Do you watch the Drunken Peasants? Tell me, my friends. I really want to know...

Do you watch the Drunken Peasants? Tell me, my friends. I really want to know. There is nothing I would like to know more. My dick is so hard and due to these fucking 200 characters, one has to write to open a thread, this board has become even more shitty than it already was.


I watch a different sort of dp.


I do. It's a fun show to laugh at stupid videos but no-one should ever try to learn about politics or what to believe in general from these people becides atheism.

Their opinions on gentrification puss me off. I had a sjw bf once who demanded I stop watching them once he heard that they thought gentrification was good, I didn't, best decision I ever made.

I watched the show pretty regularly for the first 350 episodes or so.

I stopped watching DP at around the point where TJ/Paul/Scotty moved back to Louisiana and Ben kept the show going with Billy the Fridge and that other guy. I actually don't think I've watched the show since around that time. Honestly a big part of that was the Youtube Ad-bullshit that started a few months back. When they started doing like 20min of Superchats three times per episode it's like fuck, why am I even watching this shilling?

I can't blame them - their revenue got slashed majorly for something outside of their control, but I'm not going to watch an hour of them talking with the fans through Superchat when the overall quality of the show was decreasing at the same time.

So no, I don't watch DP anymore. But for quite a while it was staple content for me. Those days are gorn.

Can this be a double penetration porn thread now?

The original cast is back and they o ly do superchat at the end now you should watch again.

No, can't stand the trash atheism.

That's good to hear. I might have to give it a go again one of these nights. Thanks for the update.

why would I ever subject myself to that?

Do you actually believe in a ghost daddy or are you just triggered by internet atheism because you live in Europe where everyone is an atheist and you are just too spoiled to know how bad things really are in the states concerning religion?

It funnee

So the reddit invasion thing wasn't a meme after all.

Can you imagine TJ trying to go to a normal job after being THE AMAZING ATHEIST more or less professionally for like the last ten years?

It would be a nightmare for everyone involved. Let him suck dick for patreon funds, it's better this way.

Didn't he tell someone that they should be raped during one of spergouts?

It's just trash internet atheism like the sort you're displaying here. No rigour, no engaging with the literature, just reddit-tier "lol no ebbidence checkmate theists xD"

Any argument concerning anything should be immediately dismissed if there is no evidence put forward to support the original claim.

An argument put forward without evidence can and should be dismissed without evidence.

I dunno'. It's been months since I've watched DP, though I'll occasionally watch TJ's shorter videos. I guess I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case, though I also kind of doubt that he would seriously mean it, so w/e. I'm sure many people leave him nastier comments than that on the daily. Just another day on youtube.

Including the arguments for other minds or an external reality?

DP is like the Rick & Morty of podcasts


The Doctor is in.


even at its worst rick and morty was never this bad

I stopped watching it when like 2/3rds of it became them either shilling their merch, advertisers, or talking about dumb shit I don't care about (ie. talking about some holiday I can't afford for half a god damn hour)

And seriously TJ isn't even on it anymore? That's hilarious. Why does anyone even still watch it?

I do.

not everything has to be a deep insightful commentary for it to be entertaining.

It's just a dumb fucking podcast about a couple of neckbeard gaytheists being stoner degenerate faggots, and I love it.



Yes. Though the person he said that to was a plebbitor. On plebbit. So I couldn't really give a fuck either way.

Even if we somehow turned the people of Holla Forums in to leftists, they would just be like TJ then. Really makes you think.