Haven't seen an alabama election thread. Roy Moore vs. Doug Jones.

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Pedo vs neoliberal…
HMMMM… rlly makes u think

it's still amusing to watch

This election has been so tiring, its literally just the MAGA-MEGA machine vs. the Soros-Clinton mafia I voted for Jones only to cause Holla Forumstards to stroke out

somebody get this hothead outa here

Been interesting thus far. Honestly though I'll take the neoliberal at this point. Accerationists be damned the shit congress has been doing these days is blood boiling.

jesus christ, you live in Alabama?


Honestly pleasantly surprised to hear that we have posters from Alabama. If I may, what's it like being far left in an area like Alabama?

Not really surprising, it's Alabama
Though the GOP will probably damage their national brand even more with this


If the pedo wins, is this mean revolution or nothing will happen?

nothing will happen either way

Lol no it won't.

Not really, the South has been Republican territory for decades. They don't have a reputation to uphold because voters have to choose between them and a FUCKIN NIGGER or whatever.


Born and raised fam angrywojacktears.png

A little lonely, but on the whole not bad. I have some leftist friends and comrades and have been involved in some minor activism but I'm not in an organization. I think Birmingham may have some socialist orgs but from what I hear from my friends there there are pretty limited choices and I'm not sure how active they are. I know there's a Democratic Cops of America in my area but that's about it.

People seem open to leftism and communism when I talk to them for the most part. Maybe I'm simply a little more eloquent than the average twitter screecher but I don't get much backlash. People here aren't stupid, they know their getting screwed and really it was the Mexico-tier poverty all around me that got me into leftism in the first place. On the other hand we're incredibly corrupt and the bourgeoisie here keeps us poor, exploited, and divided on purpose. A good example would be when Birmingham said they wanted to pass an 11 dollar minimum wage but thanks to our retarded constitution it was voted down by the state reps who didn't want B'ham setting a bad example and upsetting the apple cart of the sweet profits their getting from all the industry they moved down here thanks to the non-unionized workforce.

I've heard of encouraging moves towards unionization here but its still very much the open-shop kind of society that Jim Crow was actually designed to enforce. Jim Crow is gone but the open shop has stayed and probably will stay.

I work a near-minimum wage job here and we only have one provider through Obamacare and their rates are fucking insane, they've gone up near 200%. I was actually surprised to learn that the Koch brothers United Health was offering lower rates than what you can get through Obamacare and we aren't a medicare expansion state. Our last governor shot that down if you're sick and uninsured in Alabama then you're pretty much fucked.

polls just took a turn towards Jones
he is winning in the betting markets for the first time in the race

CounterPunch analyst ( also predicts a win for Jones:

Part of me still feels, deep down on my gut, that a combination of white reactionaries thinking jesus is commanding them to vote for a pedo and widespread voter disenfranchisement will give Moore the seat.

It's a win/win for the Dems on this. Either they gain a seat or they gain more ammo in 2018.

Moore would be an albatross for the Republicans and they know it. His presence will not only drive away moderates (which is what cost them Virginia), but it'll inflame the already outraged left to push back even harder in the polls.

Moore will win because Holla Forums is lending all of their aryan energy to a pedophile through the power of doubles and triples on an imageboard. >>>Holla Forums11031099

how much do you want to bet that none of the responders to that post speak a language other than english or even have blue eyes?

Is Jones a neolib? I know nothing about him except that he used to be a civil rights attorney.

lol none

As the guy you're replying to, I just connected to wifi after an hour's drive and yelled holy fuck loud enough when I refreshed my browser and saw Moore's 3 point lead evaporate into a neck and neck race

Yeah, it's pretty crazy. He had a ten point lead and it steadily went down to where it is now at .4. But it's still anyone's race.

So basically whatever remaining votes of the bigger counties will decide the winner.


I considered voting this time, but I really can't be arsed. I do hope Jones wins just for the butthurt it will cause.

Birmingham has Democratic Cops of America and SPUSA. I think I heard something about a SAlt chapter, but that might be North Alabama.

Yup and those remaining counties are democrat leaning which is why the NYT predicts Moore will lose.
Also, it's literally neck and neck right now at a .0 lead.

Moore might get elected, but it wont because le stupid hillbillies or Holla Forums maymay magic but simply the fact that by any international metric, Alabama barely registers as a democracy, check these articles

Alabama is closer to ancient Rome than any modern democracy (just as the founding fathers would've wanted).
Check these articles if you want to get angry for free.

um… did you look at the images you posted user?


Doug is finally leading by 0.7 percent rn. It's over Jones won.

I meant to agree with that poster by saying none but I misread the original post.

Back down to .0.

The GOP's national brand has been in tatters for a while now, it doesn't matter when they can gentrify and surpress the vote in order to win every time.
Really only a party as incompetent as the democrats would ever let them get away with this.

Jones won, Holla Forums on suicide watch.


I look forward to the Holla Forums tears.

They were already complaining before they lost that the Jews had the power to steal votes. You would think their superior aryan energy would be able to thwart that but the Jews come out on top yet again lol.

let the butthurt commence


The Democrats are in for a bruising in 2018 tbh.

Official thread for discussing the loss:
>>>Holla Forums11032839

Alternative framing: A republican lost in fucking Alabama, in an off year election with our current president supported him.

Democrats didn't even run someone there in 2014.






Juicy 4/pol/ salt

Bonus premature celebration




Do not diddle kiiiiids, it's no good diddlin kiiiids

Roy Moore is No Moore

Woah, are you actually Karen?


Kek has failed them. Sad!


Well, this certainly didn't age well :^)
can't make this up.


lol I never heard this before why is this never mentioned

Also a gender fluid trap, no really.


Bat'ko, are you here?

comedy gold tbh

I guess they really were tired of winning.

you can't go very far on doritos and mtn dew

Holla ForumsBTFO!!! How they can recover?!?!

Come on now, this is "le elect a retard to own the libs XDD" equivalent thinking.
I still vote as left-wing as possible even if it's for corporate centrists to weaken the police state and imperialism even if it's still existent though.


Holla Forums still thinks Moore has a chance and they even linked old results, how fucking sad.




Yeah they're just realizing it now, lmao

Alabama will ALWAYS be red. And not communist red, I mean TRUMP RED!

He already won though.

Doug Jones just won

Blue balls got you sore champ?

the election just ended sperglord.




Did anyone get a screengrab of Virgil laughing like an evil scientist?

He's over by 10k votes, a recount isn't going to do shit

It's okay champ, blue balls happen to everybody :)

I'm only happy because Holla Forums is sperging out. Otherwise this event means nothing.


God, watching Holla Forums flip out like this is so revealing. These people really are a cult.

Even Trump is conceding Jones won.

It'll make it harder for the GOP to ram their austerity strap-on through Congress, that's something

will there be a bat'ko video of poltard tears

he's b&ed right now so maybe not

ay you should live stream your suicide for daddy don don.

on one hand I was kinda looking forward to watching the escalating collapse of the dems after losing to a fucking pedophile but watching Holla Forums lose their mind is pretty satifying too.

what kind of 2019 memery is this?

VPNs are cheap

coffee shop wifi is free

none can stop the slam jam

I think he is fed up with the BOs retardation and is taking a break either way.

Roy got soyed after all. Soyboys are confirmed for more being more powerful than Holla Forums.

Fair 'nuff


nice, keep em coming

if batko makes a vid on this thread make sure to put in the screencap


It's bed time for me, and the response now is more resignation, rationalization, delusion (muh recount!) and reinforcement of blood and soil ideology


sleep well

I'd like to see them try, lol



Its not even within the legal margins for a recount at this point anyways.

He can't do shit.

"we're going to war" lol


Jeff Sessions welcome to the #Resistance

They have also turned on the south now. Pic 1 is before losing and the rest is after losing.

This is why the alt-right will never advance themselves.

Holla Forums rn

One more before bed for my buddies

Salt: Special Twitter Edition
A comedy in *three* parts

Looking at this makes me sick for thinking that I could very easily have been one of these people if I had not left Holla Forums before the election


who may have guessed

fuckin bring it fascist shitheads


I know that feel bro.

Holla Forums does whatever is convenient every damn time

Holla Forums's entire MO is feels > reals

They have maybe two brain cells between them.

that and the fact that they are mostly edgy kids that can't vote

Bitch go home, to your Daddy and your Mamma

Don't be mean to Ron, fag

Anyone have that picture of the tubby proud boys "patrolling" their all white neighbourhood after it got flooded? I feel like it is appropriate for establishing the context here.

Aight, two more, and then I'm gonna go pick up a couple of tall ones and get drunk with my mates

this what you're looking for?

sorry, bigger pic

Shit, that second one needs context innit

Why the fuck did they bring a bunch of big guns if they're looking to help people affected by the flood? Seems like wasted weight to carry.

They were doing a looting patrol.

This is fucking amazing holy shit I just got home from a family reunion to this. The salt is amazing

i like how clearly The Jew is just pure projection for these retards so they don't off themselves


Why is this important

Because the salt is funny retard

weren't they making fun of libs for screaming at the sky like a day ago


When Soros finally kicks the bucket who will be Holla Forums's new boogeyman?


mother fucker they're all out of order


second image is from the one that says "this will be europe in five years or some shit"

good night i need to go feed my alcohol addiction

ok those are still out of order i'm just gonna stop trying

A sensible take from a troll.

they get ~WESTERN CIVILIZATION~ tattooed on their foreheads as they tell you how much they actually hate western civilization. sad!

Holla Forums tears are always hilarious.

Plus this lowers the GOP's chances of passing their tax bill in the senate. It failing to pass would effectively end Trump's presidency.

God damn that salt is crazy.

For whatever reason, Holla Forums thought normies weren't going to believe the allegations and vote for Moore anyway, which is fucking weird considering all of the other sexual allegations from high ranking members in society being proven true.

Black turnout was massive. Bigger than it was for Hillary. It wasn't his pedophilia that cost him the election, it was his belief that slavery should be brought back.

wait what

what cost him the election was boots on the ground - voter outreach
instead of the robby mook hal9000 bullshit they knocked on doors and did the work

Far right rhetoric has always been about who is and is not a True Scotsman. They want to wank to marble statues and skyscrapers, not furry conventions and blobs on motor scooters.

He unironically said once that every amendment after the 10th being repealed would solve problems, which includes the 13th amendment

That and someone asked him when he thought the last time America was great and he basically said back when slavery was still around.

he said that black families stayed together back when slavery was legal, something like that
forgot about the fact that families were broken up by being sold to different owners
dude is a cross between satan and a southern "gentleman" retard

Why is there an ancom flag?

Oh I'm a retard. Nevermind

but like this isn't even a case of that. they larp that they stand with the tough, traditional working-class white man (IE southern identity) but then immediately turn on it using that same frame of reference when shit goes sour

4/pol/ users will sometimes post with a flag of an ideology they're opposed to FYI, not even for shitposting, not sure why



Neoreaction is basically secular Satanism so you're not far off the mark.

Isn't Satanism secular to begin with? I thought it wasn't literal devil worship so much as edgily-named celebration of the self and free will

LaVeyan Satanism is secular Satanism though. NRx is more like Calvinism.

It's usually secular but sometimes one of them actually believes it. I think I met someone who believed "the Bible was made by God to defame Satan who is the actual creator of the universe" once.

Wasn't the south prone to the most anti-black laws imaginable, in fact with a new form of neoslavery fro the time to keep them uppity negros in place?

Which thread is this from?

Jesus. What is wrong with these people?

LaVeyan Satanism is secular in that it's just Nietzscheanism with robes, sure, but I was using it more in line with Nick Land's form of neoreaction, in which he believes that it's preferable to end all of human existence rather than attempt to make progress towards, say, a better way of managing the means of production. It's a purely material nihilism rather than a metaphysical nihilism.

Literally on suicide watch

What a fucking child. Guess fondling kids really rubbed off on him

Holy shit lmao

pol never cared about the south for the same reason they never cared about poor whites in general. It's all political theatre to attack the left.

I genuinely hope he does. The only reason I give a fuck about this bullshit election is because of the spectacle, and him putting a bullet in himself would be an excellent way to end it.


Trump could start selling American land to the Saudis and they'd still call it a 24d yu-gi-oh maneuver.

He probably figured that if he became senator the statue of limitations (or lack thereof when it comes to sexual assault) wouldn't catch up to him. I guarantee that if he's not facing criminal charges he will certainly be facing civil suits.

I would fuck every single one of those guys

That's how you get AIDS user.

my dad works at nintendo and he says that we're going to expose the democrats voter fraud aaannnnyyyy minute now


I'm really starting to think that a lot of Holla Forumstards are underage and have never actually voted before.


Adam Smith would undoubtedly be a Marxist were he alive today.

I remember 2005 too

Jones better fucking reextend Amtrak service past New Orleans back to Jacksonville. It's been 12 years since Hurricane Katrina suspended service.

/make getting around the gulf coast not shit again/

Back to the Rothschilds again.

I'm moving to the Alabama coast soon so it's be nice to ride the train to New Orleans. Hope it happens.

He's a democrat
He won't

Lmao. I swear these people must be retarded if they aren't even self aware enough to see how cringy this shit is.

Anyone got an image of that fat as shit Nazi who tried to be "based stickman" but his fat head wouldn't fit in the helmet?
That's what's in my head right now


the bill mitchell stream is hilarious hahahaha


I am so fucking sick of america m8s

Jesus christ

How could the right wing movement even survive in the US if they can't get a bill passed before Christmas?

You know what the funny part is? My nephew went down there with the national guard, and they didn't bring guns. My nephew carried his personal weapon, a handgun, but obviously that was a secret, and was not to be used unless shit got ugly, which it didn't. We had socialist orgs down there too, and as far as I can tell, none of them were carrying weapons to stop looters. Why is it only right-wingers that do this shit?

Because they look for chances to kill people legally


It's not easy to ignore the spectacle sometimes.

Just say we're not allowed to comment on US politics, it would be more consistent than "muh celebration" especially since the post predates the results significantly

Best hold on till the 22nd then.

Whats that?

Winter I think

That is when the ballots are projected to be fully counted by Roy Moores buddy Secretary of State John Merrell.

They want to be rid of that son of a bitch.

Anymore pol salt?

Try here

Until the certification of the results Strange remains appointed to the vacant position. Why would they care?

The implication was that Moore won't concede until all of the votes are counted, but the GOP doesn't want him causing a stink and dragging the party down even further. They want him gone.

The seating issue is moot. McConnell won't seat Jones until January, despite Democrats demands for him to be seated now.

Well you are right about this being moot as the election is not over.

Just end me, I just want efficient rail transportation goddammit. Public transportation in the south is fuck aweful

Yeah, keep deluding yourself.

my socdem heart goes out to you

kek fucks everyone over

Sorry looks like it will be the 26th before we know now.

I mean putting your faith in a god of chaos is like the worst idea ever.

Moore will win in a recount, and the social media #metoo weenies will be exposed for the impotent, bullying bullshit political force they are.>>2305874

I fuckin' wish


Moore is signaling now as we speak that he will fight for a recount. This opens the way for shenanigans. Moore barely lost by a single point, you telling me the home of Jim Crow isn't going to cheat?

He'll be fighting alone. The automatic recount only happens if there's only a .5% difference, and Jones is well ahead of that with 1.5%. The Alabama Secretary of State and the Alabama GOP both acknowledge Jones' win, meaning Moore will have to pay for a recount out of his own pocket.

But not Amtrak, because Amtrak is a massive welfare program for the RNC base. The Senate GOP caucus has already made it clear they aren't going to tolerate massive reductions in Amtrak service. At the very most Trump might kill diner cars, but Obama tried to do that too and failed.

So true. At least New Orleans expanded some trolley lines recently. In Houston, house reps are blocking METRO expansion and it's utterly ridiculous.

This gives me some hope actually. Thanks user

Part of me is glad of the expansion, another part of me is apathetic because mostly tourists take the streetcar unless you work/live by the line, but hey I welcome any sort of improvement on the rudimentary system. The system is just massively inefficient and seeing how much streetcar they've gutted it over the years makes you realize how much less accessible public transport.
Too bad none of the streetcar lines run close to my house and the new line they just completed is a 10 minute drive from my house but I get it I live in residential district away from the city center. At least the bus line is right by my house but buses here are notorious for being late. The locate leftist orgs here have been fighting for better public transport and that's one thing I fully support

Bruh, I hate to take a position against public transit but you guys are already underwater do you really want to be digging deeper?

I mean, it doesn't make sense in Houston, but METRO is pursuing light rail expansion, not subways. God knows how many pumps would be needed for a subway system in Houston.

Oh wow, I hadn't realized how disjointed the system is until that map. That's good. Is New Orleans building these trolley lines for residents or is it supposed to be new tourist traps like San Fran's cable cars?

Hope or not, Amtrak survives because eliminating it's major routes (in particular the least profitable ones like the Sunset Limited) would disproportionately affect Republican districts which is why the US Senate has stepped in to stop service reductions EVERY time. To get an idea of how pervasive this is the 2008 Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act, originally intended to kickstart various high-speed rail projects in America, largely died EXCEPT for the sections that focused on expanded Amtrak service, In particular, rebuilding the New Orleans - Jacksonville part of the Sunset Limited, restarting the Pioneer (Portland-Salt Lake City) and expanding Hiawatha service back to Seattle. None of those would actually make money, but Amtrak is periodically forced to entertain such notions because the Republicans demand they do. This plays into a larger battle that occurred between Scott Walker and USDOT over WIHSR which he killed, which was funny because immediately after he did that he tried to ask USDOT if he could use WI's PRIIA money for Hiawatha improvements. USDOT said no and both the money and completed trainsets were shipped to California as CADOT wanted them and hadn't pissed off USDOT in the process.

On the flip side, Obama did seriously try to kill diner car service which would have been a blow to Amtrak as it would have inevitably resulted in sleeper service sales tanking and that being removed as well. This would have slashed Amtrak's operating costs by more than 2/3rds, but it'd also piss off about half their customers (the half that spends the most money, to be clear).

Point is: it's a complex relationship. Democrats want Amtrak to offer better urban service while Republicans want it to offer expanded rural service and not change anything. The inability for either party to agree here relates to just how fucking stupid politics has become.

It definitely reflects how the polarization of the identity politics the two parties rely on has caused an issue where neither side can agree on improving Amtrak's interurban services.

The bus route map looks a bit better.
Kinda both tbh. The RTA knows they can't fuck over residents straight up because a good portion of the city relies on the buses and streetcars to get to work regardless.
Yeah they need improvements and the roads are terrible here so biking carries an extra risk here (although they've also been adding more bike lanes which is good). A lot service industry workers definitely use the buses and streetcars if they live a few blocks away or work in hotel/restaurant. I know quite a few people who commute this way. It'll get you where you need to be but it does the bare minimum at doing so. It takes way longer than driving and delays are common but the public transportation system is relied upon by a lot of people in this city, especially low income people and hipsters.
The St. Charles is the most popular tourist line due to historical significance. Next popular is the Riverfront and Canal street. No one I know uses the riverfront line unless they want to go to the aquarium. Canal street line is downtown so that won't go anytime soon but a mixture of workers and tourist rely heavily on that line.
New Orleans is a weird place, it is a beautiful city with old architecture and interconnected neighbors but the infrastructure is barely serviceable enough to pass as efficient. They have to balance this city for super rich and the poor and they always come up with half-assed services that barely help the worker. The RTA and big transport companies focus on tourist money while worker's orgs tend to focus on making public transportation more accessible and affordable for hospitality workers. Most people in the city lean more the the latter but since most people own a car they don't take public transport or care. The city council also has public meetings about public transportation but they always schedule them at weird time so no one can afford to go, it's like the bureaucracy pushes people away with its sheer size and retardation.
The RTA doesn't want to stir shit with the workers because they get money from both tourists and workers so nothing really drastic gets changed to the system unless the decide that adding a new line would be profitable for them.

Damn porky, always obsessed with profits
First part sounds good but they are really required to spend money on stuff that may be a commercial failure.
I've heard trains on the West Coast are pretty comfy and efficient
That's upsetting to hear. At least I have another talking point against my Obama worshiping radlib friend
Politics in America have become deadlocked tbh. The bureaucracy has gotten so big and so slow that it can't even fulfill basic public services sometimes.
The electoral system is broken and rigged from the local level all the way up to the state and national level

I already live in Alabama. I'm just heading further south.

Only because they largely don't exist. The routing is all over the place and just a mess because the track is so ancient and was never upgraded like east coast trains did during the great depression. Pic related is the primary rail connection between norcal and socal.

This is precisely the reason why California is still committing to CAHSR, which will take another decade to complete. For better or worse, it's existence also exposes the rift between traditional Republicans (such as the remaining Republicans from California) and Trump: the latter wouldn't pull Federal HSR money despite the former begging him to do it. Say what you will about Trump, but a President Cruz wouldn't have done that. Back to the topic at hand, it demonstrates the sheer scope of the project because it's designed to unfuck California's transit system.

Hmm, I might've been thinking of the Portland streetcar system but I'm glad California is at least considering a high speed rail. We'll just see what comes of it and rail transportation for US in general.

Houston is unfortunately not blessed by tourists generally using its light rail. The bus lines are generally used by the working class, although the light rail gets used by hipsters and wealthier people and Houston does have a sizable commuter bus network. The weird thing is with Houston is that some sites like streetsblog are touting the redesign of the bus system as "radical". Although the changes were needed, the city hasn't backed it up with bus lanes or transit signal priority. The city is also really sprawled out so service is really slow and gets caught up in traffic. Thankfully, METRO is waking up to public concern on the system inadequacies and developing a new transit plan that I provided suggestions on, so I guess we'll have to wait and see how that goes.

Interesting. At least California is taking the steps to get the infrastructure up. CAHSR and LA's pretty large transit expansion are all in the right direction (except for the regressive sales tax increase).

am i allowed to enjoy the salt or do i have to continue to be depressed because i live in alabama

I live in Alabama and I'm enjoying the salt. Not like the rest of the country isn't one big shithole.

Why is that? Is there nothing of interest or anything to see/do by those light rail lines? People here were praising the new streetcar line here because they said it will be good for business.
We still need bus lanes but the problem with the city is that everything is old so you can't demolish old buildings for expansion due to strict zoning laws (another reason why property taxes have been increasing). Houston seems to have the opposite problem, everything is so spread out.
Interesting, like I said we have to wait how these things play out but thankfully I think Americans (especially) younger are realizing the need for good public transport.

this is socdem erotica, please spoiler!

The moment Jones takes his Senate seat, write him a (physical, snail mail) letter that congratulates him on his win and then says that you will vote to re-elect him if he fights for issues that benefit the 99%, such as Medicare for All, justice reform, opposition to tax cuts for the wealthy, opposition to foreign intervention.

It doesn't do much but (in my admittedly Canadian experience) constituency offices do keep track on how many of their constituents are paying attention to their voting record. They're less likely to fully cuck out if they know there's a strong socialist faction willing to stay at home if they do

Oh and if you're worried about privacy, just don't write your name to it and print the letter instead of handwriting it

i guess what i meant was more that Holla Forums hates alabama now and i was wondering if it would be hypocritical to allow myself to feel even a little proud

because on one hand lmao
but on the other hand, neoliberals


Ah ok. Enjoy being hated by 17 year-old nazis for giving away their birthright of government-assigned gfs, but don't let this obscure the fact that Jones is still a democrat and will do democrat things if not continually smacked on the nose

Might be a good idea. I doubt it will do much, but if our Democratic Cops of America and SPUSA chapters put enough pressure on him he might behave slightly less like the retarded neoliberal centrist he is.

More than anything else just consider it exercise for local/state level reps where a few postcards have much more of an effect

not a part of the Democratic Cops of America/spusa/salt here

should i be?

Better than doing nothing and you can meet other leftist that way.

This, just keep in mind that a lot of groups are monitored by some level of law enforcement. So don't get baited into doing anything reckless, stupid or illegal

Well for Houston, they connect the Museum District, but the light rail lines mostly connect residential neighborhoods with business districts and the Medical Center, so the tourists get significantly outnumbered.

Yeah, perhaps they could just ban cars on the roads with heavy bus traffic but that would take some mobilization for that. For Houston, the bus lanes would help speed them up so they can actually get to places farther away quicker.


That 1.5% means Moore would have to gain 22,000 votes to beat Jones. This is unlikely, since the votes that are still being counted are from urban areas Jones carried.

how long before the local rightwingers try to topple their local government to make Roy Moore their new king?