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first for Biji Kurdistan

FFS Holla Forums.

try reading before you criticize.

Learn the difference between politics and statecraft you gigantic faggot.

Guns turning toward Turkey? Would they go after Al Nusra first?

No they don't, only Barzani-supporting PSYOP retarded Hoxhaists do.

new southfront

The Turkish army tried to invade across the border near Kobani in Rоjava. YΡG/YP.J retaliated and have killed two Turkish soldiers with many injured and destroyed a military vehicle.



nothing on turkish news
kurds as usual


Wait, what's the relationship between Syria and Turkey? Because that's still Syrian territory.

It's called a "probe". Patrols "accidentally" wandering over the border line and turning up dead is routine during tensions.

what the fuck someone edited my post
anyway thats not how turkish army operates
MIT already has spies inside over a dozen US military bases in Syria
there is no reason for turkish army to do anything with ayn-al arab

ah thats a wordfilter god damnit i am a dumbass
anyway patrols are kept behind the wall and they dont send patrols


syria and russia agreed to let turks hold on to the al-bab area to prevent a merger of the two k"rd pockets in return for a guarantee that turkey will cease its support to IS and the rebels.

its a short term solution where veryone wins, but after SAA liberates all terrorist held areas and the "civil" war part of the syrian war is over its gonna be a real glass salad

actually thats kinda the new tactic in the region.
moving a big unit and assaulting a position would provoke an equal armed response,but if a small raid takes it its gonna be on the defender to decide if he wants to escalate or let it go.
IS took most of rular syria this way.

The Turkish army is fucking useless, this is what happens when you purge all your top commanders. Soon all they'll do is conduct shelling and drone attacks

Turks were a mistake, we need a bigger can of Raid.

its geopolitics.

Few weeks ago a conference was held between Russia, Iran and Turkey, where they discussed how post-war Syria will look like.
All in all, I think that Kurds are going to get fucked over, again.

the kurds have backing from the US that needs a stable ally in the region and wants to remain relevant in syria and iraq.
this will probably lead to discrimination of kurds in syria and iraq.

ban incoming, 3… 2… 1…

Don't bother, US is ending their support to appease Turkey. You can remove the wordfilter too.

why? i prefer assad over SyDF but i dont let that get in the way of an objective argument

kobra ket

People have talked about U.S support ending when they first got it in 2015. Turkey is the most pathetic and cucked state in the region.

Now that ISIS is gone, the US has no use for over a dozen US military bases in Syria.

are you mentally challanged?

They're not going to try to take out Assad anymore. They fucked up and they know it. They're gonna cut their losses now.

do you even know why they wanted to take out assad? are you even following the war? are you even bothering to read the offivial statements?
are you even trying?

To take out a Russian/Iranian ally?

Not very closely.

Yes, but focusing on other shit mostly.

to isolate strategically isolate iran and prevent the iran-iraq-syria-lebanon axis, to further corner russia geopolitically, to create a new proxy state over the territory of which new trade routes and military installations can be established etc…

well atleast youre honest, ill thank you for that. most dumbasses on here will just continue to screech even when theyre wrong.

i tought you were just shitposting, but you said youre new, so sorry.

to sum up, heres why the US wont leave:
the US needs a foothold in syria to enable a campaign in weakening syria and saboutaging the iran-lebanon axis that goes trough iraq and syria. If the US pulls out now they will lose significant standing on the geopolitical stage and give iran a swift victory, effectively failling their saudi, israeli and kurd allies.
the US also needs a new proxy to back in the upcoming wars in the region, as the shias will always side with iran, while the sunnis will prefer the gulf states and turkey. evethough their allegiance with the kurds threathens turkeys service to NATO, the longterm results are seen as worthwile in the eyes of US policy makers.
the pentagon already announced that it will remain in syria to block iran.

I agree that that's what the intelligence community wants, but I think Trump wants to be friendly to Russia by backing off their ally Assad.

trump is a deepstate puppet. on Holla Forums they probably call the "the jews" or something, but the point is you dont become a highranking US official, even less so a president, if you dont have backing from lobbies.
the main goal of US foregein policy is to maintain their monopoly on global hegemoney, and backing down somewhere is harmful to that.
"friendlines" and "alliances" are total bullshit.
they only happen out of practical reasons, like for example molotov-ribbentrop pact.
human rights, UN, democracy, ideology and all that is bullshit too.
its always about power and control. and russia is threathening US power and control. what the US must do now is try to curb them down before its too late. they still thing they can go trough with their "new american century" concept.

Now that ISIS is gone, what force will take out Assad?

a dozen

taking out assad is off the table now that russia and iran are deployed in syria. plan B is to to everything still possible to weaken syria and irans aspirations in creating an axis to lebanon. another "civil" war might be backed in iraq where the US will back sunni insurgents against the shia goverment in iraq in order to prevent a stable iran-iraq-syria-lebanon axis.
backing kurd separatism (in any form you wanna label it) is a saftey net for the US to have atleast one ally in both countries in case everyithing goes wrong.

Holy fuck if they try this after all of the bloodshed….. the US truly is the Great Satan!

sunni militias already declared that they will fight against the "puppet goverment of iran" in baghdad after IS is gone. also some of the remaining baathist elements (from saddams baath regeime, completely different flavoir of baath) were doing so from the start, most iraqi republican guard and army officers joined the sunni insurgency after 2004.

the problem the US faces now is that they cant count on putting a shia goverment on top like they did last time, and will probably resort to controlling the sunni insurgency via the gulf states that have more credibility in the eyes of the insurgents.

I think the US would favor partitioning before a civil war.

its the same thing. its D&C. the only difference is that with a civil war the mil-ind complex can make a buck on the side

nice job copypasting OP, couldn't be bothered to spend 30 seconds correcting the formatting for a thread that's going to be circulating for 4 weeks? fuck your reddit spacing.


"I am a nationalist and a globalist" ~ Abdullah Ocalan

guys wtf why is assad Balkanizing himself!?!?

r.ojava in a Nutshell

people criticizing places like Rоjava, Catalonia, Yugoslavia for not being real socialism kind of rings hollow when they desperately defend actual capitalist countries. not even being snarky and trying to say USSR was really state capitalism, I mean countries undeniably capitalist like Myanmar, Syria, Belarus.

They took out "MLs support the revolution edition".

Did I defend any of those countries?



False equivalence.

It is not Catalonia/Yugoslavia as such being criticized, but their models that are being suggested as something we should aspire to.

On the other hand, defence of Belarus/Syria is based on current situation: there are no better alternatives present. Sending in NATO troops will not solve or improve anything. In this manner Catalonia and Yugoslavia were defended by contemporary Communists as well.

One state solution, the Kurds will have autonomous zones in Iraq and Syria.


goddamn I wish anti r*java fags would at least substantiate their claims before they spew their bullshit

not an argument. neither is

Lmao, these mental gymnastics.

Tаnkies that actually engage in armed struggle; support Rоjava
Tаnkies that sit at home and shitpost; Don't support Rоjava
Makes me think.


Do you two have arguments?

Too bad I've seen self-identified "tαnkieѕ" unironically buy into the cult of personality behind Assad, Lukashenko, etc.

You don't make the argument, but I also have no idea how any leftist could not see the ЅDF as better than all Alternatives. I wont devote one moment of thought to any lunatic who wants to see ISIS return to Northern Syria, nor people suggesting the "alternative" of the ЅDF giving up and allowing the SAA to return, which could never happen. The only alternative besides reconciliation is war, which the SAA is not able to fight in it's current state without substantial help, which would only further weaken Syria, and open it up to actual balkanization by Turkey. not symbolically by 500 US soldiers in 10 bases, but actual occupation which already exists in Idlib and North Aleppo. What they already have are likely to turn into perpetual occupation, like they did with Northern Cyprus and Hatay, or what Israel has done to Golan. The Alternatives are either an intact, partially federalized Syria, or Nato occupying Cizre and Afrin in addition to what they currently froze in north Aleppo.

you realize these numbers are being deliberately suppressed, right? There are thousands of soldiers and special forces operatives in Syria.

a bullet, it's a very tiny force. assassination is easy.

2000 divided between Al Tanf and Northern Syria at peak is what I've heard to be the most credible.

There's definitely over 4000 at least.

Why was this banned?

The РYD and the Syrian Gov. reach an agreement for the Syrian Gov. flag to be raised above government buildings in Sheikh Maqsood. Reportedly the Syrian Gov. are able to operate in the YΡG held districts.


Furthering American imperialistic interests is a bannable offense, as it should be.

How is that post furthering an interests? Come on, it's not even a long post, are you illiterate? Or just so paranoid that you are reading things that are not there?

So who will fuck them over first? Assad or Burgerstan?

Are you a fucking idiot?

Where did that post advocate toppling Assad? Are you actually retarded?(you too)

On line 9.

It only has two lines you dipshit


but he didn't say Assad should be assassinated, but that the USA would if ISIS couldn't.

BO confirmed for phoneposter. who reposts Holla Forums greentext and pictures of assad in sunglasses as proof.

he was plainly for it.

you are able to read a lot into a single statement. and I've heard communalists had a persecution complex. Tut Tut. maybe this kind of creative reasoning is the reason why Holla Forums has lost more than 400 posters in the last weeks. One for every American soldier in Northern Syria, I presume?

Saw this on /leftpol/ I don't know what about this isn't undeniable, but I can see why you'd give it the longest ban allowed, if you wanted to kill Holla Forums

ML's purge people who tell the truth they don't like. Thus, you get banned here by saying shit these larpers don't like

Narcissists (and narcissists-by-proxy) will try to annihilate anything that threatens the narrative that [personality of fixation] is the super duper best.

Pray tell, why should it be? Are some opinions too dangerous to express or did the board collectively decide what we do and don't want posted on here? Also, that post does not imply he is advocating for Assad's assassination.

Assad giving north Syria to ISIS implies it was deliberate, like some kind of collusion. Still doesn't break any fucking rules though. I suppose BO is going to have to create a new one "having the wrong opinions on the Syrian Civil War", or maybe "saying assad was anything but a good boy who dindu nuffin"

Honestly, I'd say that BO's behavior is shameful even for an ML, considering democratic centralism is a core tenet while BO shows nothing but contempt for democracy and the opinion of the users.

controlled opposition.

there are almost none in Al-tanf, which relies on SAA buffer zones for securety. the actual number however are without a doubt over 4K, since the burgers operate two airports there.


it implied the wishes of the poster that assad should be killed.
go shitpost on Holla Forums

you royawa fanboys really are retarded

come on

It didn't imply anything.

Al Tanf is a large base. do you have it confused with Tal-Rifat or something? I don't see how two airports prove 4k+, when these airports are just dirt runways and helicopter pads. US regional airports are a more complex operation, and have far fewer personnel. LEX is larger than a regional airport, has 1.2M passengers annually, with only 3,400 employees, including restaurants, gift shops, and airline agents.

Read Derrida or Wittgenstein.

What where they supposed to do?


There are girls in the over a dozen US military bases in Syria

wow, BO really is a brainlet


im already bussy reading Felix Somary and Gottfired Feder on relevant real world stuff, why should i bother reading two modern philosophers which you saw in a SchoolOfLife video?

correct, i was debating with people on another board on the two cantons. got mixed up.

airports require a shitton of personnel simply to maintain, especially with USAF runways and flight command. the russians have an entirely different wardoctrine and can afford to airlift from and to makeshift desert strips.
then you have the ground troop personnel and the command structure for both the airport and the ground op, but then youll also have hundreds of jerkoffs, not even PMCs, that "need" to be there, while in reality the mil-ind complex is just milking the DoD for more jobs and money. iraq was full of that stupid crap, you had like four deskclerks working shifts on the basecamp shitters writting checking who went in and out infront of the toilet, not to even mention the jerkoff "technician" personnel for anything from trucks to radios. most of them from the private sector ofcourse because its cheaper that way and gets the official number down.

that has nothing to do with my or the original post.
my point was that that small neighbourhood is negligable in the context of syria, not to mention the regional or global conflict.


the female units have a different name.

Surely cooperation between the РYD and the Syrian Gov. is significant to the Syrian civil war.


read a book dumbass.

Some of them wear that patch

Hitler did give eastern europe to Stalin, via Molotov-Ribbentrop, but if you're referring to land taken after 1941, Hitler didn't give that, because the Soviets fought for every mile.
On the other-hand, the KRG gave Sinjar to ISIS, and Iraq gave Mosul to ISIS.

Comrade, you are getting opportunistic.

Soviets capitalized on possibility to free some territories from Capitalists while major Capitalist nations were busy fighting among themselves. If Allies wouldn't have declare war on Hitler, then sure as hell there would be no incorporation of Baltics or Western Belarus/Ukraine into USSR.

So - no. Eastern Europe was not Hitler's to give it to anyone. Consequently, nobody gave "Stalin" (Soviet Union) anything.

Manbij Civilian Council accuses Assad of handing over Syrian territory to Iranian and Turkish militias
t.co/TIquqnCnM3 t.co/X1TvzdBBqV

The fucking balls on these comprador sacks of shit.

Yeah they are ballsy. Flipping off Iran, Turkey, Assad and his cronies all the while being the civilian government wing, not even the military council. Damn admirable.

Raqqa Internal Security Forces help one another fit on helmets and protective vests during the second week of "Quick Reaction Force Training." The RISF has grown to 3,000 active members and are responsible for securing Raqqa, Tabqa, & surrounding areas from ISIS insurgents/sleeper cells.

The RISF is only a police force as the Raqqa Civilian Council opted for no military council.

go back to Holla Forums, they wont ask for evidence there.

Do supporters of r.ojava also support Novorossyia?
Both fight against fascism and Imperialist backed fascist governments and their Anti-Ethnic Minority polices?

id reallylike to get a copy of that accusations book that USDoD, CNN, FOX, Guardian, Manbij CC, Tel Aviv and others have

kill yourself fruitcake

thats a one way generalisation of a strawman

I'm personally neutral for them considering they want to join Russia which would just be adding power to another bourgeois state. But in the other hand it does starve off power from the US, and as an added bonus could start a war between US and Russia

I found this gem of an """article"""


Let me guess, this was co-written by Partisangirl?

most of western media is crap, what did you expect? that page surprisingly goes far enough to call out the establishemnt on proxy wars, even if its just for the sake of maintaining the appearence of being "activist"

What does Holla Forums think of the Yazidi Autonomous Region a.k.a. zero US bases in Northwestern Iraq?





Good eggs who the PKK helped found.

They're obviously imperialist because uh uuuh they oppose ISIS and ISIS is anti-imperialist?

Does the PYD promote anti-sexual rhetoric in society as much as the over a dozen US military bases in Syria do in their military ranks? If anything they should revert the damage of which sexual taboo has done to society while also not reflecting the west's sexual values. I'd like some info on this if anyone has it.


Probably not as much as in the YΡG, the anti-sexual rhetoric is mainly a military thing to maintain discipline. Regardless I would think that it is already a part of their culture rather than a policy of politics.
But I agree; cultural taboos in the region, such as drugs and sexuality, should be overcome.
I found this interesting article if that is any help for you;

I haven't heard anything about them since the KRG was pushed out of the region. I don't know if they're still autonomous or if the Iraqi Government recognizes their autonomy.

I've never heard of anything. The anti-sex position in the Y.PG is largely a discipline thing, partly to prevent trouble inside the mixed units and partly to instill in the fighters that they're professional revolutionaries and be distracted by other things. The outside culture isn't anti-sex (compared to the rest of the region), but still very conservative, so marriage is a prerequisite.

Come onnnn

Every time the SAA and the ЅDF fight it's like watching my parents fight and argue with one another.

Just know the it's Iran pushing their militas and parts of the SAA to do it. Russia is having a headache trying to get the two to play nice again.

stop breathing.


talk about blameshifting

truly a surprise

It's Tehran trying to quiet their own Kurds and Balochs and defending their highly centralized state in comparison to democratic confederalism. Idk where burgers fit into this but I guess it wouldn't be Holla Forums if we blamed them for something so: fuck burgers lol. Am I cool yet?

YPG General Commander Sipan Hemo is in Moscow to attend the "Heroic Award" ceremony hosted by the Russian Presidency. The award is reportedly given to commanders who displayed heroism in the Syrian war. Hemo also met with Russian officials.
-Info via ANF

It's also speculated that he'll be attending meetings with Russian politicians and military strategists.
This move comes in the wake of Russia recognizing the Federal system in the peace process and the Russian Military pulling out of their Syrian bases.

Did Phil Greaves and the rest of the Twitter ☭TANKIE☭s destroy PPG's career? I would have expected him to be on a US speaking tour to support a memoir or something by now, instead he's totally under the radar.


Yes. Based Phil.

Anyone got an article or something on this?

It's interesting how the Turkish government claims a gorillion PKK killed in airstikes without proof or footage whilst the PKK regularly releases videos of them obliterating the Turkish army.


It's also nice to see a Gerila TV video that isn't playing pirates of the fucking caribbean on loop.

Is Putin Apo gang?

PPG is a Stalinist himself though, the guy does now what he did before going, jerking off and tweeting

Out of curiosity, now that the US and some of its allies have officially aligned with ᎠFNFᏚ, have their stances changed toward their own citizens who volunteered independently as foreign fighters like PPG?

Pretty sure you have to be careful about things like Apo praise, there's no law preventing you from participating in a foreign civil war but the FBI might just hold you anyway.

I thought he got banned for making fun of the 5'2'' Identify Evropa guy. No?

He got it back

Putin has been Apo Gang. Now he's just pissing off Turkey and tankiês.

just look at any media that reports on syria with some effort or go to the official DoD site for their video confrenece

youre gonna need to back up your "evil iranians pushing for war yet again" theory.

they dont fit into syria, but theyve been trying since the 60s.

He's been on discourse collective talking about housing in Californian housing soundcloud.com/discoursecollective/episode-81
He was also on an episode of street fight after he came back.

He lost it again

thread is kill

Serok Apo is Juche Gang

I love the idea of democratic confederalism, I really do, but when they announced they were essentially subjugating themselves to Burger imperialism and allowing them to build a dozen military bases in Kurdish Syria, I defected to Loyalist Syria. Bashar Al-Assad FTW.


Rojava is unfortunately on the side of imperialism.


Reminder that these are the same kinds of people who are now going around Russia erecting statues of Nicholas II beside statues of Lenin.

Based Russians.

Why not support both sides plus a peaceful solution in which the DFNЅ and the Syrian Gov reconcile and thus remove the perceived need for Burger bases and bring an end to the war.
It's a win-win situation.

An interesting article on imperialism and capitalism by a member of the Executive Council of the KCK.


It just goes to show how acutely aware of American imperialism the KCK are and why they are playing the US like a fiddle to further their own goals.

because its not that simple, in case youre new

Burgers shitting their pants after realising that Rоjava are pro-Russian anti-imperialist commies:


Amazing. My bois are waking up.

The ☘☘☘Kurds☘☘☘ have been exposed for what they really are; ginger niggers.


Christmas in Raqqa :^) Celebrated by YP.G. and MFS (Assyrian/Christian) commanders

Beautiful footage of children living in the Rubar refugee camp in the Afrin region who spent the day with Santa, a festive day with games and music.

pretty pathetic compared to the Christmas celebrations in Syrian govt areas.

More pictures of YP.G/J and MFS in Armenian Church of Martyrs in liberated Raqqa

To be fair, they're under embargo, Raqqa is in ruins, and Afrin is constantly attacked. Just today, there was mortar fire from Azaz. Fourth day in a row. Didn't stop for Christmas

The Raqqa civil council distributed 450 baskets of winter clothes, blankets and shoes for people in eastern neighborhoods of Raqqa

In the coming days, they will provide assistance in neighborhoods that have not received aid so far.

Two days ago, raw materials for bread were subsidized so bread prices were lowered.

People of Tabqa responded to the regime's (Assad) accusations "We are all S.D.F fighters"
They will continue working with the S.DF. under the Syrian Democratic Council and they will build a Syria on the basis of peoples brotherhood, that involves all peoples and faith groups.

Can someone give me a quick rundown on why the Syrian Kurds are so left-wing on average? What circumstances led to this being the case?

Last one:
First pic: Al-Naim Square under ISIS control.
Second pic: Al-Naim Square under Syrian Democratic Forces control.

An art exhibit was held during the Christmas celebrations and everyone was invited to participate.

There were are a lot of leftist parties in Turkey; everything from Marxist-Leninist to Left Coms to Anarchists. Apo was influned by ML, got arrested and realized it's dumb, read Bookchin, then fused ML communism with Communalism/Anarchism.

maybe if they just build the USA a few more airbases the embargo will let up then… and then it'll be way better than the legitimate Syrian government!


Christmas isn't a competition.

Good post. When the puppet argument comes up, people forget that the U.S. is supporting a socialist group against its own NATO ally. America has labelled PKK a terrorist organization but supported them with airstrikes against its enemies. Sounds like the U.S. is getting played in this relationship and not DeFNS

No they are not.

A critical introduction and analysis of the Kurdish movement and Rоjava from a ML perspective by Comrade Hakim, an ethnic Iraqi.



Good news, fellas. If the Turkey-Russia/Syria alliance falls apart, the U.S. will back Turkey and Russia/Syria will back the over a dozen US military bases in Syria/PKK, leaving ☭TANKIE☭s and anarchists on the same side, as they should be.

Someone please put a bullet in that watermelon seller's head. How dare he talk about state-terrorism? Kill all AKP members

Gaddafi talking on and supporting Kurdish self-determination.


Hilarious, he was shitting on Obama for meddling in the Kurds' affairs, and you think this somehow equates to support for over a dozen US military bases in Syria.

No, I said it was Gaddafi supporting Kurdish self-determination.

i used to support it too. we all did. but their leadership has repeatedly proven to be imperialist agents.
fuck them.

MODS can you ban this one shitposting israeli faggot


Begorrah! The Anglos know!
Shut it down!

YPG Commander General Sipan Hemo stated that Russian authorities have promised that 155 representatives of Kurds, Turkmens, Syriacs, and Arabs of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria will participate in the meeting in Sochi, despite all objection by Turkey.


its scum like you that push people into antisemitism.


theres just one dumbfuck jew on leftypol thats shitposts the irish meme and lurks in middle east related threads to defend apartheid, and its you.

It's not me dude, I swear.

I wonder what point they'll make at Sochi that 154 representatives couldn't have.


lol I had no idea the irish memes actually triggered people

D'aimsigh na cumannach ár bpleananna! Ní mór dúinn gníomhú le haste! Na prátaí a chosaint, na pláiníní a bhreacadh! Balla Shield! Balla Shield! RIAMH ARÍS! NÍOS NÍOS NÍL NÍOS A BHAINEANN LEIS AN FAMINE POTATO! RIAMH ARÍS!

Fuck the imperial dogs over a dozen US military bases in Syria.

Long live assad.

you support 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧SDF🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧


what's hilarious is that some 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Anglos🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 ACTUALLY believe this shit

noone beleives it. Its a recent meme by some jew on here that tought he can discredit legitimate stances on jewish monopolism and hegemoney in the west by just makeing a meme and saying


it is a recent meme perpetuated on here by a single shitposter. i wouldnt know about reddit tho.

It is not recent; I've seen the meme on leftypol since the start of 2015 and everyone was in on the joke.

are you 16 or something

I'm talking in regards to leftypol. Regardless, any meme beyond 2015 is irrelevant anyway.
Point being that the Irish meme isn't some recent shilling by a random leftypol user but a tradition from the early days of this board.

M8 2015 was the start of this board. If things from 2015 are “recent” in this context then that word doesn’t mean anything and you shouldn’t have used it anyway.

if you got into politics and leftism around the time leftypol came up and youre older than your countrys age of consent than thats just terrible.
and the irirsh meme is being used on leftypol only in a shittposting pattern that suggests that its one guy of jewish descent that is insecure enough to feel the need to defend the elites because hes "the same blood" or something as them, especially in threads that mention israel or the rothschilds.
i dont know why he feels the need to shitpost in the defense of those that go against everything leftypol stands for, but its really pathetic.

It's terrible that adults browse leftypol?
What are you talking about?

no, its terrible that millenials judge everything relatively to themselves. 2015 was just 3 years ago and nothing big happened between then and today in the world with the exception of a speed up in the decline of western elitist power. then again if you started out with this topic in 2015 youd think that trump is a big milestone in US politics and that R0jawa in syria is also big.
im talking about the fact that this jewish shitposter guy isnt making jews any better, hes just making leftypol worse.

lel i'm not going to defend jews but quit being butthurt about the irish thing. It's a meme to frustrate Holla Forums and that's it. very few people on this board would deny the disproportionately large number of jews among the elites.

i know why the meme was created, but the problem is that its being thown at any discussion relating israel and related things. its been shitposted to threads about iran and saudi arabia. Its no longer being used to troll Holla Forums but to discredit and ruin any discussion that might provide conclusions and opinions unfavorable to israel.

SDF fighters liberated the Al Marsam gharbi village and killed 30 IS members.

Sad news :(
A mass grave containing the remains of 80 elderly or physically disabled Yazidi women was found in the Shengal area.
IS killed a number of them while the others were buried alive in a pool that was used for fish farming

There are some 3,000 Yezidis unaccounted for still. While many are believed to be held in IS territory, that constitutes less than 0.1% of Syrian territory. So, in months to come, the Genocide may be even larger than expected.
Also, another grave of SAA soldiers was found near the Tabqa Military Airbase by the Syrian Democratic Forces. Bodies will be returned to the regime.

"Self determination unless they do something i dislike" is not in fact self determination. If you support kurdish self-determination, you support the kurdish right to decide to be imperialist agents. If you don't, then you never actually supported self-determination at all.

tankies views are the other side of same american "we support democracy unless you elect the wrong guy" coin

Yeah but americans largely shut up about self-determination after the cold war, it's not about the specific views, it's about the complete lack of critical thinking even within an individual idea

Nothin personnel… kid…

holy fuck you are stupid, over a dozen US military bases in Syria is literally the "democracy" that the USA supports.

They are supporting this democracy, because it is useful to them, but they weren't so keen on democracy when the muslim brotherhood was getting elected in egypt

Everyone ITT should really migrate to >>>/leftpol/. We already have to walk on eggshells while talking about the war, it's only a matter of time where we're banned and this thread deleted because we support the DeFNS. Just the fact that discussion is controlled and censored here is bad enough.

Anti-DeFNS are welcome too, this isn't about sectarianism.

Here's even the thread.

IS leader who planned the July 27th Qamishlo massacre was killed in a special operation by Y.P.G Anti-Terror Units (YAT) in the Der ez Zor countryside.
The S.D.F intelligence network is well established and as of late many raids have taken place against IS cells in Hasaka, Manbij, and Jazera Canton.

B0 may have gotten rid of the cyclical, the ML support for Rоjava and the YΡG flag but at least she still hasn't gotten rid of the Apo banner

I had never noticed the flag had been ditched, this death spiral is quite entertaining if saddening.

I know, it was a little heart warming but it's only a matter time….

It didn't have to be this way comrades.

unfortunately BO beat someone with a normal number of chromosomes to registering this board.

So this is how it ends

Nothing is ending you chuckefucks, there's an active Rójava thread on /leftpol/. We still have the YePG flag, along with a bookchin, PeKK, and PJAK flag. Shit is tight. Don't be attached to one letter, Holla Forums is an idea and a community, and nothing is changing.


I'm well aware and I'm active there. But I still keep going back here plus I need to dump my sad cats.


i am fueled primarily by spite, the knowledge that the BO doesn't want me here only makes me post harder


Something tells me the person actively trying to drive people away doesn't particularly care about how many IPs are visiting

SDF has liberated the 3 villages of al-Mahmudah, Arz-al Zir and al-Majid from ISIS terrorists. The villages are located 28 km south-east of al-Mayadin city.
These were previously held by the Syrian Democratic Forces but IS cells have made the Tribal Region unstable. The three villages have now been combed and cleared.

The Islamic State has reportedly control over several villages (Abu Hasan, Al-Shafah, Al-Kishmah, Al-Susah, Al-Bughuz, Al-Bubadran, Abu Khatir, Al-Ulayat, Al-Shajilah, Al-Marashidah) which were actually captured by S.D.F in the past.
Islamic State has reportedly control over parts of Al-Bahrah.
Clashes are continuing, however, south of these villages in Hajin, the most populated city and strategic goal of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The International Freedom Battalion declares victory over Raqqa by imitating the famous 1945 photo of the Red Army on the Reichstag.


a disgrace to the USSR.

Hot takes.

seizing sovereign Syrian land for NATO under the guise of fighting ISIS– another NATO proxy –is a disgrace.

You are much more of a disgrace than these people ever will be

Nice one

Seizing sovereign Syrian land in which they then share and give back to?
Makes me think.

Retarded and idealist "anti-imperialism" narrative as always.
Again, proofs? And are their contacts and cooperation with Russia and international organizations meaningless them?

We must defend alawaite supremacy and a neoliberal economic system against kurdish aggression

You are pic related.

They aren't doing this, they are rushing a land grab for the USAF.

Don't even post here, you are clearly a totally clueless idiot.

Yeah they did in Manbij, Tel Rifat and oil fields across the Euphrates not to mention the Russian bases in Afrin.
Also nice non-arguments, brainlet.

Excellent arguments and sources as expected

These were places where the government beat them to it or got there at the same time and they were forced to concede. The NATO proxy "SDF" must return all its stolen land to the Syrian government and the US air bases must be wiped out.

You're the fucking idiot who thinks ISIS magically popped out of nowhere. It's a fact of public record that ISIS has received US funding through all of its puppets, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel. The USAF has LITERALLY given air support to ISIS against the SAA on several occasions, again, this is an indisputable fact (google Deir Ezzor bombing). Speaking of that, no doubt the USAF has conducted bombing runs against the legitimate Syrian government FROM THOSE VERY AIRBASES that are over a dozen US military bases in Syria occupied land. over a dozen US military bases in Syria are a pack of traitors, literally the same as FSA since they openly recruit from them.

supposed leftists care about national sovereignty
you deserve a hatchet to the face

take that flag off you piece of shit.

Marxism and the National Question

That simply isn't true. Give me one example of which this is the case.

you literally mentioned it with manbij. the fact is that the PYD thinks it can be slick and extort concessions out of Syria by collaborating with imperialist mass-murderers. they have absolutely no claim to any land, period.

The MMC invited the Russians and the SAA into eastern Manbij. They weren't "beaten to it" nor "forced to concede". It was negotiated so both parties could contain the kebab.

What if people disagree with Stalin you fucking faggot?

You should be pulling none of this to be able to defend Bashar and his shitty state that would murder any sort of radical leftist if it gave him trouble

oh yeah they just "invited" them. so why are they keeping the rest of the territory? Hm??

he was right and you're wrong.

Yeah Bashar will kill people who "give him trouble" IE commit acts of treason by collaborating with America to destroy Syria. Weird how Assad is the one you're worried will kill "radical leftists," not the USA, the number one murderer of communists since WWII.

Because they didn't need to.

>Daesh used coordinates provided by US drones when shelling forces attacking #AlBukamal. US jammed electronic frequencies of forces fighting Daesh. After the defeat, US facilitated evacuation of Daesh forces to over a dozen US military bases in Syria areas east of Euphrates.


Kurdistan Secession Threat to Entire Region
Following the defeat of ISIL, the region is before a dangerous scheme of division, Sayyed Nasrallah said, warning that such scheme is represented in the secession of Kurdistan region in Iraq.
“We say to our beloved Kurds that the issue is not about deciding your fate, but about dividing the region according to sectarian and ethnic belonging.”
The Lebanese resistance leader called on people of the region to confront such scheme which echoes the “New Middle East”, which was plotted by former US president George W. Bush.
“The people of this region bear responsibility of confronting this scheme of division.”
His eminence also called on people of the region to refrain from resorting to ethnic bias.
“There should not be ethnic bias between Arabs, Kurds or Iranians, the problem is not with Kurds, it’s political one.”
Sayyed Nasrallah in this context warned that wars in the region are in favor of ‘Israel’ and US along with the latter’s arms companies.

the over a dozen US military bases in Syria would agree with him, they do not wish to separate from Syria, they wish for peaceful coexistence with Bashar Al-Assad while preserving their own culture and anarchist co-operative economics. That's what democratic confederalism is, the ultimate way to ease ethnic chauvinism in the middle east.

lmfao "SDF" agrees with Nasrallah that "SDF" is an ally to ISIS???

They invited the Syrian Border Guards and Russia to al-Arima and West Manbij to 1.) Discourage the Turks and proxies from clashes and 2.) To prove the Euphrates Shield militants wouldn't actually attack Assad despite Erdogan specifically saying the reason he didn't enter Syria to defeat ISIS before was because he also wanted to remove Assad.

They did the same in Shabada region and Afrin. There are deescalation zones made for civilians

And let us not forget the Russians doing everything in their power to stop clashes I'm Raqqa province when the SAA/NDF first met the S.D.F around Tabqa. Literally got a map and drew a line in the desert, kilometer by kilometer

Nasrallah's words probably will not age well when the DFNЅ and the Syian gov enter talks for unification.



Nasrallah is one of the smartest and most accurate analysts on MENA events alive. He is almost always right, you don't really get to disparage him. See what Finkelstein says:

How is this relevant? The Syrian government also negotiates with the FSA to reclaim their land, which Nasrallah and Assad have both denounced as terrorists.

Oh boys do I have a treat:
Anti-Terror Units (YAT) dismantled a group of IS in the Karama village near Raqqa that was planning an attack in the Mabruka refugee camp.
14 IS terrorists were killed and weapons, ammunition and a car bomb were seized
Its been a while since operational footage has been shared.

you literally talk like a shill. what the fuck do you think this is, a cooking blog? fuck off.

YAT literally stopped a massacre of innocent civilians. So yes, this entails cooking blog levels of excitement

Anyone else seeing the impressive gains made by the SAA in northeastern Hama?

Impressive, yes, but less so considering HTS just fucking infights with Ahrar and the millions of other groups. Kind of a bummer that the Turks cock blocked the Ildib Military Council from making this a one-two punch from Afrin and Hama to end the war once and for all. Oh well, Turks gonna turk.

they literally staged another conflict in America's sick game of squaring proxies against each other, there is nothing to celebrate.

So can you explain to me in what way R*java is an American proxy, despite the fact that they regularly collaborate with america’s enemies and are literally at war with a NATO country through the PKK?Working with the Americans doesn’t make them a proxy. If that were the case then Tito, Hoxha, and Ho Chi Minh were all Western proxies. Oh but I guess you know more about the situation than the FSB which sees the Kurds as possessing enough independence from the US to be worthy of working with.

Tbh I also have yet to see any hard evidence that the US is backing ISIS as well. The FSA sure, but ISIS? Where are the proofs Billy?

Tankies, ladies and gentlemen.

People here believe the DFN.S is an American proxy because since the Battle of Kobani the US and the international coalition have been providing airstrikes but stopped short of directly arming the SD.F because it would hurt Turkey's feelings. However, around the time of the Battle of Raqqa the US has been directly arming both Arab and Kurdish elements (not Assyrian). Plus US special forces have trained and advised many facets of the Syrian Democratic Forces. Basically the DNF.S is a wet dream for the battle against ISIS.
The whole "the US funds ISIS" claim is unfounded. Just something to yell like "fuck the police."

oh i know. well this is geopolitics, and few alliances are permanent in the middle east – of all places – and even the syrian government and russia (when it was the soviet union) clashed in 1989. david lesch, the historian and a personal friend of bashar al-assad, witnessed it and wrote about it. syrian attack helicopters struck a soviet cruiser off latakia and killed two sailors. that was when the kremlin was warming up to the west and was encouraging hafez al-assad to reach an accommodation with israel.

this is hardly known about, but it shows that the mideast is really no place for moralizing.

should also mention that the russians work with the over a dozen US military bases in Syria and provide air support to them. are the russians taking part in a U.S.-backed imperialist game to carve up syria? it would not surprise me if there were russian commandos working with them, too.

actually meant to respond to this asshole:

you're all good, here's a (you) for your troubles

heres a quick rundown for you

and why is the SyDF bad in all this?
they enable the US to keep doing this shit in the region. It has nothing to do with retarded ideology or politics, its purely geopolitical.
They have a flag that you like? fuck them. get bombed.

But Syria has attacked the ЅDF on numerous occasions. Only when the US troops were directly in danger did the USAF bother to actually do anything about it. It's a temporary military alliance, the US knows they are playing a tug-of-war with Russia and that they are now loosing.

there have been no planned operations against the SyDF.
sure explains why the US bombed SAA positions when they were fighting IS
every alliance is temporary dumbass
theyre losing power over the SyDF to russia? are you sure

We can't ignore the global angle, but the DF.NS has been fighting for - to impressive results - actual ethic/religious pluralism, womans rights and local & individual autonomy. That matters!

it does matter but compared to the equation "global>regional" its futile

Turkey is actually part of what makes it a proxy, by force. Roj*va has no way to fight back against Turkey in any realistic sense, so whenever they stray too far from the NATO agenda, Turkey will lob more shells over the border, threaten to invade, etc. This is part of America's leverage that is keeping them under imperialist control.

Yeah it does, so does having over a dozen US military bases in Syria.

It's a matter of public record that ISIS received all of its funds and support from USA puppets including Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The USA has literally, openly given ISIS air support on numerous occasions including multiple bombings in Deir Ezzor. Hassan Nasrallah has consistently described situations where the USA is protecting ISIS.

I'm sympathetic, but can any of us really aim for the swift, global and total change that that equation implicitly demands? The ways in which the DF/NS might be a futile attempt at progress, utterly ephemeral or even possibly counterproductive in the long run are numerous & clear to see; but i can't help but feel the roj*va revolution has still been a movement with some of the clearest spots of hope we've seen this decade.
i have no idea if any of it might help contribute to some greater, global change in time, but I sure have more faith in it than some tortured game of what tyrants to support in some half-understood global chess game.

So a couple of questions.

First, why are you so adamant about keeping the US out but have no problem letting Russia run rampant all over the place? Do you think Russian porkies are just a bunch of kind hearted nice guys who love peace and freedom? Fuck no, they are just as bad as any other porky, and Russia’s agenda is hegemony, just like the US.

Second, even if the SyDF is working with the US that’s not the same thing as being a proxy. They are helping the US, for now. But this isn’t fucking Hearts of Iron m8, its real life. Geopolitics are fickle, especially in a region where brutal pragmatism and uncomfortable alliances are a necessity of survival. You need to show me that the SyDF is firmly in America’s pocket, and frankly given what they have actually been doing in regards to Russia, Assad, and Turkey, I just don’t buy it. There is no shortage of examples of people who took American aid only to use America for their own ends before dumping them and making them look like fools. Ho Chi Minh and Osama Bin Ladin both did this, here’s the former posing with OSS agents. For fucks sake you know that Hafez Al Assad collaborated with the US during Desert Storm right? Does that make him a US proxy?

This is spooky bourgeois moralizing, I don’t give a rats ass about borders drawn by colonizers or maintained by bourgeois governments. There is one thing that concerns me in the Syrian conflict, and that is which side is doing more to empower the proletariat. Prove to me that that is Assad and I will support him, but given his neoliberal policies and his father’s history of repressing communists, I don’t find it likely.

Is that why Turkey shit their pants over the prospect of them uniting the cantons? The PKK is legitimately a threat in Turkey, not just because of their strength as a guerilla army, but because they have the potential to inspire a mass uprising of Turkey’s Kurds. If R*java wasn’t a threat then Turkey wouldn’t be working to impede them at every opportunity.

So that makes Ho Chi Minh a US puppet then? What about Hafez Al Assad in Desert Storm? How do you think geopolitics works? Do you think that when somebody is a “puppet” of a global power then they lose all agency? Most puppets have their own agendas m8, the Argentine Government in the 80s was a “US puppet” and yet they went to war with America’s closest ally in the Falklands, and nearly went to war with Chile, America’s other ally. It’s not like once you are in an alliance with America you lose the ability to act on your own agenda. As for the bases, I’ll believe they are a sign of US control over the Kurds if you can show me that they give them military dominance. A few thousand airmen and special forces guys would not be enough to stop the Y P G if they wanted America out.

Give me a link.

Russia is not "running rampant," they are there at invitation of the legitimate Syrian government.

So you're an imperialist. KYS.

cant make an omlette without breaking a few eggs

Oh yeah Turkey is so afraid of Kurds, that's why they are on friendly terms with the KRG. Here's the other thing you won't want to hear, the ethnic cleansing of Kurds that is happening in Turkey is PART of the imperialist Kurdistan project. They will cleanse Kurds from Turkey to push them into Syria and establish another imperialist ethnostate like Israel. "Rojava" is tacitly cooperating with this, hence why they focus all their energies on landgrabs against Syria instead of fighting Turkey.

You aren't interested in reality, all you care about is edge cases and counterfactuals that affirm your idiotic opportunism.

I've told you what to Google, now do some fucking reading for once in your life.

You know that the South Vietnamese Government invited the US into Nam right? That didn’t make the Vietnam War any less imperialist.

No I’m a socialist who doesn’t get bogged down in spooky notions of which bourgeois governments a legitimate or not. If you can demonstrate to me that the SyDF is genuinely a tool of the US without their own agency and goals, or that Assad is the genuinely preferable option in terms of empowering the proletariat, I will change my position.

That proves my point about the complexities and oddities of geopolitics actually. There is no question that R*java and the PKK are locked in a major struggle with Turkey, southern Turkey has been a low intensity battlefield for decades m8.

But R*java isn’t an ethnostate, it never was, on the contrary they are making concentrate efforts to integrate and protect he rights of minorities. Which is more than anybody can say about a strictly ethnonationalist ideology like Ba’athism.

No no no, I’m not letting you off this easy. Substantiate your claim that R*java is a US puppet. You claimed that this was the case because they are collaborating with the US and receiving aid from them. If this is what you think then you must also think that Ho Chi Minh was a US puppet since he did exactly the same thing. Otherwise you would have to admit that taking aid from the US doesn’t necessarily make you their puppet or proxy.

because russia has proven to be the more of a "diplomacy" type and less of a "invade countless countries, intsall puppet goverments, drag everyone into decade long wars" type.
russia only deployed a small force to syria. the US is building airbases.

that is the agenda of every organisation ever

well guess at what


yet you still support SyDF because of "muh revlution"? are you mentally challanged?

thats qualitive data comparison,not quantitive data. those revolutions are irrelevant if you dpont know the actual state of the geopolitical situation there.

he wasnt dependant on the US to survive. but he did serve them.

i said nothing about those spooks. i was talking about the actual stakes at hand.

lets see:
which is better for revolution?

it was a strategic move dumbass. you dont need to be afraid of an enemy to fight him

weve been watching that for a few decades now

saddam wasnt a threat to the US but they attacked. want more examples?

in the fight against japan yes. but that was a different war

how many US troops in syria do you need to get the SyDF steamrolled?

if you say you follow the war yet ignored all the cases of US supporting IS assaults and evacuating their leaders then youre a shill. just go to any browser and throw in phrases

fucking lost

Fucking so? Imperialism is imperialism. It doesn’t fucking matter if they are going about it through soft or hard power, if you think that Russia will be any less exploitative then you are brain dead. Imperialism is an inevitable result of capitalist development, and Russia is a capitalist country.

Actually their revolution is happening right now. They have socialized or collectivized most of their economy, meanwhile Assad was doing the opposite for decades. Not to mention the introduction of large scale grassroots democracy at every level of government. R*java is having a revolution that objectively empowers the proletariat, and they want that revolution to spread to the rest of Syria through a federal system. Assad wants to maintain the current bourgeois dictatorship, but because he is friends with the “good” imperialists he is your preferred choice?

And from the actual state of the geopolitical situation it seems like the SyDF and the US are working together out of pure pragmatism. ☭TANKIE☭s make a million excuses for Assad or the USSR about muh historical necessity, but never seem to be willing to extend such leniency to other groups. Ironically Assad seems to be reinforcing the relationship between the US and Kurds by refusing to compromise on the question of a federal constitution and autonomy for R*java. They are looking out for their own survival, and if Assad won’t let them have it they will work with whoever will. This is why Russia is working so hard to get Assad to calm his shit, because they are smart enough to realize that all he’s doing is driving the Kurds towards the US.

Neither, I don’t take sides in conflicts between imperialists. However I do take sides in conflicts between a group pushing for the radical emancipation of the workers and the group pushing against that.

So? The troubles lasted decades, are you telling me that the IRA wasn’t a security threat to the UK?

No he wasn’t, he was an ally. There’s a difference, and his actions after the war prove it. The same is true of the SyDF.

If it SO fucking obvious you should be able to get me one measly link.


Fair enough, but you realize that all those links cite Russian or Syrian state media plus one Shiite militia commander as sources right? I fail to see why you dismiss one set of bourgeois media but not another. I’m skeptical at best, especially considering the fact that the US is also directly fighting ISIS and supporting their enemies. What would be the point of fighting and aiding a group simultaneously? Especially since that group originated as an anti-US resistance organization in the occupation of Iraq.

All that happen in part of Ukraine + their actions lead to spreading nationalism in other part of Ukraine and strengthen oligarch positions.

That was a puppet government, holy fuck, kill yourself. You are literally brain damaged.

fight the r0java imperialism

and whats the point of it when it doesent spread?
yes becuase im not limited to binary idealistic local thinking

im not a tanky, stay on point

if by "they" you mean the new SyDF elite then yes

i told you that here remember?

thats because you have no fucking clue on how the world works
my case in point

the republicans actually did drive the english from most of ireland. but they werent strong enough whne they lost the support of the new state under sinn fein and were fighting anglo nationals in northern ireland
anyone that knws a thing or two about the situation would know when fighting becomes futile.

you make "ally" sound like some relationship of equal values and shit like that.

how exactly? i tought you said puppets can rise up against their masters?

what exactly even asmuch as implicates that the SyDF will kick the US out?

i was gonna but this guy beat me to it. so heres pic

lets see

seems legit

that was happening before the russians even came. i guess you werent following that thing either except via CNN

its called credibility.
One media actually does research and notifies&apologises when it makes a mistake, while the other just spew out endless bullshit


Your post make ukranian porkey very happy.

This thread is actively being censored. If you care about genuine discussion, whether pro or anti-DeFNS, then migrate to >>>/leftpol/9

you can post all the shit you like, just don't pretend to be a leftist and your post will stay. there wont be a liberal takeover by mere shitpostingpower of a few obnoxious shills.

Stop being a bootlicker for a second and realize this kind of moderation isn't good for anyone. If pro-DeFNS people are retarded liberals, then you should be able to prove that. You cannot if the person gets banned or if their posts get removed.

the real enemy of the donbass community was the new junta that planned to crack down on them dumbass

they support the "Revolution" just because its a "revolution", with no consideration of the impact and circumstances of the global or even regional geopolitical state.
see post in the iran thread that throws all the cards on the table about why people support "muh dictatorships"

as a matter of fact see the original post that gets it raw

True but that does not detract from my point nor contradict what I said.

If you are referring to the 2016 Deir Ez-Zor airstrike then that was nothing to do with the ЅDF.

I am well aware of that however I have seen plenty of tаnkies and the like say that the alliance between the US and the ЅDF is eternal and thus makes the DFNЅ a puppet state etc.

Going to be honest; that was guess work. But considering the DFNЅ and Russia are making more and more deals by the day I would wager that I would be somewhat correct in that assertion.

The "SDF" is partially guilty for every bombing in the region, since they are giving the US airbases. "SDF" is objectively helping the USA give air support to ISIS.

you think everyone here is as stupid as you?

because the whole thing has little to do with the SyDF. besides being a piece on the chessboard theyre insignificant. this is about US trying to undermine Russia and Irans influence in the region

the alliance between them will last untill the US no longer needs them which is unlikely with the victory of assad, or untill they think they dont need the US anymore which is also as unlikely since the US is the only thing keeping the alive.

that would mean reassertion of damascus control over SyDF held areas wouldnt it now? In the long term neither syria or russia have an interest in keeping syria in more pieces they can hold

The planes of the Deir ez-Zor airstrike flew in from Iraq not from a airbase within Syria. Regardless, you are right in saying that the over a dozen US military bases in Syria is partially guilty for US bombing in Syria.

I am not shifting goal posts. SAA not having planned operations against the ЅDF does not contradict my point that the SAA has attacked the ЅDF on a number of occasions thus meaning that the US does not use these attacks as a clause to attack the rest of Syria. What difference would it make if the attacks were "planned operations" or not. The US has had plenty of excuses to blitz the rest of Syria but they haven't (thankfully).

Buddy, the originally conversation was contextually about the SAA attacking the ЅDF. If the ЅDF is contextually pointless to talk about then why bother responding to that point.

As I said earlier; it is a temporary alliance. When Assad inevitably wins then the DFNЅ will probably, in my humble opinion, enter talks with Russia's help, like they are doing now in Sochi, and hopefully come to some settlement. But maybe you are right, who

If you are referring to federalist solution then you are half-wrong; Russia has long been pushing for a federalist Syria in their revised constitution. Under this agreement, if it ever gets reached; there will be de jure control from Damascus but having federalist autonomy. But we don't know the full details of the Russian proposals.
But wouldn't the Russian federalist solution be the best course? No Syrian civil war 2 electric boogaloo with thousands more deaths, a new and better constitution, Kurdish autonomy and burgers cucked out of the country.

read your post here and then say you werent goalpost shifting

the original conversation was me explaining whats happening in syria. then some poeple didnt like the sound of it and said that russia and syria are not trying to win favor with the SyDF.
follow the thread before posting.

he already won, US presence with the help of SyDF is the problem now

atleast youre coming to understand it

for the exact purpose of appeasing the SyDF
but it probably wont stay like that for long because of the perpetual political struggle
it would, but not with the US and israel in the picture using it as a jumpboard for further destabilisation

Okay fuck the bullshit, back to news

During the Martyr Sakine Cansız Revolutionary Vengeance operation, HPG Special Forces Units captured two high ranking officials from Turkish intelligence service MİT in Southern Kurdistan (Turkey ish Kurdistan) on 4 August 2017
They revealed a lot of information

HPG are the ones you'd call the PKK but in reality the PKK is the political party and the HPG is it's fighting arm. Like the Y.P.G and PYD
ANF t.co/3E3AMu747e

Women Committee belonging to Der ez Zor Civil Council will open a center for women council soon.

"Our areas were freed from IS and with the liberation, we freed women from the backward intellectual authority imposed on us. Our work is focused on the development and awareness of women" t.co/KQERryRf7R

And some good news to end on :^)
The Syriac Military Council, (MFS & Sutoro) saved little girl named Myriam in Deir ez Zor countryside during the operation with Syrian Democratic Forces.

Not going to respond to anything else he said? Or are you just going to be super nitpicky?

Want to get banned for "imperialism" too?

post some pics of cops and american soldiers hugging kids too, it's the same thing.


What if he just wants to chill with his girlfriend and keep working on his coffee shop or whatever he was doing before he went to Rójava?

A lot of them aren't and just go with whatever the vanguard is pushing.
If Assad had retaken the land they're in they'd passively go along with his liberalism too.

The Y.P.G released three videos of captured foreign fighters: one Russian, one German, and another from Azerbaijan. All came through Turkey and are open about the ease of travel. Many were fleeing back to Turkey to re-enter Europe.

1-Razik Hakiki, 30, from Azerbaijan: "We faced no problems during our trip to join Caliphate. I stayed in Istanbul and Antep.

2-Muhamad Abu al-Qadr, Germany: "Turkish border gates were always open to any of us (IS members). I was amazed when Turkish border guards welcomed me saying “This is your home, you are here to help us."

3-Vladimir Oleinikov, Russia, has been active in many formerly IS-held areas such as Raqqa, Mayadeen and Al-Bukamal: "There is nowhere to go but Turkey"

Imperialist mercenaries. If they wanted to help stop ISIS, they would help Syria instead.

the three were IS. if youre talking about Y.P.G.handing them over to SAI then you should know the syriang govt has nothing to do with foregeiners except shoot them. and they wont do that because they dont need western publicity that will sympathise with the IS members. if anything they would send them back to europe and laugh about pic related

wew, real communist revolutionaries here

the syrian goverment wont do unnecessary shit just because the wetern media and retaded proxy organisations like Amnesty international, human X rights watch and so on will try to milk it asmuch as possible to smear syria.
the western media doesent really care about the bad things Y.P.G.does because they work for america.

The Syrian government is not communist or revolutionary in any sense of the words.


Fierce clashes broke out in the Gharanij village.
S.D.F. fighters killed more than 100 IS terrorists.
Numbers like this aren't unheard-of as thousands of fighters are trapped in a small pocket.

Just two days ago S.D.F. fighters foiled an IS attack in the Al Bahrah village, killing 27 IS members.
They shot down 3 drones and seized weapons and ammunition.
The drones are customized to drop explosives, a tactic used since the early Raqqa campaign.

US proxies "fighting" each other to destroy Syrian buildings and infrastructure

Honestly I'm just biting the bait at this point and obviously all of the bodies of martyrs who worked with Russia (especially in these recent Dier Ez Zor ops) are just from a fake US setup.

Stop with the worthless low jabs.

fucking braindead and deaf ☭TANKIE☭s

People like that user and others need to chill the fuck out when it comes to BASELESS, UNEDUCATED STATEMENTS. I remember some retard in another thread said that Lenin was a mass-murdering crypto-fascist and I have to wonder if people behind those screens are real sometimes man. I don't know, but I swear to god it is Holla Forumsyps saying this garbage.

Hey look! People with a brain!

The Greek anarcho-communist 'Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity' aka RUIS has released a video of them fighting in Raqqa with other members of the International Freedom Battalion.



Great News!
SDF fighters liberated 500 Yazidi women and children up until now in Deir Al Zour and Raqqa provinces.

The Yazidi Women’s Freedom Movement released a statement about it

Nearly 700 fighters graduated from training and joined the ranks of Syrian Democratic Forces yesterday.

The fighters are mainly Arabs from towns & villages west of Deir-Ez-Zor. t.co/2jEzocZtIN

How many of them are ex-ISIS?

tfw rebel supporters still unironically believe that Rohava is a puppet of the Syrian government

Tfw when you support a literal theocracy and neolib dictatorship supported by Russia but it's okay because they're not burgers

It's a good sign that many of the captured Yezidi women and children are still to be liberated, but many organizations keeping track of the situation still see a disparity in the number missing and those who have been found.

why are there so many emotional children on this board these days? One person might raise a discrepancy with the idea of "anti-imperialism" and 10 tankiddies would just respond with






i refer you to

Great news!
SDF fighters liberated 500 Yazidi women and children till now in the provinces of Deir Al Zour and Raqqa.

The Yazidi Women’s Freedom Movement released a statement about it

Pics of it


B0 has been selectively been censoring my posts on this thread because I disagree with B0's shit opinions and because I support Rojаvа. Below is a list of posts from other anons that are replying to my censored posts. These posts were not breaking any of the rules except the unforgivable crime of daring to disagree with the current owner of this board. I hate to sound like Alex Jones "the government is out to get me" type shit but this is straight up censorship.


bad input gives bad results

t. butthurt USAF Airman

most of these were just crap whitewashing whats really happening. some were even just blatant IDF propaganda

My opinions do not warrant censorship, especially if they are well within the rules of the board.

Ce n'est pas un argument


They do a tad bit more than that.

they volunteer for CIA cannonfodder in a conflict that will have no impact on the social and political situation in their home country whatsoever?

My gott do you have no sense of empathy or solidarity with your fellow man?

i do but geopolitics doesnt work on feelings.
unless youre the media and you count on exploiting cherrypicked events put into a forged context to try and emotionally manipulate the population.

Communalism came from America. If it suceeds in Syria it could grown a in the first world.

che guevera wasnt even Cuban, he was from Argentina.
Also during the Spanish civil war left wingers from all over the world went to go fight.
The american ones were called The Lincoln Battalion.


Basically its pretty normal if you are some suicidal crazy guy with nothing to lose and far left politics to go fight for the revolution in other countries

t. every idealistic fringe movement that didnt succed

Remember people, it's ЅDF who has a ceasefire/non-agression with ISIS



Erdomeme has been barking about intervening military in Afrin and Manbij recently. It's probably just empty threads tho.






go back to Holla Forums.

Just how fucking butthurt are you right now?
What ahistoricals exactly?
It is well known that Assad instituted free market reforms and that they played a role in setting the stage for the war, so much so that he had to roll state control back into to try to win people back over.
Or are you saying he didn't fuck over the Kurds?
Or that Russia doesn't acknowledge them as part of the solution for Syria?

Fucking retarded brainlet

you trots will take anything and run with it no matter how nonsensical your analysis is, no matter how irrelevant it is to what your opponents are actually saying.

What the fuck does this have to do with Trots?
Hows is him pointing this stuff out making him a Trot?


I have been staunch defender of Rоjava on this thread but with the announcement of the newly created 'Syrian Border Security Force' Rоjava has really shot themselves in the foot. I understand that they are playing the realpolitik game and have thus far been successful in surviving however now that they have soured their relations with the Syrian Gov and Russia they are going to have a really hard time reinforcing Afrin now that it is under attack due to needing to go through Syrian Gov held areas.
As Lavrov said; the SDС/PУD belong at the Sochi Congress not in the hands of the

pic related

LARPing faggots and idealists should consider the following: >>2340339
pic related

heres the screencap from the archived thread

What has this got to do with their home country? How does ☭TANKIE☭s defending Assad have any "impact on the social and political situation in their home country"?


If I was really spouting IDF propaganda then why didn't I get banned for such. Stop pulling random garbage out your arse.

Being defeated by a right wing theocracy wouldn't do shit. Name one change that has happened in Burgerland now that the Syrian Gov is winning the war. I'm not saying that Iran defeating burgerland is a bad thing btw.
Meanwhile the IFB is gaining experience and connections which is better than what Tаnkies can do pretending that their opinion on a Cambodian carpet weaving forum will change the course of MENA geopolitics.

Gez, this is quite the puzzle. he's acting exactly like a Holla Forumstard, but he's espousing a totally legitimate communist position. How does it work? he's even mass replying, ignoring all calls to provide evidence, and treating screenshots of anonymous unsourced basketweaving tips as proof.

Assad’s let over a dozen US military bases in Syria soldiers go through government land to reinforce Afrin since the Turks are planning on invading

Fuck off is this filter new

its a pretty reasonable consession.
The over a dozen US military bases in Syriawont surrender land to the SAA yet the SAA doesent want turks/rebels coming in.
damascu and moscow also want theSDF to agree on their governing policies in the future

i was replying to some faggot shitposting and defending the IDF. if a quarter of the thread wasnt deleted i could show you the exact posts.

the US lost alot of credibility on the international stage and russia and iran inturn gained alot of geopolitical power anywhere from iraq to libya.
and where will they use them? in america where theyll trigger a massive crackdown on militias and non-mainstream political organisations?

germany was imperialist. they just fought other imperialists.
pure shock value bait to trigger fruitcakes. apparently it worked.
and wht would that be like Sherlock Homo?
i think trump is an autistic clown and that america is being a cancer to the rest of the world.
Lenin or Makhno?
pick one
because i dont sporadically shitpost like you
nice projection. i provided evidence whenever asked. you just autistically screeched.

ever heard of the terms "bias" or "practical"?


An ISIS terrorist who was captured by over a dozen US military bases in Syria who is a Russian citizen will be handed over to Russian military officials in an official ceremony.
This is at the Civilian-Military Deconfliction Zone in Afrin. Two days before Russian Forgein Minister Sergei Lavrov called his Turkish counterpart to stop the attack on the Afrin Canton.


In what way? And how is this creditable to Iran?

Iran's influence in Iraq is creditable to the US's intervention against Saddam and the bringing about """democracy""" that allowed the Shi'ites to come to power. What Iranian influence in Libya are you talking about?

In Greece and in Turkey perhaps. And so what if the US cracks down on militias? Leftists have gone though worse.

My apologies for misunderstanding your post. It's just that the way that you worded it made it seem like you were talking about my posts.

Anyone know about the new border force is it replacing the over a dozen US military bases in Syria, army?

Ypg is shelling Turkish backed FSA positions

Can saddam praising be banned for imperialism

tell me all about these US military bases, troops on the ground and foreign air superiority in Iraq back then

Um…you know that the US supported Saddam right and sent him tens of Billions of dollars of Aid and support? right?


Large western support the gave him arms, intellegence, West German engineers helped him set up a plant to make chemical weapons.


tell me when the over a dozen US military bases in Syria is merely "armed by the CIA" and continues to act on its own interest, fucking with the US so badly that they turn around and attack you

that wont happen, your nationalist cuckdems have no interest and show how wide they spread their ass open for uncle sam on a daily bases.

you guys are literally retarded

Fine over a dozen US military bases in Syria and sad dam are both Zionist imperialists,

If they were US puppets why would they even be allowed to work with the aforementioned groups?


change your flag back to that for some infantile disorder, faggot


hoxhaists and MLMs support over a dozen US military bases in Syria, lol

Saddam was a fascist comprador to start with, but he betrayed the USA and became anti-imperialist.

How about reading Hoxha

Why dosent russia just sick their Military puppet and occupied group in Damascus on the over a dozen US military bases in Syria?
It wouldnt cause ww3 it would just cause a proxy war?

Eh, I remember that KSA is due to collapse in a revolution, and just sort of give up understanding Middle East.

Post proof that the us threatened Russia with ww3 if they didn’t cooperate with the y p g.
Was Russia invited them to the Sochi conference under threat of ww3 ? Idiot

you are fucking retarded
how about you read anything to begin with

you really really need to kill yourself you imbecile dumbfuck cuck

By that logic fucking Noriega was anti imperialist

Why did Russia invite the y p g to the Sochi conference then?
Why are their Russian bases in efrin.
Why did the Russian foreign minister tell the Turks to call off their offensive? Is th us forcing Russia to do all those things? Would the us allow their puppet to cooperate with the same country the us is fight their proxy war against?

Not till they run out of oil money(or us support)

It's an absolute monarchy, and it's one bullet away from a succession crisis that tears the country the fuck apart.

But how likely is that? Assassnations of world leaders are hard to pull of. Barring an unpredictable random event like salma al saud eating a bullet tomorrow (it Is till possible I admit it) ksa isn’t likely to fall until they lose either the oil money or us support


So what are you saying the us military is automatically lying and is in fact supporting the over a dozen US military bases in Syria against its own long time allies?
Look up eurphrates shield, I think that shows that us alliance ends at the eurphates river

In case this wasn't enough to convince ☭TANKIE☭s:

Syrian Resistance issued a statement saying that Afrin is not alone and expressed their readiness to combat Turkish aggression hand in hand with Afrin’s forces.
They're the (only) leftist milita in Syria that is pro-regime.

t.co/aEyUcpz7Nk t.co/J1hFnuG5N4

nah. if they hit the king the crown prince has already imprisoned everyone opposed enough to switching over to primogeniture to actual turn things into a succession crisis, if they hit the crown prince things probably get forced back into seniority.

The border force will act at the frontiers, while the bulk of the militias will act as police and reserve units

if we do the same with SyDF then sure

the US is no longer a defacto monopolist power broker in the region.
iran and russia gained allies in various goverments, particulary in syria and iraq. the said countries are alos a major geopolitical asset if iran and russia decide to use them.

iran gained its current influence thanks to the total incompetence of the US and its fight against IS. the shia militias that represent a majority of the PMU are very close to iran as is the current shia goverment trying to be.

i wrote "russia and iran". read a fucking dictionary, you fallacious cherrypicker

the greek left is majorly mainstream party cannonfodder and some anarchist crews that never do anything except smash a few cars. youre not from europe are you?
so westerners that came to fight in syria will then also fight with the PKKinsurgency in eastern turkey. besides getting blacklisted by NATO, the EU and US and an interpol warrant to brag on facebook about why would they do that?
the main reason why people tought syria was an OK place to fight is because there was technically no conflict of interest with the US and the country they come from, so prosecution was less likely.

The KSA elite just purged potential dissidents to ensure a stable coronation of thenew prince.
the whole thing is just a show put up to make KSA seem like a still powerful force that is modernising its society to avoid internal pressure.
aslong as america buys oil form them theyre safe.
dont be like those Holla Forumsfags that autistically screech about

the US tried to play the MAD card after putting boots on the ground in syria and "drawing the line" of where SAA can go.
the US lost the syria war so now theyre on the defensive trying to impose a status quo that would be beneficial to them

the two kurdpockets are defacto different hirearchies you know that right?

Same heirarchy, same political system similar defense forces. Different spheres of influence (Russia and US).

if you think dejure is above defacto then you dont know whats going on

Why else would the USA get rid of him?

Why do (some) Hoxhaists like over a dozen US military bases in Syria? I get why Maoists do; they've always been opportunists who align with the US if they think they can get a foothold somewhere. But Hoxhaists should be the gold standard in ML purity. So why work with the US?

Because he was no longer useful and was importing drugs without the cias go ahead

They”re both part of the democratic-federation of northern Syria, there’s just more cooperation with Russians and saa because they’re not actively competing.


Looks like king Roach is going in for real this time.

Do or die this will be, I hope the kurds give them fucking hell.

There’s more cooperation in afrin with saa and russian than east of the Euphrates

War with Turkey soon. Sadly leftypol doesnt care about Kurdish people because they are not Russian puppets like Iran and Syria.

why work with capitalist Russia? Its imperialism just like USA imperialism.

leftypol didnt even know what a kurd was untill the US decided they need FSA 2.0

lurk before posting

Let's take this logic to a reasonable conclusion: is an EU puppet better than an American one? If not why is a Russian puppet better than an American one.
Fucking hell you wanks need to read Lenin.


diplomacy with separate pockets 101

both kill communists when they dont need them.

you tried

read again

did you even read the post?

America is going to be in Syria forever isn't it?

Russia and USA have different roles in the conflict.
1. Russia does did not create proxy terrorist groups murdering the population.
2. Russia is not splitting up the Syrian nation.
3. Russia is not putting any political demands to the Syrian government.
4. Russia is not establishing indefinete military presence of ground forces and air superiority.
5. Russia is complying to international law and is acting in accordance with the national souvereign rights of Syria.
6. The Syrian NPF government was elected, the over a dozen US military bases in Syria are only established on grounds of foreign intervention and wouldn't sustain themself otherwise.
7. over a dozen US military bases in Syria is dependent on foreign intervention against the nations government structure, not the - also foreign created - proxy terrorist groups.
8. over a dozen US military bases in Syria does not even get sufficient aid against it's supposed but also only allies other allies: Turkey and beforementioned proxy terrorist groups.

Supporting over a dozen US military bases in Syria marks anyone as a literally retarded person and a liberal cuck.
Attacking the antiimperialist coalition of the Syrian government while promoting a liberals attempt at "real communism with US bootlicking characteristics" is what trump cocksucking shills for imperialist interventionism do.
You need to kill yourself.

aslong as they have the petrodollar and israel to defend

prety direct qulaity post.
but imsure someone will be offended and go on a crusade of falacies and screeching



you didn't adress a single point and have nothing but empty phrases exposing your butthurt



no they funded various fifth column groups from the muslim brotherhood to alqueda, prepared the media landscape for the arab spring, and were planning to invade within a year but got a UNSC veto from russia and china.
droughts n shiet are happening everywhere, but you dont see US backed revolutions that much now do you?

Meh. Only kurdistan is relevant for communism.

Okay, I want a source on every single claim there.

Except for Turkey and ISIS

turkey was a part of the US colaition against syria. they were automatically gonna attack any kurd militia, which is a continuation of the conflict in turkey. not to mention the US even pushed turkey not to attack the over a dozen US military bases in Syria


Turkey has been secretly working with ISIS against R0java for a while now

yet the war is not about r0jawa. turkey is just picking off the unwanted sideproduct of the operation that went so bad that the US decided to relly on the said sideproduct

for Turkey it is. Erdogan hates the Kurds more than he hates Assad

turkey is not a superpower neither is it calling the shots in the endgame. being targeted by turkey as a result of a long ongoing insurgency war in its territory is no the same as US "end of history" making

mokhnaisso el yahoodi.

Turkey is a regional power and they have quite a bit of influence in the Middle East. And for the Kurds at risk of being ethnically cleansed it doesn't make much of a difference whose "calling the shots" as long as Erdogan continues to threaten them.

this might seem pretentious, but do you think you can write something like an annotated bibliography for these, because I'm not sure what these are meant to say and what significance you think they have. I don't know if you're saying these are proof, if they're citations for a specific claim, or you're just putting one or more forward as circumstantial evidence. Just for example, the first picture I'm guessing is meant to be a citation for "they funded various fifth column groups from the muslim brotherhood to alqueda," where as the email by Jake Sullivan is an objective account of Al-Zawahiri's activities, which included telling Syrians not to trust Turkey, The Arab League, or the United. It doesn't say anything about funding AQ to destabilize Syria, but on the contrary that AQ being Co-belligerant was contrary to what was expected, and we see needed to be clarified in this 2012 email. This is somewhat naive, and I would discuss it further, but it would be a waste of effort when I don't know what you're trying to prove with this.

R0java doesn't represent every kurd out there. Tons of then are reactionary ethnonationalists.


That Al Qaeda and cia document really isn’t the smoking gun you make it out to be.
“Al Qaeda wants Assad gone too “=/= alqaeda is our proxy

Syrian airfiorce will defend efrin hopefully this war will end in Turk tears and more cooperation with Russia and SAA

its just realpolitik, the syrian regime has more leverage to negotiate with the kurds than with Erdomeme.


Fighting a common enemy can help on the goodwill front

Defend this

He was spooked by cold war propaganda, and by his negative experiences with marxists, no one. Just got to take the good parts, and discard the bad.

Either way, he uncritically accepted bourgeois notions of freedom and individuality, and consequently sympathized with right-wing clowns like rothbard and rand. Also, why do you think this is a legitimate defense? If anything, it confirms that he was a petulant child who wore his politics like an identity.

He changed his mind on lolberts a few years later.

defend that you went to the 5th page of google results and found an interview from the 70s?

*breathes in*

That is still not explaining how this is creditable to Iran; these things have resulted from America loosing it's influence from its own fuck ups, not from anything Iran has ever done.
Additionally; how is Russia and Iran's geopolitical dominance in the region in any way fundamentally different to that of America's.

So Iran isn't creditable for America losing creditability then?

My apologises; I didn't mean to misquote you but I must still ask the question of what geopolitical power Russia (or Iran) has in Libya?

Anarchists that have their own enclave in Exarcheia, have set up a healthcare system, chase drug lords out of Athens and have the police worrying about the return of trained Greek anarchists from the IFB, so maybe a little bit more than just smash up a few cars. Again; more than armchair ☭TANKIE☭s can do.
And I am from the land of shit weather and poor dental hygiene and definitely not a burger.

alqeada is a result of the powervacuum between icomptetent original FSA factions. When it spread along the euphrates the US and the gulf states kept supplying them. Alqueda and FSA are the same people with different flags. the manpower is always flowing from one end to the other. and aslong as the manpower is there the CIA was supplying them via numoreous ops like Timber Sycamore

An excerpt from either "The Zionist Movement and Russian Anti-Semitism" or "Reply to Mr. S" (I'm sorry I can't find out exactly which article this is from) by Murray Bookchin reads;

because it crates a power vacuum like it did in lebanon , iraq and elsewhere, and iran is exploiting this.

yemen, lebanon, iraq, syria.

it pushes the world away from a monopolar US hegemoney

not to the extent MSM are screeching on about

what are you trying to say exactly? that im overestemating irans geopolitical power or that im overestemating US incompetence?

we have these zones here too. but its a small stagnant phenomenom that gets threathened eveytime someone wants a new parking lot built. then theres people that actively try to participate in politics and syndicalism. the end resoult is still the same tho; the left tends to keep on the defensive, especially in the west, and only expands when other create the opportunity

thats still the anglosphere. aside from tea vs cola youre usually the same

Are you the same Baath Flag that posted those links and pictures?

I am aware of that but I was asking what the fundamental differences were in a Russian/Iran dominated ME and an American dominated one was.

That you are overestimating Iran's especial ability to destabilise the US.

I can't really argue with that tbqh.

What? No. I was pointed out that the Turks in the IFB with with the PKK in Turkey and that most people in the IFB are not westerners but Turks.



Says Turkish army, but I also found a article saying it was TFSA.

Mixed up files

I might be retarded

This doesn't look good.

What map are you using?




Thanks famrade


Both unwilling and unable,

K/D ratio is S.D.Fs favour

Just got back on here for the first time in months when I heard Turkey's going to be raiding kurdish territory, holy fuck. I hope things end up being okay.

Apparently this is from 28th of April 2016 after a rebel attack on Ayn Daqnah.

The Attack on Afrin has begun and Erdogan has announced that the turkish army and the Turkish backed FSA will "March to the Iraqi border" and "remove the terrorist presence from our borders"


Their tank is damn adorable I just want to adopt it and make it my foster child.


yes. you just said
and implied you knwo what im trying to say so that was that wasnt it?

as i said it would be a unipolar region with a greater chance for change, and withoput the control over the region the western world would follow suit

then say that instead of ranting on with implications. its like reading Marxs German Ideology where you need to read a quarter of it to even know whats the book is about.
and yet how did i overestamate irans abilities? i said that iran will jump on any opportunity of a power vacuum. i didnt say iran is subverting stable enemy countries with color revolutions like the US

well youre right. i was talking about westerners, particullary anglosphere people here.

the US cant decide bewteen keeping turkey in the friendzone and having a foothold in the levant.


Statement released by the General Command of the ЅDF on the situation in Afrin.


4d chess.


there was some guy from reddit was "talking" with and he said this.
he said that 4Dchess is that Trump is planning to have the US lose every war so he can fight the deepstate at home.
When i asked him anything more detailed like how US politics works or how foregein policy works he just started to screech and called me CIA.


youre saying he was either playing stupid or just got lucky conecting the dots

Reddit sucks so much for political discussion, the upvote system is so circle-jerky that you need to have strong support on both sides to have a decent discussion and even then most people discuss in bad faith anyway.

Muh anti-imperialism like nationalism but a more idpol version of it. They support capitalism, fascism, islam and dictatorship just because its anti-american.

Socialism literally cannot exist as long as the global American empire does. If this fact offends you then you should reconsider your life choices.


Requesting post log to confirm if it's the same dipshit as this

Anyone else reading ocalan's democratic confederalism book?

yep it's him.

how does it feel to be on the wrong side of history? Kurdistan is an imaginiation, a mirage. larping that gets you killed in the streets like a dog


Is over a dozen US military bases in Syria fucked? I just saw the news this morning. Is there any hope?

izbaci ovaj zastavu pederčinu

its just the op in afrin. SAA protection for kurds is a deadringer, they cant have their cake and eat it too. the eastern areas along the euphrates are safe for now

So assad is preventing Erdogan from attacking the Kurds in the east?

no, hes still letting the kurds get hit untill they call uncle

So is R0java fucked if Assad is letting the Turks have them?

long story short; either they sell out or die out.

Turk tank getting rekt.


fort-russ.com/2018/01/arab-group-defects-from-kurdish-led.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed: FortRuss (Fort Russ)&m=1

We better thank Russia for letting Turkey destroy the imperialist traitors.


What do you think they will be replaced with?

if turkey loses the militants in syria then theyll have to count on sunni political parties in the syrian parliament.
when idlib is over there isnt gonna be another Hama for the next few decades

How does it feel to know that there are some "leftists" so far gone that would rather have a nationalist dictator and a nato invasion instead of an actual social revolution.



rad the fucking thread before shitposting some worn out meme

Turkey and Russia working together to fuck over Syria isn't a meme. It is what happening right now.

wrong anwser. read the thread and learn geopolitics while you lurk for two years

Have I entered a quiz or something?

no but you act like its some shitposting contest where the latest posted opinion in the thread decides it

I wasn't shitposting though.


My greentext was not a strawman; I've seen this argument been made plenty of times.
My pinktext is a a bit of a meme but it's genuinely what is happening.
I stated also stated this in but you just gave a retarded retort about a "wrong answer" like I'm in a pub quiz.

>I've seen this argument been made plenty of times but never seen it debunked
i see. and did you read the thread or just open it in a new window and made a reply

Let me spell this out considering you didn't like the style of my original post; If Rоjava is a US puppet why is the US letting the invasion of Afrin happen?
If Syria and Russia are the only anti-imperialist option in Syria why are they letting Turkey invade Afrin and not doing anything about it other than very strong words? Why did Russia withdraw their troops stationed in Afrin when Turkey invaded instead of staying to protect Syrian soil against NATO incursion? Why is Erdogan saying that he gave Russia prior warning to the invasion and why isn't Russia making a decisive clarification on such statements?
These aren't opinions, watch the news.
And yes, for fucks sake, I read the whole thread. I've been posting on these Rоjava threads since early 2017.

because they dropped the ball and cant choose as mentioned in
besides, the US doesent excersise their power in afrin

they arent, but theyre the best one

because declaring war on turkey means all bets are off and the US gets its big war

because turkey is much less NATO than the russians want them in thei friend zone

to let them know its an op against kurds not syria and russia

because theyre counting on a kurd pressure cooker to force them into this

then you would understand why people prefer the syrian goverment over the SyDF project

Daily reminder that this invasion wouldnt be happening if the US didnt create the SyDF

These are fair points tbh but I just have to clarify something, in your opinion, is Syria and Russia's actions (or lack of) justified?
And given the circumstances, like that they have collaborated with NATO to invade Syria, can we even call Russia anti-imperialist?

depends in what context you mean.
morally no. but geopolitically and strategically yes. pragmatic values tend to preceede moral ones.

I mean in the context of their collaboration with Turkey in the invasion of Afrin, would that be geopolitically justifiable?

well apparently russian and syrian general staff and analysts beleive the current course of action is the best untill they figure out a new approach or something changes on the ground.
and id say that those people have alot more understanding and experience in such matters.
it might turn out to be a mistake, but theres no point in criticising them in hindsight.

southfront just out



Us didn’t create the sydf they funded a group that already existed

Afrin was established way before the US got involved with Rоjava. Besides; Turkey was going to get pissy with the Kurds in Syria regardless.


old ATGMs dont work so well on armor that isnt just a big slab of steel

Besides this tank; two other Turkish tanks have been destroyed.

no,this is one of the two tanks. theres still no clear confirmation about what happened in the other attack, not even a video as far as i know


These are the areas that Turkey is planning on annexing and purging of kurds, note that they are majority kurd areas t

Even if the Turks reach Qamishli, what are they gonna do about Assad's gov solidiers based in? They control the airport and some areas of the city.

those are just PR goals. The operation against the eastern canton will be a completely new thing

baathist guy called it


Baath user is never right.


so far hes been always right

for this one in afrin just give it some time till they get desparate enough