Is leadership a spook? When will the myth of good vertical organization die...

Is leadership a spook? When will the myth of good vertical organization die? Why do the masses put their fates into the hands of tyrants rather than deciding what is right and good for themselves?

leadership does not imply hierarchy

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Democracy is a spook. Letting the masses decide what is right and wrong is bad for those who want the truth instead of lies.


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but youre still conflating leadership with power

That's only true if there are power structures the leader can take advantage of. The one guy in your group who everyone listens to and tends to do what he recommends is a leader, but he doesn't have any actual power. Ideally there should be no leaders and everyone should be their own free thinking and willing individuals, but that doesn't seem likely.

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basically we need leaders that can't have power, and make themselves ingratiable. Or be anons.

There will always be leaders, even in an egalitarian setting. Just look at kids playing in the playground, there will always be a leader who directs the activities. Its part of human nature.

Human nature is a spook
Humanity itself is a spook

The idea of a spook is a spook


Is it possible to stop the children who direct from forming cliques when they feel personally injured?

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Well first we must ask from what circumstances does leadership arise? Lack of information and or proper time/attentiveness to deal with problems that occur in society. The same reason you call a plumber when a pipe bursts instead of doing it yourself. The reason we even elect leaders and representatives in the first place is, in a way, the avoidance of information overload or not knowing the social version of DIY. Instead of devoting time collectively or individually to, for example, the effectiveness of a water delivery system, we tell other people "hey this is *your* job to figure this out so the rest of us can do what we want to do." However, this distance we create for ourselves between us and issues that affect us is what leads to corruption and despotism. But, on the other hand, to not have this distance would lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed. I paraphrase here but I think Zizek was right when he said something along the lines of not wanting to vote democratically for literally everything that might or will happen.

Since literal equality doesn't exist, sure there will always be people who exceed at organization and such. BUT, it should be the job of everyone else to keep them honest and in check. We see how the fuck that ends up going, though, so I dunno fam.

The proletariat of the playground must seize the ball from the bourgeois reactionaries.

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Here come the theory ideologues that swear tabula rasa is real because Marx postulated it as true once