Daily News Thread 12/16

$21 trillion of unauthorized spending by US govt discovered by economics professor

The US government may have misspent $21 trillion, a professor at Michigan State University has found. Papers supporting the study briefly went missing just as an audit was announced.

Trump Administration Reportedly Instructs CDC On Its Own Version Of 7 Dirty Words

Analysts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reportedly been issued a mandate by the Trump administration to no longer use words and phrases including "fetus," "transgender" and "science-based."

Israeli Forces Kill 4 in Palestine During Clashes

Six more have been killed during clashes this week, bringing the total death toll to 10.

Massive 'potentially hazardous' asteroid to skim past Earth in nearest miss since 1974

A massive, 5km-wide asteroid will skim past Earth today (16 December), coming within 10 million kilometres of our planet. While this may seem far away, in astronomical terms its a pretty close call.

Canada Allowing US Border Officers Expanded Powers

The bill was signed by U.S. President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in February.

US Tacitly Threatens Venezuela With Fresh Sanctions

The statement reiterated earlier calls for President Nicolas Maduro to "stop denying the needs of its people and to allow aid from the international community to reach them."

Italian police violently disperse anti-fascist protesters in Modena

Italian police have clashed with anti-fascist protesters who sought to disrupt a rally organized by far-right groups in the Italian town of Modena. A Ruptly video shows the officers beating demonstrators lying on the ground.

ARA San Juan: Argentina navy chief sacked after loss of submarine

The head of the Argentine navy has been sacked following the loss of a submarine and its crew in the South Atlantic last month.

Ryanair in union offer to avoid Christmas strikes

Ryanair has said it is prepared to recognise pilot unions as it seeks to avoid strike disruption over the Christmas period.

Winds fuel California wildfire, state's third-largest on record

A raging California wildfire on Saturday became the state’s third-largest on record, with more devastation possible from a resurgence of the harsh winds that have fueled the deadly blaze since the beginning of the month.

America’s Inequality Machine Is Sending the Dow Soaring

The Great Recession is a speck in the rear-view mirror for America’s financial markets. They’ve advanced far beyond pre-crisis levels. In fact, Goldman Sachs says you can go back a century before 2008, and still not find a “bull market in everything” like today’s.

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Fresh Hell

The Daily Stormer’s style guide leaked to the public this week and includes helpful hints to keep the blatant racism light and playful: “dehumanization is extremely important, but it must be done within the confines of ‘lulz.’”

Matt Bruenig: What Actually Happened in Alabama?

Why the mainstream story of Doug Jones' win in Alabama is utterly wrong.

Hard Times in Trump Country



it's incredible how porky will blatantly say what they're not going to do when they get their tax cut and then have trump turn around and say that they definitely will.
at least they know what's coming I guess.

Matt Bruenig is a crypto.

Trump to declare China an "adversary" of the US order on Monday

Goldman Sach: Tax Bill won't cause economic growth and likely to lead to economic consolidation and job cuts

Rumor that Trump to fire Mueller next week
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Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) said Friday that "rumors" on Capitol Hill suggest President Trump could fire special counsel Robert Mueller before Christmas, after Congress leaves Washington for the winter recess


Can we please have an international coalition to kick America off the Eurasian landmass?



James Mattis:

Giraldi: Expect Conflict with Iran in 2018


Apologies newsanon, but is it possible you could eventually eventually anime Communist…guys.


11 trillion missing on the army alone. I don't want to say they're embezzeling money, but unless they've been secretly been the Death Star for America,…

they're embezzling

I'll see what I can do for you :)

So this is the power of American propaganda




We got sold up the river so the army men could have their shiny toys. The environment is collapsing but we keep burning piles of monopoly money to build metal gears.
Capitalism is a sick joke help us space comrades.

War is a racket.

The military personnel that actually maintain and use these overpriced death traps have constantly been complaining to Congress for years about how they don't want more new shit than they ask for. But they keep getting it, which wastes their time on top of the tax money. This is what "military industrial complex" refers to in the US.

Did you even read the story about the adjustments? They're always spending more than they're authorized. And it's not even on 'shiny toys'. Most likely just goes to the Cayman Islands.

never heard of cayman islands, what am i about to learn?

"Offshore accounts"
It's a big pork barrel for the companies and politicians involved, everyone involved gets massive kickbacks

Hilariously enough, the US military is barely functioning when you start to dig into maintenance issues, it's very notable in the air force and navy

ah, so theyre funding some kind of base there or is it like a swiss bank account?
is this where they will go when they abandon america and amp up their terrorizing of the world?

Dear Penny: How can I hide my fortune in the Cayman Islands?

Dear Penny,

I just got a call from a lawyer who told me I’m about to inherit my estranged great-great-uncle’s fortune of over $60 million dollars. Then she told me about the taxes I’ll have to pay on it! I don’t understand why I should have to give away the money I earned through the hard work of being related to a rich person who had no close family or friends. I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about wealthy people hiding money in “tax havens” like the Cayman Islands. What is a “tax haven”? Is it even legal to do that? And how can I get my money there?


Caymankin’ Me Crazy

Dear Crazy,

As you noted, you’re far from the first multi-millionaire to have this idea—in fact, the super-wealthy have over $21 trillion hidden in “tax havens” like the Cayman Islands. Half of that sum belongs to only 92,000 people. taxjustice.net/cms/upload/pdf/The_Price_of_Offshore_Revisited_Presser_120722.pdf


Well, hopefully "retarded" isn't on the list so they'll still be able to discuss this.




Disappointing desu

remember that story about the pentagon's new fighter jets that cost over 100 billion but couldn't even work properly?
It's a literal money hole at this point.

He could've been mistaken for the million other sexpats living there.

I was speaking from the military's perspective.

Got any more stories like this? Anywhere i cann
read up more on this?


Jones won because so many white republicans didn't vote this time. The 2012 judicial election, the last election Moore won, had higher turnout along with the Presidential election where AL went hard for Trump. This was actually a pretty low turnout election.

Roughly 63% of the Navy's planes are not flyable. They literally sit on deck and look dangerous but they can't do anything with them. The numbers are even worse with the Marines and the airforce won't say a thing about it either.

lmfao washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/cdc-gets-list-of-forbidden-words-fetus-transgender-diversity/2017/12/15/f503837a-e1cf-11e7-89e8-edec16379010_story.html?utm_term=.76b9e49e9d2a


It's only going to get worse. Trump plans to actively campaign for the GOP in 2018, which is only going to inflame the left and push away moderates.

How is this possible?


Black budgets and underground bases aren't cheap.

Guys what if Trump is America's Gorbachev? We might get socialism after all

It's easy to overspend when you can abuse foreign debt as a blank check

we'll soon find out that he committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the back

yo they bout to candlejack that 21 trillion dollar

No news today?

I hope that the inversion of this involves Trump wearing Adidas tracksuits with no explanation as to why he is doing so.

Well, an inversion of the Pizza Hut ad anyways.

And on the 7th day newsanon2.0 rested.

Swiss people are the most classcucked and reactionary in Europe. Whenever you see blatant neoliberal apologism and fearmongering it's very likely it's from Switzerland.

Of course, it's the material conditions which are to blame. Capitalism has been rather good for them, as the whole country functions as a personal bank assistent for every tinpot dictator there is.

I've been hearing that comparison for awhile

I can only hope so; but at least the collapse of the Soviet Union was largely peaceful, amazingly so. The collapse of the US also wouldn't signal the victory of a counter ideology, just its total failure. I for once hope for the end of America as much as the next guy, but there needs to be a present and oppositional system present for it to be worthwhile. There's a serious lack of that in the world order right now, as we all know, and Trump bringing America's demise would just confirm the autocratic capitalism of China, Russia.

So when do we invade Erebor?

I disagree, I think it'll be time for great experiments and conflicts between all the political tendencies, right and left, and the 21st century form of socialism will come out on top.


A $25 Million at least.

Is anyone honestly surprised by any of this?

sure, surprised by how little attention it gets

I am surprised
just how
someone there must know where all this money went, they can't just keep pretending to be retarded

Scary thought: that person no longer is alive

Nightmare thought: there is no one responsible and the people in charge are honestly this irresponsible.

why does he hate free speech?

Welcome to reality.

The Real sure is a fucking desert.

Trump's fall in America will usher total fascism.

Even if that's true, socialism will be able to fight it off. Mao style baby!

money is an obsession to these people, its their area of expertise and passion. theyre not making accidents.

tbh I think it's being used by the wealth elites to build underground bunkers to save themselves form the upcoming alien invasion.

Unless they're liberating space socialists, I still don't think alien invasions make any sense conceptually

Exactly. Which is why situation as such is not controlled by anyone.

Has comrade NewsAnon 2.0 abandoned the cause?

Well there is still ideology. Aliens can come up with an equivalent of Lebensraum.


NewsAnon 3.0 when

Oh, but we got to report on petty shit, like Trump being delusional about the Mueller probe.

NewsAnon often takes breaks on the weekend

I usually take either sunday or saturday off on the weekends and it's the morning of the 18th where I'm at. only one day. no worries, news otw.


Blessed NewsAnon 2.0


Even if you chalk it up to "DUMBs" as they're called, $21 trillion is still far, far, far more than would ever be needed.

It's probably just some deep state organization that's hoarding wealth and technology so they can survive any coming collapse and ultimately leave humanity behind because they realized that it was possible to do. If there's a conspiracy theory that I'd consider plausible in concept it's the idea of a secret breakaway civilization of the ultra rich.


Communism of the few. They're going to ride out the coming runaway greenhouse in style and luxury.

Saying $21 trillion were just spent without telling anyone is incredibly misleading, actually read the study and records they went through. It's made of accounting records, fraudulent ones obviously, and points toward credit fraud by the treasury and fed.

You aren't helping anything by jumping to batshit conclusions like you are without any evidence or description.