Doug Jones wins Alabama seat

Seems like republicans are slowly losing power. Not that it matters too much cause the guy replacing him is a fucking liberal. I'm just laffin cause aut-rightists are supremely butthurt.

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Hopefully America's pendulum does swing back to liberalism, that makes it easier for real leftists to point out that liberalism and conservative are heads of the same hydra.

he probably only won by a few reluctant votes. it's not like roy moore got completely destroyed or anything.


communism is abortion, after all

You weren't around for the Obama years were you

Ehhhh he won by an extremely slim margin against an unapologetic alleged child molester, I wouldn't take that as Republicans losing power.

If anything, it shows that the Democrats are more fucked than they realize.
Also remember that turnout was wildly low. Low turnout hurts Democrats in most states.

David Lynch predicted this

Less happy that the neolib won than I am that the fascist kiddy diddler lost

That's your fault.


That's your fault too


so badly edited hit piece that'll be discredited within a week?


9000 billion sides dice

That image is beyond parody.

What planet do trump supporters live in? It seems to be so different from ours, apart from having a president of same name.

This election was a good time to see liberals come out of the woodworks

Holy shit. Republican voters are saying shit like "time to crash this plane with no survivors". Like, they are such babies that they pretty much want everyone to die now because they cant get their dank memeguys in senate. They dont give a fuck about their country, they just want to own libs.
I cant even wrap my head around this. They are not your typical statists trying to keep status quo forever, but they dont really have any revolutionary goal either. They just cant ejaculate without watching liberals or leftists suffer. These are not just enemies of revolution, they are also enemies of state at same time. Complete toxic humanwaste.

I love how liberals love to spout the horseshoe theory anytime leftism is brought up, but they completely deny that liberals and conservatives almost act identically the same when their guy wins/loses.

It's a nihilistic postmodern disease. A lot of these kids are completely alienated to the point that they basically don't believe in anything other than inflicting as much misery on people they dislike as possible.


for 8 years under Obama republicans have become more and more reactionary and continuously talked about ignoring established rules just so "their side" could win. Chomsky's talked about this before, how modern republicans have given up any pretense of being a legitimate party and only care about pandering to their interest groups.
I'd like to think this is a serious phenomenon that warrants investigation. America is so cucked by capitalism that center right neoliberals are considered too far-left in republican eyes.



autistic screeching is not an argument you triggered snowflake

In many respects this is a step rightwards for the dems, though of course this is precisely what they want in the end. I wouldn't be surprised if the two parties merged in 10 years.


Why is Holla Forums always so fucking autistic? It's obviously an ironic post mocking how they're behaving.

It's the only post in their history, I doubt it.

Once again, Roy Moore comes in a little behind

No one says they're shaking and crying unless they're an SJW or pretending to act like one.



A lot of burgers (on the internet, at least) are total misanthropes.

Thought she had a hijab for a sec

They don't really, tho.
I mean, I know it's taboo and whatnot to say here, but liberals (neo-liberal, socially liberal) are genuinely bigger pussies and less sore losers than conservatives (neo-liberal, actually reactionary/reactionary). Like, I remember the lead-up to and immediate aftermath of the '08 election. Bush becomes a lame duck - ok, so some guy shoots up a Unitarian church in Tennessee cuz he heard liberals were there.

Obama gets every ad hominem delivered as a serious accusation possible - he's a Nazi black supremacist liberation theologist Muslim Communist Socialist Indonesian Kenyan atheist homosexual… and he didn't even have to say shit or take any far left position. I remember when he was elected, because he was still president elect - conservatives I talked to were saying he "ruined America." That's past-tense - he hadn't even been inaugurated yet. The Tea Party formed almost immediately after, because even though our economy had been in the absolute shitter for over a year these guys were just waiting for a nigger president before they'd strike.

Now, flash forward to 2016. Not only does the GOP candidate win without the popular vote (for the second time in 16 years), he builds up to it by shitting on the media and insulting pretty much everyone. He had to win with 3 million fewer votes (which in most countries would be considered a bit sketchy) in an incredibly shitty election (not just talkin' 'bout him) to actually elicit a response from liberals and the pussy-left. And nevertheless, the right has still killed more people than liberals have this year. The 2nd amendment thing, the gun-nuttery - the reason they bring it up so much in a political context isn't because they'd be happy to see everyone armed, it's so they can be intimidating if anybody does anything they don't like.

And they call voter fraud constantly. In fact, Pat McRory pulled this shit when he lost the NC governor's seat in 2016. Right now in Atlanta, Mary Norwood's contesting. They do this every time, except when they win without popular support. They seldom accept it when they lose, it's all just supposed to be handed to them.

It's fucking retarded.

i figure he's probably trolling but i rolled with it anyway. it's not like he's even saying anything

I would feel so much schadenfreude if someone like this ended up becoming homeless due to right-wing fiscal policy, only to be called lazy when asking for help.


Why would tranny be right wing? Oh right, to own libs. Kinda like when feminists marry muslims and convert to islam to own nazies. Americans are fucking crazy

Because they are socialized as guys. It's the same reason why so many of them have no problem navigating the tech world. They are used to seeing the world through a male perspective.

I think the role of Republicans is to demonize liberals to a point where anything remotely social democratic is seen as extremely far left policy and radical. The role of the liberals is to simply take the abuse and quietly agree with right wing policy while adopting the rhethoric of social democrats. All this is done to prevent actual leftism from having a strong presence in american politics

She looks like she smells

idpol brownie points for being a minority and also the coward's way out since rightwingers won't be calling for you to be gassed since they can use you as a propaganda tool and i guess some people are scared enough to prefer that