Daily News Thread 12/12

Turkey chides Arabs for 'weak' reaction ahead of Jerusalem summit

Turkey criticized what it said was a feeble Arab reaction to the U.S. decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, saying on the eve of Wednesday’s Muslim summit in Istanbul that some Arab countries were scared of angering Washington.

China annoyed as US, Japan and South Korea kick off trilateral missile-tracking exercise

"The situation is in a vicious cycle of provocation and confrontation. This is not conducive to regional peace and stability," Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said.

EU governments complicit in migrant torture in Libya, says Amnesty

European governments are knowingly complicit in the torture and abuse of refugees and migrants in Libya, Amnesty International has alleged.

Austria gas plant burns after deadly explosion

A big blast has rocked a major natural gas hub in Austria, killing one person and injuring at least 18, police say.

France's National Front party charged over EU 'fake jobs'

France's far-right National Front (FN) has been charged with giving party members suspected fake jobs as assistants at the European Parliament, the party has confirmed.

Billionaire Branson branded ‘a grasping capitalist’ for suing cash-strapped NHS

Anger is mounting in the UK against billionaire Richard Branson, who successfully sued the cash-starved National Health Service (NHS) for £328,000 of taxpayer money. Almost 70,000 people have signed a petition calling for him to return the funds.

UK inflation surges to highest level in over five-and-a-half years

Inflation in Britain climbed to the highest level in over five in and a half years in November, remaining above the Bank of England's 2% target for the ninth consecutive month, after breaking through the threshold for the first time in three years in March.

Trump Says He’ll End U.S. Visa Lottery and ‘Chain Migration’

President Donald Trump said he’ll end U.S. immigration programs that give preferences to the families of new residents and that allow people to enter a lottery for visas, policies the White House blames for a bombing in New York on Monday.

Officials deny permits for commemorating violent Charlottesville rally

The city of Charlottesville has denied permits for white nationalist and left-wing groups seeking to commemorate the Unite the Right rally in which white nationalists faced off with counter-protesters before a fatal vehicle attack.

Ryanair pilots to strike before Christmas

Ryanair passengers face disruption to their Christmas travel plans after pilots and crew announced industrial action in a bid to win union recognition and better conditions.

Tourists are slowly killing inhabitants of Japan's Rabbit Island

A Japanese island infested with countless rabbits has become a tourist hotspot, much to the detriment of the local inhabitants.

Spain decides whether dogs are living beings or objects

In Spain, pets are still considered "movable property", on the same level as a car, book shelf and so on. It means they are considered as objects rather than living beings capable of emotion.

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I've read up on this before. I have no sympathy for diet fascists, but is this just eurocrat kangaroo court? They could easily do this to a resurgent left led by Melechon and other eurosceptic leftists

Dogs are object for they are owned by their owners


Wtf Turkey is based



No OPEDs today?

War with Iran soon lads

Was Turkey founded by proto fascists? I don't know a whole lot about it but Ataturk seemed like a psycho.

Honestly, who fucking knows what's going on in there. I for one still don't expect Tillerson to get the boot; it seemed more like a humiliation scheme.

The rumor is far longer than the recent november one. I was hearing as far back as shortly after his appointment that he only wanted to be involved until Christmas or so of this year. Not to mention he's basically been cut out of the loop with Kushner doing his job and his boss constantly saying shit that counteracts his own statements

checkmate atheists

Eh Ataturk was dialectical, Anatolia was effective on par with China in the 1920s, Ataturk turned it into a western state in a decade.

And not a single government will take responsibly, of course.

Ah yes, the Turks, those tireless defenders of national self determination. No opportunistic posturing to see here.
They are in civil law systems at least, don't know about common of non European law.

Calling it now: Holla Forums will defend this, and kikefy will ban those that oppose it.

I would make a joke but likely millions will actually die.

This fucking timeline.

Who is he?

Over under on how bad we're gonna get our shit rocked?

There are two things going on here:

1. Erdogan is trying to appease the global Muslim community ("ummah").

2. The Arab countries are trying a more subtle approach to the issue of Israel-Palestine. For over 70 years they've tried militancy, violence, threats, boycotts, etc. and yet very little of it has worked. If they tried an "easier" approach, and appeared to be reaching out to Israel rather than destroy it, Israel would lose its excuse that its hyper-militarism is a response to being "surrounded by enemies". In a sense, this approach could actually force Israel to expose itself.

Bush Jr.'s ambassador to the UN whose been begging Trump to cancel the nuclear deal.
He also previously argued that Israel needs to preemptively nuke Iran so we're definitely going to war now.

depends who goes where
regardless the US would get our shit rocked in any effort to wage open war on Iran

It's more that the Arab leadership doesn't care after many of them aligned to the US camp and now that the ME is being drawn into the Iran becoming regional hegemon conflict, the Arabs and Israelis are finding common ground, hence making more and more ties with each other. Lastly, all of the Arab nations around Israel don't like the Palis due to behavior over the last several decades

You're being way too naive. The Arab leaders know defeating Israel militarily is no longer an option. Just look at all the mini uprisings going on in the region right now in response to Jerusalem: how many of them are resulting in protesters taking spaces, actually damaging Israel, etc.? None. It's impossible.

Of course Saudi is trying to go easy on Israel over their common enemy Iran, but that's still only one side of the picture. Most Arabs and their leaders want to see Israel gone eventually and know that after decades of trying the stick it's better to at least attempt to use the carrot.

What pretext will be used when the war with Iran begins?
Will the US be officially at war or just "supporting" an ally?

My guess is that they were threatening/attacked an American ship. There's already been a few incidents of US ships sailing into Iranian waters where the American media painted Iran as the aggressor.

What the fuck is that asian dude from?

I'm sure we can look forward to burger diplomacy bring even more fucked up than it is right now.


A racist pol video of him mocking africans

Empire of Dust

A documentary about some chink that's pissed he can't do his contract work in Africa because everything is fucked up and disorganized.
Holla Forums and NRx dweebs think it's le redpilled.

How long before ☭TANKIE☭s and MTWs start supporting him as an anti-imperialist?

Tillerson signals US readiness for direct talks
In a move that the administration should've made fucking months ago, Tillerson extended his hand for unconditional direct talks with North Korea, pic related.

This comes after statements by Russia's diplomatic minister relating to North Korea's openness to begin dialogue. Who knows if Trump actually supports any of this, but diplomacy has consistently been the preferred approach by Mattis and Tillerson.

The other notable tidbit? Tillerson's brief discussion of potential US military action should anything occur within the peninsula:

One of the worries of those running NK wargames is the possibility of a US-China standoff from miscalculated military engagement and unclear signaling. Tillerson's speech suggests that China and the US have at least discussed the scenario and established some form of mutual guidelines in event of an invasion by either side.

Full remarks here:

US Intelligence: North Korea May Already Be Annually Accruing Enough Fissile Material for 12 Nuclear Weapons


US holds massive military drills aimed at North Korea despite warnings from Moscow, China


Charles Jenkins, 77, U.S. Soldier Who Regretted Fleeing to North Korea, Dies


Dennis Rodman asks Trump for formal role as North Korea envoy
Rodman is back in North Korean news once again, this time asking for Trump to make him an official US diplomat in order to cool tensions. Included in Rodman's diplomatic plan is to setup a US-NK basketball game. The most ridiculous thing about all of this is that Rodman's idea has proven to work in the past, echoing the famous Ping-Pong diplomacy between China and the US in the '70s. This comes after Rodman's previous trip to North Korea several months ago where he did not meet with Kim Jong Un, whom he refers to as a "friend for life."


NK defector soldier given free choco pies for life
I don't know either


Imperialist fight!

Beijing: If US warships dock in Taiwan, Taiwan will be liberated with military force
of note in this article is that the Global Times also issued an editorial saying the same


realistically tho, bringing Taiwan to heel in 2019 or 2020 would be a good test run for the PLAN and PLA and to show where their weaknesses are before pushing the US out of the western Pacific

I've done worse stuff being shitfaced.

as one lazy fuck to another, I have some grudging respect for his ability to look busy while accomplishing bugger-all

holy fucking shit, why?

Would marceline be a hard lefty?

She reads Žižek, I guarantee it


erdoğan is more left wing than """kurd"""s working with us lol

armenians were pawns of russian imperialism and they were genociding everyone thats not armenian (jews,kurds,turks and various other caucasians)
after russian revolution they stopped arming armenians and russians withdrew from ottoman empire
as a result armoshits got genocided

just like how g*rmanoids got genocided after ww2