Gen Z


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shit, looks like i forgot the greentext rip

Existing demographics hate their guts and they want to be optimistic about the future. It's not even unique; when liberals act like demographic change means they'll never lose another election or when we get hyped about millennial support for socialism it's basically coming from the same place.

Wait I thought fascists think all milanieals/gen z are SJW? I'm confused. Is this the same tactic they pull about jews? Like, "all jews are stupid and yet all jews are master manipulators at the same time"

The young ones are the most gullible.

your pretty much right, they (fascists & alt-right) constantly contradict themselves.

Wait till younger people start entering the job market. They'll realize through experience how bad wage theft is in the service industry and how gridlocked the hierarchical structure of the corporate sector. If it was anything that will turn gen z away from capitalism itll be experience.

This. They'll learn the hard way who will really be on top in their an-cap fantasy land through experience actually fucking working. What's even better is that they probably think they'll be safe with some padded code-monkey job.

Hmm i thought everyone was just a millenial now and forever.

Daily reminder that there is almost no data that supports the claim that "Gen z" is fascist or even conservative.


We need to fix this


"Rightists have low lQ"

- Varg

Even if their are polls indicating this gen z conservative thing

Americans Millennial were supposed to be the most conservative young people ever after the 2000-2004 elections
The disasters of Katrina, the war on terror being never ending, the war in iraq exploding, the wealth never trickling down, a housing crisis, a gigantic recession and a supposed recovery without an actual recovery for the non rich later they're now all "sjw socialist liberals" according to these people

i liked nazis when was 12
Then i started to read books. Tolstoi was my first red pill.

now, 14 years later, i'm an anarchist communist

More like 14 years old anarkiddie


Oh damn u rly owned him son

Gen z is more right leaning because they are by and large a lot more non white.


genX 〜 1979-1986
genY 〜 1986-1994
genZ 〜 1994-2001
then millenials

30 year olds tryna act like they millenals tf?

Hilarious, if anything weirdo kids born after 1994 are going to be SJW liberals, not revolutionaries and certainly not nationalists.

idk I've seen conflicting criteria for being a millenial

You have been misinformed. Everyone after gen X is millennial, it means they came of age after the turn of the millennium.

in 2004 the millenial generation was supposed to be the most conservative one. People shift left as they age.

to add on to what you said I think the 2008 recession kind of played a role in it. If the 'everything bubble" or whatever pops and there is a recession/depression I think the majority of gen Z will turn left

no lol

it's genx = mid sixties to mid eighties (usually starts at 1965)
millenial (gen y) = mid eighties to mid ninties
gen z = mid ninties - today

not the other guy but I have seen some definitions include people who were born in 2001 as millennials

The whole generation thing is fucking retarded anyway. It is just a way for marketing firms to identify and utilize target markets by age group.
I was born in 1995. Some say that is Gen Z and others say Gen Y but is there really that big of difference of people born in 1994? Like seriously most people a year older are in the exact same phase of life that I am yet somehow we are a different generation?
seems like some spooked shit

oh no I agree with you 100%