I would have saved you. Why didn't you listen...

I would have saved you. Why didn't you listen? You fell for cornman's tricks and look at what that got you: an anemic empire run by pretentious old men. Those fools would have all been shot under me. You can't run a nuclear dictatorship of the proletariat to challenge the forces of fascism and capitalism without cracking a few skulls. Under them you won yourself a collapse. Under me we went from a backwards agrarian land of peasants to spacefarers.

I had a dream and I made that dream a reality. Can you say the same? The right man in the wrong place makes all the difference in the world, and if you don't believe that I only did what I had to because I reckoned it necessary for the people at the time, you belong with the rest in the dustbin of history.

I'm sorry

Sorry doesn't cut it comrade. The greatest power to ever challenge international capitalism in history, reduced to an utter waste. Decades of progress undone. Russia run by criminal cartels and financial oligarchs, the people turning their minds back to the feudal grip of the church. And for what? What was the point of this reformism? It didn't save anyone, or anything!


*Blocks your communist dream*

Imagine being such a fuck-up you organize purges of political opponents through your reign and your followers in the party(and the eastern block in general) still got fucked without lube almost immediately after your death.

If you can't build a system that has to be monitored day and night for revisionists by one special man, your system is shit. The Soviet Union deserved to fall for being bureaucratic state capitalism and abandonning the working class almost immediately.

I'm amazed the USSR lasted as long as it did, honestly. Guess that shows you the power of ideology. But ultimately, material interest always comes first, and you can't have a DotP and an elite party simultaneously.

I swear, no matter how many revisionists you kill, more sprout up

I'm a Stalinosexual

Anyone seen this yet?

For you.

Rare Stalin. Good stuff.

I must say this pic makes believe that the famous young Stalin photo isn't false.

What is even the point of this thread? Was Stalin supposed to live forever?

Yes. You could have been Stalin. He would have lived forever through you.


Only Jesus can live forever.

We let Uncle Joe down.

almost as if the march of history isn't led by exceptional acts of exceptional individuals

No, it's led by dipshit acts of dipshit individuals, and success must be carved out of failure. Specifically success of left-wingers out of failures of right-wingers.

So… Wake up! Wake up and, smell the ashes…

why are you looking at me as if its all my fault?
g-go away spook

I'm sure it'll be all different if we purge just 100, nay, 1000 more revisionists and print 2000 more propaganda posters! 4000 more struggle sessions! We just have to act and believe, and make others act and believe!

Well, either we purge the revisionists, or the revisionists purge themselves. :^)

just 10000 more revisionists to purge until communism! as Marx said "the thoughts of people are what societies are built out of, and if everyone thinks the right way we can make the right changes!"

Stalin was right about literally everything. I honestly think he's the greatest communist of all time for what he did. What a guy.

I feel like Stalin died way too early almost as though it's a universal injustice but then he was 75 which is a very reasonable time to die…

+ fucking 1

Wow, I gotta admit that he was one handsome man in his younger years

I only have this one, any more?

low key troll version

How did he keep such a thicc hairline his whole life

Soviets could have conquered Germany in 1920`s if it werent for Stalin.

Not to mention that the fucktard refused to reinforce the southern flank during the battle for Warsaw.

He washed them in the tears of kulaks everyday.