1 in 5 Americans in their 20s call Stalin, Kim Jong Un heroes

According to a study by the "Victims of Communism Foundation", 20% of Americans in their 20s identify Stalin and Kim Jong Un as Heroes.

More Americans in their 20s prefer socialism than capitalism.


What's going to happen when all the spooked boomer dotards finally die off? Seems to me like the US plutocrats are in for some difficult times in the near future.



How can this be true?

I hope we can beat old Joe's high score.

It probably isn't. I mean, I don't think the Victims of Communism Foundation is exactly our #1 source for accurate statistics on anything related to communism.

This. It's probably just liberal scaremongering.


I wonder why then they would publish such a study, which makes it seem like they're losing ground in the information war.

To scare people into thinking the ebil commies are on the rise, thereby making them more reactionary.

We're gonna need a bigger gulag.

What did they mean by this?

That people are retarded and don't know anything about their society or any of the potential alternatives, which is probably the most truthful part of this whole essay.

People give us shit for "NOT REAL SOCIALISM", but nothing is "REAL CAPITALISM" to capitalists.


Give them a few years. They don't know they have no future yet. :^)

They'll just blame the evil brown people for it once they do.

and blame the "commie" millennials too

Kys for linking this.

Amerisharts got complacent and stopped the barrage of Cold War anti-commie propaganda that Boomers were subjected to.

Bitch I am here already.

Well shit, that's actually a ton of people

7% of millennials

also 7% for gommunism in the same range

Why are fascists so attached to the forced "gen z is right wing" meme?

no idea, but it completely contradicts the other right wing meme about out of control sjw millennials. my guess is that they want to project strength and look like they're more popular than they really are

How the fuck can Reagan be a hero to 60% of people.

Some people just want to watch the porky burn.

But we are.

Because they're in high school.

Older burgers are extremely cucked and think Reagan is a saint.

Gen z is literally not right wing though. There is barely any data that indicates they will go fash.

You should know by now those fags are delusional and make all kinds of dumb shit predictions based on spurious assumptions.

Many Americans unironically believe he won the Cold War for the US, and was responsible for pulling the US out of the economic troubles of the late 70s.


That pic is fucking fantastic. Are there any more?

Best of comments incoming. Help me decide if I should laugh or cry.

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VoC will definitely all be gulaged

fucking ghouls

More like people are constantly bombarded with propaganda about their society and potential alternatives, don't go blaming them

clinton is also above marx

this. the kids probably said something like "private ownership of the means of production" but they got 0/1 for not throwing in the words "freedom" and "protection"

We have a lot of work to do

How do you square your belief that the world is in existential crisis and your ethnicity is losing dominance with the need to avoid discouraging your followers from participation?
Simple, just tell them that they need to hold out long enough that Gandalf the White will magically appear on a hill-top to ride into battle and slay the orcs
How many battles did Tolkien end with an ex machina anyway?

Libertarian hagiography. Also he has the comfy grandpa look

Boomerposting will never not be hilarious. Can't wait for these old cunts to become compost.

I don’t blame boomers tbh they grew up during the worst of the Cold War and rarely were allowed access to alternative viewpoints not sanctioned by the government. They were socialized into capitalism and people forget that while the Left made headlines in the 60s, the Right was also a very powerful force as well.

Some of the Vietnam vets and others got woke but the post-1980 capitalist boom plus COINTELPRO nipped any competent long-term resistance in the bud.

My favorite older generation as a kid were the children of the Great Depression, they knew what was up and were real straight-talkers. Most of them are dead now but still go to any IRL socialist meeting sometime you’ll probably see a number of elderly people and boomers will be the largest of that cohort.

If 40% of a populace thinks thinks Bush was a hero, then their opinions do not matter in the least.