Net neutrality is dead

As an American why the fuck shouldn't I just give up like everyone else in my country? There's no point here, Leftism is dead and we're just going to oscillate between psuedo-keynesian neoliberalism and psuedo-fascist neoreactionaries running shit for the next 100 years while all the porkies fuck each other. Fuck this I want to kill myself and you can't give me one good reason why I shouldn't

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The question is no longer if we can escape capitalism but how it will happen, because this society is already collapsing all around us, even if it does so at various speeds in different sectors and regions of the world. A huge portion of humanity has already been designated as “garbage” and is condemned to survive, as best it can, often in rubbish dumps or by recycling refuse. Money, value, labor, and the commodity are being overcome but in the form of a nightmare. Not a great deal of actual work is needed in production, but we are all forced to work in order to live.

They didn't. Nobody trusts the news media, and only 6% give a shit about Russia coverage.

Nothing lasts forever, not even world dominating empires. The next war we start is going to be a disastrous failure, who knows what will happen after that.

Either a reactionary spreading defeatism or someone even more useless than the anarkiddies and autistic M-Ls you criticize.

Why just do yourself? Take a politician with you.

American here, where are good countries for me to flee to?

Getting real tired of Amerimutts.

Please, I swear I can be cool.

Form in-person communities with people who realize, to some degree or another, what is on the horizon not just for America but for humanity.

Get survival skills. From radio operation to small engine repair to distilling liquor to what kind of foods you can forage in your region. As much as you can learn about living without ULTRA CONVENIENCE(tm). It wouldn't be a terrible idea to have a few weeks of food and water stored as well.

Get guns. Learn how to use them.

Arguably in that order. Doing the above puts you in about the best position I can think of for managing through hard times.

I have no clue how American society is still breathing, to be honest
And yet, there is no alternative. There's no radicals, not even in the Unabomber-esque manner.

I'm the latter and I am sorry

I've actually just made up my mind that I'm going to off myself so that if there are lefties stronger than me in this country I won't hold them back. They'd probably off me themselves anyway so fuck it there's no hope

I'm a broke as fuck neet with no foreign language skills or marketable job training. I'm stuck here in Burgerland too. Guess I just have to ride or the storm or be killed along with it.

At the start of this year I was pretty worried about the direction we were going as a country, but I had hope that socialism might pick up… but it hasn’t. I feel like everything is so shit at the moment and there’s no hope

I’ve made the decision to start living out of a van in the town I went to high school in. I’m going to quite my job, go on disability, and try to relive the glory days, one bottle of 6$ vodka at a time.

Europe really isn't much better. It's liberals vs anti-immigration liberals.

I'd rather just die tbh.

If you want to kill yourself then stop giving excuses and just do it already, I give you permission. You're pretty much useless to the cause anyways if this is all it takes for you to quit.

Don't think that user. You can still contribute to the struggle. Think of ways to educate those around you. The left always needs a comrade regardless of his stature and ability

Ash and snow.

If he wants to die let him die if he can. Why encourage somebody to do something against their interests just so that you can benefit from it? Capitalism is going to turn most of the world into communists when shit actually hits the fan anyways so forcing him to live under your spook doesn't make sense.

I wish I could be so optimistic. People will allow anything to happen until it becomes literally unbearable for the situation to continue, at which point it'll likely be too late considering the sheer scale at which capitalism is fucking the world these days.

At least you still have guns.

Go innawoods, build yourself a cabin, hunt, fish and grow veggies. Shoot anyone that comes near you.

*shoot a politician

I feel the same way, and there are probably millions of Americans who are the same. Stop looking for other people to provide a ready-made movement for you, whether its Democrats, Democratic Cops of America, or anarchists/various strains of Marxist. Organize and come up with something new, articulate an actual vision for what the future should look like, because that's what we need more than anything apparently.

Other than that, just focus on self-improvement and your own happiness whatever that looks like because societal change is a collective phenomenon and you can't bear the weight of responsibility for it by yourself. You aren't doing anyone any good if you succumb to defeatism and depression anyway.


If he wants to die that's his choice but that doesn't mean I won't try to offer some advice. I've suffered from suicidal thoughts and almost took my life once. I know reality can be a shit but from my view you can either wallow in sorrow or try to make life as enjoyable as possible. I lean more towards the latter. We either die on a hospital bed, a battlefield, or a car crash. The inability of people to foresee their death/future obviously gives people anxiety and depression. If you want to take your own life into your hands by all means that should be your right but just realize the gravity of your choice

Not OP, but thanks comrade. Needed to read that.

"We have to create culture, don't watch TV, don't read magazines, don't even listen to NPR. Create your own roadshow. The nexus of space and time where you are now is the most immediate sector of your universe, and if you're worrying about Michael Jackson or Bill Clinton or somebody else, then you are disempowered, you're giving it all away to icons, icons which are maintained by an electronic media so that you want to dress like X or have lips like Y. This is shit-brained, this kind of thinking. That is all cultural diversion, and what is real is you and your friends and your associations, your highs, your orgasms, your hopes, your plans, your fears. And we are told 'no', we're unimportant, we're peripheral. 'Get a degree, get a job, get a this, get a that.' And then you're a player, you don't want to even play in that game. You want to reclaim your mind and get it out of the hands of the cultural engineers who want to turn you into a half-baked moron consuming all this trash that's being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world."
~ Terence McKenna

Pretty much the only thing that keeps me going is that I have a parent from Ireland so I can pretty easily move to England or any EU nation I want.

I can relate OP America really is a shit hole and it really breaks my heart to look at some of the good leftist organizations we had like a century ago and how their either completely neutered or destroyed now.


Oh, I know it's shit there too, but at least the average person isn't as reactionary there so theres a *slightly* better chance that when shit hits the fan there it would go our way


Maybe it's foolish and insensitive of me to say this, but I just feel as if choosing to opt-out entirely is not just an admission of defeat but an act of submitting myself to the forces and people who will cause the horrors we will suffer in our elderly years

I don't care anymore, I'd rather be broken as punishment for my obstinacy than ground down as punishment for my defeatism. So I might as well throw myself at the (figurative) hill until I take it or I can't fight anymore.

The HORROR is NOW, and rapidly getting MORE HORRIBLE.

I'm an optimist, I don't expect the breakdown of global trade routes and state power outside of asia for at least 25 years.
But even if you're correct, isn't that just more of an incentive to do what you can now? Either to stop it now or to weather the collapse and be in a position to start putting pieces back together post-collapse?

Yes, this isn't the time to panic or give up, but your time frame is way too long imho.

I think accelerationist tactics are retarded (socialists need to fight for, not against, the common worker if we're ever gonna build anything out of capitalism's crises) but they have a point; capitalism getting worse and worse is just gonna get people angrier until things reach a boiling point. We're not fighting for fun but because we have no choice - it's socialism or barbarism, y'know?

As for far-left orgs in the US all sucking, this is (mostly, I'm still fond of the SEP despite the trotsky worship) true, but at the same time, we don't need them. The overwhelming majority of workers, or even of self-proclaimed socialists, aren't involved in any of them; opportunities are out there on the left if we seize them.

Everyone stop being fucking defeatists. Do you think the world thought a shitty, reactionary backwater like Russia was going to experience one of history's most important revolutions even five years before the October Revolution? Did anyone think that it would become the second superpower within 40 years? No one can predict the future, and Americans aren't some special type of of creature that loves misery; if the material conditions are right, and it looks like they're heading that way, then a revolution will happen.

Everyone ITT is thinking painfully idealistically, that somehow Americans wallowing in ideology is the deciding factor for how America is. America is the way it is because the 20th century was very good to it and the collapse of the SU allowed it to become the Empire, but all of that is changing. The success of Bernie shows that many people know that regular Capitalism isn't working for them, while the election of Trump shows that people know the economy is becoming shit and that the establishment doesn't give a fuck about them. Leftwing politics is growing in America, it might just be socdem in red, but it clearly shows people are not happy with the present state of things, and that they don't believe the propaganda tauht to their parents. Along with the fact that the Empire is continually losing it's overseas influence. The EU is moving away from NATO, China is gaining influence throughout East Asian, and the US is completely losing their grip on the middle-east: Turkey constantly telling them to go fuck themselves, Iraq heading towards complete Iran dominance, Syria remaining under Russian and Iranian influence, and Lebanon becoming more friendly towards them as well. When the American Empire collapses and the economy with it and no "anti-establishment" politician can fix anything, then the people aren't going to keep talking about bootstraps or electorialism.

All of this is quite irrelevant anyway. It doesn't matter if it's a losing battle, because it is literally socialism or barbarism, and losing the fight won't make anything any worse.

I think Canada will probably hang on a bit longer as a militarized garrison state

Also this. Don't defeat yourself, let the right attempt to do that

How can Canada hold on if the USA, the linchpin of the capitalist economy, goes down?

Good man, this is some solid theory.
Now everyone should be working on good praxis too.

"Only a crisis—actual or perceived—produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes politically inevitable."

That's actually a Milton Friedman quote, but it's absolutely right. Even if it feels hopeless, build a movement, get our message out there, get ideas in people's minds, doesn't matter if they immediately agree with them - the next time there's a crisis, it won't be like pic related. People will know a the true alternative to the status quo, and our movement will spread like wildfire.


too bad he was as brain fried as he accuses the masses of being

Good post overall. But,
What about fascism?

hot take

We already said barbarism, user.


Like I said, garrison state. Basically Juche lite. The country will be willing to submit to military rule if it means keeping out the invading yankee hordes

Why are burgers so delusional about Europe? Take the Netherlands, for instance. The major power struggle is between classical liberals and anti-immigration classical liberals. In Germany, the struggle is between social liberals and conservative liberals. The population is reactionary as fuck. You guys look at Melenchon and figure he represents the majority of Europe. He doesn't, folks like him are the face of a minority. And even then they're still just old school SocDems. And that's just Western Europe; nations like Poland or Hungary are far more reactionary than America still. Europe is going nowhere lefty anytime soon.

Will they be willing to abandon capitalism when it collapses?

I dunno, was Nazi Germany exactly "barbarism" ? They had high technology and such.

It's a pretty cold take actually

Cold like his corpse
and his legacy

Nice try, CIA.

It just seems more "cultured" and "sophisticated" and "intellectual" I guess. Self-identified "leftists" are often Europhiles.

it's because no matter how liberal or reactionary Europe is it still has a baseline of human decency governing a lot of its policy decisions. Please don't misunderstand me, capitalism is capitalism, and exploitation and oppression are the rule in Europe as well. Nuit Debout showed that clear as day. However, it's not just present in everyday social relations to as blatant an extent as it is in America. Literally every second of every day is class struggle in America whereas it presents itself only in large nationwide struggles that happen every few years in Europe, for better OR worse. Again not saying this is good, just accounting for why Americans think Europe is more civilized, cuz comparatively, even though it IS a shitfest in its own right, comared to America it is way, WAY less of a shitfest

Russia only turned commie after happily sitting out multiple years of the most destructive war in human history and sending an entire generation of men to their deaths whilst most of the population lived in horrid poverty under a ruling class of decadent aristocrats. It took that level of catastrophe, and then further degeneration of the living standards than the mess most people already suffered, for the Russian people to finally rise up against their obscenely despotic and terrible government and improve their unacceptable living conditions. What that shows is that people will suck up basically anything for as long as they possibly can. They will let millions die in vein and eat dry bread for years if they have any hope it might conceivably go back to being only moderately shit in the near future. Only utter despair will drive them to revolutionary action en masse. Even if the American Empire collapses, the people will just follow the path of the least resistance unless no other option is left open.

Things rings true to me. The Americas were originally colonized by Europeans looking to exploit it, and that legacy remains with us. The most ruthless and brutal Europeans were the ones who generally came here (with obvious exceptions like the Quakers) and that is still the dominant culture here: to exploit land and people without remorse.

I mean ethnic Germans lived a nice life while Eastern Europeans were being slaughtered and mass deported into labor camps. Just because they had technology doesn't change the fact that they used it to ruthlessly conquer other races deemed inferior. The Nazi ideology bases itself on conquering other tribes and plundering their lands. Just read the first chapter of Mein Kampf. Its literally humans vs orcs at the core.

I don't disagree that they were tribalist, I'm just quibbling over the word "barbarous". Ironically, I think it was the Romans who first used the word "barbarians", in reference to Germanic tribes.

Yeah, those ruthless and brutal starving Irish people and others escaping the crushing poverty of industrial Europe already laid the seeds for the present calamity! Even though the US was actually a more egalitarian and less miserable place to live than Europe in the 19th century and had a pretty solid left movement up until the first half of the 20th… I guess the evil culture lay dormant and only awoke recently?

Depends. Canada is not a country of radicalism. Any decision to abandon capitalism would come from top-down, either from regional or from national elites imposing it on everyone else.
As long as external chaos forces the regions to cooperate, the elites could do whatever they wanted to.

Agreed the word does have a moralistic overtone but I fail to find a better word. maybe dystopian?
The eternal German will always try to ruin Europe

"Barbarous" implies "primitive" to me.

They aren't the ruthless ones, of course, they came here and then got caught up in the ruthless rackets that were already happening here. Those sorts of folk laid the seeds for the present American counterculture, in fact. I'm not blaming the proletariat who came here, but rather the bourgeois.

I realize that, but my point is that you can't look at the present state of things as evidence for what the future will look like. American is the center of Capitalism, and it's inhabitants' ideology reflects that, but that doesn't mean anything when the conditions get revolutionary.

I also basically cannot stop thinking about how many times we have been on the brink of something positive happening in America before and how many times the neoliberal establishment bounced back from it in one way or another. Look at the 2008 market crash for example.

Read Cockshott.

Please, comrade, quote Cockshott's relevant work here for us.

Does this apply to grandparents as well.or no

barbarity is moral and social primitivity, not technological primitivity.

I see. Noted.


Reject tribalism! Join the anarcho-communist Revolution!

Net neutrality just means should the porkies running websites fuck me or should the porkies running my ISP fuck me?

Laser data link network when?

This is cool and all but how does it help me?
If I had a business and wanted to out porky porky by cheating porky out his porky bucks then I would use this but for now what we really should be doing is advocating for a free internet, with freedom of content and free usage with no charge for the peoples.

I agree, but it'd be nice to not be dependent on these fucks.

We need to signal boost this

Hello FBI

Good post.

Eat a bullet, but kill Ajit Pie before you do, please.

Hi Holla Forums, if you bothered interacting with any lefty org in the United States, you'd know we're doing better now than we had in a century, early Great Depression notwithstanding.

Idk, guns exist.

nazis were the definition of barbarism. the events that unfolded in eastern europe between 1939 and 1945 were some of the most brutal in history, unprecedented in modern history just by the sheer magnitude of suffering and slaughter

Hi Holla Forums

Yes, Holla Forums has every interest in us maintaining high morale.


just ride it out broski

all monkey men to the zoos

bye bye monkey men

You sound really depressed. Get that checked if you can user.

oh look, its another "socdems are demsocs" episode

The thing is if I do the only real solution are happy pills. I know this sounds paranoid as fuck and it's anecdotal, I'm no scientist, but everyone I've ever known who got anti-depressants or anti-psychotics at best turned into a numb zombie on them and at worst had their issues exacerbated by side effects