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Bertha De Leon was musically inclined and had a good singing voice. While rocking her children to sleep and when working around the house, she would sing the popular songs of the day and, especially, the church hymns she loved so well. One that particularly appealed to her husband was “Dare to Be a Daniel”:

Dare to be a Daniel,

Dare to stand alone.

Dare to have a purpose firm,

Dare to make it known.

Daniel De Leon was so impressed by the sentiments of the refrain, which seemed to speak directly to him, that he made it his motto in life.

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Read up lads.

Starting with DeLeonism:

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This lad knows it.

Marxist theoretician, leading figure in the Socialist Labor Party of America, Co-Founder of the IWW.

Combined the emancipatory autonomy of Syndicalism with the theoretical wisdom and scope of Marxism.

The best hope for Revolutionary Socialism in the United States are the work and legacy of Daniel DeLeon.

Thanks for posting this comrade. I've been meaning to take a look at his writings for a while now.

That's quite alright, comrade. You're more than welcome

Where is Pierre when you need him?

reminder that no one has ever actually read DeLeon

I'm living, breathing counter-evidence to that claim. How is this random screenshot supposed to prove anything?

Im glad im not the only DeLeonist here


Thing is I can't find any memes about De Leonism like anywhere. We need some stat.
Pierre is our only hope for appealing to people whose minds have been rotted away by imageboards.

Yeah if anyone has any meme ideas post em


Damn, Daniel De Leon

the Wobbly-user FEARS the ==DELEON GANG==



How do we summon Pierre? Is there some equivalent of the butt signal picture for Hoochie?


I don't feel so good


Just posting this here to keep in case thread dies.

I would smoke weed on the clock with Daniel De Leon.


Comrade Lenin on DeLeonist thought.

>Lenin was a "great admirer of Daniel DeLeon, considering him the greatest of modern Socialists - the only one who has added anything to socialist thought since Marx"





never heard of him
guess I'll read some of these


Link to test?


I fail to see how these are at all compatible, can someone tell me? I'm feeling brainlet


Am I some sort of chosen one?

De Leon was a Marxist, De Leonism is often referred to as Marxism-De Leonism. Syndicalism is not incompatible with Marxism, it just has be in tandem with actual socialism as Marx described in CotGP etc. (i.e. Ending of the Law of Value, etc.) What De Leon proposed could be thought of as a transitionary phase or DotP.

Is this why he was so sectarian?

That makes sense, what doesn't is Fourier (I haven't read), anfem or Rosa (I haven't read her)


To sum up anarcha-feminism up in one sentence, it is that there is an unjustified hierarchy which places the humanity of men above that of women. Instead of making women imitate the oppressive traits of a patriarchy or institute a patriarchy (which is how liberal feminism and Radical Lesbians like Dworkins manifest), anfems believe in the abolition of this hierarchy and reject essentialist definitions of 'womanhood' (which is part of why they tend to be averse to TERFs). imo the most based form of feminism.
Marxist Feminism is different to AnFem in that instead of an ideology it is more of an apparatus of analysis. It uses Marxist analysis (i.e. Analysis of the distribution of value surpluses and relations of production) to identify gender exploitation in society. Two brief examples are the Marxist analysis of the American nuclear household, which it turns out is feudal by Marxist terms (it's more interesting and less dumb than it sounds) and Lenin's articulation of the exploitation of women through the unpaid Labour of the household and indenturemd service of women through marriage. Other examples are the commodification of femininity and women's bodies through prostitution etc. Also pretty based imo.
Rosa was arguably an AmFem. She was also a council-communist, but that's quite a vague term and you could argue that De Leonism. "Luxemburgism" is a pretty vague term, the mainstay of her work is a continuation of Marx's analysis, writing on the difficulty of escaping Capital and shitting on SocDems.

Ah look it's the new hot seller in the supermarket of ideology

Fourier was a Utopian Socialist, he's kind of interesting to read about but he's basically a case of correctly identifying a problem but inability to correctly diagnose a symptom. If you want to read more about him (and the Utopian Socialists in general I recommend the first chapter of Socialism: A Very Short Introduction by Michael Newman).

His beard was made of Ku$h.

He truly was the prodigy of Marx and Engels.

Read Bordiga
and then read Vladimir "Daniel is my Nigga" Lenin

It was a meme lads, i'm a deleonist myself

forced meme tendencies pls go



Like anyone cares about Lenin's opinion


Lenin by Langston Hughes

Lenin walks around the world.
Frontiers cannot bar him.
Neither barracks nor barricades impede.
Nor does barbed wire scar him.

Lenin walks around the world.
Black, brown, and white receive him.
Language is no barrier.
The strangest tongues believe him.

Lenin walks around the world.
The sun sets like a scar.
Between the darkness and the dawn
There rises a red star.

dambn daniel lol

Why is Danny linked to Nazbol? Where does the joke come from?

Shitposting and also pierre

NazUnion takin over the world baby

De Leonism is perfect apart from its chronic lack of memes. We need to make some stat.

Anyone with Photoshop or something able to think of something for this?

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Two Introductory videos for those curious.

Here's my De Leon memes from a long time ago, they aren't very good.


Eh. You need to start somewhere, comrade.
First and Third are actually decent.


Go to

you're a retard if you don't care about lenin's opinion, I don't even care if you disagree with his politics

When will TJ get published on Marxists.com? I think he deserves it

Banana man
Pierre, I am dying… Continue my legacy, socialismo o muerte, even if you don't feel so good.

100% gang



FUCK 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧ZIONISTS🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Where does he get these videos from?


I found the source for these screenshots.

Was James Connolly a De Leonist or something?

Holy shit he was…
tiocfaidh ár lá.

Can we make this a cyclical?


i know nothing about the dude but if GMIL doesnt like him then that makes him a lot more likely to be legit in my book

lol, this


What is "slum proletarian" a reference to?

GMIL is so contrarian and low effort that they come across like they're trying to piss people off.


Why in the FUCK is there no IRA flag

It is something that has been suggested many times over the years.
Why those kurd fools got a flag and not the IRA I will never know.


imperialists will truly be the death of us all

Archived thread

Neocons are secular skeptic liberals now?

You'd be surprised how many skeptics are neocons on foreign policy

n i g h t m a r e f u e l

Remember Karlgon "Vietnam was justified" of Assmad.


Ah shit, didn't mean to press New Reply. My question was, National DeLeonism is a thing now? It seems to be based on the National Bolshevik flag and resembles proposed flags of National Trotskyism and National Maoism.

It's a meem

Can someone provide where this came from?

Daily reminder that when the next economic crash or war happens, we must push and spread deleonist thought

We need Eco-Transhuman-Deleonism if we're gonna win the world war against Neoliberalism tbh


Bls read the thread first

The 'Read A Fucking Book' flag will become the unofficial Dr Leonist flag until such time that we can get a proper one.

Also read the fuck up lads. If you're an American Marxist, or even an English speaking Marxist, you have no excuse to not be a Marxist-De Leonist.

The State: De Leon vs "Left" "Communism"
FUCK 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧ZIONISTS🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

So is this the new forced meme wikideology?

No, Lenin was De Leonist Gang, it goes back a long way. If you read into De Leon's ideas and thought, you will begin to see his wisdom.I
Read the thread.

Whoa. The idea that an industrial union is going to be the locus of revolution in the age of the global labor market and semiocapital is fucking laughable. Shilling for De Leonism in the 21st century is the political equivalent of cheeto dust on jizz stained boxers.

You could say that about Leninism, Maoism, Hoxhaism, Anarcho-Syndicalism, etc. etc.
It's no more outraged than any of those. Syndicalism provides a method of worker autonomy, I'm well aware of the global labour market.

The fact that Lenny himself was a closet DeLeonist is making me moist

Not so fast leftcom

Heh, Daniel really did hate the lumpens.

Regardless, state syndicalism as a means for organising secondary industry is lit, however how could it be ported over to the modern service economy?

Lyl, Pierre is quote-mining Freddy. Let us quote the entire paragraph of "State interference in social relations…"
>Whilst the capitalist mode of production more and more completely transforms the great majority of the population into proletarians, it creates the power which, under penalty of its own destruction, is forced to accomplish this revolution. Whilst it forces on more and more the transformation of the vast means of production, already socialised, into state property, it shows itself the way to accomplishing this revolution. The proletariat seizes political power and turns the means of production in the first instance into state property. But, in doing this, it abolishes itself as proletariat, abolishes all class distinctions and class antagonisms, abolishes also the state as state. Society thus far, based upon class antagonisms, had need of the state, that is, of an organisation of the particular class, which was pro tempore the exploiting class, for the maintenance of its external conditions of production, and, therefore, especially, for the purpose of forcibly keeping the exploited classes in the condition of oppression corresponding with the given mode of production (slavery, serfdom, wage-labour). The state was the official representative of society as a whole; the gathering of it together into a visible embodiment. But it was this only in so far as it was the state of that class which itself represented, for the time being, society as a whole: in ancient times, the state of slave-owning citizens; in the Middle Ages, the feudal lords; in our own time, the bourgeoisie. When at last it becomes the real representative of the whole of society, it renders itself unnecessary. As soon as there is no longer any social class to be held in subjection; as soon as class rule, and the individual struggle for existence based upon our present anarchy in production, with the collisions and excesses arising from these, are removed, nothing more remains to be repressed, and a special repressive force, a state, is no longer necessary. The first act by virtue of which the state really constitutes itself the representative of the whole of society — the taking possession of the means of production in the name of society — this is, at the same time, its last independent act as a state. State interference in social relations becomes, in one domain after another, superfluous, and then dies out of itself; the government of persons is replaced by the administration of things, and by the conduct of processes of production. The state is not "abolished". It dies out. This gives the measure of the value of the phrase "a free people's state", both as to its justifiable use at times by agitators, and as to its ultimate scientific insufficiency [117]; and also of the demands of the so-called anarchists for the abolition of the state out of hand.
So in Engels' conception the state indeed does gradually die out, but, contrary to Pierre's claim, this happens at the same time classes are eliminated rather than when the socialist relationships have been generalized. To repeat the first quote in bold:
All are mentioned at the same time, in Engels' view(in Marx's too) a classless society already arrives stateless.


Any De Leonists care to address this? I guess it's also an issue for AnSyns.

What other De Leonists are there? I can't seem to find a good list anywhere.

I've been using the IWW flag this entire time, what would the De Leonist flag even be?

Given that most of the syndicalist nations in Kaiserreich are basically De Leonist, I think that the torch and hammer in a cog would be the best option.

It is a mute point however as the BO is not about to add any flags.

Maybe pic related.

But I like these.


Merry Christmas, Daniel

KR nations are syndicalist.
De Leon was a major and most prominent syndicalist thinker of his time.
Just connect the dots here.

Italian and British fascism are also Syndicalist, Syndicalism is not a monolith by any stretch

But in KR there is no Fascism, thus Syndicalist thought was a fully left-wing movement. Remember we are literally talking about a made up history where Communism isn't really thought of, Mussolini is making the trains run on time in a socialist southern Italy, Mosley is D I R E C T L Y ruling the world to a worker's paradise, Heinrich Himmler made a master race of chickens, and Goering is a fit dude with lions as pets. It's all insanity that's why it's fun.

redpill me on Georges Sorel

cool guy until ww1 rolled around and became a stupid fucking conservative who inspicommunists.


Has serious agitprop potential if nothing else

See the way Syndicalist France and to an even greater extant the UoB are described makes it clear that they follow local derivatives of De Leonism.

While the ideology of the other Syndicalist nations is described in less detail/is more player dependant.
Given that France and the UoB are the worlds revolutionary inspirations, it can be safely assumed that any nation in game that is listed as 'Radical Socialist' or 'Syndicalist' are also following ideologies that are basically just forms of De Leonism.

While I have never played it, I do believe that the focus chain for a syndicalist Ireland in HoI4 even explicitly refers to based James Connolly (a De Leonist) as the ideological inspiration for the new socialist Irish industrial government.

Well that is slightly wrong.
Remember that the point of departure from our own timeline occurs somewhere between 1915 and 1917.
So all of the Communist ideological and organisational development up to that point still happened in the KR universe.
The big change to socialist history in KR is that the Bolsheviks were crushed by Imperial Germany when it intervened in the revolution.
With the Bolsheviks defeated and Lenin killed, their ideology never really developed and spread like it did in our timeline, relegating it to relative ideological obscurity (outside of Russia).
The Syndicalists in Britain and France however were the ones to successfully establish socialism and as such their ideology (De Leonism) was the one propelled into the position as the ideology of international socialism.

Wouldn't it make more sense for Lenin to be a martyr and for Imperialism: HSoC to be required reading in the syndicalist nations?

Just going off of the background information and flavour text from in game.
I do not believe that is the case.

While I'm sure his work is still widely distributed in Syndicalist nations, I would imagine that the Totalists (who no doubt would cite him as a major influence) may have somewhat soured his memory among the mainstream De Leonists.
I think someone like Connolly would make more sense in KR as a socialist martyr; Ireland is right next to the UoB and is still under capitalist rule, Connolly himself was killed by imperialists that wanted to keep their Irish colony intact and the simple fact that Connolly himself was a De Leonist.

Connolly wasn't a stringent De Leonist, it's just that his views lined up well with Danny boy. Plus Connolly could ever be made into a martyr in Britain due to the long standing sectarianism. While he would be respected by the TUC and honoured he would never achieve martyr status. Too many families had lost members. I mean you should see some of the shit that Irish communities went through because of the IRA.

Syndicalism isn't just a revolutionary tactic; it is also a model for a socialist state. See
Syndicalism could potentially be achieved by any means.

TL;DR with socialism & communism in the KR universe (from someone that spunks over the UoB every morning): what people now called communism is just referred to as syndicalism. Leninism is basically dead as a revolutionary praxis (same way Luxemburgism or Council Comm was IRL) with Lenin dying in the civil war and Trotsky going into self-imposed exile and obscurity after failing to bring RUssia red. Now France is an openly syndie nation that is run on De Leonist principles, but the UoB is more a kind of home-grown socialism based in the "Jerusalem" foundation: while the trade unions are stronk it is not a syndicalist system. The SRI (which is getting a major rehaul) is kinda misc socialist, with anarchists, quasi-leninists and others doing their thing. The other leftist states (Centro-America, Mexico and Red Bengal) are all kinda like third world leftist states during the cold war, ofc without major trade unionist movements.

Syndicalism is the leading idology though, and most revolutionary praxis in Europe revolves around trade unions (bar Russia, where it is the remaining soviets & communes which weren't destroyed TTL).

As for Ireland, well it basically has three factions: The Unionists who are loyal to Canada (mostly northern prods), The Nats who are loyal to Collins, and the Syndicalists lead by Jim Larkin (a famous trade unionist and thus syndicalist TTL) who are kinda independent, but friendly to the UoB.

As for totalism, fascism never develops properly because it is split between two main movements: totalism (where most of the western fascists IRL went) and National Populism (where everyone else did). Totalism is basically "socialism is when the state does everything" with a healthy helping of PERMANENT REVOLUTION. Nat pop is like fascism but without the cyrpto bowing the bourgeois class: like Nat Guard Romania, Centralist Japan or Boris Sankirov's Russian state all have planned economies rather than corporatist ones.

But yeah, Connolly would have died before the main rise of syndicalism, so he would have been the same as OTL.

Oh also forgot, people think Lenin is a bit shit in Kr's timeline for losing Russia.

Didn’t he lose because the Germans invaded on the side of the whites?

Also what’s up with Bukharin being the leader of the Bolsheviks?

Because Bukharin is the only one that gets out unscathed. The irony is in Kr, the bolshies are a mix of leninist and council comm: due to their ideological origins and the prominence of the soviets. But yeah, Bukharin isn't syndie per se in Kr, it is just he is far more radical than the left SRs.

The majority of countries you have listed is classified as syndicalist, including the UoB. Syndicalism is simply the norm for socialist government in the Kr universe.

Wait I'm lost. What are you talking about?
Is this a video game or some shit?

It's a mod for the 'Hearts of Iron' games;

It's where Germany wins the first world war and thus syndicalism catches on in Britain and France.

Oy vey

Thread archived. Words make sentences.

Is there anywhere practical this thread can go beyond being a starting place and incentive for people to check out the ideas of De Leon?



Thank Kaiserreich.

Enjoy it while it lasts, in another month therell be some other obscure writer to wear like a costume




I hadn't even heard of it before this thread.

Like for a year I thought of myself as a state syndicalist, I just didn't know De Leonism existed.
I'm not just into it for the memes, I do genuinely honestly think that De Leonism is the best way of organising DotP and the lower stages of Socialism.
I think that it is De Leon that should be remembered instead of Lenin.

I like both men. Though i find DeLeon's theory better fit for these modern times.

I do like Lenin, he was masterly as a politician, and he we a true Marxist in the sheets if not in the streets. The Soviet model is brilliant for turning pre-industrial feudal societies into industrialised capitalist, but De Leon's formulation of socialism is much more… prolitarian. Workers understand syndicalism and its a meaningful change in their lifetime. The Soviet Socialist/State Capitalist model will forever be about Big Gubermend to the average Joe on the street because theyre too tired and overworked to educate themselves beyond propaganda and reductionism. Judging by this board tho, it seems most Leninists and MLs prefer to LARP in their simulacrum safe-space rather than connect with the working class and build an actual movement that would mean a goddamn thing beyond a cultural sideshow. Respect to Lenin the man himself, but trying to reanimated his corpse would be a mistake for 21st Century Socialism

I really think Zizek put it best in Lenin 2017, we repeat Lenin, which is to accept Lenin is dead, which is exactly what Lenin did with the Paris Commune. Assuming the John Reed passage is accurate, to repeat Lenin is to implement the Deleon style industrial union comgress.

Oh yeah I forgot to shill the Lenin quotations.

sorry that should say
(not me)


13 days ago, it was daniel deleon's birthday

Press H to wish him Happy Birthday



Why fascism tho?

De Leon was an Egoist?

Isn't this union thinf kind of outdated?

Half of the posts in this thread are useless and could be deleted

I'm convinced this sudden De Leon trend is just Americans desperately trying to show the world that they too have old school theorists. Nobody else would be stupid enough to think that forcing shitty memes, dumping nameless PDFs and links to shady websites would make anyone get interested in their irrelevant thinker.

>yfw Lenin thought Lenin was more than worthy of note

One Last Thread Archive

Or maybe it could be because people might like socialist industrial republicanism, did you ever think of that?

The Flavour text actually states the Unions have MORE power in Britain.

If that was the case they would actually talk about it.

Let discussion flow naturally



Any idea why/how the original procession of faces was created? Was it the SLP?


Drawn by my friend.


Why is Jefferson there…?

Slave owning liberals are socialist now.

Pedosexual revolution is the only way!

Ask the original artis, this is using it.




This guy was a Scottish-Irish Deleonist, right?

Why does nazipedia have a positive article on him? They virtually loathe every Marxist.

He wasn't specifically a deleonist, but he did support socialist state syndicalism.