Right wingers aren't well re-

So why do you demand everyone to read Marx, Engels, Lenin, Bookchin, Bordiga, etc. When you don't read right-wing books?

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i have no fucking clue how a lot of these count as being "right-wing". just being a historical shit-heads like always

it's like calling Epicurus a "left-wing".

Also, yeah I read those too, when I was 12.

Also lol at recommending the simarillion, that's like reccomending someone read a 10000 year family tree for someone they don't care about

Fuck of, liberal

I like that their reading list has movies and TV shows.

You can't make this shit up

And half of the 'theory' books are modern pop-politics books

I mean, the first seven books are actually worth reading. The rest are literal trash though lol.


Isn't that whole thing about how power corrupts?

Ah yes, a book written by a socialist who fought in the Spanish civil war with an-synds and trots against fascists would clearly be right wing.
Also, I guarantee most of us have read wealth of nations as well as edmund burke.

This actually is reactionary, it excludes the bit about WHY these warrior groups are killing each other in the first place (imperialism)

>Book about how the new-left was bad hint most people on Holla Forums already dislike the new-"left"

The only people worth reading on here are Mosley and Hitchens. Some good fiction too, but I fail to see how Brave New World, 1984, or A Clockwork Orange are right wing.

It's the wrong Hitchens though, I didn't much like Chris but at least he wasn't just a fucking clown

Imagine thinking reading Niall fucking Ferguson would help you understand the world or history.

If you think namedropping an author who purports one ideology over others is an argument, then anybody with a keyboard can argue in favour of anything. That's not a citation.

Peter Hitchens is a clown but still better than most right-wingers he's a former socialist and crypto-nazbol

There's just a funny thing on here wherever you look. The fucking cheesy bushcraft 'documentary' with Ray Mears, the fact that Britpol is so fucking basic they need a book titled 'How to be a Conservative', the fact that at least a quarter of the titles are unreadable

For reference Britpol OP, here's the infographic I made, see how I managed to make it not look like complete shit? Like actually lining them up?

Lol, Holla Forums has multiple reading lists based around one thinker with more non-fiction books than brit/pol/ can dreg up for their whole ideology.

Fuckin Niall male

Probably not going to play it now, but I also never heard of it either. Is the game shit on its own? Also l never saw this list before.

Hullo, yes,
Leftypol, you couldn't make this stuff up,
NickLowlesHopeNotHateGerryGablesSearchLightMagazine, marching up and down the high street into Wetherspoons for a few scoops,
don't be a daftie, beware of the big Scooby Doo,
We shall see, as Nick Griffin used to say (he may still say that),
But that's another video in itself,
Okay thank you.

Doesn't the campaign literally present the Nazis as more sympathetic than the Soviets?

The game is alright in terms of gameplay but fell victim to DLC, pre order bonuses etc fever and greed which neutered the base game.

But yes the campaign is the real problem, I don't plan to make a video on it since this guy already nailed it


Hitler should've bombed more.

What's this shite you're spouting about Morality Man himself?

Those two are memes dumbfuck.
Either non existent or are brainlet tier and are not worthy of our time, fuck off.

When your "essentials" list consists of one-part babby's first political economy/philosophy, and one-part "nu-reaction" trash, you know there's a problem.

Oh boy here we go

Eh, Bordiga is worth reading. Standard left-com trash, but he was a fairly important figure in his tradition.

Wait did the image actually mention Lord Of the Dicks in there? Holy shit fucking Holla Forums can't become bigger public retards haha.

On the bright side A Clock Work Orange is pretty good and is the only one that frankly does belong there.

I read Bookchin before trying to read Bordiga, and one sentence into Bookchin I dropped him harder than a 300 ton weight off a cliff, and vowed not to read either of them, I should really give Bordiga a chance instead of just dismissing him because I dismissed the other, but still to me they're both just "Le epic meme men."

Fucking Christ, was this game created by people who are part of "the rational skeptic community" or did Holla Forums manage to get a vidya game developer to make a game for them?

I swear, if I hear some right-wing dipshit mention that book one more time…

1984 is anticommunist propaganda, so yeah.

I have no idea, I suspect that many Paradox developers have fascist sympathies but I don't know about Relic, I'd say it's likely they're 'victims of communism' types who read shitty anticommunist books and based it on that

can't tell if you're a ☭TANKIE☭ or a conservative

Fucking BASED

*blocks your path*



Sad part is I can't tell if you're trolling or serious, or if you're trying to be right wing or an ubertankie who thinks Orwell was a traitor

Can someone explain to me why most book covers are shit?
I know they don't matter the text inside does but, Jesus often times when it's on another person or idea and someone has to explain it for the 600th time since it's initial conception they just get a random image of said person or the creator of the idea and then just put the title with some shit font on Photoshop, I mean isn't this just porky cutting corners?

Unless they pushed the narrative of nationall SOCIALIST party, I doubt they'd be VoC types. But then again, Canucks have basically been classcucked beyond belief by the Americans so it's plausible.

The USSR and Mao's cultural revolution were basically 1984 IRL(its OP)

Mods I request you leak this mans ip address to us, thank you.

You literally haven't read about the cultural revolution, the CCP is not Big Brother, they've never been that competant

*blocks your path*

Orwell was a butthurt anarkiddie. And right-wingers mistake him for one of them because he parked his butt among them to be hurt about Stalin. :^)

1984 probably applies to Dengist China, though. So it's unintentionally right.

Haha friend I really enjoy this meme, may I use it myself? :^)

Wait, I was thinking of Animal Farm, nevermind.

Why would a "neo-Feudalist" want to read Kafka and Beckett, let alone modern African poetry?

He literally wasn't. I understand criticizing him, but going full tanktard doesn't help.

you fucked up

Like clockwork

As a graphic designer, the poverty of mainstream cover design has always bugged me.
Publishing house unwilling to spend money on proper cover art certainly plays a role. In France, book covers mostly consist of conventional typography and a stock image slapped over a white background — my copy of Baudrillard's Amérique is actually credited to fucking Getty Images.
The thing is, general cover art quality actually seems to vary wildly from country to country. Some places like Poland or Japan always seem to have great cover art whatever the content. Pic related.

then you're wrong. it's about the ussr. you're dum

it's a story about how a hairy manlet saves the world so it's perfect for Holla Forums's delusional thinking

it looks like complete shit. It really needs spacing

lol, I'd read and watched some of them, mainly cause many of them are not Holla Forums related and are just a bunch of books Holla Forums uses for fantasizing about a history that never happend