List of Leftist Tendencies

What about a comprehensive survey of the different schools of thought associated with "the Left" so we can gain historical insight about the ideological history of leftist (or leftist-sounding) political traditions?

- Primitive Communism
- Religious Socialism
—- Christian Socialism
——– Distributism
——– Liberation Theology
—- Islamic Socialism
—- Dharmic Socialism
- Diggers
- Babouvism
- Utopian Socialism
—- Owenism
—- Fourierism
—- Saint-Simonianism
—- Icarianism
—- Bellamyism
- Ricardian Socialism
- Guild Socialism
- Blanquism
- Georgism

- Leninism
—- Trotskyism
——– Johnson-Forest Tendency
——– Posadism
—- Marxism-Leninism
——– Stalinism
———— Maoism
—————- Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
——————– Deng Xiaoping Theory
———————— Xi Jinping Thought
—————- Khmer Rouge
—————- Gonzalo Thought
—————- Prachanda Path
—————- Mao-Spontex
———— Hoxhaism
———— Juche
———— National Communism
——– Castroism
——– Ho Chi Minh Thought
—- Titoism
——– Market Socialism
- Austro-Marxism
—- Bundism
—- Labor Zionism
—- Eurocommunism

- Frankfurt School
—- Freudo-Marxism
—- Critical Theory
- Marxist Humanism
—- Praxis School
—- Budapest School
—- Post-Marxism
- Analytical Marxism
- Structural Marxism
- Existential Marxism
- Phenomenological Marxism

- DeLeonism
- German-Dutch Left Communism
—- Luxemburgism
——– Councilism
- Italian Left Communism
—- Bordigism
- Situationism
- Autonomism
—- Operaism
—- Communization
- Wertkritik
- Neue-Marx-Lekture

- Anarcho-Collectivism
—- Anarcho-Communism
——– Communalism
——– Neozapatism
—- Anarcho-Syndicalism
- Egoism
—- Individualist Anarchism
——– Post-Left Anarchism
- Mutualism
—- Agorism

- Ecosocialism
- Green Anarchism
—- Anarcho-Primitivism

- American Progressivism
—- American Populism
- Fabian Socialism
- Kemalism
- Tridemism
- Marhaenism
- Social-Democracy
—- Keynesianism
——– Regulation School
——– Social Liberalism
———— Third Way
- Bolivarianism
—- Socialism of the 21st Century

- Sorelianism
—- National-Syndicalism
- National-Bolshevism
—- Nazi-Maoism
- Arab Socialism
—- Ba'athism
——– Nasserism
——– Assadism
——– Saddamism
- Pancasila
- Justicialism
- Ghandian Socialism

- Antideutsch
- Anti-Japanese "Lost Country" Theory
—- Ainu Revolution Theory


Ultra-left is the name of a fringe french bordigist tendency, calling all those others it is ahistorical at best and fucking disgusting otherwise.

Don't you fucking DARE associate Third Way snake oil with social democracy

ITT LARPer is enraged!

But that's not true. The meaning of "ultra-left" is much broader than that.



It has various uses but as a tendency it refers to the French Bordigists that emerged shortly after the events of 1968 and gave us treasures such as Jean "daddy's son" Barrot and his Holocaust denying friends.

I'm not sure why you want to restrict the meaning of "ultra-left" to those fairly obscure folks from la Vieille Taupe.

I don't want to, as far as I know they are the only people who thought using this slur to describe themselves was a good idea.

honestly disappointed


kick them in the dick enough times and they'll get in line or leave

What is this?

I'd call them Masochistic anti-Nationalism

id call them targeted programs to destroy pesky nationalism mixed with Marxist theory
funny how it develops into the pinnacle of self-hating ideologies resulting in the wish of its followers to commit mass genocide of their own race

A… weird subset of the '70s Japanese New Left. They considered the Japanese people since the establishment of an imperial bloodline more than a millennium ago to be inherently imperialist — yes, all of them. Well, safe for descendants of the aboriginal Jomon people who were allegedly primitive communists, and committed radicals like themselves… so they set out to disrupt Japanese interests wherever they could. They bombed the HQs of a handful of Japanese companies and then quickly faded into obscurity.

Ultraleft should be called Libertarian Marxism.

Ah yes, Amadeo "to hell with democracy" Bordiga, famous libertarian marxist.

user is correct. "ultra-left" is a term way older than the post-situationists.

"luxemburgism" is a non-existent wikipedia tendency though and has almost nothing to do with the ultra-left (except for like the ICC which is council communist and uses her theory of decadence). if you wanna force "luxemburgism" just make a "second international marxism" subsection somewhere and place it there.

Bordigism should be in Leninism.


It doesn't really make sense to refer to Pancasila or Nazi-Maoism as "left-wing" either, still I included them for good measure.

In fact, a flowchart would be much better than a linear hierarchy.

how do you do fellow leftists

Mao-spontex is goat.

Someone please do that.


Leave Rosa alone or actually prove that she was part of that shit-show. So far I've seen no coherent explanation why the hell pseudo-Communists keep including her - other than to buffer their ranks.

Okay. I took a better look and my conclusion is that it is unsalvageable.


Because she opposed both Social-Democracy and Leninism, which is one of the defining traits of what is usually described as Left-Communism.

Care to explain why?

Is Nazi-Maoism a real thing?

An obscure underground movement specific to Years of Lead-era Italy associated with far-right terrorist Franco Freda, which claims to combine Asserite Nazism, Maoism and Evolian Traditionalism. It's as retarded as you could imagine.

I agree that it isn't anarchism but you must admit that Bookboy did base Communalism heavily from the classical Anarcho-communist linage.