Past ideologies

So what ideologies were you before the one you are now?
I'm still a ML, What were you guys ?


Used to unironically be ancap, then became a fascist Not Socialist. I've always been leftist (since i grew out of ancap), but fascism caught me in its trap. One day, i looked at the name of my ideology; "national(ist) socialism", and i thought; "i'd really like to know more about socialism". Then i came here.


Democrat -> Libertarian-> Fascist-> Stalinist -> Leninist

I'd say Marxist-> Marxist-Leninist as in our school with 14 years they made us read the communist manifiesto (cultural Marxist ftw) and from that I keep reading, and froming myself

Democrat -> Communist sympathizer -> Marxist -> Democratic Socialist -> Anarchist.


Didn’t know shit about politics (thank the burger “education,” didn’t know what communism was, thought it was whatever they did over on China)-> vaguely democrat/progressive-> dabbled in *le atheist rational skeptic liberalism/ alt lite meme magic autism while simultaneously having progressive socdem views (around GG era)-> got bored and looked at Communist memes-> read Posadas-> became Posadist (now I actually know shit about politics and await nuclear annihilation and space comrades)

I like Rosa, pannekoek, n deleon n shiet but I can't find organizations for it anywhere.

In my experience the anarchists in our city are mostly red liberals as well

dumb NutSac poster

haven't you heard the news? contemporary posadism is all about climate change

Never had an edgy nazi phase like some of you fags, probably because I've had a desire to fuck qt brown girls since I was a kid. Really dodged a bullet there.

pretty sure you're me, down to the jungle fever

It's desert fever for me fam, though I was obsessed with this beautiful half-black half-mexican girl in high school. Probably would have ended up married to her but we went to different universities, now she's got a happy marriage and I've a succession of tinder matches I don't feel shit for.

Nihilism → lolbertarian → ancap → mutualism → post-left

I guess I’d say I was a sleeping soc dem from about 14 til 25. Not officially just always hated capitalism and corporations. Sanders campaign made me realize this wasn’t viable, that reforms and elections are a joke. Been a libcom since early 2016, almost 2 years after reading a bunch of Marx and kropotkin.

conservative -> libertarian -> ancap -> "no ideology" -> liberal -> red liberal -> some kind of anarcho-Marxist-nihilist-postleft-critical-theory hybrid (previous ideologies not guaranteed to be totally erased tbh)


Liberal -> Hobbesian Marxist

American "conservative" > GGer > alt lite > fascist > hillbot > demsuck > marxist > ML > Hoxhaist

How did you go from fascist to hillbot?

Considering how much vitriol fascists have for them i wonder how your thought processes went for that transformation

It went something like this:

It was either a blackpill fags who thought that Hillary would finish the white race off and end their misery, or he was initially a liberal before conservative and after realizing that fascism was the shittiest political group went full circle.

Watch it fella, that there's white nationalist terminology, you're letting the curtain slip.

Shoot, I'm game. My life can be split up into two distinct phases: When I wasn't into politics…

< Neocon Sympathizer > Lolbert > Red Liberal

… and when I suddenly was.

Cockshott converted me from Capitalism. IMO, our biggest hurdle is explaining the economic basis of socialism to other people.

republican > libertarian > alt lite > NRx > eth nat > anti-capitalist crypto-fascist

finally an honest titoist

moderate-left lib-kind of an anarchist, I was really just flirting with the ideas honestly-just socialist/marxist, i'd say i'm getting close to an ML

Anyone else a
Until they actually had a shitty job and got to know people who are going to suffer because of this tax bill from hell?

Who Hobbesian Marxist with Ecologist characteristics?

I’m a Hobbesian with Hobbesian characteristics tbh

Doesn't that just make you a centrist liberal?

Anarcho-Syndicalist -> Stirnerite-Marxist-DeLeonist with ☭TANKIE☭ and lolbert characteristics

Leviathan says the purpose of government is to garuantee safety of the masses, state socialism is designed to do exactly this


I hate just about everything about you just fyi

Oh yeah? I was:

tfw the naziposter makes the only good post in the thread

Yeah I've never had an edgy nazi faze either but I constantly post as an edgy turd positionist so I might be single handedly responsible for this boards reputation as such

Hobbes wasn’t liberal imo
He was a totalitarian with a very negative view of human nature

Literally all me

-Social Democrat
-Democratic socialist
-I don't know what the fuck I am now, like a generic marxist? I don't think i have made up my mind on any defining positions. What are some defining positions that i need to think about that would determine where I sit? i mean at the end of the day what really differentiates most of these positions other than like some subtle nuance

That'd be a delusion of grandeur, our reputation has more to do with Holla Forums being a nazi den than any posts.

Holla Forums is as idpol as you can get

It's a joke

The chief defining feature of most Marxist tendencies is your opinion on the USSR. If you endorsed the USSR under Stalin then you might be a Marxist-Leninist. If you endorsed the USSR under Lenin but not Stalin then you might be a Trotskyist, Luxemburgist or Italian variety leftcom. If you thought that the Bolsheviks where oppurtunists who merely capitalized on the revolutionary potential at the time then you might be a Dutch-German variety leftcom or some sort of crypto-anarchist.

What aesthetics do you like? What do you think uneven devlopment shoild be handled? Do you believe a state can be a DotP? What about issues of religion and cultual differences? I think you get the nature of the questions ya gotta think about and research

SocDem > Nationalist > Mussolini fascist > Marxist crypto ☭TANKIE☭ > Leftcom

kid-2004: Civil libertarian, fiscally clueless.
2005: Suckdem
2006: Demsuck
2008: Accelerationist
2009: MLM
2012: some kind of Communalist long before I ever heard of Bookchin
2017: Communalist with Posadas, Stirner and Cockshott characteristics.

I've always been an anarchist. I can understand some changes but the posters here who went through several phases worry me. I wouldn't trust any of you.

who /charimanbob/ here

Libertarian Communist. Don't think I've ever been anything else.

I kind of started as a ☭TANKIE☭ (my whole family is from the Soviet Union, party members etc.), became completely ensconced in Marxian philosophy and now I am just called a communist - haven't been looking for a label

All kinds of utopian forms of socialism. Now im just a soc dem internationalist.

Wiki-hopping teens who believe ideology is just like when you choose between different brands of potato chips at the supermarket are the cancer of this board.

Liberal -> Psuedo socialist -> Leftcom

nationalist -> le "hippy phase" -> ancom -> leninist

Kepp froming youtself, gomrid.

Let's be honest here, you were never a Marxist.

When i was wee little i was a dumb christian kid, family stopped going to church after awhile so then became a regular kid collecting pokemon cards.

Discovered masturbation during teen years, very first lubricant shaving cream.

Realise that i dont really believe in religion, become atheist. Family doesnt like.

Then maybe i was a liberal in late teen years into early 20's

Neet on and off

Started getting into some far left stuff

Now i guess im a communist with a dash of egoism.

These are the stupidest answers I've seen to this question. Thanks for making me depressed.

Only having theoretical and political practice at the same time can inform your understanding of the world. Your "positions" aren't something you "pick up," there are no tests that reveal where you "really sit," a "political position" like ancom or ML is completely meaningless if it's reduced to a historical interpretative position (le soviets bad, kekalonia good or vica versa).

A communist is made, not discovered.

It's hard not going through phases when everyone is born in a family and a culture that enforces certain ideas and by default invites you to reproduce the ruling ideology with them. What's worry-some is not that people gain experience and learn over time and with this their identities shift, but that some idiots leave out the "experience and learn" part and pick up identifying labels under which there's no substance.

Socdem -> Anarkiddie -> Marxist

Conservative [indotrinated till I turned 16] → (Classical) Liberal [0.5] → Lolbert [0.5] → AnCap [2] → (get student debt here) → Borderline fascist [0.5] → Liberal [2]→ SuccDem (thought I was socialist) [2] → Non-aligned leftist [a month] → Trot [2 months] → Tank [1 month, the USSR was a utopia] → (reading begins here) → Marxist-Leninist [2 months] → (discover Holla Forums) → non-aligned socialist [i was probably an orthodox Marxist → AnCom [not even a month, consider it too utopian] → AnSyn [since January]
All of these are rough estimates but I feel even if "I feel like ideology is a supermarket" for brieftimes I really really was into this shit

Also all mentioned excluding the ones with months take place over a small of years.

Liberal = Classical Liberal = Socdem = Demsoc = "Marxist" (actually just a demsoc) = Anarchist = Communalist = Marxist = and now Im some sort of libertarian Marxist, if thats even a thing.
Im just glad I never went thought an ancap, fascist or conservative phase.

Fascist for years > (starts looking up leftist theory including Marx) An-Com for a year > (starts looking up ☭TANKIE☭ theory) Democratic Confederalist now

I really despise Democratic Centralism and all it's flaws so that's why I never became a Leninist.

Right wing """libertarianism""" for ages during my teens right up until I got a job. Amazingly working in a factory doing the same motion over and over is enough to turn anyone away from market worship.

I read the manifesto at around 13 and said "ok, now I'm a communist." it never meant much really, but when I decide to *actually* be political I started with Marx and have remained comfortably within vague Marxism.

naziposter is kinda cool, he has good posts

-Before 13 y/o : not involved at all in politic
-13 to 19 : Centrist
-19 to 22 (Holla Forums time): Nationalist with socdem characteristics
-22 to 23 (now) : Marksoc who's also into libertarian municipalism

Is it insufficiently democratic for you?


Used to be a Monarchist, then went ML after reading some Marx, then got my hands on some Deleon and became a Syndicalist as it made some sense, following the 2008 bust in the cycle I started to read some Emma Goldman and became an Anarcho-Syndicalist.

2009: Socdem
2010: Observe steady betrayal of masses by leaders. Logically proceed to anarchism.
2017: Finally conclude most of anarchist movement worse than being betrayed by leaders. Anarkiddies not to be trusted to tie own shoes. Now assessing options.

Paleocon > fascist > NutSac > nazbol/undefined
Need to read more books

came here to post this

SocDem -> Anarchist -> Liberal -> BernieBro -> Leninist

I'd say I'm mainly interested in DeLeonism and Gadaffi, with some sympathies towards LibSocs and AnSyds. Watching interviews with Bookchin also made me realise Antifa are just lifestylist scum and how we got to our current situation, was the final thing I needed to open my eyes I guess. Still a total brainlet, gonna read through some shit related to what I said above first, then I'll tackle Marx, Engels and Lenin.

Sorry bout the blog post, but I had to write this shit up somewhere. Thanks for being coolcunts over the last few months.

Liberal -> Neocon -> Liberal -> Maoist

Matt Heimbach is that you?

democratic socialism (sorry) > anarcho-communism, syndicalism > dutch left communism > italian left communism, bordigism and leninism.

friend told me when i was young that you become more stalinist the older you get and i lol'd at him, but here i am, flirting with ML.

Except for the fact that they are almost always funposts. If you think that these people are serious you probably have the 'tism.

When i was 17, i had a very good beer. I had a very good beer i purchased, with a fake ID. My name was brian mcgee, i stayed up listening to queen, when i was 17.


Have you read his criticism of unions, syndicalists, anarchists? What do you fags mean by "read Lenin"? Read some of his works, a few passages, or read most of his works?


Anyone flirting with Mao? I think he's underrated as a military theorist and a poet.

I like legal weed and free healthcare and sustainable energy for a long time, at some point I read David Graeber's Debt The First 5000 Years and Society of the Spectacle and its been downhill from there.

I turned further towards the anarchist end of the spectrum after reading Lenin tbh. I still think that the Bolsheviks where pretty cool but I can't say I find anything about Lenin's work to be compelling. I've only read his major works so far though (S&R, WitbD, OSFTSB and a handful of correspondences and addresses).

But I guess the point of this thread was
Liberal cos Tony Balir and new Labour was a shit, then Nick Clegg and Crash/Austerity happened, making me a Green party member up until I started reading real books, always agreed with Marxist economic analysis but preffered Anarchist organisational forms, considered myself a syndicalist for a while, then ancom, the flirting with communalism, then getting on a tanky kick brought on mostly by the Black Panthers and the history of Latin America, now thinking we just need to start creating militant collective structures wherever we can and however we can in the hope of future communisation I'm the co-op cunt ranting in the surplus value thread tho

Anti-Iraq war liberal -> Left-libertarian -> (first interaction with IdPol) Right-libertarian -> Evola-reading fascist -> nazbol -> ML -> Juche -> Bogdanovist -> Esoteric Stalinism -> ANGKAR

succdemm -→ succdemm accelerationist -→ centrist -→ traditionalist -→ accelerationist with nazi characteristics.

Libertarian, mussolini style fascist, demsoc, ancom. But im an ancom who has no problems with hardcore stalinism. To me either is an improvement on society, so ideological puritanism means little. As a teenager I guess I was liberal?


Nothing -> Liberal -> Democratic Socialist -> Almost a commie, but bought into the propaganda -> Said fuck it during the Obama years because I felt hopeless. Totally forgot who I was. -> Trump wins, the entirety of the 2016 election was such a clusterfuck it woke me back up -> Democratic Socialist -> KULAK KILLER

Forgot, I was briefly an anarchist before I reached my final form. We need a strong state, come on people.

No fun allowed under Stalin's tender care.

you're no ancom


1997: Liberal
2004: Marxist-Leninist
2005: Anarchist phase (we all have one)
2006: ML-Maoist
2015: Ex-Maoist, Marxist Communist

Basically I'll back anything that abolishes private property in its current form but I independently came up with the idea of unions being in control of society while I was high af and AnSyn is the closest thing I've found

Now I've become more interested in existentialism, nihilism and postmodernism (though I think the latter two are best suited for social analysis than ANY class struggle). I've also become more tolerant of ☭TANKIE☭s, and starting to see the majority of anarchists as lifestylists.

Since I see anarchism as an outlook on life rather than something to be established, I'm not going to let some of the drawbacks of notable anarchist or libsoc movements move me away from it. I'm starting to see the state is a short-term necessary evil (as I also came to realize that the Eastern Bloc wasn't really evil tyranny), but useless in the long run.


If you say so, the only reason I support ancom is I think it would be the better outcome and that it would function better in the long term. I dont care about individual liberty for its own sake, only for positive outcomes it can produce. An improved hierarchy relative to the one we have seems fine in the short term to me, society wont stop evolving regardless of which step we take next.


baa'th -> Maoist -> ML -> Communist with shitposting value with leftcom characteristics.

generic Republican
no ideology, just confusion (thanks, Tumblr)
SJW succdem
baby leftist (thanks, Holla Forums)
stateless gommunism
gommunism with a state

I probably watched more Fox News in elementary school than I did cartoons. It's a miracle I turned out this way.



social conservative -> lolbertarian -> almost an ancap -> liberal in denial -> berniecrat -> ancom -> de leonism

Distributist > "Stalinist" (I was actually closer to fascism I realize now) > social democracy > orthodox marxism


I had started reading Alliance of the Working Class and the Peasantry looking back now, although I started that when I was a Trot (and had to restart when I was an ML, eventually finishing it).