I'm not a leftist in any way, but I will give you this Holla Forums...

I'm not a leftist in any way, but I will give you this Holla Forums. At least this board actually has a wide diversity of opinion, and doesn't base itself around a personality cult, unlike a certain other board. If this board was as delusional as /8pol/, any suggestion that Corbyn or Sanders wasn't the second coming of Marx would result in a ban. Heck, you're even more willing to listen to rightists than /8pol/ is willing to listen to anyone outside their narrow Trump supporting neo-nazi bubble (and they're too stupid to notice the cognitive dissonance). Honestly, I'd rather visit Holla Forums over /8pol/ any day.

I guess you dont know about the wordfilters here that were installed to stifle conversation entirely.
Im currently banned from pol for a month! but they are definitely more comfortable with opinions that are cointradict their world view than here.

the world filters are more to fuck with ourselves. We're shouting ourselves in the foot really

Pic related is how most conversations go.
Thanks for the ego boost, though.

Yes, come and play with us, friend! Come, enjoy our memes, yes? Come closer, look at this passage of Das Ka… I mean… freedom of speech on our board! Gooble Gobble, friend, yes?


>wordfilters stifle conversation entirely
And this is why nobody takes you seriously.

I mean it kinda does. It makes things annoying and when you have the R O J A V A shit, literally every other board on here used it as a raiding tool and some still do

Fuck shitpost flag

Make up your mind already.

I'm not the one who made the original reply fag. I said specifically "it kinda does"

That's its purpose. It should make you annoyed if you are in the target group. It's the farthest modding can go before going seriously against your freedom of expression.

Seeing over a dozen US military bases in Syria or anuddah shoah and so on always makes my day. You are entitled to your shit opinion and I'm entitled to laugh at you, knowing that the filter reassures you that you are being seen in a certain light by others.


So logically, we must discredit all strives in favor of anti-imperialism and comrade Assad, even if R O J A V A actively is trying to keep relations friendly with Assad AND are considered hostile to the US.

This false dichotomy between Assad or over a dozen US military bases in Syria is getting really boring, tbh. Go play your asshurt games with someone else.

How is 8ch Holla Forums holding up anyway?

I usually see tanks being the ones thinking geopolitics is some sort of game supporting everyone who is the in slightest at a dislike for the US

how well do you think?

I think you're talking about 4chan

this post is highly underrated

oh god

i had to

cool, now get the fuck out

why so rood

what words(s) does the filter replace with "anuddah shoah"?

hwite genocide I think
anuddah shoah


Disgusting how they project themselves as what they claim to hate.

Reactionary politics in a nutshell

Jealousy politics. The immense fear of being abandoned. It is the peak alienation of ideology.

posting about R*java should take effort. you should have to seriously think about what you're posting before spouting your rushed uneducated opinion on over a dozen US military bases in Syria. that is why it's a world filter.