How do I go about studying philosophy on my spare time?

How do I go about studying philosophy on my spare time?

I have already taken obligatory introductory courses in HS and Uni, but they were basically an overview of it's origins in ancient Greece, then cherrypick some ideas by Aristotle, Kant, Descartes, maybe some Nietzsche and finally whatever the prof's school is (in my case it was Heidegger). All very superficial and since I pretty much studied to pass, I feel like I didn't understand shit. Which I suppose is kind of a problem if I want to have a decent grasp on the philosophical foundations of Marxism, how it contrasts with other current schools of thought and how it is relevant to the problems of today's world.

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you read, that's really it.

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Read The Ignorant Schoolmaster to learn how you can teach yourself, or anyone else, anything you want. Universal teaching is much more effective and enjoyable than the stultifying instruction that you received in school.

Have a basic understand of chronology and focus on a specific authors.
For instance, let's say you want to understand Marx. Marx draws a lot from Spinoza, Hegel, ancient Greek philosophers. Read from these, read stuff about them, listen to online classes.
Philosophy is truly the most noble activity for the mind there is, good luck OP.

Why do you care? Ask yourself that honestly. I got into philosophy because I reached walls in my interests which were necessarily philosophical, and to continue to learn and understand I had to engage philosophy. Yet I never did it under any other reason than wanting to know the truth for myself, not to prove to myself that my opinions were already true. If you don't have philosophical questions, you're just lying to yourself, you don't actually care about philosophy as what it is (the pursuit of wisdom) and instead just want your opinions to be validated or some other opinion to be given to you as a plausible truth.

Who gives a fuck what Marx thinks or why he thought it? Aren't you more interested in the far more fundamental question hiding in all of this? Aren't you interested in knowing if Marx >can even be right

But seriously, if you're just lazy or not interested read a history of philosophy anthology I guess.

Coplestone's sets are great minus the occasional greek writing and stretches of uber autism with problems way over your head, but you still get a nice overview.

You'll have a much better go of it outside of classes, where each professor is their own respective oracle of Delphi - there's a whole lot to choose from! I'd recommend hitting up a publishing house page just to find books to look for, which you can just find pdfs usually of.

This, for digital copies head to the reading list or /theory/ thread.

man, it's too bad not everyone can be as philosophically peripatetic as you. Just let the dude learn as he wills, he doesn't need some haughty oracle proclaiming what, and who, shall and shall not be deserving of the philosophical tradition.

Do you have an RSS feed set up for /leftypo/ with a filter for the words "Hegel" and "philosophy"?

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Why? It is a decent OP and would be a decent thread without Anal Water muddying it all up.

MA here. What are you interested in OP?
Usually I tell people just to study what they're interested in, otherwise it can be really fucking boring. Having said that, it does help a lot to know where you are in history. Philosophy is one big narrative starting with Plato. Everyone reacts to their predecessor, and in turn is reacted to by their heirs. These pics related should help you get a grounding on where you are.
Use the internet, but avoid little fuck-off "introductions" like the School of Life. Read in-depth summaries like Stanford (some articles are better than others), IEP (very dumbed-down and accessible without outright lying like the School of Life), SparkNotes has some good stuff, various blogs, the youtube channel "Philosophical Overdose" has proper lectures on it, and the odd Wikipedia article can be fine.
Approach secondary lit with caution. Don't just buy them at random, only get the ones that were recommended by people who know what they're talking about.
Finally, read the fucking primary texts. All the above is just air guitar unless you really put in the work. You could get away with skimming the stuff you only have a cursory interest in - pick out the relevant chapters. No one expects you to be an expert on Aquinas's Summa Theologica if you don't give half a fuck about him. But if you want to be, say, a Hegel guy, then you should really read the Phenomenology. Put in the work. Philosophy is hard, but extremely rewarding.

Read and critique Plato's Republic. It's well written and thought provoking.

Why does everyone on this board hate Anal Water?

He seems like a chill guy. Much more well-read than 99% of the others on this board.

Well, the more dogmatic hate him because he's consistently telling them that the idea that historical materialism or dialectical materialism are an actual aperture through which history can be viewed and understood is undialectical. Another section for the fact that he is an apex pedant and consistently openly hostile to almost everyone here, or that he tries to hawk his blog or channel. Even more for the denial of the universality of practical and cognitive sciences.

The other group is mostly people who have tried to engage with him and either: 1. Believe that he has been consistently and rigorously dishonest in his discourse here; 2. Completely refuses to engage with other philosophical works or canon, even when laid out (though this one mostly just ends up connecting back to the hostility one, because he has continually begins to insult and malign those who've tried)

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than ideologues maybe, but for the most part - no. Think this is humorous considering his hard no to reading a great deal of other works.

Ignore the obnoxious tone and peruse this comprehensive list at your leisure.

Can't argue in a torture chamber, if anything he pisses of shitposters who can't bother to scrounge up an argument or half to show their own balls of iron logic

shit, when was this made? I used to frequent /lit/ but got sick of it. I could have helped with this.

long enough ago that I couldn't tell you a specific time tbh. really helped me back in the day and I always keep it around for reference

skimmed through it. It's very incomplete and way too absolutist for my taste. still decent though.

well it is a beginner's guide

OP here

I already kind of do this for some courses in Uni but I've yet to apply this to anything else. I'll check it out.

I believe you're right in that the "point" of philosophy is never one of justification or validation but rather one of exploration, though currently I'm not sure of what are the questions that would lead such a process, nor what is the "fundamental question" you speak of, if there is one.

I think I'll start with the Greeks and eventually work up to modern philosophy and German idealism, roughly following the /lit/ guide. Maybe focusing more on what says, while only reading the essentials of the rest. It's gonna take some time.

The Dream of Reason and The Dream of Enlightenment by Anthony Gottleib are easy reads and will give you a good overview.

Oh, forgot to tell you about this:

This is really valuable - EXCEPT for the ep. on Marx, unfortunately. Everything else is good though. He knows his shit.

Recommend listening to these in bed. Comfy as fuck.

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