Stop racist right-wingers

As marxists, it is our goal to achieve equality for everyone, therefore it is our responsability to fight
achieve equality for people of color, and to achieve that, we must fight institutionalized racism.

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Read a book you idpol liberal.

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what's wrong with fighting racism?

friendly reminder that fighting the superstructure will not stop bigotry, only hide it, and that only through the base can we reasonably stop any of these problems.

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god i forgot why i hate this website. its full of the worst of reactionary left-coms and armchair fags. the only decent thing ive seen is the net neutrality discussion and the DPRK thread.

That's what subcontious bias tests exist

lol you're deluded. Most 'socialist' parties nowadays have completely abandoned workers politics for identity struggles, and are dead in the water.

I know, this board tries way to hard to be like Holla Forums, I think we need something that TRULY makes us different from them.

those struggles are 2 in the same. literally what party does this? and you say "nowadays" as though older orgs like the BPP and every single anti-imperialist communist revolution wasn't heavily identity based. no ones gonna fucking care if you cant relate to their situation.

exactly. being "anti-idpol" isnt intelligent or edgy. it makes you seem like an out of touch, and PRIVILEGED, asshole who has no idea how to organize for political struggle in real life.

Couldn't put it better, comrade.

Should be uncontroversial. But you already have millions of liberals who agree with you all over social media. The real question is, what does this performative politics actually achieve in overcoming institutional racism or for that matter capitalism, which is all too easily swept under the rug when it comes time to promote POC, LGBTQ CEOs and executives so we can all congratulate ourselves about how diverse and tolerant we are while the world burns?

Fighting racism is anti-idpol and anti-liberal. Realize you're getting played by reactionaries or get out of here.

I think we should dismantle capitalism, because it is a system set-up to be oppressive against POC, that's why I don't understand why when I say something anti-racist, I get called a bunch of names, even though I'm on our side here.

but power isn't in the hands of social media. its in the hand of capitalists & politicians who only use anti-racism it as a cover for their INHERENTLY racist and exploitative support for capitalism. its not like clinton isn't racist, with her support for "three strikes" in the 90's and rampant imperialism.

again, anti-racism and anti-capitalism are 2 in the same struggles.

capitalism isn't necessarily set-up against blacks, latinos, et al. but it allows porky to set and enforce discriminatory policies and practices as they see fit

Yes it is, it is a system made to favor white men at the cost of everyone else.

I could care less about some fags attitude towards someone else, what matters is the class system which allows people to hold economic power over another. Capitalism is what gives "institutionalized racism" its power in the first place, racism means nothing without capitalism.

Capitalism is whatever it needs to be to generate a profit, its only constant is that it will always be set up to be oppressive towards the working class

by which mechanisms in capitalism are they benefited intrinsically and exclusively? explain

Racism is your master signifier, whereas capitalism is the master signifier for leftypol. The way you phrase that, that you are against capitalism because it is set up to be oppressive against POC, makes you sound like a massive liberal and uneducated in how capitalism is oppressive towards everyone including white people. I agree that POC are more oppressed under capitalism but your rhetoric degenerates all too easily into the idpol that is despised here.

No but in terms of the conversation on the left, it is utterly dominated by the kind of identity politics you're trying to push here. leftypol is in the minority for actually asserting the primary importance of capitalism. Its easy for you to say they are both the same struggle but in practice if you don't have anti-capitalist analysis front and center then it just degenerates into another form of identity, classism along with sexism and ablism and 82 other kinds of isms.

it is necessarily set up against them. the way capitalism has historically developed made it necessary for porky to justify exploiting entire continents of people through racialism. minorities have also been needed as a scapegoat during capitalist crisis.>>2309310

I agree capitalism is bad for the working class in general, but there it's clearly far worse for minorities, that and even working class white people are much better of than working class POC

This has to be bait

Stop being spooked into idpol you dip.

Forgot to address that I don't understand why idpol is despised here, it honestly just looks like the people in this board (in general, not pointing fingers) seem to want to be edgy like Holla Forums, and I just don't get that.

its oppresive towards white people, just not on account of their race

anti-racism is literally as inherent to anti-capitalist analysis as worker exploitation. the historical development of capitalism has needed racist ideology to keep it afloat. see

fucking strawman


it is, the most bland kind as well…

come on people…

You literally said
Which shows outright you've never read Marx or any kind of Marxist analysis of capitalism

I don't have to read marx, I can think for myself, thank you.

HOL UP OP so you be sayin' we can in fact dismantle capitalism by dismantling "racism", or is this just a lame gotcha attempt at the anti-idpol crowd?

Of course capitalism and racism are inherent to each other, but capitalism is the base structure; if you remove racism somehow capitalism can still exist, and in fact will turn again into imperialism sooner or later.

Debating is not dividing
we can agree to disagree

Speaking as an Ausfag, socialist alternative and numerous ML parties have started focusing nearly solely on immigration and gay rights to the point of actually trying to hijack workers disputes to turn them into pushing the party line. They have completely alienated their working class support base and tried to supplement it with students.

There's a huge immigration problem in my area. Africans and Arabs have come over and can't get work at all, because many of them do not speak enough English for low skill high demand jobs like customer service. People have started viewing them as basically the lazy nigger stereotype (not always racially charged, the media has pushed the whole 'welfare leech' shit on basically every worker for years) for this, despite the situation being entirely out of their hands and many Australians having their children completely out of work in my area and are stuck in scenarios where they could be homeless and die on the streets if they lose their job, which is increasingly likely. What are you going to do in such a scenario? Force employers to employ them? Screech at people for upholding biases formed from the base? Focus solely on one group of proletarians, essentially based on their racial status, and alienate the other? The only way I can possibly see to fight this is with socialism, eg, changing society at the base, by fighting for the people at large, who find themselves in a similar employment status through capitalism.
kek, what? The BPP looked to fight against racism at the base (by shifting society towards socialism rather than modifying existing culture under capitalism) rather than the superstructure, and even spoke against black identity politics of the time, webm related. The BPP appealed to their existence as proletarians, putting class struggle first and foremost whilst fighting racism at the base, hence why they are viewed quite favorably by the board.

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No fucking way this isn't bait

I think it's the other way around, dismantle capitalism and you dismantle racism, I just think the latter is very important.

Agreed that minorities are worse off. But all of the working class is exploited. Idpollers tend to think that just because I'm white, I have some kind of influence over the power structure. This is false, I have none. I have heard idpollers literally laugh at the idea that a white person could be poor or struggling for instance. I may be doing okay financially for now but that is largely luck, I have no connections or any shit like that.

Forgot to address that I don't understand why idpol is despised here, it honestly just looks like the people in this board (in general, not pointing fingers) seem to want to be edgy like Holla Forums, and I just don't get that.

some of the culture of leftypol comes from people who left Holla Forums, so there is overlap in the culture. But if you don't get what is wrong with idpol then you might be the problem. This is a safe space from idpol.

Well then a big part of Holla Forums already agrees with you. To fight against racism is first and foremost to fight against capitalism.

This. There is literally nothing wrong with fighting racism as long as it remains on a socialist, class based platform.

*purity spiral increases*

u mean bourgeois revolution? cause none of them even abolished commodity production. china just ordered all of its uygur population to submit their biometric data. Maybe it's because i'm a 'marginalised' autist, but that stuff about the legitimate plight of such and such and the beauty of the third worldist struggle doesn't get to me, in the end we will end up with a very socialist national bourgeoisie, socialist ethnic pogroms and a socialist police. Modern Capitalism is above all a people managing system. The by neccesity endless struggle with an abstract disembodied, unconscious 'racism' is just another of its means of legitimation.

We don't need a safe space.

and besides the black panthers were nazbols by today's standards.

Not sure what that even means.

Modern day "progressive" anti-racism legitimates the class hierarchy, legitimates the market as a mechanism for coordinating the distribution of resources, and legitimates the exploitation of working class people. It is all based on the assumption that there are barriers preventing certain people from fulfilling their natural role as rational free agents carry out utility maximizing exchanges in the market place and if these barriers are removed we will have achieved equality.

As Marxists our goal is the destruction of class society, we fight racism because it divides the working class and prevent the completion of this goal. The US movement fighting racism and white supremacy is a complete sham though and it is base on pro-capitalist, pro-market sentiments. The idea that the left isn't dedicating enough time to fighting racism, which is simply incidental to our real goal, is laughable. Class is the mechanism through which the most damaging effects of racism operate, there is no ending racism without the destruction of class society.

that's exactly what OP said.

Wow the right cant even bait, let alone win in a republican-gerrymandered state in the deep south.

That giant block of text just seems like an excuse to say "I'M NOT AND SJW, I-I SWEAR I'M EDGY AND COOL!!"

I think the right baits quite well
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Calling it bait was giving it at least the benefit of the doubt

Elaborate, please.

He is implying the left needs to spend more of its efforts fighting institutionalized racism. I say we need to have a laser focus on fighting class society as that is the only way to end institutionalized racism.

I'm suspicious of anyone who talks about anti-racism without acknowledging that the mainstream trend in anti-racist thinking is based on pro-market, pro-capitalist assumptions. Social progressivism in Western countries is one of the most important ideological mechanisms for legitimating class hierarchies and has turned into nothing but a giant side show. Identity theater as its often referred to on this board.

Not an argument. I'm not an SJW because I'm not a liberal tool who thinks class hierarchies are justified as long as the oppressor class is diverse. I'm not trying to be edgy, I'm just an actual Marxist who holds the destruction of capitalism as my highest goal and recognizes centering class as the most effective way to do this. Anyone who makes a real analysis of the modern day west recognizes that liberal anti-racism is a bourgeois ideology ie an ideology meant to legitimate capitalism and class hierarchy. Its goal is removing racial barriers so PoC can be equal agents within the market,. This represents a de-facto endorsement of the legitimacy of wage labour and commodity production as long as there are no racial or gender biases involved in exchanges. This type of liberal anti-racism is totally hegemonic including over most people who claims to be socialists or Marxists.

Marx's analysis on capitalism is what almost all (spare a few) other leftist analyses are built upon. Even the Bakunin agreed with his analysis, he just disagreed with the need for a transitory state.

Yes you are, pic related, and that's just in this thread, you try too hard to be like Holla Forums instead of easily destroying them with facts.


>We need to fight institutionalized racism, not capitalism hint the institution in institutionalized means it's dependent on capitalist institutions

Read a book you fucking brainlet.

Its obviously the white mans fault zimbabfuck couldn't sustain itself or grow enough food not because the locals are dumb as shit compared to white people. That would be racist to point out right?


Never said I didn't, just said that you don't need someone else's ideas to analyze something

Also for the edy and Holla Forums part, I'm just saying that we need different tactics to be ACTUALLY different from them.

Not an argument

Lets try this again

Capitalism benefits white americans the most eh?