Edited version of the shooting from TYT-

Full video here of the killing-

The pig was acquitted on all charges.

F U C K T H E P O L I C E!

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In case anyone tries to defend the way the cop handled this

This is literally one of the only cop videos I’ve seen where I think the cops were right

Pulling an idiot stunt like this does nothing but make cops look more innocent and sway public opinion in their favour. "Oh, man, that guy crawling on the ground must've been hocking spitballs at the cop or something beforehand, I've seen one of these cop videos and they were outright provoking them so I'll bet they were asking for it here too." Pigs pull enough fucking bullshit already without assholes fishing for more.

thank ALLAH(KARA BOĞA) whiteoid ZOG Occupied Government controlled soyboy americans are killing each other

I'm sorry they didn't blow him away

Thread derailer :(

the guy speaking was not the shooter btw

Well that was hard to watch.


You don’t tell me what to do asshole, I’m a sovern citizen, and I pay your salary.

If Hillary had won and we had all female feminist lefty law enforcement this wouldn't happen.



>Cops are being sent to europe to study how to not immediately pull out their gun while escalating to screaming demands

Is america some sort of gigantic reality tv show or something? The shit that goes on in your country doesn't even seem real, like this shit would be ridiculous and people would dismiss it as over the top if it was put into a movie.

Lmao what the fuck is wrong with this country?


Yeah but anarchists are totally kiddies for not trusting authority of any form.

I don't give a fuck if Micah Johnson was an idpol infested psycho; those piggies deserved every last bullet.
God damn, what the actual fuck can people even do to stop this?
Why do burgers not do anything about this?

he dindu nuffin
he a good boy


Because America is wracked with anhedonia and nihilism. no matter how much lip-service the autistic-right and white nationalists pay towards "saving muh white culture" can reverse it.

Is what actually happens in ? I have OCD and don't watch graphic stuff because it'll loop in my brain for ages.

Also rolling for

It's a collection of news stories and not a video

Thanks. I was thinking there'd be graphic pictures or gifs or something.

See, it's clear, you didn't read
Micah Johnson was not only an idpol-motivated psycho. He was also a sexual deviant and a complete failure at everything. It seems we do not yet grasp the concept of hating two things that hate each other.

and the post it's responding to are not about Micah Johnson

It's a good day to die.

Okay, you clearly don't understand how to compare things. Micah Johnson was a stupid faggot that makes it harder to talk about the police without everyone thinking you want to start murdering people. He makes anti-police orgs look bad when they are seen supporting these actions, and even when they are not. Do you understand this concept?


Stop right there, Holla Forums scum. Do the hokey pokey and shake it all about, or I will shoot.

You can't fool anyone. We all know ☭TANKIE☭s shoot anyway.

You fucked up nigga.
*bang* *bang*

>If we say mean things about cops then people might not like us :( The REAL revolutionary spirit lies in making neutrally worded petitions

No, it's not saying bad things about cops that's bad. Shit's fine. It'd declaring that Micah Johnson represents you in any way, or doing shit like Micah Johnson, or doing shit like the retarded guy in the video. Don't do it, fam.


sir, I have twelve children, please don't shoot

you'll die, but you'll die after 25 years in a Siberian camp


I mean the Soviets were cruel but its offensive to compare them to the suburban sadists that inhabit the American police force

African or European swallow?

No, people who support Micah are dumb, because it's obvious that he was a shit human being to everyone but the most retarded.


Individual terrorism is shit praxis, regardless of wether Micah was good or not, but purposefully losing the propaganda war is also stupid. This is why anarkiddies need to read a fucking book.


Except I told you two reasons why it's bad. And people think Micah is bad because he's a shit human being. I'm sorry that you can't see this and just really want to have a hero that shot cops. This appeals only to you, and will continue to appeal only to you, because you are the only kind of person that is retarded enough to overlook the kind of person he was. The rest of the public does not. This is added to the fact that individual terrorism is shit praxis, whether you take his character into account or not. But go ahead and keep grasping at straws.

not the same guy, but I gotta say my dick gets hard for propaganda of the deed

when a black guy murders police, it is not just one asshole, but a message to the institution of police, we wont take this shit forever and if you keep doing this we will respond

this is a good message

Talking about propganda..for me, it's stealing "la locomotiva"

Except it's exactly that.

If he had murdered cops that the public at large could condemn, this would be one thing. As it is, though, Micah Johnson was just a racist with a grand delusion.

Why would you crush something that belongs to you now? It's your locomotive.

The only people I've seen talk about what a shitty person Micah was were people who were intentionally attempting to avoid the parts about where cops are utter trash and whether there even is a non-violent solution because they have no answers and can only deflect to ad-hominem attacks.
You know, like you.

Part of the point of individual terrorism is that it happens regardless of support and yet still forces the situation to change and polarizes people which is exploitable in and of itself. The fact you cannot recognize the interaction between individuals and groups suggests you know nothing of real life and are entirely focused on your early 20th century literature written after the fact by victors who had exploited tense situations to their advantage.

yeah, Micah's act was probably meaningless, I just have an affinity for dead cops, can you blame me?

As for the locomotive, this anarchist stole it allegedelly tried to crash it into a first class wagon, I also want to destroy property while riding a train, is that not a dream that we all have in common

No, that's not my problem with you. My problem is specifically associations with idiots like Micah Johnson. I also find it weird that you want dead cops with no purpose other than the act itself, but that's a nitpick.

As a Marxist, I hope to appropriate that property. Why would I want to destroy my own stuff?

good luck stealing a train under capitalism and then driving away with it


This is the difference between individual and general, popular terror.

There was 5 police officers in that hallway, the person giving orders and the guy who shot are different.

Huh? I… I don't know that.


Micah was wrong because individual terror is shit praxis.
You're stupid for supporting him because it loses the propaganda war.

Do you understand this concept now, or are anarkiddies really that stupid?

Seriously why do juries do this? Are American's this spooked that they think cops are always justified in their actions?

Death to class traitors.

Usually if it is a court case the defense tries really hard to make it seem like the victim deserved to die anyways. They trot out all the evidence that shows that prior to the shooting the victim was doing bad things in order to lessen the shock that comes with watching a person get killed in cold blood by an authority figure.

maybe we should just ban guns…for the police


What do I care what happens to fucking white males? I mean, he's a fucking white male. I'm tired of this board sympathizing with the privileged racial class of this world

get the fuck out idpol

From what I can tell, the judge did a lot of work to make sure key evidence wasn't admitted to the trial. The whole system is rotten and no one person can be blamed. This way no one feels guilty when they make shit like this. This cop is at fault, but so is everyone who helped create this situation.



Police crimes should have their own courts like family law.

Family court sucks, so no.

Should have spent more time with your kids user and/or gotten a better lawyer.

No, I'm the son of a divorced dad, and go fuck yourself.