Daily News Thread 12/15

China echos call to make East Jerusalem capital of independent Palestine

China has voiced its support for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, based on pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Tillerson Demands Russia and China Cut Off North Korean Regime

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson went to the United Nations to call out Russia and China for giving North Korea an economic lifeline, saying their refusal to sever ties raises questions about their commitment to resolving what he called the United States’ “greatest national security threat.”

Americans pessimistic about Trump, country: AP-NORC Poll

President Donald Trump frequently casts his first year in office as a string of successes and campaign promises fulfilled. But less than a quarter of Americans think Trump has made good on the pledges he made to voters while running for president, according to a new poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Trump reconsiders rules protecting miners from black lung

President Donald Trump’s mining regulators are reconsidering regulations meant to protect underground miners from breathing coal and rock dust, the cause of black lung disease, and diesel exhaust, which can cause cancer.

Video Shows Trump Judicial Nominee Unable To Answer Basic Questions Of Law

A viral video making the rounds Friday has one of President Trump's judicial nominees in an uncomfortable spotlight.

Trump Says Moore Should Concede Loss in Alabama Senate Race

President Donald Trump called on Republican candidate Roy Moore to concede losing the Alabama Senate seat to Democrat Doug Jones.

Income of World's Top .001% Skyrockets by 636%: Report

The report, which highlights the growing gulf between haves and have-nots, was compiled by five economists, including scholars Emmanuel Saez and Thomas Piketty.

Syria Talks Flounder as Saudi-led Rebels Insist on Assad Departure

Jaafari said Damascus did not want the talks to fail but the opposition had put down a precondition that Assad have no role in Syria's transition.

Charlottesville: James Alex Fields Jr faces life in prison

A man suspected of killing a woman near a white supremacist rally in Virginia in August is facing a possible life sentence after charges against him were upgraded to first-degree murder.

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Thanks NewsAnon

The hero of the white working class

Goos for China. Death to Israel.




Nationalize the Networks

The net neutrality repeal shows that it’s not enough to regulate the telecom giants. We need to bring the internet under public control.

The EPA Is Using Taxpayer Dollars to Track the Press

Using taxpayer dollars, the Environmental Protection Agency has hired a cutting-edge Republican PR firm that specializes in digging up opposition research to help Administrator Scott Pruitt’s office track and shape press coverage of the agency.

This is not fine


Student Loan Defaults Approach 5 Million….Using a Very Permissive Definition of “Default”

The latest sighting on the student loan front is not pretty, and would be even uglier if the right metrics were used.

I feel like maybe accelerationists were right. The best way to show people how shitty this all is, s to just embrace it and let it do enough damage to the point were people believe it just isn't working.


I for one am bored of reading about what Trump ate or tweeted. This is farcical. So much stuff goes unreported to have more celebrities in the news, because muh ads, muh viral outrage.

well yeah, but the people concerned about this stuff is like talk show hosts trying to scrounge up content to make up for lack of humor and political twitter. Basically anyone who actually gives a damn isn't one of the people obssessed with this but people with barely an interest in any of the issues are the ones obssessed. Though these people seem to be the majority. But you're not wrong of course, many people will talk endlessly about how he said some off hand comment about some celebrity and don't even know when he changes stuff for the worse.


A journey through a land of extreme poverty: welcome to America
America is a first world countr-


This is gonna be good.

from my favorite actually reactionary rag
A War of Choice With North Korea is an Immensely Dumb Idea
Well they or won't they…

That's kind of the beauty of Trump. He's merged the spectacle with the political. Now you got celebrities talking about telling the masses how the republicans are about to fuck them hard and getting people mobilized. Right now it's being sheeped dogged by the neo-liberals but their power on things is pretty weak. Taking advantage of the right wings televises raping of the middle class and directing the energy towards socialism should be a priority. Lest the neo-liberals swoop in and continue the fucking but with trimmed pubes and nice lunch afterwards at best.

I don't even…


I believe we're at the end of Trump's honeymoon period in the White House.

Can China save us at this point?


Bloody hell.
>"[…]the tragedy at its core: the 41 million people who officially live in poverty.
>Of those, nine million have zero cash income – they do not receive a cent in sustenance.
Ever more numerous are those whom have been tossed down and spat upon by the system. Disease, filth, hookworms, cockroaches, hunger, and a hundred other ravages plague their everyday lives in the shadows of luxurious towers. Something must surely be brewing below, igniting inside.
The right book, an eloquent man full of passion, and short while of time seems to be all it takes to light the first spark in this ever growing pile of tinder.
It seems inevitable.

I am not a blind romantic optimist who expects things just to magically happen by themselves, but something's gotta give sooner or later. I certainly wouldn't survive out there without becoming bitter and agitated at seeing and hearing of my comrades-in-fate slogging trough the same crap day in and day out.

How does that feel?

Checkmate, Democucks.


Counterpoint: prosecution is picking a charge that's harder to prove than other charges and may wind up letting him go

Trump has actually made me feel the opposite way about accelerationism. I used to think it could work, but seeing how effortlessly every flaw of the system or fuck-up of the ruling class is blamed on Trump as a person, I've reconsidered. Trump is just the perfect scapegoat, through his stupidity and the Russia narrative the Democrats have managed to avoid all the blame for being an unelectable party of corporate whores, to the point where normie sites like Reddit are infested with tards who want a Democrat elected so s/he can be the hero and fix all the things the evil Trump did at Russia's command.

yeah I get what you're saying, there is definitely been a right wing push recently but constantly pushing them to the point where majority of people see it as a bad thing would just probably put neoliberalism or democrats in the spotlight. Would it be possible to turn that in our favor? a strong anti-right wing sentiment could be whats needed to finally get our foot in the door and get some real communist or socialist movements going.

Words like uplifting, wholesome and motivational are just signifiers for propaganda these days.

Another good article on the subject

Thank you for posting this.


New Mexico School Shooter Had Secret Life on Pro-Trump White-Supremacy Sites
The guy who did it was a literal Holla Forumsyp

Tbh the working class that voted for Trump didn't do it to "trigger le libs", that was the stuck-up poshos who were LE EBIC MAGA. I mean if I have learnt one thing: it is that internet politics means jack shit in the real world. Don't give up becuase twitter or YT or hte Chans are one way, what matters is action on the ground.

I do know some working class people that did it just to "trigger le libs" but most of the ones I know voted for him because of Christian identity politics.

A coalition of two ostensibly communist parties, the Unified Marxist Leninists (UML) and the Maoist Centre, looks set to control not just the national government but six of seven provinces.



I'm a firm believer that capitalism is a religion, at the very least a cult. Poor people believe they can become wealthy, they put all their faith into the american dream. Just like how a peasant puts his faith unto the church as for when he dies, he'll reach heaven, just as the poor person on the american street will reach their heaven.
One day

*pyramid scheme. And you know how pyramid schemes always end up when they can't expand the bottom rung anymore.

you would think after getting a visit from the FBI you would quit with the edgy shit but the kid was so alienated that he could only turn to Holla Forums. how fucking sad

Trump helped me realize I was communist. But then again, I'm not stupid.




Remember the martyrs

don't get your hopes up

i sure wouldnt mind that image being true. really just lets me know how reddit ridden Holla Forums is which is hilarious as i watch them bitch about reddit.

This is why we need communism.
a shitposter to the very end RIP ;_;7