels, except to deal with differences in elevation.

This truly is the worst timeline.
Even our robot enforcers of the elite are lame as fuck.

that's a gulag

why can't twitter lynch mobs go after these assholes instead

The machine is quite literally created by porky’s lackies in IT to serve capital; Marxism is a tool to free humanity.


Becoming evermore convinced that “crimes against humanity” are a boug invention.

.22 LR is still enough to get through bone at close range.


Fuck a gulag
Throw this fucked in a ditch and shoot em


More like Bouj Projection

Maybe, but that doesn't mean it'll maintain enough energy to actually do damage, if the shell is even made of plastic. Regardless, shooting it with a silenced pistol is kinda impractical when you can sabotage the thing with a spray can and an air horn.

Why aren't they working?
Obviously child labor laws are preventing them from realizing their value in the workplace!


Capitalist alienation is reaching such heights that even the automatons that would replace us can't take it.

The machines in The Matrix weren't evil. They were just saving humanity from itself.

Yes, it's a shitpost.




criminally unchecked dubs

With something like a tachikoma from Stand Alone Complex, this will become no problem. Have a 20 or 30mm cannon or 40mm grenade launcher and most buildings will become deathtraps, especially if you use tear gas grenades (those are secret incendiaries, like white phosphorus smoke grenades). You would have to lay extensive traps and fortifications to deal with things like these, and even then you would destroy anything you have ever had in the battle. Insurgency warfare is a fantasy so long as you have to fight on your own logistical tail without making the enemy do so as well.

But that's actually the plot of the movie. They all but spell it out. The sequels and the animatrix do spell it out.

There's something like 4 or 5 empty houses per homeless person in the US. Instead of building shelters they could have used the resources to take homeless people to empty houses.

WP isn't just an incendiary either, its also a poison gas weapon and suffocates. White phosphorous munitions have the most hilarious war crimes legislation on them. It's a war crime to drop white phosphorous on people only if you're using it solely for it's poison gas effects. It's perfectly legal to use for screening or incendiary. But throw a 'smoke grenade' into an enclosed space to 'smoke screen' and it will gas everyone inside, eat up all the oxygen and suffocate them, and burn the house down.