How does one counter the liberal hysteria about US democracy being controlled by Russian hackers and Trump being...

How does one counter the liberal hysteria about US democracy being controlled by Russian hackers and Trump being Putin's puppet? It's getting fucking annoying not to be able to talk about the Democrats being worthless shitters because apparently they only lost because of this international conspiracy rather than any fault of their own.

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I am an American and I generally just tell people who being up this point that

1. We do this to everyone all over the world all the time

2. Trump hasn't done anything that actually benefits Russia

3. I point out exactly what you pointed out that the democrats are using this to distract from how shit they are.

Trump will go down because of this investigation, but not because of any treason or collusion, it will be because of good ole fashioned money laundering, financial corruption, and scams he was running before during and after he got elected.

People have known he was laundering money for the job for decades, but now we have an investigation to prove it instead of gossip.

Weird how liberals went from being token opponents of aggressive FP to its most strident proponents. A number of times liberals have told me IRL we should go to war with Russia over their "rape of our democracy'"

russia dindu nuffin


The story makes no sense as told, the hack in question hasn't been proven to be the work of Russian intelligence.
The content of the hack was mostly banal, it only revealed the Democratic party elites as stupid hacks that had a strong pro Clinton bias. This is why they never discuss the contents of the hack and why they're so mad about it.
Even if every wild claim about voting machines being hacked by KGB supersoldiers were true, it's still not clear what it has to do with Trump or how it could lead to impeachment. If impeachment isn't on the table this is all a waste of time.

The current russia clique was placed there by the US (Yeltsin, Putin, Medvedev). What goes around come around.


1996 tho, America literally raped Russia throughout the entire 90s. Literally raped the economy as well as the democracy. America allowed Yeltsin to do a coup against parliament in 93, America actively assisted in the absolute fraud that was the 1996 election

I want to talk in person with an American liberal so I can explain this to them or just scream at them until they cry

A nation of zombies. That explains EVERYTHING.

What has come around is Cold War propaganda. Had you seen Morgan Freeman going mental on youtube? People are literally thinking they are living inside retarded Hollywood movie.

Let's not forget that the FBI was not allowed to look at the DMV servers in order to prove weather or not the Russians had anything to do with it. Instead they hired an outside """""""independent""""" investigator to do it instead that conveniently came to the conclusions the democrats wanted.

The elites in the DNC found the leaks personally and professionally embarrassing. To greedy careerists like them, it's the ultimate transgression, their prestige took hit. It makes sense when you realize all the DC professional class cares about is money and social climbing.

It's hard to see anything getting better when people just unquestioningly swallow whatever retarded story the ruling class tells them.

It's a shame Trump is such a colossal cuck, one of the few things I was certain would happen after he won was Clinton and everyone associated with her being thrown in the can, or at least put through the wringer. Instead, he's just allowing the investigations against him to happen without any oppositional action on his part against the people doing it.


Accelerationism failed because Trump is such a fucking tard that he just allows himself personally to be blamed for everything.

It's just amazing that the Clinton leaks were apparently taken seriously enough to shift poll numbers a double-digit percentage away from her during the election, and yet there has been zero anything about it since then. Is the media just doing an absurdly strict clampdown, or are people's attention spans really that short?

Like you counter anything else, not arguing with shills, representatives, propagandists, you name it BUT talking with normal people, getting non toxic followers and popularizing your opinion

Were the Clinton leaks really responsible for that, or was it just people hating Clinton in general?

Some people aren't aware the wikileaks thing even happened, it came out nearly the exact same day as Trump's pussy-grabbing tape remember, so people's attention was absorbed by that. Or at least I talked to one liberal who was marginally politically informed who had never heard about it.

I think it's both short attention spans and media clampdown.

Hacked email stories are boring so they decided to spice it up with Russia hysterics. It's cheap to produce because you can just make shit up, no need to pay reporters to do stories.

To anyone in the know in this thread:
What would happen if Putin died of a stroke tonight? Quick transition to a President Medvedev? Chaos? Collapse of United Russia and a President Zhirinovsky?

The world would be saved from Dark Lord Putin and his malicious control over international democracy, ushering in an era of peace and justice.

I think pussygate was timed to take people's eyes off the hack. Even though people were harping on Clinton's emails the entire election, not much details were given on the content of emails other than the fact she violated ethics obligations

Begone satan

Right, also people confuse Clinton's private server scandal, the first DNC leak which caused Debbie Wasserman Shultz to resign in July, and the Podesta emails (which were the ones that came out the same day as pussygate). They all just become "Clinton emails" in the public imagination and are vaguely associated with "Russian hacking" - nevermind that they were leaks probably not hacks.

1. Remind them how many times US intelligence services have lied to Americans. USS Maine, Gulf of Tonkin Incident, WMDs in Iraq, etc.

2. Point them to this report by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (composed largely of whistleblowers) demonstrating that it was impossible for the files retrieved from the DNC servers to have been downloaded over internet speeds across the Atlantic Ocean:

3. Remind them that the DNC refused to let the FBI search their own servers for evidence.

4. Break down that laughable "intelligence community" report back in January. It consists literally of some twitter trolls and years-old RT programs that ended before the primary election even started. That's literally all they had.

And here's that "intelligence community" report by the way. It's not actually that long, make them fucking read it if they don't believe you.

Abby Martin responds to the intelligence community report:

There's also this lengthier overview:

Bite-size version


I remember around late 2012 before her breakingtheset show got popular there was a video floating around online where she was speaking English with a thick cossack accent. It wasn't on youtube but on some website called metacafe.

Bill Binney on the Jimmy Dore show debunking this bullshit today. I think they took my suggestion from a live stream comment.

"If releasing true information to the American public can sway an election, doesn't that mean the "hacked" party deserved to lose? Representative democracy is meaningless if votes are based on misleading or outright false impressions of politicians."

And if they press on with the foreign meddling/treason hysterics, bring up Russia '96.

Liberals hate gun toting rednecks and blame them for Trump, but what are those rednecks going to do if Trump is removed from office because of an incomprehensible """""corruption""""" scandal? Racialized violence at the very least.

Thanks for all the resources, user.