Its just a bubble! The market doesn't correct!

How does it feel nocoiners? To be eternally btfo by libertarian economics while your economies shit themselves.

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>You can't critique digital mudpies and own bitcoins
What did he mean by this?

Falling rate of profit, exponential growth and infrastructure limits are catching up to bitcoin.

bitcoin's market value is entirely dependent on the existence of black markets

Kek. haven't heard this one yet.

This is why fucking buttcoin is rising

they're carding gift cards to trade for extra bitcoin

enjoy killing off the human race because computer money, libercuck.


watch potholer54 and then off yourself

yeah guys, pumping metric tons of gases itno the atmosphere that makes our planet warmer is 100% natural. Even the dinasaurs were doing it, just watch the flintstones.

Go back to Holla Forums.





Cryptocurrencies are useless as currencies as long as they will be used to make a quick buck by nerds and brokers. Their values are way too unstable, and they are basically high risk investments who just happen to have a low-barrier of entry.

The market will correct BTC, just like it did in 2013 when its value rose from $100 to $1100 then crashed to $200. I trust Zerohedge on this more than Nick Land.

That said, cryptos open up a lot of possibilities for creating new forms of exchange, just like the internet did, and it's nice for lolberts I guess, but you have to realize that Google, Amazon, Facebook and Paypal all emerged after the dot-com bubble.

I regret not investing in BTC in 2013, and in ETH earlier this year, but it's too late now and it's useless to stay bitter forever. The current situation gave me a good opportunity to learn more about finance and economics, and that's cool. Better luck next time.
I really love the /biz/ memes

But it objectively is a bubble. Just because some people will make money doesn't make it not a bubble.
The price at which coins are traded today is way above their actual value.
People only buy coins so they can sell them for more, and for no other reason. Its a speculation stock.

once the bubble bursts half of /biz/ will be on suicide watch

Try harder.

The downfall of buttcoin will be extra sweet

Ok kid.

Dude you can buy mad dope with BTC tho didn't you know?

read minsky

A real scholar would quote his relevant work.

This. I'm tired of this "read le book XDDDD" meme.
When I look at the /theory/ thread, there is barely any discussion on the actual content of the pdfs they share (not to mention, it's all Lacanian shit unrelated to politics and economics). I suspect that no one is actually reading here, it's only a pose.
Quote the relevant passages, summarize the arguments, or fuck off.

It's a big circle jerk intended to scare off noobs so Communism can remain a little scene/cult instead of a legitimate revolutionary movement.

I read, I just no longer post about it since nobody would reply anyway.

don't make meme posts if you don't want meme replies.

i'm not a scholar, i am the state.


Someone should invent a bitcoin where 99% of the computing cost actually feeds into particle research or something, then ban all other cryptocurrency and kill those who use it.

I think there is one for gene sequencing. Sadly no deathsquads yet.

Unfortunately. Always better off with an ounce of might than a ton of right.

In what way?

Bitcoin isn't a currency anymore, and even when it was it was only good for black markets. It's just pure speculation and dependent on other fiat currencies to derive its comparative value.

Brain-dead Amerilard.

For all you know, you just banned Varg