Where do you get your news, Holla Forums? I want to get my news from all over the leftist spectrum. I really only read Jacobin articles that seemed interesting once they tweeted them out until recently so I've been looking for some extra outlets.

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I get them from NewsAnon2.0!



NewsAnon tbh.

NewsAnon plus Reuters, Guardian, and CBC.

This blog is excellent for all things MENA related.

Holla Forums (including occasionally newsanon), social circle, incidentally via twitter, and occasionally if keeping up with a current event (i.e. results of ongoing election or so on) the guardian by default.
don't see the value in keeping up with the minutiae of modern life. if news matters to me it will find it's way to me.

I don't really read the news. Though generally from The Guardian and the BBC I suppose.

Based NewsAnon and Based NewsAnon 2.0 duh

Mostly Telesur, RT and NewsAnon. Although I watch SBS World News sometimes.

The Morning Star

It's a cooperative news outlet and paper that covers stories the mainstream media won't and with an impartial class conscious lense.

Did you read about the following anywhere else?

Generally read the New Statesman, Jacobin, and the NYT. Sometimes read the Economist and Wall Street Journal as well. It's important to read capitalist media that's directed at capitalists/petit bourgeois people. It's important to understand their worldview and ideology; they view the economic sphere in entirely different terms and it's good to keep that in mind. Also so you can understand the internal justification for their actions.

All liberal shit.

Basically this, plus The Real News.

The Baffler and Current Affairs are quite good, those plus Jacobin are my staples. Would be nice to have a more radical source of news.

So? The question is "where do you get your news", not "where do you get you political analysis".

I read those sources too, just wanted to point out that they contain a lot of liberal analysis.

Global = newsanon 2.0, podcasts
National = CBC, twitter
Local = Newspapers

I'm so jaded at this point, the only news website I take seriously is


I follow a ton of blog and editorial places like Truthdig, Counterpunch, Black Agenda Report, The Intercept, but Real News Network is the only one that I would say I check regularly for basic news. I used to watch Democracy Now!, but I became a bit suspicious of them during the 2016 presidential election. Redacted Tonight is sadly unfunny, but I also watch it regularly because they actually do a really good job of finding news that no one else attempts to talk about.

Jimmy Dore is a decent aggregator of current events.

Also read my local paper. user should really stay informed on local news if they ever have any hope of grassroots organizing.


NewsAnon 2.0

These are all good, but not really news sources. We desperately need a real leftist news source. It doesn't really exist outside of telesur which isn't in english and not very impartial.

Reading the news is generally a pretty overrated method of understanding or analyzing the world. You are better off reading books, journals, and magazine

Unfortunately, Bing updates on my computer.

The National Interest ( mostly for bantz and hot takes
Various liberal podcasts. I lean on Democracy Now the most for actual new.


quality atm

/r/politics so shoot me


BlackNewsAnon, BBC, Guardian (Never opinion pieces though, those are cancer), britpol twitter, The Economist, Reuters.

NewsAnon, RT, Secular Talk, The Jimmy Dore show, Thom Hartmann, and so on

Al Jazeera