What did JK Rowling mean by this

What did JK Rowling mean by this


It is literally a subplot in Harry Potter about Hermione trying to organize "house elfs" (really slave elfs) to give them some rights. She is treated as a joke by her school mates and the elfs themselves are insulted by Hermione trying to help them, as they "seem to enjoy work".

I know its fantasty and its not suppossed to be read as a literal allegory for slavery or the working class. None the less the question remains


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tell that to the liberals

That's what she meant. Also Hermione was worst girl.



Harry Potter tries to be a serious political allegory but it fails because Rowling is a liberal bootlicker.
Reminder that Harry Potter is the son of a millionaire who inherents all his wealth, is super popular in school and good at sports just because and the happy ending for him is that he becomes the wizard equivalent of an fbi agent working for the wizard government even though everything the reader is told about the wizard government up until that point shows that they are corrupt, incompetent and prone to being taken over and infiltrated by genocidal race supremacists.


huh pretty neat post, I think I know what she meant by it now

she enjoys class society and imperialist Britain and is generally a conservative Blairite who nervously laughs in the face of all change that could possibly threaten the status quo that somehow made her a billionaire

I'm just surprised how she can write a sub plot that so transparently ridicules the very idea of social justice without getting properly called out

Who else are you going to milk spare mana from?


read this thread on goodreads about the subject of slave elfs if you want to get fucking cancer

JK plays these fools like a fiddle

Hermoine wasn't raised in South Africa so she doesn't understand the cultural nuance of apartheid

Honesty outside of idpol what was the difference between Voldemort's government and the normal ministry? Both brutally oppressed non-humans and neglected non-magical people.

What did J.K. mean by this? (i hope i summarized the stories right, i haven't really seen or read any Harry Potter related stuff.)



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she accidentally came onto a decent idea

rowling is a brainlet blairite and gets the bullet

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This guy gets it.

Where the did the loosh meme come from? I remember seeing years ago popping up out of nowhere on /x/.

Urban Dictionary claims that the author Robert Monroe coined the term.

via urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Loosh

JK Rowling is N A Z B O L

Well you see it's simple.

Catgirls are BLAIRITE

it's actually even worse than that because the status quo that made her a billionaire no longer exists. she finished writing Harry Potter in 1995, the same year that the relatively generous unemployment benefit (in monitoring terms if not cash terms) was abolished and replaced with JSA. She then supported new """"Labour"""" which progressively rolled out more and more sanctions and bullying into JSA to make sure people were looking for work all the time rather than doing frivolous things like writing novels that would become billion pound industries, rather than cancelling the rollout of JSA and restoring the old system.

Fuck I hate that bitch so much. I don't understand how anyone can honestly feel some kind of affection for Blairism even if they are a billionaire. I'd prefer it if she were a Tory.