Complete plan for an entirely new society

Thread about the new socialist society so people in bougeios-liberal states can evaluate its pros and cons. So how about it Holla Forums, what's your plan for the new socialist society? You do have one right?

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Is that Semen Demon Yurio?

Yep. Like this.

All my heroes are dead and my enemies are in power. There is no grand plan. My whole life is just cold, bitter hatred. This is the time of vengeance. And I will put in the grave as many as I can. It's time for me to kill. And it's time for me to die. My genocide crusade begins here.

We forcibly feminize and inject hormones to all the beta males to root out aut-rightism, neonazism and other such idiocies. This instantly reduces violence in society and we engage in debate, whicj will inevitably lead to socialist anarchofeminism.

We redistribute all property from privileged whites on the basis of an oppression pigment scale. Harmony will then be established and we will all live as equals in a polyamorous non-binary haven.

You forgot the part where the all-powerful queer council of colour takes children from parents to educate them about the evils of white heteronormative patriarchy

this but unironically

This but unironically

Goes without saying, we will abolish the regressive idea that children are private property rather than future leaders of the trans-queer revolution.

I don't have one.

Georgism first - IE we'd redo the tax code so that only land value was taxed. Housing crisis solved, as it's largely no longer profitable to buy up massive plots of land and hold them until the value rises. Using large amounts of valuable natural resources comes with a larger tax burden.

For my personal twist - a return to a strict take on incorporation which requires a purpose and sets a short lifespan. "Corporate personhood" no longer taken literally in the retarded way it is, now. George himself talked about publicizing monopolies, but I'm not sure about that - either publicize them or just dismantle them altogether. Campaign donations ousted and DNC/GOP-designed election policy destroyed - bribery, as we all know and don't pretend not to, is not free speech.

From here, we could move either towards mutalism or libertarian socialism. After Georgism, the next step will be what works better for society on the whole, and I'm not sure about what it will be.

The Anarcho-Chadist non-hierarchical cuck squads take your toothbrushes and fuck your gf, non AnChads are forced to be a beta provider or get banished to the not-state prison camp where you build our shit and are allocated one hour of anime a week if you behave yourselves.

I know you're memeing but I unironically believe this is where our current bourgeois neoliberal society is heading anyway.

You don't even have to force anyone. When you're a neet with no future and your choices are either taking the pink pill and becoming a streaming gamer grrl with a Patreon or joining ISIS and fucking goats the right choice it's a no brainer.


Implying right-wingers are bitch and whine on the internet like it's a full time job because of too much male hormones and masculinity…..right.

She's Shirasaka Koume. Very cute!

here is my idea on how to make a socialist society:
Establish a series of workers unions during the revolution. each of these unions control certain sects of an area and are made up of workers working for them. every few weeks a debate is held by the union, where any member is free to join the debate and debate on policy. once a consensus of at least 70% is formed for an idea it gets put into place. these unions elect representatives that form a council that makes the closest thing to the government. this council will control the military and act as a welfare distributions, providing welfare to the citizens. factories would be controled by the workers who work in them, but a small tax would be placed on the co-op factories to pay for welfare, public projects, and the military. Large corporations will be siezed, their MOP given to the workers. Small Corporations (Petite bourgeois) will be spared, but have to pay a large tax. Apart from small businesses, all other MOP will be controlled by the workers themselves, and small-scale co-operatives will be funded and supported. All this plus a generally progressive social outlook and a somewhat militaristic foreign policy towards capitalist and reactionary nations.


Why would I make a detailed plan when I don't know where socialism will take place and when?
The actual practical politics will have to depend on those things.

But the first thing is to establish the dictatorship of the communist party. The party will have a program of the immediate tasks after taking power. The party needs to have some sort of a guard of its own to enforce policies.

Big questions for the program to answer or to take into account:
-Is the socialist area near self-sufficiency when it comes to basic necessities for a healthy life? Important; we don't want the imperialists to be able to starve our people or to rely on trade too much (unless we have friends overseas)
-How is the labor force divided between different sectors? If a developed country, we should be able to abolish a lot of unneeded jobs -> get more labor for more important things, plus employ the unemployed
-How fast can we shorten the work day/week/month/year? (depending on what works for what job)
-Can we just nationalize key industries immediately?
-How to lessen the importance of money in daily life? (introduce vouchers? simply use fixed prices for necessary goods? just give necessities away? abolish rent?)
-Are there area-specific problems that must be addressed right away? (war or something)

Beating up the owners of the small family business down the road is not a good idea, and tiny and heavily taxed small businesses would not be a threat to socialism, also by your flag im guessing you are a market socialist which means a simmilar system would exist under your society (correct me if wrong)
for the second question, yes, your pretty much right. it seemed more practical then Constant referendums and More democratic than representatives, so i chose that as how i would organise democracy.

Doesn't make it any less pathetic though

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I agree with tank poster, but I will try and humor OP since no one else has.

So the first step would be to wrest the state from the bourgeois. Fire nonsocialists, drop government salaries towards skilled laborer level for people at the top, and make people in the government directly accountable to the people. Honestly not sure how to do that last part, it would obviously be a bit touch and go, depending on how many capitalists there are and the state of things
Immediately socialize industry. Stock market and what not would be dissolved. Im happy with this society.

Here you go fgt.

You have to be kinda good looking to do that tho. I look way too brutish to pass as a girl, so I'd have to buy a ton of plastic surgery on top of the sex reassignment and I don't have the money for all that.

Is there some sort of generator for political diagrams like these? I'd like to make one for my pet system.

Utopian as fuck m8

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