Communism is a terrible idea as evidenced by EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY THAT'S EVER TRIED IT

Holy shit did this guy seriously espouse every misconception about the Left and Communism but liberals and right wingers in less than 3 fucking minutes? I honestly can't even finish the fucking video jesus fucking christ

We have to take over YouTube as soon as possible, the autistic Rational Skeptic liberals are 10x as bad as the aut-right

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Wow that is an obnoxious way to speak. Closed tab after 0.1s

Well color me suprised

I trust your judgement, this guy looks like cancer.

I'm just saying that the whole "Rational Skeptic" movement is worse than Holla Forums or the alt-right. I know how this is going to sound but on the one hand at the very least there was a general antiestablishment attitude to all the alt-right activity, and a lot of the time their analysis was arguably accurate even if their conclusions were stupid. A lot of people here, for instance, are Holla Forums converts. On the other hand alt-right is way too repulsive to the general public to ever gain any real power or influence (>inb4 they got Trump elected) and it's been shuttering pretty hard ever since its visibility peaked with Charlotesville. All-in-all the whole alt-right thing is imploding on itself and was always destined to.

This "Rational Skeptic" shit on the other hand is way easier to digest for most people. All the folks I've come across in this movement who espouse this rhetoric want nothing more than to reinforce capitalism and the mainstream neoliberal ideology (We are all individuals responsible for ourselves and grand ideologies such as socialism and fascism are not only equally repugnant but are inefficient and doomed to failure, liberal democracy with "free" markets aren't perfect but they are the most efficient at delivering human progress, etc). They frame all of their propaganda and rhetoric as "Enlightened" free-thought, and that it's actually more rebellious to protect the establishment of 21st Century neoliberal globalization than to challenge it any way because "le socialism has never worked". This is an even more cozy idea to people, particularly young people, than a big daddy fascist state destroying the undesriables and giving incels waifus or whatever, and it appears a lot more pragmatic.

I really think we should combat it as much as possible

We need education. People need to learn about determinism in general, which is the great blind spot neoliberal "thought" carefully avoids adressing.

Dude have you seen this guys collection of sci-fi fiction? He's obviously a well-read intellectual that knows what he's talking about.

based comrade tru-dank beat you to it

"Think about it as "orcs vs humans" "

Another gem from this wonderful, nuanced, free thinker: "Anarcho-capitalism and communism are the same thing"

Didn't Richard Spencer say that Rational Skeptics are a gate way drug or something?

yeah but they've really become much more their own movement lately and many of them are turning on the aut-right fags they use to collab with or defend. A lot of them have made videos about how aut-right and "the Left" are two sides of the same coin

Lmao savage fam tbh bruh 👌💯😂

I raise you:


Man how come anytime a brainlet nobody on yt makes a "gubongism dun twerk gologs muh bullions" it goes viral instantly?

The few leftist toutubers we have need to work on their clickbait thumbnail skills.
Maybe we should try some sneaky titles.

Suggestions anyone?

Its that mercer money buying a bunch of idiots and bots

I can't get over scifi nerds who are anti-socialist.

The fucking Federation in Star Trek ain't capitalist yo

They're market socialist imo.

YouTube reactionary proves himself to be a mega brainlet episode.194871

they have literally abolished commodity form in it's entirety

No he doesn't, don't care if you are is fanboy or not.

Fuck off. Uphold anti-marxism-ficitionalism. Read LoTR you faggot, marxism doesn't work. Hail Darth Vader.

cuz it's funny to make fun of idiots

Nah I agree. Reactionaries have dominated Youtube as a platform, even a leftist video gets bombarded with a shitton of cancerous, anti-Semitic, and racist comments because just can't stand having other people express different view points on their dominated platform I mean youtube comments were always cancer but they've been waaay more rightwing as of late Also I think righttards know their ideology can only exist in echochambers which is why they as so quick to crush/bury dissent. So much for freedom of speech

I can, they're american, or have spent so much time online absorbing american "culture" they they may as well be american.

Americanism supersedes EVERY subculture.

Because they think Rapture was a model society.


He looks no older than 14. You know I find it hilarious that right wingers criticize leftists for being a bunch of teenagers who don't understand the world but most alt-right people are barely 18

You know that communism is actually much worse than nazism, right ?

Anyone who advocates communism is like the idiot who buys a used car off the internet sight unseen. Only the most abject, blind and brainless fool would do such an idiotic thing.

THIS, scientific determinism (or indeterminism) is the ultimate chromatic pill, they can't defend capitalism if meritocracy is impossible or meaningless. This should really be one of the main leftist arguments for the modern era.

The existence of the borg falls in line with the communism strawman of "everyone is the same" even if it's supposed to be criticizing conformity


is this satire?

then i ramble about something random

gotcha!!! ;)

Truly we have a ways to go before we reach the right wing level of comprehension of international politics.

It literally sounds like what a Holla Forumstard believes

Those dumbasses do realize Rapture led to a giant war right? Capitalist warfare led to everyone becoming a druggie killing each other for more drugs afterward.

I remember seeing this video of a guy screaming about liberals and safe spaces in his car obnoxiously, spouting every neocon talking point there is, but I can't remember the guy's name for the life of me.

you described around 10-20 housand different youtube videos.


oh wait never mind. Was it "Red Pill Philosophy"?


I think it's more complicated than that. Sure there are people that are moving their sights on the alt-right, but some of them want to hang on to the sjw boogie man that they built their career attacking and will side with the alt-right to do that.

it's like pottery

Not him, the guy would scream after every one-liner and had music playing in his car.

how many tabs are you on?

it does

it doesn't. you realize capitalism isn't synonymous with meritocracy right?

Rapture could conceivably be blamed on the splicers. That's obviously not the point they were making, but I can understand dumb shits thinking 'durh Rapture was perfect but then there were splicers and if it wasn't for that it'd still be the best place to live lmao'

I take your Rapture and raise you W40K. It has gotten steadily less humorous and more serious to meet fan demand. Instead of being a big tongue in cheek joke about living in a godawful worst-case-scenario dystopian fascist shitheap that is the imperium, it has instead become epic legends of great noble heroes working to preserve that same absolute worst-case-scenario dystopian fascist shitheap. There's less fighting against orks (funny mentally stunted football hooligans) and more fighting against chaos (dangerous subversive cults who work against imperial dogma). The tau were brought in to balance out how grim shit was getting; the fans blew a gasket and now the tau are changed from being well meaning communists, to representing filthy pinkos as corrupt as anyone else, brainwashing and subjugating their victims under the vicious club of forced equality.

That doesn't surprise me in the slightest. Talk with a 16 year old sometime and he'll be sure to tell you at least five times within the first 10 minutes that he's way more mature then those dumb 14 year olds. Talk to a 14 year old and he'll be quick to assure you he doesn't like stupid baby shit that a 12 year old likes. Teenagers are absolutely obsessed with the idea of not being teenagers.

The theory behin capitalism involves meritocracy but that's not it works in practice cause whether nor not merit is the way things go is not controlled so people can just be nepotistic.

so in what way is meritocracy meaningless?
people need to be motivated to produce goods are in demand by the population. most communists like myself acknowledge this, so I'm not sure what you're getting at with this "determinism refutes meritocracy" bs.