Jimmy "Arm the Poor" Dore: "Your government is working against you...

Jimmy "Arm the Poor" Dore: "Your government is working against you. This is when you need a revolution! How about getting a little pissed off? It's time to get upset! It's time to actually do something."


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Jimmy still needs to reverse his position on gun control.


God I fucking hope Jimmy runs for president: just the pure consciousness he would awaken by running would be worth it.

You want him to try to disarm the proletariat? Not if i have anything to say about it.

I wish…

Calling for revolution only goes so far when the people are unable to mount any kind of meaningful resistance. All he'd have to say is

'get a weapon and learn how to use it'.

Because a revolution is coming. And it isn't going to be pretty.


"Cops are just like gangs"

so what? he also called modern cops an example of socialism.

I need proof.

Jimmy "Execute the ruling class" Dore

He was asked in a livestream about whether the left should get armed in response to right wing violence and he said something along the lines of "not sure, but probably no."

We got Papa Wolff to go on his show - maybe we can change his mind about the necessity of firearms in the revolution he occasionally talks about.

It must have something to do with the TYT crowd that he hangs out with that keeps him from being even seemingly neutral on gun ownership.

I like Jimmy. Unlike most Lefties, he hates and avoids bullshit identity politics, sticks to issues and policies, and is intellectually honest. I agree with him about 90% of the time.

That said, he needs to wake up on a couple of issues. First, he cares about the working class yet he wants to get rid of the Electoral College. Well, Jimmy, if that were the case, only three or four states would constantly decide the fate of the rest of the country, and the working class would've been completely demolished last.

Second, yeah, he needs to get real on the issue of self-protection, firearms, and their role in government. You believe in the First Amendment, the Bill of Rights, so strongly, Jimmy. Well, there's no enforcing it without the citizens having weaponry, hence the contents of the amendment immediately following the First.

"Not sure" leaves a lot more room for improvement that a firm "no", though.

Hello, Holla Forums. Quiet down, Holla Forums.

"socialism is when the government does things"

He's a grade A fucking retard.

He might be talking about what passes for mainstream lefties on youtube, and in that regard he's kinda' right.
Still though, good catch comrade.

Yes. And if you can find me an example of that statement being wrong, please present it.

Yes, that's what I meant. I can still listen to Jimmy, which is more than I can say for almost all of his peers.

Do you know what a swing state is retard?

That is totally backwards. The EC is what creates the problem you describe. Right now there's about a dozen states that decide the election. The candidates don't have to care at all about anyone in most of the country, or what they think. Without the EC, every voter matters as much as every other. "States" don't really matter and don't decide anything unless there's an EC. One voter in any state is equivalent to one voter in any other and candidates can't ignore any states because there are voters in every state, and you have to get as many voters as you can, regardless of whether you get a majority of the state or not. The election becomes about winning voters, as it should be, not about winning states.