Be communazi

don't you know that in order to steal peoples stuff you need to have a big, and therefore inevitably corrupt government?


It's not stealing if the people who "own" it never earned it in the first place, in my honest opinion familial unit.

zero risk

200% risk

yeah i think i deserve to reap the rewards of taking a risk.

brainlet alert

you dont get the products of my labour for any reason whatsoever

How much risk?

literally a victim complex

then start your own business fuckstick

you cant tell me what to do with my money

socialism is the idea that the big bad business man is stealing from you, cease projecting.


thx for the (you) bb

you cant tell us what to do with violence :^)
because he is

Khrushchev not starting world war 3 was a mistake

then stop knocking over trashcans and you wont be arrested

in exchange for taking the profits, the business owner is absorbing the risk for you. (as well as likely providing equiptment) if you do not like this contract then start your own business.

Nigga I barely have any money. Unless you're already rich or "upper middle class" you are literally fucked.
Go. Fuck. Yourself.

Instead of pulling out a loan for a lesbian dance theory degree, get one and start a business with it.

Or move to a place where you can make more money. I won't pay so you can stay comfortably in your home city.

Businesses have an 80% chance of failure within ten years, and that’s assuming you can even get a hold of the startup capital. They are statistically unviable in the long term.

Risk is a function of the market, it isn’t inherent to the process of production. In other words porkies risk their capital (which they didn’t produce) for their own benefit, and proles are supposed to somehow be grateful and accept this, even though it directly harms their interests and is entirely unnecessary?

Nazbol is banned i believe.

yeah, that's why they get to keep the profit. Because it's so god damn risky. In exchange for zero risk, you don't get to keep the profit.

In communism everyone is made poor by the inevitably corrupt government. But in capitalism, you can move up. This has been proven numerous times. Stop buying shit you don't need and save.

commies and nazis are the same, that's the joke.


Which is what we call R I S K

leftypol this thing with taking bait needs to stop, ots literal masochism

maybe they should stop losing so hard

but the worker is at risk too, but you dont care about him do you?

if the business fails then the worker can go work somewhere else.

if the business fails the owner is in massive debt

What about if I go to rob a bank?
I mean, you are risking your life in the process, but if you succed, then you will become dirty rich in some country of the caribean.
And even it is less expensive than starting a business! The only thing that you need are some friends, some weapons, some ammunitions, and since you will be commiting a crime anyway, you don't need to buy the car, just steal it!

ill probably be leaving soon, it was fun baiting you faggots

the bank didnt agree to be robbed
you did

Why should I care?

because now you are evil

??? is this a nazi ???

you guys are really fucking bad at making arguments, you know that right?

This time of bait should be deleted not anchored



You have already established you can’t be reasoned with. Risk is literally the worst argument you could use to defend capitalism.

It really isn't, though
The business owner takes the risk of starting the business, and gets the money equal to that risk whereas the worker forgoes the risk and takes the stability of the job for lower pay
It certainly isn't the best argument for capitalism, but it's not the worst, either

b- b- but ur a dumme head no argu ur dum

stop killing western civilization

fuck it, i'll bite

I started a business with 9 equal partners a couple years ago where we've paid monthly dues into since the beginning because none of us were born rich and we didn't want to take loans from banks or allow a faggot ideologue like yourself into our group via investment. Couple years later we're doing great. I deal with petit-bourg ideologies like yours all the time (small business owners) and ppl like you are IME the biggest cocksuckers to deal with in business. It's satisfying to be doing better than much of our competition and amusing to see many of them cannot get their heads around how we are able to do this with no hierarchy in the company whatsoever.

I'm not sure what you're after with this thread other than to maybe validate for yourself that it's OK to take more than your share of the profits because you took what you perceive as a risk. In reality you probably didn't risk everything and were comfortable when you started your venture with a fallback plan or fallback capital so literally kill yourself you faggot because you did nothing special just by putting up capital. Do you even work at your own company or do you hire people to do it for you?

Fuck off faggot. You barely have any room for arguments besides muh business.
Fuck off to >>>/liberty/


Jesus man you're fucking bootyblasted. I don't even own a business. Hell, I'm barely 18. I was born into a lower middle class family, with a widowed mother.

If what you're saying is true, good for you. I doubt it's true, because you're painting yourself as a comic book villian, but whatever.

I'm doing it for the bantz, leftypol is so much easier than pol because you have zero evidence for anything. At least pol can meme and has little crumbs of truth here and there.

how does it feel being the product of decadence?



So you start a thread about muh risk but you're just a child with no experience. I'm not sure what I expected. Sage for ultimate faggotry.