Disney corporation buying (most of) Fox for 52 billion dollars...

Disney corporation buying (most of) Fox for 52 billion dollars. This would make Disney an even bigger monopoly than It already is
It should be noted that Fox News will not be included in this buyout, Instead fox news is going to be split into a seperate company still under Murdoch control.

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Murdoch is really fucking fumbling Fox isn't he

It's more that Fox was not competitive outside of their news and sports divisions and it's been like that for a while. Makes sense to cut it loose

Disney's only going to get bigger, baby.

Can't wait until Disney buys the rights to the Alien franchise, and they make 40 more prequel movies


To be clear, Murdoch will be keeping:
Pretty much everything else is going to Mickey, who also owns ABC News.

guarantee that Murdoch wanted to keep fox news solely so he could keep influencing Trump.

Murdoch is also buying 1/4 of Disney so it's not like he's out of the game, he's surrendering some direct control for a lot of additional influence

Damn you can feed an entire nation with that money. Even some of its debt.

*pay off some debt

Filthy commie. Every single cent of those billions was earned through the hard work of their shareholders AND NONE ELSE!

thumbnail looks like goatse

it might as well be

This is OK, because it's capitalist so it represents freedom. It's nothing like that evil "Pravda" state media that they had in communism.

What will happen after Disney owns all the media and Nestle owns all the food and water? Jesus comes back to tell us we won the game, or a thermonuclear war between the two over the ownership of EVERYTHING?
I mean of course its the thermonuclear war, but what does the capitalist canon have for the endgame?

I think what we all want out of this is for the entire Alien series to be remade as animated features complete with lengthy musical numbers.

forgot flag

I think we should stop calling those in power "porkies". Instead, we should call them Mice/Rats.

On the bright side, looks like people are losing interest in Star Wars.

I'm actually scared…

don't believe their lies


I'm concerned with how more on Holla Forums aren't worried about Disney becoming the ultimate alpha porky. They might as well be an ascended form of Scrooge McDuck.


nothing happens, by then people will think its normal. and to express otherwise would mean youre insane and probably have you disappeared.

I hope this porky wars franchise bombs