Time Traveling Comrade

Greetings, comrades! I'm a comrade from the year 2217!

We have been able to access the internet in your timeline through a sort of quantum entanglement due to the fact that there is only one electron, which exists in all times simultaneously.

The important bit is, we are here to share our knowledge of history with you, as much as possible.

Ask away!

Where does the next revolution happen?

when will the communist revolution happen in the USA.
can you post some of the writing from the socialist leaders of your time.

I'm going to assume you mean 'socialist' revolution to keep it simple, but the records are showing something in 2021 in Brazil over the state owned oil company and corruption charges. Trotskyists manage to pull off a coup. Lasts for 2 years, falls to counter revolutionaries falling the 2023 oil crisis.

There will be a suppressed revolution in 2022, and a second in 2043 that results in balkanization and several socialist states.

Was Lenin revived?

how does the US fall?
do they get nuked?

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Unfortunately, Comrade Lenin is as currently too far decomposed to resurrect, however we still have his corpse, and are trying to use the technology we use to talk to you to communicate with future comrades for instructions.

Regionalism and factionalism brought about by economic decline and a tyrannical state. After the failed 2022 revolution, the USA becomes a full fascist state. This state calcifies, suffers economic stagnation, and collapses to a mix of revolutionary and reactionary forces, resulting in balkanization with different factions controlling different regions.

Tell us who won the Alabama special election of today with exact percentages of the results or you're LARPing

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what's the worst facist state in the future?, do you have any or have you reached full communism?


Will communism make anime real?
Does burgers still exist or eating it is recognized as counterrevolutionary act?

Somehow I always manage to hold out a little bit of hope.

The European Union. Functionally controlled by Germany, the EU evolves into a fascistic super-state and wreaks havoc throughout the first half of the 21st century. Eventually stopped by a combination of the People's Republic China and the United African Socialist Republic.

Make it so comrade. We believe in you.

Also Yes


is this time travel of the Terminator, Back to the Future, or the Twelve Monkeys variety.

Neither, it's more of an Ender's Game thing where we can message you but can't physically go there.


enders game doesn't have time travel though, it only has time dilation and faster than light transmission of information.

Basically we can send messages forwards and backwards.

does nick lands vision of accelerationary capital overcome man?

How are you dealing with the effects of climate change? Do you still use the automobile as the main mode of transportation?

What mode of production comes after communism? What are the internal contradictions of communism?

Have you come into contact with alien civilizations yet? If so, how are relations? And who made first contact?

also, was the PRC genuinely socialist all this time? And were they simply using capitalism to build the right conditions for socialism?

Please explain the function of your temporal displacement apparatus in more detail.

More importantly, are they hot and can you fuck them.

This theory has zero credibility since its conception in physics, pls rp accurately


Everything gets rather out of control during the 21st century, but we're able to reverse the worst of it. Takes a while. We manage to clone a lot of the species that went extinct, but a massive amount of biodiversity is gone, and most of the old world infrastructure is gone as well. And, obviously, a lot of people die.

haven't gotten there yet. We speculate a fundamental change emerging once we figure out replicators.

Not yet, we have managed to explore the solar system very thoroughly, and have managed to launch several one way colony ships to potentially inhabited planets. If you're interested in communicating with other species, we have managed to create languages that can be taught to and learned by Humans as well as Octopi and Dolphins, respectively. Also, we have managed to 'uplift' the domestic housecat and the dog.

No, Deng was a revisionist. His ideology was a justification for short term economic gains at the expense of his people. It just turned out to actually have worked. China socializes its industries in response to late capitalism and global warming, around the time that they become the #1 global super power. So no, and yes, respectively.

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When does Hillary die?
Can you name some balkanized Socialist U.S. states?
How does Anarchism go?


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We did a little research. The 5 largest nations in the old american territory are The Kingdom of Pacifica, The Midwest Union, New Afrika, The United States (Remnant group), and the American Soviet Republic (Northeast Corridor)

Better than before. Anarchists lead a lot of the revolts in the US, and the IWW reestablishes itself in Detroit and Chicago, spreading south into St Louis and Lexington. Seattle exists as a Bookchin style independent commune.

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Midwest Union Represent.
How does North Korea turn out?


Never collapses, goes full dengist right before being saved by Chinese aid, which comes with strings attached related to restructuring the political system and providing for the people: with an extra feature to China's usual offerings, rights to free speech.


What happens to Russia?

Suffers a major economic collapse when oil falls out the bottom, Putin is crowned Czar, Russia tries to regain eastern europe as an economic sphere away from Germany, succeeds just enough to scare a newly heavily militarized germany. Germany wins this war, makes Russia an EU puppet state, ML guerrilla and squatter groups wanting to revive the USSR slowly form up over a couple decades, eventually restoring it when Germany's power collapses and it begins to economically stagnate.

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What will be the result of global warming?

About where on this chart would you say those fall?

who are the new playable characters in super smash bros 5? and are bees still alive?

The Earth will be less cold.

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