What if instead of continuing the hardline anti-religious line, the left became more flexible on this issue...

What if instead of continuing the hardline anti-religious line, the left became more flexible on this issue, but without abandoning its basic principles?

Many quotes from the New Testament can be viewed as pro-poor, anti-rich, and in favor of radical social change.

What would be more likely to encourage your typical Midwest burger to question the foundations of class society - someone telling them their most deeply-held beliefs are a scam, or these passages?

You don't have to personally believe in any of it to realize it can be useful in shaking up the dominant pro-capitalist ideology.

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How about we don't succumb to religious idpol and ignore it entirely instead?

Nice spooks son

You can ignore it, but you would never be able attract the support of people in rural America unless you go at it from this particular angle

James 5:1-6 is powerful shit I've always dug that.

Remember jesus chased bankers out of the temple and whipped them. I'm in no way religious, but jesus was based. Plus romans fucked his teaching and warped it.

Weak, pathetic, slime

If you have to rely on manipulating the spooks of others to get them to act in their own self interest then you don't know your own theory well enough.

are you saying that comrade Kim Jong Un does in fact poop?


The anti-religious stance the Left has historically taken was one of the most retarded things it's done and given such a ridiculous amount of ammunition to the religious right. I can understand seeing the church as just another organ of the ruling class and the clergy as being likely counterrevolutionaries, but making anti-religion and state-atheism a core position is just retarded. Religion is the opium of the masses, and when someone has a broken leg you don't take away their fucking painkillers or say they're retarded for taking them. Religion is such a core part of many people's lives that it's shooting yourself in the foot to not appeal to it, and history has shown, it will readily adapt to any new status quo.

By what standard is appealing to people's preexisting beliefs idpol?

just relax and appreciate proto socialism for what it is. It doesn't have to be perfect, its thousands of years old, it was a development towards communism nonetheless

Catalonia, Nuns, they fucking deserved it

That's precisely the retarded shit I'm talking about. Priests maybe, but nuns and monks are just people wanting to spend their life doing shit like praying.

It is as simple as that


priests are also pretty tame fam
they perform mass, hear people's confessions, teach kids, etc
they weren't breaking up strikes

required reading for the godless edgelords ITT

What exactly is wrong with this?

I mean, I don't disagree with the sentiment, but the problem is when the spooks spook away from you. Spooks tend to be riddled with obstacles to the goal, even if you can command the main the spook, there are subspooks which willy become extremely spooky as time goes on. Now, this will happen any way regardless, in my opinion, so the mission should be constant spook manipulation until they can be neutralised with sweet economic abundance

Nuns weren't siding with Fascists. They're not guilty by associating just because the church hierarchy was.

Not now, but in Spain they were definitely members of the upper class and they did side with the Fascists.


because entryism has worked so well in the past.

Religion is shit and is incompatible with a materialist look at the world.

the history of this country will tell you how your plan ends

Never thought I'd see that.

Also why are you posting so much edgy shit?

And has does that change anything about recruiting religious people?

I'm only really playing around tbh. It would have been better to avoid nun killing, but libs always complain about it and thats the canned reaction

I want to see christfags in a gulag

Like a good Frenchman I believe the main problem of religion is the clergy, not really the believers themselves.
We need spirituality without a clergy. We need to make non-retarded ways of conceiving God like deism and pantheism hip again. Fundamentalists and televangelists shall perish.


Christians can't be pro gay, pro theft, or pro abortion. This makes left wing Christianity an impossibility unless you tear out large chunks of the bible. The atheists, whores of Babylon, and homosexuals of Sodom will all burn in hell. You have been warned.

Bible is fiction, what's the problem with rewriting it?
Containment board over there, buddy >>>/christian/

No it should be used against islam. Christianity is a dead religion anyways.

I just wanna see a christcom bible belt here in the US. Is that so much to ask? I don't care if they go Leninist. Just give me a christian communist bible belt in the US and I'll be happy.

I mean considering the canon of the bible was dictated by people where most decidedly not involved with the life of christ or his teachings, and considering so much of it is lost in translation considering it started in Hebrew, then translated to greek, then to latin, then to german, and then finally to english, you might as well ditch those parts of the bible that are no longer relevant to the material conditions we find ourselves in now, and were never relevant to the teachings of Christ and the apostles. Left wing christianity is most certainly possible once you realise that most of the bible is a load of bullshit.

Religion is a convoluted and volatile thing. Many aspects of major religions are counterintuitive because they do not operate on common logic.

It should not be forcibly repressed, but trying to exploit it is mostly a fool's errand.

You guys tried that and your empire collapsed. You will always fail when you go against christfags

Agreed. Khrushchev ruined the USSR.


Why do "christian communists" want current religious institutions, which are historically ultra reactionary and anticommunist, to continue to exist?

Deary deary me.

They are somewhere between an abusive spouse promising they have changed and a murdered giving a eulogy at their victim's funeral.


What "institutions" are you talking about?

how bout the institute of priesthood
the root of all organized religion

priesthood is cancer.
the very existence of priesthood induces them to canonize the parts of religion that can be taken as worshipping authority and shy away from the parts that give messages to the masses.