Big pharma

Thoughts on the conspiracies? I think it fits perfectly with capitalism and porkies.

I mean, pharmacology and drugs/medicine isnt as scientific as other things, it can be heavily flawed and a lot of times the drugs they make can be really harmful if poorly tested, especially when they’re required by law so you cant test populations with and without it.

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Whoa that based Facebook meme made me think

We already know that the pharmaceutical companies make the drugs that will make the most profit, so that's not really a conspiracy, but no, I don't believe that there's a vault full of cancer cures out there, for a multitude of reasons but largely because that would be too hard to keep secret and it would be a huge business coup. You could charge whatever you wanted and still get sales.

Which ones?
I mean it's no secret that they pressure mental health professionals heavily in the US to prescribe antidepressants even though serotonin has no proven ties to depression and the like

How many times must we go over this, SSRIs have been proven in clinical trials to have a moderate impact on depression

Haven't you just contradicted yourself, there? It strikes me that if the pharmaceutical industry is interested in researching treatments rather than cures, the drug companies might well have a vault of cancer cures. We just wouldn't know they were effective as cancer cures due to a lack of effective research on those molecules.

It takes a decade to get a molecule from the research stage to final production if not longer, it would be impossible to know what could be a miracle cure without at least thousands of people knowing about it, it's silly to expect that a corporation could just cover it up after it had been through so many tests.

Which is not what I claimed.

Obviously they are not interested in producing cures. And even if they were, you can't really have a drug that cures cancer and such, because it's a metabolic problem.

Big Pharma is the reason several American states are eye-deep in an opoid crisis right now.

Greed isn't a conspiracy, it's easily observable.

With the caveat that it's only in cases of moderate to severe depression that they have any impact. And this is in their own studies, ssris showed no impact on mild depression over placebo. The measurements and methods in these things contain a LOT of caveats and measures they just assume are valid. Personally I have lots of issues with the stopping protocols pharma trials are allowed to use. Huge potential for abuse and bias.

I mean in the sense that its a group of people conspiring in secret together to achieve some goal its absolutely a conspiracy.

Reactionaries love to scree about weed being the "opiate of the masses" when literal synthetic opium is doing just that in America today. Also I was on the anti-depressant route for a few months at one point in my life, didn't do much of anything, outside of give me bad withdrawal symptoms coming off it.

Anyway it's no secret that pharma strong arms doctor into over prescribing all of these pills. But I don't let the doctors off scott-free either, their greed is just as complacent in all of this.

Yeah it's real. Here's a good article about the family behind OxyContin

yeah but where you ACTUALLY depressed or just "meh I feel depressed"?

No I wasn't really depressed per say. It all came about because I'm an alcoholic. One bad week of binge drinking ended up with me in the hospital put under for 2 days while they pumped my stomach and make sure I wasn't going to seize out. The hospital thought I drank because I was depressed when I talked to some doctors. I told them I drink because I have GAD and it's the only thing that keeps panic attacks away/lets me function in public (I've drank at work more than once). So they loaded me up on a cocktail of SSRIs, anti-psychotics and mood stabilizers. Shit just made me feel numb. I got more out of going to AA meetings and working with an addiction counselor afterwards.

I can see how these things MIGHT work if you're severely depressed, in that it takes some of the edge off, but doctors just give it out like candy if you're sad that your dog died. Anyway since I sobered up (took me 5 tries after the hospital sadly) I found that sleep, exercise and some CBD, kava or kratom help wonders with my anxiety.

Thanks for reading my blog post btw.

Western medicine is a scam. Eastern medicine is the only way to go.

By the way, that family is jewish. They are completely untouchable from left-wing activism and organizations. Literally the only people who can ever hope to pursue them to get some sort of justice for all the people they have made into opioid addicts is the alt-right

Kratom is being lobbied to be banned for the exact reason you would expect (if you're paranoid)

Can you elaborate? I like this as a discussion point, and would like to see it developed further.

I found this, it sort of gives an overview of the situation.

Pharma is no different than any other facet of society that is corrupted and ruined by the profit motive. No part of society is untouched. People who claim that all medicines (particularly psychiatric medicines) are fake/poison/mind control/whatever are reactionaries, pure and simple. The truth is that yes, far less medication would be needed in communism because the situation would be far less depressing! However, many people will still need depression meds to live, ADHD meds to focus, painkillers to avoid agony, etc.

Blaming pharmacology itself, or medical science in general, is batshit insane. The last thing we need is more murder-by-proxy from schizos pushing New Age alternative "medicine" bullshit. Vaccine alarmism alone has killed too many people.

Theories of hidden cancer cures also make no sense. Cancer is a convoluted medical issue that stems from defects in our biology, it's extremely hard to deal with.

Big Pharma is just a racket, one that was inevitable in modern capitalism.

I know. It's most likely going to get banned too, so I'm ready for it…stocking up on some and keeping a supply of kava and CBD in case. Thanks for protecting us from harmless plants DEA.

Yeah, a friend of mine was sad his longtime girlfriend broke up with him, and suddenly he's got to take anti-depressants every day even though there's clearly a logical and emotional reason for his mental state rather than any sort of 'chemical imbalance'.

as someone from MD I know that's a fact since MD is one of them. They are over-prescribed to 20 something y/os with slight anxiety/depression or wtfever just as ADD "meds" were given to kids not even 10 yet.

It then turns into dope and that much more money for porky in burgerland.

I think you're full of shit.

Adderall and other ADHD meds aren't remotely comparable to opioids.

We? Who? What? Did you stop taking your meds?

Check out Akuamma (Picralima nitida) too. Some say it's better than Kratom because you build up less of a dependency supposedly.

Why shouldn't the left wing drop them as the porkies they are?

Because science bro. Go easy on the tin foil dude.

How many times must we go over this?

Nobody can touch them. The fact that the alt-right hates jews makes them invulnerable to the powers of capital? Honestly, go back to Holla Forums.

Then why has the pharmaceutical industry been pumping out hepatitis c drugs that cure the virus as of lately. That cures vs treatment shit is a meme, pharma will make cures and they’ll jack the price up in the process to make up the profit margin, just as they did for hep c
Take a basic bio class son

Y'know what I love? Seeing libertarians (be it on NationStates or news article comment sections) going on endlessly about "Big Pharma". Normally I'd throw in a little snark about the "Free Market", but recently I decided to point out that it's just unmitigated Capitalism at work. Immediately, these schmucks jumped down my throat and told me to stfu.

How do rightists even live with themselves? It's like their entire philosophy is based around contradictions.

I’m of the opinion you should constantly point it out to them. They react violently but when they lay there head to rest at night they remember it. They question everything.
Make them lose faith in their world view. They either latch stronger onto their garbage beliefs to the point of lunacy or feel detached from them. Win win really

Well-said, comrade. I think I'll take that to heart.

This would affect porky. Remember Steve Jobs died from cancer. As I see it an old conspiracy theory from my liberal days was "if it affects the rich it's probably false"


lol isn't that the relapse 2 leaked album cover

Everything you need to know about big pharma can be derived from the fact they're trying to ban kratom. They're on the same level of self-interested malicious corruption as Lockheed Martin.

It seems like there is a new lawsuit for harm from bad meds at least one a month or two. The problem is the industry is involved in the science and restricts if it is published or not. So there actually is a lot of false science in the science community. Pharmacology when done right is good for physical ailments but not that great for psychology because the later is a social science not a real science. Things wont get better there till neuropsychology advances.

About 88% of all meds are treatment not cures.

You're smoking too much weed comrade. Evidence-based medicine is the only acceptable form of mainstream medical practice.

There is evidence for some forms of eastern medicine for some conditions. Too many brainlets just don't know how to look up enough studies. Don't reject something just because of its label

You created the false binary between eastern and western medicine. In that binary, your choice was wrong.

No massive conspiracy, big pharma serves the interests of capital like any other monopoly. I do think the opioid crisis is a good opportunity for left to distinguish themselves from centrists and the right.

Pharma companies have pumped this shit into blue-collar communities devastated by the physical nature of manual labour and the outsourcing of said labour to overseas.

I had to call it that to explain the label isn't a reason to reject it as a whole. There is just what works and what doesnt. Doesn't matter where it comes from.

It was fairly common for pharmaceutical companies to hide the side-affects linked to anti-depressents and I wouldn't be surprised if this was still going on really.

Conspiracy theories are usually what people come up with when they can't make sense of the insanity of capitalism, an abstract system of social relations sacrificing everything to the logic of capital valorization. They cannot fathom the fact that the very mode of production which is the material basis of our world actually drives corporations to behave like they do, so they personalize the intangible aspects of capital with grandiloquent storytelling — the Rotschilds controlling all the world's governments, Big Pharma putting autism in the vaccines or the Illuminati pushing for genocidal population control.

Traditional remedies that are proven to be of actual use usually already have been investigated by medical scientists who have isolated the active agent and turned it into a more potent drug already.

They literally do conspire though. They conspire to hike rates, bribe doctors, kill 3rd world competition (even getting the govt to bomb medicine factories), and so on. That's literally conspiracy IN SERVICE of their class interest.

Damn you left wingers. Prove to me your for the poor.

Who the hell are you

From other /pol on the 4. Got banned. Came here to see you left wingers point of view on life and things.

You should stay and post here. Less chance of getting banned here than the other place. Plus, our view on life is a bit more detailed. Not to be condescending.


tl; dr: we're fucked. Smoke weed.

Social security systems do not reward pharmaceuticals for finding a cure. Switching a secure stream of public cash flows (lifelong treatment) for a one time payment (a cure) would be unprofitable.

Therefore pressure on big pharma boards is required to get the best from your taxes. Mail rarely does it and the political class is in bed with them. Ultimately, there is no way of making things change. There's always weed tho.