What do you actually think of Pol Pot? Was he actually nothing more than a CIA puppet...

What do you actually think of Pol Pot? Was he actually nothing more than a CIA puppet, a genuine revolutionary who was too stupid to see through America's game, a little of both, or just some insane motherfucker who didn't know what he wanted beyond power?

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Useful idiot, mostly. He knew exactly what he wanted, and what he wanted was considered pure insanity by the rest of the left wing, even ☭TANKIE☭s.

First revolutionary who understood that communism is not just state capitalism. It's shame he failed.

I am sympathetic to the idea of reaching for primitivism through authoritarianism, but he had way too low of a standard for determining who was a threat to that society. That said, he was hardly much of a communist outside of branding, as flying the the red flag was mostly just the style for Asian liberation movements. Even if Pol Pot were a student of Marx - though nothing he ever said suggested he was - Pol Pot is the only Khmer revolutionary who could have even read Marx, as Marx's works were never translated to the language and everyone but Pol Pot was uni-lingual. Fuck him for what he tried to do to Vietnam.

I wouldn't call him a CIA puppet. He did receive CIA funding in the late 70s/early 80s, but he and his movement was already well established at that point and did not act any differently with than funding than they did without. America was merely operating under the Enemy of my Enemy Doctrine and wanted to crush Vietnam, and the US under Reagan had a very low standard for who to support so long as they were the Enemy of the Enemy. See also: Afghanistan.

I would like to see another attempt at authoritarian primitivism, but the next one better be Marxist. Although I don't see another one happening, Marxist or otherwise.


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Stalin told me in a dream

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but concerning the revisionism by US imperialist propaganda and their death tolls and fabrication of reasons for them, which i consider the "most stories" about pol pot thanks to their media narrative, are too retarded to even adress. can't be arsed to go into any detail as i don't take that shit serious enough to care for anyone who falls for that dumb shit, so i'll just leave it with telling you to go read up on that yourself.
it's just plain ridiculous.

Of all the indefensible 20th century M-L regimes, Pol Pot’s is the least defensible of them all.



Another piece of evidence that nationalism was a mistake, for all the slow learners who still missed the message after the world wars. Also a great argument against agrarian primitivism.

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Not that poster but wtf WAS pol-pot ideologically? A nazi by another name?

it's like you don't even know that there was a split between socialist movements and their alliances or that the vietnamese fucked that fucker up good while the chinese were backing him

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It’s irrelenvent who backed or fought him, he and his regime were shit. As usual the Stalinposter doesn’t have single bit of evidence to back his point.



Then why you say Pol Pot was ML? I'm willing to admit that Ceaușescu was ML, despite him going against the ML line and fucking up every single policy, but claiming that Pol Pot was ML is just a really dumb strawman.

Dr Pavel

Imminent mass environmental catastrophe will prove Pol Pot was right. "Civilization" was a suicidal mistake.

Worth watching for anyone who wants to learn more about Pol Pot:


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The only one who grasped the full implications of what must be done. But Holla Forums is infested with latte-drinking cosmopolitans, so they'll you he was a rightwinger somehow.

Name one good thing he actually did for his people. Literally one

Irrigation systems built during his rule are still used today

He kept them fed and took radical action that saved millions during a famine

I think he was more interested in national liberation than genuine communism, the alligience with China made far too much political sense to not go through with.


This. Out of all 'Marxist' revolutionaries, Pol Pot would be the only one Marx would have praised if he were alive during then.

Because he actually acheived a lot of what Marx envisioned.

Why post this neoliberal propaganda here?