Is there anybody alive who likes this guy...

Is there anybody alive who likes this guy? I seriously thought this was a parody of Ajit Pai at first but then I saw his face and realized it was actually him. What the fuck?

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what the fuck is that disgusting shit he ""grams""?

The spices in it would anally rape a fully grown Scotsman

I can't afford anything, so I'm kind of ambivalent to this

Ajit Pai is actually an undercover Marxist trying to make the state and corporations look bad.

He's playing 4d chess that we can't comprehend yet.

God, I hate yankees.

I want to fu
king die

The eternal poo in loo strikes again.

You know what, fuck it, I don't care if I come off as racist. Fuck Indians and their smug cocksucker faces.

I legitimately didn't understand what he meant by "grams" until someone explained it to me. Also when was the Harlem shake a thing? It was at least 5 years ago right?

how is he this fucking corny and stupid

He's the head of the FCC.

judge the individual.
it's not racist to hate this fucker for his corrupt shit and blatant corporate cocksucking

I know, but it's impossible not to bring up.

id like it more if gringo libs werent "HAHA DRUMPF IDIOCRACY AJAJAJJA #RESIST"

It's kind of amazing.
Ignoring public comments and reacting passive-aggressively because neither experts nor the general populace like what you're doing… this guy wouldn't qualified to sell lemonade, let alone make policy decisions.

Holla Forums is utterly astroturfed with "GAIZ MUH FREE MARKET UR NOT A COMMIE RU!!!?? LEFTYPOL SHILLS!", so its safe to assume that a few Holla Forumsniggers follow suit. Coincidentally, many right wing leddit boards follow the same thought. Coincidence? Definitely not.

President Camacho was a surprisingly competent leader for his low Autism Level, he knew that we wasn't smart enough to solve the issues plaguing his country and went out to find the smartest minds to save his nation. I'd prefer President Camacho to most people in Washington.

But how many of them actually support the decision and how many are bots and shills?

idk I was already called a soyboy cuck on halfchan /vr/ of all places bringing up NN, I'd say a good lot of them drank the koolaid

Both Holla Forumss and likely /liberty/.
I did have the displeasure of seeing threads on each Holla Forums celebrating the ruling when it was announced.

Our progression towards such a system accelerates day by day.
Democracies and especially democracies under a price system are simply incapable of producing good governments, especially at this late a stage.

Howard Scott for president! Howard Scott for president!

I don't understand, what's there to support here and why? Capitalism or does it have something to do with "owning the libs/sjws" or some stupid bullshit? It's literally cheering at having your liberty taken away…not that I'm at all surprised at Holla Forums acting this way mind you. They are stupid as fuck.



*Sky Marshal

There seems to be two allied camps that support it.
One are the 'free market' capi-cucks, the others are your more typical alt-right tards that do just want to see 'liberal tears'.
Both are clearly retarded and obviously found in abundance on Holla Forums.

For any of you idealists that still cling to democracy.
Just remember that most of these people vote/have the ability to vote.

I severely doubt that. Besides, the majority is definitely in favor of NN. You think that some Technocrat knows what's in someone else's best interest better than them, or that they're somehow inherently more rational just because they're more educated?

They do vote, but they're a minority so who cares???
Reminder that the net neutrality repeal is despised by almost everyone, the current FCC chairman wasn't elected but was rather chosen by a guy who himself was elected with 3 million less votes than the other candidate, who was herself chosen by wealthy donors and party elites.

The problem right now imo isn't the idiot masses running things - it's political elites and cronies who know basically nothing and just make careers out of being parasites. That's why we need tech elites with actual skills and knowledge to be our benevolent overlords 4 life.

benevolence is a spook, read Zhuang Tzu.


Why are the alt-right such fucking cucks? For the life of me, I'll never understand how so many people got tricked into sucking corporate cock.

it's called autism

Because they are petite bourgeois suburban white kids and suburban white people who don't want anything to change.

This image is currently on the front page of r/the_donald. They are sucking corporate cock because muh globalists.


But Trump is a globalist.

Eh. TBF I got swept up into the whole GamerGate thing back in the day, but that doesn't excuse the adults (I use that term very loosely) who got suckered in despite it being against their rational self-interest.

Y'know, I love my country, but stuff like this makes me understand why Europeans wanna nuke us.

Two years ago, these very same people would've defended NN to the death. You'd think they'd gain a modicum of class-consciousness with that.

but-corporations are bigger proponents of globalism than governments.

Thus the insane conspiracy theories. The system that they want to perpetuate is self-defeating in its current form. They know it and instead of accepting it and embracing change they retreat to idealism and angry fantasies about muh jews/globalists/masons/etc. These middle class shitheads are THE source of fascism is developed countries and will have to be dealt with.

Canadian gulags when?

Oh my sweet summer shitposters…

kinda feel sorry for autists cause they're getting conflated with these morons

They often are these morons though. Autists love idealism and are inherently attracted to reactionary ideology because of this (though usually they end up as run of the mill libertarians.) Socialist science will cure autism one day.

welcome to clown world

The meme i see is that pol believes net neutrality is what lets companies freely sell your data, so they think google vant do it anymore.
Yes its that retarded

It's almost as though this was some kind of metaphor.

I'm not a fan of Jon Oliver (for obvious reasons) but that image made me laugh.

Is it wrong that in a socialist system, I'd want these rightists to have their data leaked so they can be publicly disgraced.

The real winner here is Reases.

nothing to be ashamed of m8, a street-shitter called me a few days ago trying to scam me into buying free software online.

Your gangster computer god is no better, technohipsterfag. Read Stirner and realize you can make your own decisions instead of adjudicating to a 3rd party.

I wish, a man can dream.

Oh shit, theres all kinds of people on halfchan, playing devils advocate and condescendingly talking down like: "you dont know what your talking about" to people. Every time someone mentions this.

And they all have very similar sounding arguments. Also they post in this weird cordial civility, like some type of pr agent, amongst a thread full of spammers and shitposting.

Trying to make their fascist ideals seem normal, cool and hip. ?"Dude net neutrality bad look at this huge reeses cup, lol memes amiright?"


Did you write this same response, word for word, before?

what is with this new "bro bureaucrat" trend
first Trudeau, now this pajeet

Why not? The people are nice, the regional food is to die for, and we get free refills on our soft drinks. If Porky hadn't beaten, shot, and stabbed the average American into submission, we'd be socialist capital of the world today.

It's a longshot, but we still could be.

America is the contemporary Sodom (and no this is not because of muh neoliberal gay culture either.) It will be annihilated. I suggest moving to another country.

Stupid christcuck poster

Autism is only a problem if parents are terrible.

Nice spooks, my lad. I hope you know that Christians (the genuinely devout kind, not the ones who run megachurches) could be one of our most powerful allies here in the States.

By my mark, bad parents either had bad parents themselves, or simply don't have time because they're poor and constantly working. Regardless, it's a feedback loop of sorts.

America's sins are many. It will be destroyed within the next century and it will fucking deserve it. The global left should give up on the American "left". It will never be what it was during the early 20th century.

I realize this is bait, but I feel like insulting you anyway.

Doesn't India have one of the strongest Marxist presents currently?

hurr *presence excuse second language

The head of the PSL in my area is on the spectrum and probably one of the most prolific socialist organizers I know so take that as you will

That's actually really badass.

pic related

You can't have bad parents if you don't have parents because kids are raised communally.

What's the source for that sky marshal ranking system you showed off some time ago?

Rightism is hinged upon slave morality.

Yeah porky. But seriously was Ajit fucking up the internet good for the US left? I mean even the boot lickers on /pol are seemingly perturbed by all this. Id prefer net neutrality remained in tact but I just hope it tips things a little further left.

You know, at first I was really opposed to the whole communal raising thing, but I'm beginning to think there could be some real merit to it

The concept of slave morality IS rightism. I cringe every time I see a leftist try to appropriate Nietzsche’s elitist edgelord philosophy.

Is there really a difference?

I made it myself.

I'm currently working on a document that both changes a few things around and explains the overall administration in greater detail.
So the attached picture is a little out of date, but still reflective of how I intend to organise a Technate.

How out of touch do you have to be? This doesn't even seem possible unless your PR team is composed of shitty algorithms that pull up videos from the past 10 years that have lots of views.

People say "it takes a village" for a reason. And someone who grows up primarily being molded by one or two people is for sure going to be stunted compared to someone who spent time with a lot of different adults and got socialized into the community instead of into the atomized family that capitalism has given us.

Wow Howard Scott this is ranking system is the bomb.

but my kind of autism

Thank you.
Just keep in mind that it is outdated and the most modern version is slightly different.

Unlike the idlers here that are content to wait for change to come to them.
My position as effective head of my ideology demands that the lions share of my free time has to go into the specifics of how it would operate and developing a tangible vision for a better tomorrow.
Due to my lack of artistic talent, administrative documents are currently my focus (however I do plan on making videos).
I want to see the current system be washed away and replaced with a Technate in my lifetime; It is my duty to humanity to do my very best to make that happen.

Terry Crews is ultra/fit/ and has a god like physique. While Trump is a fatass who stuffs his face with McDonalds everyday.


Well yeah, technocracy is basically fascism with a sleek face

An interesting moral conundrum is the question of which person is more important, the potential life to be created or the adults that wish to create the life. Is it better to allow the freedom for the adults to create life over the welfare of the created life, or to restrict the rights of the currently living to try to optimize conditions for the new life.

Personally I'm the schopendepressed school of "stop forcing existence u fuks".

One of the things people most associate with fascism is treating the citizens the same way members of a military are treated. That chart of "citizen ranks" certainly won't help prevent the fascism comparisons.

Brilliant. You're a fucking loon, Howard.


Fuck, Howard Scott, this is incredible!
Can I help the cause with artistic contributions?

Yes. Capitalist pigs.

Letting children be born with genetic diseases is inherently unethical.
As such the main functions of the Eugenics Corps is to both screen foetuses (terminating any that have been identified to carry such a disease) and to ensure that only healthy genetic material is being used to create future citizens.

I would ask that you not let the 20th century colour your view of eugenics.

Yet no such conundrum would exist in a Technate as 'parents' would not exist in the traditional sense.
All that matters is ensuring that all children born are not going to be disadvantaged or have their quality of life lowered due to genetic factors out of their control.

Well not everyone can be a Gnostic.
Just remember that the Marcionites had a similar such view and they quickly died out.

Now that is not only a silly and baseless claim.
But an irrelevant one.
Simply by definition Technocracy is not Fascist, if some left wing ideologues wish to ignore that fact so that they can keep using their favourite snarl world.
That is not my concern.

It is a statement of fact.
I am the effective head of my ideology.
If you wish to remain idle, thinking that a movement that perfectly reflects your own ideology is just going to pop into existence one day and take power, then that is your own sad business.
I however am working in the hope of creating such a movement; Will to Power.

At the moment I don't require help.

Rightists un-ironically like Ajit Pai…