LeftCom Kitty Thread

The question is no longer if we can escape capitalism but how it will happen, because this society is already collapsing all around us, even if it does so at various speeds in different sectors and regions of the world. A huge portion of humanity has already been designated as “garbage” and is condemned to survive, as best it can, often in rubbish dumps or by recycling refuse. Money, value, labor, and the commodity are being overcome but in the form of a nightmare. Not a great deal of actual work is needed in production, but we are all forced to work in order to live. — Anselm Jappe

Please don't call Anselm Jappe a leftcom, people will think he has something to do with Dauvé or Bordiga and (understandably) ignore him as a waste of time.

Well, it makes sense to refer to the Wertritik as being LeftCom, don't you think?

Jappe is the only type of real leftcom in that he isn't a leftcom at all because the concept of a leftcom only applied to a specific context that no longer exists (a lose formation of anti-Stalin leftists that weren't Trots). No 'leftcoms' call themselves leftcoms, reading Bordiga does not make you a leftcom.

Jappe, like anyone who'd be dubbed 'leftcom' by Leninists today, is trying to jog the left out of it's 20st century coma. He has some interesting things to say, but at the same time nothing especially new, and he's openly willing to stray from Marx. He's more part of a general push to make more leftists aware of the situation we're faced with, and in that sense he's very useful, even if not for much else. I'd give his book a read if you're not familiar with what I'm talking about already.

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Our top priority was, is and always will be education, education, education.

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Also I really hate the meme that all of LeftCommunism is Bordigism it's so much more diverse than that. Rosa is literally LeftCom Gang.



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No. She did influence the communist left, but so did Lenin for example. You wouldn't call Lenin a leftcom, would you?

You should really go back to r/socialism. I hear they don't do catgirls over there.

Rosa can't be leftcom. She didn't even own an armchair.

Bordiga is the only LeftCom who more-or-less supported Lenin's legacy. Most LeftComs rejected it and still do.

Italian left in general is characterized as Leninist-inspired
Nowadays most of those ten remaining leftcoms draw from both Italians and the Germans, which implies influence from both Lenin and Luxemburg while being critical of them at the same time. For all intents and purposes those two in the same tier, with sometimes Lenin being wrong and sometimes Rosa being wrong, no need to be a spastic proclaiming one to be a heretic and other illuminated by the Holy Spirit.

How the fuck are you defining LeftCommunism? It's an incredibly nebulous and vague term.

Again, implying all LeftComs are Bordigists. It's really annoying.

Yes, because talking theory on Holla Forums is more relevant than posting catgirls on Holla Forums.

The absolute lowest common denominator for that unifies all left communists and differentiates them from other marxists is a rejection of electoralism and political frontism.
Limiting ourselves to the German-Dutch left still makes it impossible to call Rosa a leftcom, since she disagreed with people who'd later become council communists over the issues like elections, reconciliation with demsocs or working with unions. Obviously her works have been quite influential in those circles, nobody's going to deny that.

You're describing Impossibilism, not Left-Communism.

SPGB and De Leon are now leftcoms?

SPGB and DeLeon are Impossibilists, not Left-Communists.

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And weirdly enough, they aren't against the elections, which is what I'm addressing. SPGB pretty explicitly talks about voting, deleonist parties also have a track record of taking part in the elections(sometimes even gaining whole one representative).

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