Char limit dump thread

Char limit dump thread
You want to post something but it's gonna get deleted/bumplocked because it's too short. Maybe it's a shitpost, maybe it's a simple question, whatever. Post it here instead.

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fake and gay


Is this a gorilla friendly thread?

yes, normal rules still apply though

How can we protect Earth-chan?




holy shit this is adorable


I cri a littl


10/10 best OC I've seen in a while.

It really thinkies my winkie


For a FUCKING pizza hut

Is golf bourgeois? Can I play golf and still be a commie?

Does it mean you own the means of production or further the ideology of such economic management? No? Then it's fine.


Lol is this a reference to Phil Greaves tweets about this?
It's ok to play golf, but we need to replace most golf courses with farms or apartments or something else that's actually useful.

As a forester there is nothing that gets me butthurt like golfcourses.

Still it is a bourgeois decadence

I don't use tweeter

I lived by a golf course after Katrina the house got fucked in the 2016 floods tho
Am I petty-bourgeois cause I lived in a nice neighborhood?

Honestly who the hell gives a shit?

yeah actually.

playing piano or chess used to be bourgeois

QTDDTOT is already a thing though.


who /incel/ here?


My life is a disappointment and Holla Forums made it slightly better so I want to say I love you all

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just wanted to get it out of my system

Reminds me of that pasta from a dweeb that went something like: "after this loli was pasted on this pic about the holocaust I could connect to it emotionally."


Was he right? Does Marxism lead inevitably to Stalinism and totalitarianism?


yes, and thats good

not really, Leninism and Stalinism is more based on Louis Blanc theory of revolution, not Marxist, history knows many nontotalitarian applications of Marxism and, what's most important, Marx's theory is fundamentally anti-statist and libertarian (anyway not anarchist becasue he don't want to abolish te state immediately)

fake leftist detected


I get the feeling this will be /leftytrash/ but better. It probably deserves a better name for the thread.


privatise it.

Muke posted this:

In accordance with the requirements of the economic law of distribution according to work done, the policy of the Socialist State in the field of wages is based on the principle of all-round differentiation in the payment of labour. The practice of equalising wages, which ignores the differences between skilled and unskilled labour and between arduous and light work, is; incompatible with the economic law of distribution according to the quantity and quality of labour. It undermines the individual material incentive of the workers in relating to the results of their work and their striving to improve their qualifications. Since skilled work is work of a higher quality, it necessitates the training of the worker and is more productive than unskilled work. Consequently it is also paid more than unskilled work. Such a wage system encourages workers to improve their skill. Under socialism, given equal skills, heavier work is paid more than lighter work. Under the capitalist system on the contrary, workers employed in particularly arduous manual labour are, as a rule, paid considerably less, than other workers. Thus miners, who receive low wages in capitalist countries, are highly paid in socialist society where, moreover, arduous labour is constantly, and to an increasing extent, being lightened by the use of machinery.

I don't know, how nice are we talking about?

my purism

Can't be
But that prospect does encourage me

What the fuck. What the absolute fuck


cut this out, right now

New to Holla Forums and I'm curious about pic related flag. Are people memeing or is this legit?

Most seem legit. Shitposters are usually pretty obvious.

Oh okay, I thought it was irony like when people on Holla Forums post with a JIDF or Gay Pride flag.

who makes those?
it is more effective at pulling my soul strings than all the animal gore greenie propaganda combined

Same user, it actually gets to me. I want to just pat her head


What was his problem?

He was just a contrarian smug leftcom

Why does DDR music sound so fun?

It's as fun as it looks, if you want to try it out at home you can buy dance pads and use Stepmania.


Should I just go ahead and install Linux all ready? Had ubuntu (normi tier, I know) many years ago and liked it, but at the time it didn't support many games and didn't work with software I needed for school.
What version is best for someone who is a brainlet and a normie when it comes to computers (stopped giving a shit 8-10 years ago)?

Shitposting flag

Yes. Use Ubuntu or Fedora if you want something that just werks. If you use Windows, you are snitching on yourself.

Thanks friend. I'll look into both.

That's what I figured (never "upgraded" to 10 tho). Plus, these halfchan mining rumours almost made me poop my pants a little.

ublock Origin and umatrix are the right way to deal with these. javascript and advertisements are the primary source of browser exploits. no OS is immune to browser exploits.
Also, Firefox 57+ is much more secure than older Firefox.

Are there any other post-Lenin ideologies besides ML(M) and Trotskyism.
Like for example did any of the other Old Guard form their own political basis which sites itself as a direct evolution from Leninism. Or is it that only Trots and MLs exist (self described Leninists please exclude yourself from this, thanks

Is there any knowledge of Max Stirner quoting or praising Niccolo Machiavelli, even criticizing him? It would seem rather logical that Stirner would find at least SOME influence from Machiavelli, as critics of Stirner will often make the comparison.

That's because those critics have read neither of the two.

Is it just me or has there been a sudden increase in tripfagging recently. With Hoochie going mod we've had ML tripfag,

OP etc (on public transport so finger slipped).
ML tripfag, AnCom tripfag, SucDem Tripfag, -and also more namefagging

Got Ubuntu installed. Will look into add-ons now.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, always go fore the lTS versions.

Also these programs are handy to have:

If you enjoy outdated shit.

someone explain the context of this pic

That was one of the original "mascots" we had

The guy was some Albanian shitpost from /int/ or /int*/ and the cartoon is from the japanese commie party

Are the rastafari comrades?

wtf i love israel now

Is bread the most woke food?


Golf is the most bourgoise actually

I unironically stopped playing the sport because it felt too petty-bougie

I love tennis though, will there still be tennis courts under anarcho-commuism? I would be very sad if it seized to exist as I think tennis is the peak physical aesthetic expression of mankind

idk but ethopia gang btfo italian cucks so I like them

actually nope, Rastafari in Ethopia were totalitarian bastards

Can anyone give me a quick rundown on
the D S A?

I’ve seen them mentioned a lot on the Chapo reddit and they’re either really well read or extremely whiny idpolers.

social club for social democrats

one of two orgs that came out of the dissolution of the socialist party of america, the other being the SP USA

but Democratic Cops of America is not a party and does not have any real political ambitions

Someone mind converting this taken down YouTube video into a watchable archive? I kinda need it for something

America isn't the superdevil and Body Odour doesn't know xir ass from a hole in the ground
Here is a clip from a BBC report on the events.

does anybody have some communist wallpapers

need those red papes

soviet space program related especially sought after

I love all of you

End capitalism

A greenland uwu

you too comrade!

I liked Kraut and Tea. Is he coming back? Did anyone save his vids? It hurts to see rationalism be discarded because of Holla Forums memes.

ahed tamimi turned me into a feminist tbh