With the incoming repeal of net neutrality and the realization that the 'wild west' era of the internet is coming to an end, sites like Holla Forums will probably be throttled. In addition to this, the issue of government surveillance, corporate data mining, etc. makes it so we should adopt certain measures of cybersecurity. Here are some easy ones:

1. Search Engine
forget duckduckgo, use startpage.com, its google but with privacy.

2. Encrypt your email
Either get an encrypted email service, or if you have gmail or something, use Thunderbird as your email client and use the "enigmail" extension to encrypt your emails.

3. Texting/Calling
If you have a phone and do text messaging use Signal by openwhisper systems to text people.

4. Windows vs nix
Please dual boot windows with linux, or switch to linux entirely, and encrypt the linux partition. Use windows for gaming/other things you need it for and confine all online political activity to linux.

5. IM/chat
stop using social media like facebook, if you use twitter dont use your real name or photo to get doxxed.

6. Browsing
Use a javascript blocking plugin and only allow the bare minimum of blocking scipts
These are some pretty basic options that your should implement in order to have basic web security

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umatrix is really good not only for scripts, but XHR, cookies, media as well. has a very nice UI where you can pick and choose what loads sorted by what url is loading it.

REMINDER TO CLOSE PORTS 445 ; 137 ; 138 ; 139

and also 135

why, whats wrong with those ports?

Buy a VPN. Don't use it for anything super-serious (you should largely NOT use the internet at all for real revolutionary planning), but it's good enough at keeping MPAA and ISPs off your back. PIA is a decent cheap VPN, and they have been proven in court to not log activity. However, it is based in America/5Eyes, so just keep that in mind.

DON'T use TOR unless you are 100% sure what is going on on your computer. Don't directly use TOR ever (IE, never on your home connection, never without a VPN or some other indirection). Don't use TOR anyway, there simply aren't any communist planning sessions or any shit like that on there, but there is a shitload of CP and drugs and other things that can be used to lock you up.

So much this.


Long story short Windows has a security flaw that a computer on a network can tell any other computer connected to a network what to do, if someone shoves a trojan or worm into one of the listed ports that can take over your entire computer, this is how the WannaCry ransomware attack happened. ISPs might tell you the "fixed" the problem by auto-setting these ports to stealth mode but really that's just a bandaid.

Close the ports, set your firewall to block access to these ports, and turn off & disable 'remote assistance' on your computer. Also remove SMB from your computer.

thats the tor browser/internet, a tor based chat like tor chat, tor relay, or ricochet should be fine

Stopped being so spooked by TOR, it's just a way to hide your internet traffic. onion sites can be trouble because the feds are known to keep the illegal ones up as a honeypot, but as long as you use virtual machines and don't put in irl info, you'll be fine.

Comrades, is there any ganoo linucks distro you would recommend? which ones to avoid?

Qubes OS seems interesting but I'm too illiterate to know if privacy could be compromised by virtualizing winblows on it.

If you use TOR directly, it's letting the whole government know that you're up to something of interest to them. You will be flagged, put on a list, and promoted to intensive metadata/data collection.

Just use Ubuntu or Fedora. Then try out other distros later.

Open hardware is a necessity too. Linux isn't really "safe" by any stretch. The government/NSA is all over linux and it wouldn't surprise me one bit that they get their own little "zero days" and keep 'em to themselves.

Then you have companies like NVidia and Intel that literally include shit at the hardware level that can allow injection of arbitrary code or other wacky "super user" level stuff and beyond.

There's quite a number of ways they can fuck with you, even if you're doing everything right.

So don't fucking use Windows.

I already have a lot experience on Fedora though

For search engines, I would also recommend searx.me/

Thanks for this.

If net neutrality gets appealed I'm voting democrat next election. Simple as that. I swear, Holla Forums is on trying to pass its own suicide. It's hilarious.

A *buntu distro if you want to be kiddo-tier. I've not heard anything about Qubes and it sounds pretty cool.

TOR is so widely used for so many things the NSA would probably think you're looking at cp or buying drugs.

So they can cross-reference it with your political views on facebook, twitter, or the news sites you read… they can check out whether you've been to socialist meetings from your GPS history, and then they suspect there's a commie who is either into CP or drugs, or is planning something illegal. All options are a harm to you and to the communists around you.

Qubes is not fully developed yet, and it hasn't been shown to be more effective than SELinux, firejails, vms, and containers. Also, another option for the paranoid is a BSD.

Seconding this, it makes page loading faster, you can bypass the "Please remove your adblocker" messages with, and it's a lot more ergonomic than NoScript.

Debian Testing is comfy if you already used a Linux distro in the past.

This too. It was recently found that Intel runs a whole operating system (MINIX) on their CPUs, before anything else boots. God knows what they are doing with that, and AMD probably does the same, we just don't know about it yet.


AMD has a "Platform Security Processor," it doesn't run an OS or have internet access like the IME. All it does is encrypt your RAM, and you can disconnect it in BIOS. AMD is the safer (IE, more mitigation, not a guarantee) choice right now. Their FX chips are also the fastest you can get without PSP/IME style microchips.

Did your ban for shilling Hillary finally passed out?

Why exactly, are these means by which various actors can enter you hard disk?

Fam >>2305732

sorry I missed that post, thanks

Way ahead of you in that regard.
Gentoo Hardened, still looking for some extra security advice. How do you do full stack overflow protection for gcc without compile errors when compiling kernel?
seL4 is also another kernel that is making strives into the security realm.
Remember to secure your ssh connections and use sshguard or a custom iptable script.
I'm becoming extremely paranoid.

We found out that Intel was running MINIX because its author wrote an open letter to them about it, and they were infringing the BSD license.
I don't think there is any guarantee that AMD isn't doing the same thing. It's all trade secrets.

Is it possible? Aren't stack overflows a natural limitation of making software with C/C++/Von Neumann machines? Wouldn't this run memory checks every 50 milliseconds?

No, it was brought up at a Google talk where the server admin was complaining about it.

They may or may not be, but the Minix creator didn't complain about it.

IME was always known to have its own network stack and OS. PSP has never been announced or found to have such things.

Mac isn't anywhere near as bad as Windows. Microsoft builds technology for the government agencies and police use. I haven't heard of Apple doing that yet. I also heard from a guy that worked for Apple some years in the past he didn't find any sketchy snooping code in the source of the OS. Plus a portion of Windows source code was leaked some time ago which makes the OS more vulnerable to exploits.

What if I just used Tor for a few months a few years ago? I don't even own any guns or promote violence and im not a politician or celebrity so I doubt they would have taken that much interest in me.

So all leftcoms should install TOR?

How worried should I be?
All I use my PC for is shitposting on here and new vegas.

Your IP address is compromised. Bethesda will try to befriend you on twitter in the next few days.

shit, meant to post these too


Jokes on them because unlike other profligates, I don't use twitter.

c'mon guys, cybersecurity is a problem but this two examples are just dumb

see pic. It's bad enough.

I already do most of this aside from calling/texting. Of course, I rarely call anyone and I don't text anything that could be bad at all or even really informative.