Daily News Thread 12/13

Democrat Doug Jones Defeats GOP’s Roy Moore in Alabama Senate Race

Democrat Doug Jones delivered a stunning upset defeat to Republican Roy Moore in a U.S. Senate race in deep-red Alabama that had split the GOP even before its controversial nominee was accused of inappropriate conduct with teenage girls.

Trump says Senate loss proves him right

US President Donald Trump has distanced himself from Republican Roy Moore after his shock defeat in a Senate race in the deeply conservative Alabama.

White House Aide Omarosa Manigault Newman Resigning

Omarosa Manigault Newman, the former Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice contestant turned White House aide, is stepping down from her post. In a terse statement Wednesday, the White House said she "resigned yesterday to pursue other opportunities. Her departure will not be effective until January 20, 2018. We wish her the best in future endeavors and are grateful for her service."

Al Franken’s Senate Replacement Is Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton said he will appoint Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith to fill the U.S. Senate seat of Democrat Al Franken when he formally resigns amid sexual harassment allegations.

Yemen: Saudi Airstrikes Kill Dozens

At least 39 people died and 90 others were left injured, Reuters reported.

Window falls from U.S. Marines helicopter onto school grounds in Japan's Okinawa

A window fell from a U.S. helicopter onto a school sports field near a U.S. Marines air base on Okinawa on Wednesday, the Marines said, the latest in a series of accidents that have fanned safety concerns on Japan’s southern island.

'Permanent Probation': 7,300 LA Residents Freed From Unconstitutional Gang Injunction

Thousands of criminalized youth were denied basic rights because they “associated” with alleged gang members, including co-workers, neighbors, and even parents.

Caterpillar, Porsche among corporations that paid spy firms to snoop on activists – leaks

Big, brand-name companies hired private intelligence firms to monitor political groups considered to be threats to their businesses, leaked documents reveal. The papers shine light on the shadowy world of corporate intelligence gathering.

Starbucks cafe's wi-fi made computers mine crypto-currency

Starbucks has acknowledged that visitors to one of its branches were unwittingly recruited into a crypto-currency mining operation.

Air pollution linked to delinquent behaviour in teenagers

There is a link between high levels of air pollution and increased delinquency or bad behaviour among young people, according to a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Southern California.

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Gee who knew


New, Major Evidence That Fracking Harms Human Health

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” may pose a significant—but very local—harm to human health, a new study finds. Mothers who live within two miles of a fracking well are more likely to give birth to a child with a low birthweight—which has been linked to poorer health throughout a person’s life.

On democratic despond


Saudi Arabia: The Coming Crisis in the Kingdom

As the power within the monarchy shifts, international conflict escalates, internal tensions rise, and the desperate need for economic diversification looms overhead, how will the House of Saud handle the inevitable rough waters ahead?

Abduct, imprison, repeat: Israel systematically imprisons Palestinians on false or no charges

People around the world are rightfully outraged by Donald Trump's recent effective handing over of Jerusalem to Israel.



Are the leaks publicly available somewhere?

Trump's endorsement isn't worth shit.

Part of me wonders if this isn't a deliberate effort to encourage Japanese military "independence" - so they can fight proxy turf battles with China for the US.

How did you find this piece about Nigeria?

More and more the USA looks like the USSR did by the late 80's.

tdlr, these things are signal that the stock market is starting to reach the top before some new crisis. Might not happen anytime soon, but it's worth keeping an eye on

I doubt that is, truth of the matter is that the US military machine is very poorly maintained. Something like 63% of our carrier based aircraft aren't fit to fly anymore due to maintenance issues

In the Marines the maintenance issues are even worse than in the other branches as well.

I'd be interested to know how much specialist labor is doing more lucrative stuff like maintaining American equipment for foreign powers. Sure you'd have to live in Saudi but it probably pays better than the military.

Older but interesting read on this years GDP growth and what constituted it



Here's an article that is criticizing the #metoo movement from a marxist perspective. Frankly it reads as if an average somewhat intellectual Holla Forums poster would give his take on the metoo movement. A bit reductive in my opinion but none the less interesting article

It's also that the US military makes a ton of poor financial choices along with standard corruption. I have some family in the contracting side and the stories you hear are ridiculous


=Authorities clampdown on charity for evicted migrant workers in Beijing=

"In 2008, Beijing welcomed you. In 2016, Beijing hated you. In 2017, Beijing expelled you. In 2018, Beijing won't even bother to see you," she says in quiet fury. Those lines, a parody of a Beijing Olympics slogan, have become the bitter chorus for tens of thousands of people like Ms. You, workers who came to the city from other parts of China but are being evicted from their homes in the cold of winter, after the local government declared their homes unsafe.

Tina Smith is part of the Democrat-Farmer-Labor party and specifically mentioned being a fierce advocate of economic fairness when she was giving a speech accepting. I think we should at least give her a shot until 2018. I like Keith Ellison a lot, but she seems like she could be alright. Here's to hoping.

Venezuela’s opposition wins EU’s prestigious human rights prize
""""""human rights""""""

are you implying burning black people alive isn't worthy of a human rights award? How can you support the dictactorship that keeps winning free elections?

The only reason Ellison dropped out is to prevent a scuffle between Democrats in 2018. I don't like it, but it's the smart move.

I came here to post this :(

China, Russia, and India Reject East Jerusalem as the Capital of Palestine


I can't imagine why. He seems like a phony tool to me.


Tillerson will be gone soon


Yeah, being a pedophile and wanting to re-enslave blacks and women is having the deck "stacked against you."

Damn that is a savage article. Someone outta try to get Jimmy Dore to read it.

The Imminent Frame is apart of my RSS feed so I see all their articles and just found this one particularly interesting.

Gillespie wasn't a Trump candidate, he was GOP establishment and tried to distance himself from Trump during the campaign. The Trump candidate was some idiot named Corey Stewart who pretended to be a southerner and made confederate monuments his big issue.

Jeremy Corbyn Does Not Support Boycott of Israel



only in america

Yeah, but when Gillespie was falling in the polls, he went balls deep for Trump. Trump endorsed him and he lost. Badly.

The take away from this is that Trump's power is bunk.

how do I say this without coming off like Holla Forums….

im pretty ignorant so go guns blazing

it was nothing against you, just me being an amerifat, I forget Labour are still dem-socs sometimes. I would've told them to fuck off not try to appease them. This past week has just had me pissy and agitated at the slightest whiff of zionism.

State lawmaker in Kentucky facing sexual assault allegations dies in apparent suicide

Dan Johnson, a Republican state lawmaker in Kentucky who defiantly denied allegations that he sexually assaulted a teenage girl in the basement of his home, died in an apparent suicide Wednesday night, the county coroner said. He was 57.

Tavis Smiley's show suspended by PBS amid misconduct allegations
It should be noted that Smiley was one of the few Obama critics from the left allowed on US media, he even interviewed Zizek before.

Yup. First they came for Bill Moyers…


Tavis was a nice guy, he let Jill Stein and Gary Johnson debate on his show.


Someone screen cap this.
Moore will cuck the Dems in a recount, and Dems will get rock hard watching Rebublicans give democracy that throbbing GOP dick.

There won't be a recount. Moore wants to be martyr not a loser.

He's already climbed on his cross this morning, bemoaning the "immorality sweeping America".

Moore also announced he’s not called children conceding. Get cucked Dems.


I guess pedophila isn't immoral.

what if the child consents tho

I'm sure he means cultural capitalism.

What a crybaby bitch boy loser.

Honestly I can't believe that people who are "constitutionalists" voted for this guy when he has had said openly he wants to guy half the amendments and lost his job as a judge for violating the constitution.

What's going on with the background of that video? Is he using a giant American flag for wallpaper? Or does he live in a circus tent?

So when can we expect the Ben Garrison cartoon of Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP crucifying Roy Moore while Barabbas Jones murders babies?

It's the American flag. Americans are obsessed with it, they would fuck it if they could.

My god, if foreign powers wanted to, they could start an armed guerilla insurgency in the borders of the US that they couldn't crush.

You know the saying, around Jews, you cruise.

Jones won because like half of Alabama voters who voted Trump didn't even vote in this election. It had lower turnout than the 2012 judicial election that Moore won and even less so than the Presidential election. Jones isn't even like Sanders he's a Clintonite.

Trump is poison to one of the biggest blocks of conservative voters: suburbanites. It's what cost the them Virginia and Alabama.

It's a problem that spells doom for the GOP in 2018.

Unless you're Palestinian yourself, you need to be careful about appropriating the struggles of others.

fucking yikes. God forbid I ever become that crusty. I like to think I do a good job of distinguishing a show of solidarity and sympathy from taking on some faux burden of a group of people I don't belong to.

I don't even know what to think

For me it resonates deeply what the Palestinians are subject to, I also get super pissy when i smell out Zionist scum

But why? You aren't Palestinian, you're probably not even brown. Why does this issue rustle your jimmies above all else? Israel isn't even unique when it comes to brutality (the US, France, UK, even Russia and China all have their fair share of atrocities, many of which are still going on).

Because im Puerto Rican
Holy fuck you forreal? What is oppression now something endured by non-pale folk? Jesus this is some gringo idpol if ive ever seen one fuck me

Not sure if /r/islam, r/socialism/ or /r/thedonald

also the "idealised" Arab Radicals that he talks about were very real, had major popular support and could could be argued to be the main force behind the Palestinian resistence (the Soviets weren't so keen on arming post-ideological "family men" muslims who would switch sides at the first opportunity), people like Arafat were indeed very connected to the immoral internationist "out of touch" left, and they were still elected by the Palestinian all the way until the Reagan-backed Islamists took over and imposed his close-mindedness back on people.


My apologies. I assumed you were white. But point is, you're still not Palestinian, so why does this issue make you more hot-headed than other issues?

It's /r/worldnews I believe.

Not today. That's their point. You're fetishizing the past without giving thought as to what it means in an era where conditions are entirely different.

You taking the piss mate? I AM white
You sister was raped one night, some years later your friend's sister is raped as well, wouldnt you empathize more since you personally have experienced such thing? Besides what the hell you aren't allowed to empathize with starving people just because they arent part of "your" group? What the fuck is this shit go back to your racist tumblr

Because you're getting angry at a situation which literally doesn't effect you. Yeah, you have a shared sense of "we lost our land" but do you really think what happens in Jerusalem is affecting whether or not San Juan gets its utilities back? FFS.

Ah agreed mate, since it materially does not affect me guess i should just stay ambivalent about it, its not like internationalism is a thing right? No? "Stay in your lane?"

Not him, but I'm honestly not sure if you're talking from an Egoist standpoint or some weird racist idpol one. If you're not angry at injustice on some level then you either don't care or are glad. Either you're saying that you shouldn't care about shit that doesn't affect you, or that you're only allowed to care if you share the same ethnicity/skin color as the victim. The first is questionable, the second is just retarded idpol.

Yes, the fact that my goverment sells the weapons that keep the Zionists in power doesn't affect me and isn't my problem. That's why there isn't a gigantic Zionist lobby in every country in the world.

Arab Socialism might not be as powerful as it once was but it still exists, and comrades are comrades in victory and in defeat. If you want to make your own Anti-Communist, Conservative or Islamist organisations and rallies to advocate for Palestinian rights then feel free to, we'll keep doing ours.

What happened to NewsAnon 1.0?

there was an old news user and back in like march they made a post in the news thread saying they were going to be gone for a couple days and I volunteered to make the threads while he was gone, never heard anything else from them and have been doing it ever since.

Literally where?