Daily News Thread 12/14

Federal Communications Commission repeals net neutrality rules

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission swept aside rules barring broadband providers from favoring the internet traffic of websites willing to pay for speedier service, sending the future of net neutrality on to a likely court challenge.

Israeli Minister Threatens Attack on Lebanon

"I am telling you that we will return Lebanon to the Stone Age," said Israeli Intel Minister Yisrael Katz.

Turkey reveals plan to open embassy in East Jerusalem

Turkey’s foreign minister has suggested that his country will consider opening an embassy in East Jerusalem once an independent Palestinian state is internationally recognized.

Walt Disney buys Murdoch's Fox for $52.4bn

Walt Disney has agreed to buy 21st Century Fox's entertainment assets for a total $52.4bn (£39bn).

Hamas will reverse Trump's Jerusalem move, leader tells Gaza rally

Tens of thousands of Palestinians including hundreds of gunmen rallied in Gaza on Thursday to mark the 30th anniversary of Hamas’s founding and its chief vowed to reverse U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Arms supplied by U.S., Saudi ended up with Islamic State, researchers say

Arms provided by the United States and Saudi Arabia to Syrian opposition groups frequently ended up in the hands of Islamic State, an arms monitoring group that analyzed weapons found on the battlefield said on Thursday.

US rep to UN shows ‘evidence’ of Iran’s missile in Yemen, promises coalition against Tehran

US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has described Iran as a “global threat” in a news conference outlining evidence of the nation’s “destabilizing behavior” in the Middle East.

Missing Argentine Submarine was ‘Chased’ by British Navy: Family Member

Nearly a month after its disappearance, the sister of one of the crew members who had been aboard the missing ARA San Juan submarine, has shared messages from her brother that claim a British Royal Navy helicopter had been chasing them before they disappeared.

With no deal on children's health plan, U.S. states scramble for Plan B

For Nancy Minoui of Portland, Oregon, and Crystal Lett of Dublin, Ohio, Congress’ failure to fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program is not some distant tale of political wrangling.

Mexico One Step Closer to Legalizing Military State

A special committee within the Mexican House of Representatives approved the latest version of the controversial Internal Security Bill.

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PM creeping into Grenfell service via back door is an insult, survivor tells RT

UK Prime Minister Theresa May attended Thursday’s memorial service at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, which marked six months since the Grenfell Tower fire. Rather than make a grand entrance, however, the PM crept in through the back door. Grenfell survivors were not impressed.

Far-right Britain First leader Paul Golding is arrested

Britain First leader Paul Golding was arrested and handcuffed in Belfast on Thursday, while accompanying deputy leader Jayda Fransen to court, where she was due to appear over hate speech charges.

Undercover Michigan police no longer off the hook for sex with prostitutes

Sex with prostitutes in Michigan isn’t legal, but until Wednesday, undercover police in the state couldn’t be prosecuted for sleeping with streetwalkers. Police agencies deny ever using the law or training officers to do the horizontal hula with hookers.

'Keep a light tone and blame the Jews': The leaked Nazi blog style guide

The style guide for The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website that hit headlines in August 2017 for publishing a tirade against a counter-protester killed during a far-right rally, has leaked online.


Anti-Communist PSYOP in the Philippines

The criminalization of organized dissent is the force of state terror against a shared communist vision of the world among the popular classes.

Britain doesn’t appear to be collapsing as a result of Brexit

Do you remember back to May 2016, when the British Treasury, which is clearly full of mainstream macroeconomists who have little understanding of how the system actually operates released their ‘Brexit’ predictions?

NYT Prints Government-Funded Propaganda About Government-Funded Propaganda



its going to be the incubator story with Iraq all over again.
I remember reading horror stories of cops assaulting prostitutes and then throwing them in jail after the fact. This is insane.

This was the Iranian response


Lindsey:70% War with North Korea if they conduct another nuclear test

tl'dr the US is still naive about the balance of power in northern Asia and think the chinese will move against the norks


More stuff, US is considering strikes against the Norks thinking that there'll be no retaliation

Why is this conflict still a thing?


"I dissent to this legally-lightweight, consumer-harming, corporate-enabling, destroying-internet freedom order," said Democrat commissioner Mignon Clyburn ahead of the vote.

First negation, check. Dialectics in motion. Now we wait.

Truly apocalyptic news today!

T-thanks N-newsAnon!

in b4 they do a nuclear test just because he said that

post Derg-chan tomorrow

The US is fuckin careening into another goddamn war so Raytheon can afford another round of dividends

suddenly don't feel so bad about spending my life in academia

Man Iran would fuck the US up massively.

What are the economic consequences?

None. All the financial data is backed up


Gee Drumpfey, your mom lets you have two wars of aggression?

Imagine Trump tries to start both wars simultaneously and spreads the US army so thin worldwide that the entire neoimperialist empire collapses.

It'll get tied up the courts.

Whew that came out of fucking nowhere.

That coalition part is funny. Like the EU isn't ready to leave Trump's ass in the desert to die.

Nah, momentum will die, it'll just be forgotten by people who care and corporate shills will pass it without opposition.

I imagine they could probably draft some shitty European states Europe, maybe even Jvpiter himself.

I would say, they would coup him before that, but all of his generals are retarded in different also dangerous ways when it comes to it.

The day of macron guillotining is fast approaching, I see.

I suspect the ISPs will offer a nice deal to the big tech companies and thus avoid any real legal issues

the American military is so high on ideology they think the US is guaranteed to win any war they start. It'll be like Afghanistan or Vietnam, any sensible people who point out the war is a bad idea will be accused of undermining the military.
The US will be at war forever now. Your grandchildren will volunteer for Iraq just so they can afford food stamps.

They would coup him if he didn't declare war against someone, the Pentagon is tied in too deep with MIC on the whole. War is business

pretty sure real estimates are 60+ warheads

when you drink the water thats been sitting out on your bedside table for 3 days

read the feed and article, the military thinks if they bomb the Norks, the norks will just take it and not respond or the norks will lose everything in a single strike

That's the thing isn't it, they have such a distorted view of winning

Any US war against North Korea will be the death of US power in the Pacific and the start of sharp imperial collapse for the rest of the US
Especially if the rumors that the US wants to strike without informing Japan and the Sorks, who are opposed to striking, are true

honestly a war with Iran would be even more disastrous. Think Afghanistan times ten, plus you risk dragging Russia into the conflict.

super high oil prices because Iran starts launching AShMs into the gulf is gonna be p funny/shitty

Probably not
Korea would involve having to tank nuclear hits on Japan and the US, probably several causing economic implosion
North Korea's terrain is also ideally suited for long term guerilla warfare which the Chinese and Russians would almost certainly support to bleed the US.

Iran would be the above without nukes

My body is ready



James Fields Jr. charged with first-degree murder in Charlottesville car attack

1st Degree murder means both willful and premeditated. It's possible his lawyers will pull some bullshit and pretend like he wasn't there to intentionally kill protesters.

People depriving themselves from full imageboard experience are literally worse than Hitler

>Possible war with NK and Iran

I'm getting too old for this shit.

4D chess :^)

so with all things considered, how are you gonna celebrate the fall of the usa Holla Forums?

By getting out of the country before it happens, I hope.

Now this is a spicy take

W E W. maybe we should be paying takes as hot as that.

lol did she get laid while drunk or something

This timeline sucks ass

So the prosecutors are trying to tank the case I see.

in a sane and rational world the case would be easy to prosecute but this is America so your probably right.

As long as narcan is still cheap with health insurance and exists at all then expect an army of white trash walmart dumpster babies killing/raping people in the name of daddy dondon.

Trump's primary support comes from wealthy white """"middle class"'"" suburbs not the white working class.

Your disdain for the proletariat is apparent.


Have even more hot takes, especially the top comment.

They went to Cuba in one of their videos and they just talked so much shit on Havana because of "muh communism"
God the nooses cant come soon enough


Clearly democracy was a mistake


Even more Libertarian stupidity

Didn't the net neutrality issue happen because an ISP was caught throttling? And then there was the torrenting site that was throttled.

am I… am I interpreting this argument correctly, or am I just another Snowflake?


American 'libertarians' are fucking crazy, so you probably are reading it right.

Neese are for pussies.

Send out the chopping block n feed their heads to the Lurker.

They showed how there were streets that were in real bad conditions, the censorship and the fact that pharmacies had limited stock of medicines


theocratic doomsday cult, get it right

Well I mean Israel is pretty much the most vile country in existence since it is both an American proxy state and a capitalist ethnostate. Everything about it begs for annihilation.

So there are what, 4 companies now?

Technically Disney aren't getting Fox News or Fox Sports.


Oh boy, I sure can't wait until the entire fucking world is owned by a cartoon mouse.



was there no money in the budget for a child actor this time around? we really are crumbling huh?

What is Israel going to do once it realizes that the American empire is quickly becoming a paper tiger and can't defend them from the rest of the world that basically wants them gone?

Simpsons for kingdom hearts 3 confirmed.

Honestly can't believe they got cucked into not developing nuclear by the deal, given that every single MM report "accidentally" says they have nukes anyway

Hopefully Canuckistan gains some autonomy as a result of the death of the empire.

The death of the American empire does not mean that America will cease to be a regional power. Canada will still largely be their bitch.

I don't have to like the proletariat as people just because I disdain capitalism and class antagonisms. I don't care for Wal-Mart brand white trash mayonnaise blooded reactionaries or shithead slave mentality idpol drenched liberal niggers.
Nobody is going to be convinced of socialism, they have to figure out how to not be morons.

40 years ago Disney would have been declared a monopoly and broken up.

America is really starting to look like a dying empire.

Nice lie Argies


The nationalists might, Argentina is run by a conservative presedent right now. Just like it was before the dictatorship in the 80s.

Wait and the UK has just again massively cut the armed forces under a tory gov…
First as a tragedy…

They literally can't
go read up on their military, funding got cut and it rotted away. They had warships capsize in harbor due to not being maintained

So, like any other third world nation then?

Argentina won't try it. Don't worry.

Can someone PLEASE edit this so that the "Gee Bill" meme has Trump's face while holding 2 missiles (tomahawks or ICBMs) and the text says "Gee, Trump! How come your mom let's you have/wage TWO wars?"

who is/are this/these semen demon(s)?

So why haven’t we stolen the Stormfront internet manifesto and used it to promote socialism? It’s been undeniably successful in turning the interment into a right wing torture chamber.

I bloody hope not, last thing we need is May winning a war to kill off the UK's growing left movement.