Jesse Ventura interviews Jimmy Dore

Jesse Ventura interviews Jimmy Dore

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We know stop posting that shit.

>contheo enthusiast interviews a liberal

I think everybody forgot why he became a meme and a focus on enthusiasm all the newfaggotry

This is our springboard into the mainstream with an alternative news conspiracy theorist to challenge Alex Jones' break into the mainstream.

Every time I see a picture of Ventura's current appearance, he looks odd to me. That man towered over Schwarzenegger when the movie Predator was made. It's like cancer has eaten him from the inside.

This is a weird show. Does Ventura even come to the studio?

Jimmy pls, broadband is fucking ancient technology that only exists because the cable providers could just turn around with the copper cables they already laid and become internet providers. Municipalities need to start offering fiber optic.

Also our JRE connection

Being a trillion years old can do that to a man

Quints of truth.

False. Optical fiber is a subset of broadband as defined by IEEE.

Municipalities typically have very small budgets. VDSL is more realistic. 50/15 is achievable with VDSL. Not to be confused with the older ADSL which has a maximum 24/3 bandwidth. It is roughly 10 times cheaper to continue using copper cabling than to rewire every house with fiber.

It cost Chattanooga (population of 177k people) $169 million in loans to build their city-wide fiber network. They got lucky because part-way through, the federal government gave them a $111 million grant in 2010. There is no way in hell Trump's federal government will give any city a grant for publicly-owned utilities. Obama is more of a puppet to Silicon Valley et al. which is why Chattanooga got the grant.

So in the short term (2017-2020), VDSL provided by municipalities and/or co-ops is the way to go. If Bernie wins in 2020 then you can push for federally funded fiber networks as part of his $1 trillion infrastructure plan.

Jesse Ventura opposes the government instead of ranting about muh antifa and labelling leftists as the enemy.

Why the hell couldn't he get popular instead of Alex Jones?

You know why. Because they won't allow anyone who can actually change things to become popular.

He also voted for Jill Stein. Pissed off a handful of libertardians.

I feel like Ventura started out as a lolbert but has become more of a syndicalist recently. He seems like he's gotten progressively more woke over the last few years

At least half of all lolberts are only lolberts because they recognize the Dems and GOP are both shitty and the Libertarian Party is the only third party they know about so they become lolberts by default. The other half are autists who see themselves as temporarily embarrassed billionaire entrepreneurs and want to fuck kids.

Ventura is a man of principle and belongs to that former category of libertarians who were libertarians by default. Remember that he visited Cuba while in office and befriended Fidel.

Ventura wasn't ever really a lolbert in principle, he's probably realized in recent years what a shit show right-libertarian politics tend to be beneath the vague sloganeering.

I misread it as Joe Rogan at first, which would be a much better interview.

Okay after watching this, there is no question that Jesse Ventura is 100% /ourguy/

I recall reading an interview where Ventura said that, if the 2016 election ended up being Clinton vs. Trump, he would run. Whatever happened to that? He might have been able to get on the debates.

I'd unironically vote for Ventura, he'd have the discipline to go after those freaks at Monsanto

Tailoring websites for broadband restricts access to those with the means to use broadband services as well as a computer fast enough for HTML5’s clusterfuck.