Black people rant

They are or should be class conscious yet they’re one of the most bluepilled consumers in the US

Literally the stereotype of tv-binging consumers

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They claim not to trust “white people” yet they follow with whites aka porkies consumer tactics

Its often Holla Forums-tier racism

You realise that education is the problem, right? There has been concerted efforts by the American right to keep black people out of quality education, since education would inevitably lead to revolutionary thought.

When you put black people into quality education, they come out idpozed. The financially successful ones become capitalist true believers, just like immigrants.

Only thing you need to do to lift black people up are strong authoraian crack downs on the cancerous elements in their culture.
make it illegal for black people to leave highschool without diplomas.
Crack down and shoot any gangsta on site.
Make black schools disciplined and wip them little nigglet in shape when they start behaving.

Very smart

I go to a very middle-class highschool and the black people and mexicans there still ‘act’ uneducated at least.

However they live in the poorer part of the area, the poor and rich go to the same good school.

Could also be upbringing doing this, because the blacks who live in the more cleaner more expensive neighborhood like me behave better in school than the blacks who live in the poor neighborhood and go to my school

So…not only would your answer to the problem is more oppression? And you actually think that would work?

Economic and political freedom>Civil freedom.
Yes it would work

Cultural crackdowns will just fuel IDpol though. You can't fix cultural problems with force. Also, Wtf is the punishment for dropping out of school? Work camps? Fines? This entire premise sounds silly AF

There are some precedents. In eastern Europe, a law was enacted which took government aid from parents whose parents were avoiding school (mainly gypsies), and miraculously, gypsy kids started going to school.
Now I ain't saying that there aren't a thousand other problems, but getting some education seems positively correlated with not being trash.

Gypsies (not all™) here make babies by the dozen, babies they don't even like, beat, and deliberately or accidentally make them become retarded/cripples so they'd get higher aid. They are sociopathic savages; maybe they understand only force and oppression. I dont know, the school example seems to imply just that.

black people are niggers

Tbh, Black folk are the most loyal to porky out of all the minority's. Their beef with the system is that they are at the bottom of the barrel economically. Class conscious black folk's are a thing of the past beyond a few like Cornell West. The rest are blind to it , Or are bat shit crazy "woke" niggas that spend their time debating flat earth theory.

if you want to fix black people just make sobriety, puncuality, and fatherhood illegal.

sounds good to me who wants to be a dad anyway

anyones gonna be bluepilled when theyre told what they want to hear all the time.


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