Is Galloway /ourguy/ in the UK? >inb4 Corbynfags

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He's a bit goofy, but I like him, at least in the same reserved way that I like many left-liberals and social-democrats.

Wow, original title there, blew me out.

Have fun getting betrayed when he votes with LibDems at least 80 percent of the time

What label would you put on him? He is a social-democrat.

He's prolly a trot but doesn't bring it up because it's irrelevant in mainstream political discousrse

Wait how can you be pro-Galloway yet anti-Corbyn? They are cut off the same cloth and did a lot of shit together. Pic related.

And since when can't a social-democrat be an anti-imperialist?

I'm assuming that, like most people who write "succdem", you don't really know what social-democracy is.

Also for the record the SWP is genuine trash honestly.

Wew lad

I understand that he's still pro-corbyn himself but I just see it as wishful thinking. It's understandable but the reality of the matter is that everyone who is pro-corbyn will be betrayed by him the same way Sanders movement has been (>inb4 it hasn't)

I'm not saying they aren't just that they aren't succdems

they work together in basically all issues

Actually I mean one thing is that I have heard fuck all from Galloway since Corbyn got elected. Sure the CPB and various other groups have backed labour, but apart from him wrapping-up RESPECT Galloway has really been off the radar in recent years.

Nah lad it will go the other way: It won't be betrayal but overthrow that ends the Corbyn epoch (unless there is a sustainable long term victory). And tbh, Corbyn isn't the main man, it is John McDonnell that is our lad.

Also for the record Galloway is pretty reactionary and excuses islamism: RESPECT was rife with it.


Not an argument, also Allande is was a dude.

No openly working with a Pan-European Islamist network to get votes is kinda reactionary tbh. Ot at-least it is facilitating reactionaryism.

The man wasn't a succdem he was a demsoc like Chavez and both demonstrate why being a genuine socialist who's too scared to be labelled "authoritarian" is a recipe for disaster

Source on the islamist enabling or shut the fuck up about it

> (the citation)

RESPECT is pretty well known for courting "moderate islamists" in those communities as a counter-point to blair's new labour.


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The guy is the biggest Muslim shill in Britain, what are on about?




rip max clifford
a personification of the Spectacle
he got the easy way out
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Emma Goldman was in the German SPD


Why is everyone so shocked and disgusted about it?

Dude this is Britain, public displays of affection are considered taboo.

He had two shows on (the Iranian) Press TV:
He had a show on (the Lebanese) Al Mayadeen: Mayadeen galloway&page=&utm_source=opensearch
He has is own show on Russia Today:
He has his own radio show in (the British) talkRADIO:
He is a regular radio guest on Sputniknews:

TBH hes probably an ML that is just doing slick entryism. Hes gone a bunch of on the ground revolutionary activity in places like South Africa and Palestine.

seconded, the perfect example of why Trots are bad

He's an unorthodox guy politically.

For example, on Question Time he BTFO a British journalist called David Aaronovitch because he was a Eurocommunist-turned-Blairite who supported the Iraq War but George called him a Stalinist and Marxist-Leninist. Another example is his support for Assad but his weird hatred for Gaddafi, though he was still opposed to NATO intervention in Libya.

I'd say he's a social democrat with strong anti-imperialist views that are firmly outside the political mainstream in Britain.

Who cares?

sputnkik news for example is the shittyest most disgusting news organization on the planet, so that might make him a bit less sympathetic

1. Why is Sputnik so bad?

2. CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News are all equally as bad, if a politician or ideologue goes on one of those channels does that automatically discredit them? Other Lefties like Abby Martin and Chris Hedges have both worked for RT, does that mean they don't agree with us overhwlemingly?

he's a fascist. if he was alive in the 30s, he would've loved Franco and Charles Lindbergh

wow, so anti-imperialist! truly leftist! /ourguy/


I guess brits spend their time drinking tea with the queen, yes?

Yes, look at all the freedom and democracy that has flourished in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and Syria since the noble Western democracies got involved.

Defend Bantustan Bradford from British imperialism!

don't forget that time he went to Washington Dc.

Into the trash it goes.

t. resistance twitter

The absolute state of leftoids.

Unironically yes.