Does anyone know where I can find a copy of this documentary it looks pretty well made

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of this documentary it looks pretty well made.

I would really prefer this thread didn't turn into pro vs anti antifascism, I just want to watch this documentary I'm not trying to start some theoretical debate.

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self-bump, this is the last time I'll do this, doesn't seem like I'm gonna have any luck

If it has been released for purchase you might be able to find it on a major torrent site or onebigtorrent. Beyond that you might have to just wait or spend money.

wtf they closed??

Oops, guess they did. That sucks.

Is there anyway you can provide more information on where to go from here? I don't speak swedish and can't figure out how to navigate that website.

Supposedly you can watch it there with English subtitles but you have to pay and I don't speak the language either.

Ah true thanks, I'll probably just wait until a free copy is released.

Would also be nice if any swede user's could let me know how much it costs, I'll pay if its very little.

it costs about 8€ for one month. Also i think it will be released for free in a while but the filmmakers need to get some of their money back first If yiu have some kind of leftist meeting place like a bookcafé or something you could always ask them to arrange a screening

jesus christ i fucked up the last sentence pretty bad, Sorry

Thanks for the response, I'll just wait for the free release. Understandable that they want to make their money back.

The elite hate fascism because fascists fight for national renaissance in the face of a self-selecting, self-serving elite that seek to destroy decency and national interest, our culture, faith and identity, and our race.(Go back)

None of the shit you worry about matters. You'll still be a wageslave in whiteystan.

They don't, though.

it might be in the DVD section of walmart by now.


Fascist theory, everyone

Beyond pathetic.

The producers just uploaded the entire documentary to youtube

Thank you!!

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Hell yeah, thank you

I thought it was pretty good.

Update: I thought it was alright. There is some pretty cool footage and it re-affirmed by belief that the Greek Anarchists are incredibly based. There was definitely too much about the anti-fascist side of people's politics and not enough about the anti-capitalist side, but I guess that's what the documentary was highlighting.

Also, Fascist aesthetics are complete garbage, but I guess that's what you'd expect from a bunch of philistines.

How come nobody asked the police how they exactly fucked up with the information? It felt shady.

Liberators who seek to free the Canaanites(Palestinians) from Israel's imperialistic warpath?


I meant philistine (someone hostile or indifferent to the arts) not phillistine of course

I'm pro-antifa tho.

Yeah this is something I always find with these docos is that they don't go deep enough.
The most popular political organisation among Greek police is Golden Dawn. So more questions should be asked how they fucked up.

It was about the Swedish police that got informed that Nazis were going to attack the protest but only sent 5 policemen to the protest because "the information got lost."

How bad is the idpol in this documentary?

Maybe because 'anti fascists' are indifferent toward capitalism, and will support capitalism when it benefits their goals.

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Anti-fascists are just liberals in disguise

can't generalize with these groups. a lot of maoists doing anti-fascist stuff in my neck of the woods, flying red flags instead of black ones.

All the people they interviewed in the video mention having anti-capitalist beliefs. The Greek guy talks about workers council's and the Swedes make some vauge comments about transcending capitalism and workers struggle. The documentary maker just seems to have chosen not to highlight this aspect.